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Ultra short pulse water electrolysis




In this video I will show you how to achieve Stanley Meyer's Step Charging Resonance
This is base of Professor M. Kanarev invention "GENERATORS OF GLOBAL (CLEAN)
This is base of invention "A novel method of hydrogen production by water electrolysis using an
Ultra-short-pulse power supply"

Meier's Circuit diagram

In "WO 92I07861" Stan Meyer say :
In a typical operation of the cell with a representative water capacitor described below, at a
frequency of about 5 KHz at unipolar pulses from 0 to 650 volts (H!!!) at a sensed resonant
condition into the resonant cavity, conversion of about 5 gallons of water per hour into a fuel gas
will occur on average.

Yes! Stan's "Resonant chokes" is only secundary bobbins!

Stan use Secondary coil, divided of three bobbins.

Andrija Puharichis Circuit diagram

Andrija Puharichis use Secondary coil, divided of two bobbins:

Novel Method of Hydrogen Generation

A novel method of hydrogen generation use one bobbin for Secondary coil:

My Circuit Diagram
In my replication I use standard 50 Hz 400 Watts transformer 220 Volts / 300 Volts with added 10
Volt bobbin 15 turns 2.6mm. diameter copper wire Primary coil.
I use only one secondary coil. Resonant chokes net need!
If you use electrolyse with Ultra short pulse, Step charge too not need!
If you want increase voltage to the Cell you must increase current to the Primary coil.
Increase number of turns on the Secondary coil not work the Voltage will decrease!

High frequency (HF) generator:

Low frequency (LF) generator:
Voltage to cell:
Voltage to Primary coil:

2,8 kHz
48 Hz
60 Volts / 1 Amps
24 Volts / 5 Amps

Decrease signal behind pulces is Water Capacitor Discharge! This Waveform work BEST (!!!!!)
than Meyer's "Step charge"!
The direction of winding of Step-up transformer is very important !!! (see Figure).
Water Cell Now: 60 Volts / 1 Amps
More voltage More HHO production

Stanley Meyer's Water Fuel Cell Resonant Condition with use TAP WATER
"A novel method of hydrogen generation by water electrolysis using an ultra-short-pulse power
WO 92/07861 - "A Control and Driver Circuit for a Hydrogen Gas Fuel Producing Cell"
Theory of Power Inverters
(See ".4" - Transformer bobbins polarity)
My circuits:
Low frequency generator with Duty/Cycle control :
MOSFET Power Driver circuit :