Iain for Head Boy

As Head Boy I would show enthusiasm, team work and leadership. I have a lot of experience with working in teams so I can show leadership and team working skills which I think is key as I would like to work closely with other S6 pupils. This would give a variety of opinions and ensures things are done fairly because everyone has their say. In my opinion this is important to get things done successfully and bring the year together. I also have experiences that can help me to help younger pupils as I have changed a lot as a person through being at Knox and it has helped me to mature and improve myself. One of the main things I’d like to put across as head boy is togetherness so we can all work together and use each others experience in all areas to get things done to a good standard. I cannot make specific promises but I can promise I will try my hardest to get the best possible outcomes for the whole of S6, because S6 is not one boy and one girl at top but it is about working together and I’d like to be the figure head for this to support younger pupils to stand up for everyone and make our last year at this school a enjoyable one. I have a lot to offer as Head Boy as I am hard working, I like a challenge and I want to prove myself and I am at my best when portraying these skills, head boy means a lot as this school and is important to me. I’d like to work closely with all the teachers and I’d try to support them with any tasks, I also, if possible, would like to involve the community as it is a public school and is important to stay in touch and to hear what the public think of Knox. I am a confident pupil and stand up for what I believe in and will happily stand up for the pupils and the school with all I have. I am enthusiastic and make the best out of any situation and will work my hardest to get things done. I’d like to give back to the school for everything the teachers and school has done for me but most importantly the pupils who have stuck by me and I owe it to them for the position I am in now and would really like to give my all to help them as they deserve it. VOTE IAIN FOR HEAD BOY!

I know that the same characteristics that have made me a successful athlete would also make me a great Head Girl.

Whatever is going on I’m always willing to give it a go! I’ve represented Knox Academy in sporting events, for example hockey for the East of Scotland and I’ve been proud to win medals for Knox in the Scottish Schools athletics championships over the past 5 years. I’ve taken part in inter-house games within the school, outdoor education challenges with other schools and the business enterprise team I was in was successful enough to reach the Scottish final. I am also an active member of 2 school choirs. As head girl I would be keen to spread this enthusiasm and act as a role model for younger pupils and get them involved in all school events. You can’t win a relay race on your own. Teamwork is everything. I believe that I could motivate others in S6 to make the most of the 6th year opportunities. I was part of the team that organised “the most successful Christmas dance in years”. As a team, we managed to round up lots of teacher helpers, KASG support and persuaded one third of the school to come and enjoy what turned out to be a fantastic night. As head girl I would like to introduce more whole school events to unite the school community. As 6th years we should be a team and I would be proud to lead it.

I don’t ever do anything by halves. To succeed in athletics I have to have great determination and commitment. Training 3 times a week in all weathers might not always be my first choice but I always stick to what I know I need to do. Last year I completed the 26 mile Moonwalk with little preparation. It was an extremely challenging experience but I had set myself the goal and I wasn’t going to give up. I was proud of myself for doing this. As head girl I know there would be times when I might not be comfortable in a situation but I have For me the role of head up for whatabout power and authority but about leadership and the courage to stick girl is not I know is right for responsibility. I would feel proud to be elected Head Girl of Knox Academy and would take on and do my best with every challenge and opportunity that was given to me.

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