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Ng Kai Yiu

17925 Lessen Street

Northridge, CA-91325
Home: 123-456-7890 Cell: 987-654-3210

Seeking a position in an event assistant where my interpersonal

skill and crisis management can help an organization organize and
prepare events.


California State University, Northridge

Bachelor of Arts-Marketing, May 2014
Major: Marketing
Major GPA: 3.1
Overall GPA: 3.2

Course Work

Principles of Marketing Business Communication

Introduction to Macroeconomics an Microeconomics

Job & Internship Italian American Museum of Los Angeles, Summer 2014
-create advertisement for an art exhibition
-plan the exhibition schedule
Peterson Automotive Museum, 2015 to present
-redesign the ticket of museum
-create an advertisement for the museum
-schedule routine for workers
Honors and

2012 1st runner up free style 100m in University Swimming Gala


Mandarin(near-native fluent)
English(near-native fluent)

Ng Kai Yiu
17325 Lessen Street, Northrdige CA-91325

December 2, 2016
Mr. John Kublar
Director, Human Resources
Wilshine Events Assicoates, Inc
Torrance, CA 90501
Dear Mr. Kublar:
Your advertisement for an event assistant, appearing on December 1 in the
employment section of your company web site, immediately caught my attention. I
also met Kent at a job fair who is an event organizer in your company. He
recommended this job for me because my education and internship experience closely
parallel your needs.
According to your advertisement, the job requires "ability to problem solve and think
quickly on your feet". I have been trained to make quick decisions through my college
life and internship. In college, I was trained with a group of classmates for problem
solving cases. It practiced my team work skills and increase my ability to solve
problem in a short period of time. In internship, I worked as an event assistant that
assist exhibitions. There were problems pop-up suddenly before the event like the
organizer changed the plan and I have to create a new proposal for the new plan. I
have been trained to face sudden problems. My teammates and I work overtime to
have this problem fixed. We change the theme of the exhibition by making different
decoration. Finally, we created a new theme successfully to the organizer within a day
and satisfied his need. The organizer made a compliment on our team about our
Intensive course work in marketing has given me the kind of marketing and
interpersonal skills that Wilshine probably demands in an event assistant. Moreover,
my internship experience and participation in campus organization helped me
developed crisis management capability for an effective event assistant.
After you have examined and enclosed resume for details of my qualifications. I
would be glad to answer any questions. Feel free to contact me at 123-456-7890 to
arrange an interview so that we can discuss how my abilities contribute to Wilshine
Events Assicoates, Inc.


Ng Kai Yiu
Ng Kai Yiu