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Can callous stones lying on the ground; ever dream of flying

soaring high in the clouds abreast with the birds?
Can inclement rain pelting from the sky; ever dream of heating
the land instead of profusely soaking it?
Can foliated trees swaying high and handsome with the blowing
wind; ever dream
of transforming into a diminutive ant?
Can the formidably constructed fortress; ever dream of
crumbling down like a pack of cards?
Can the ground on which we traversed; ever dream of
disdainfully buckling down
under our inconspicuous weight?
Can the magnanimous aircraft hovering at unprecedented
heights in the air;
ever dream of maneuvering through the crowded city streets?
Can the dazzling sun god in the cosmos; ever dream of
submerging the atmosphere with pitch dark blackness instead of
scintillating light?
Can the dog philandering unscrupulously through the streets;
ever dream of not wagging his curved tail?
Can the vivacious chameleon bouncing between the hedges; ever
dream of not
changing its enchanting color?
Can the nectar oozing our bountifully from beehives; ever dream
of being as
salty as the wild sea?
Can the summit of the colossal mountain; ever dream of being in
close quarters
with the dilapidated road?

Can the inebriating elixir of opulent wine; ever dream of being

like crystalline mineral water?
Can the ominous scorpion merrily gallivanting through the
jungles; ever dream
of not injecting its venomous sting?
Can the greasy lubricating oil; ever dream of not impregnating
the surface
with a slippery sheen?
Can the penguins born and existing in the savage cold of
Atlantic; ever dream
of blistering heat of the uncouth desert?
Can the angular soles of feet; ever dream of eloquently singing
instead of inexorably trespassing infinite miles of cold territory?
Can the fragrant and scarlet rose; ever dream of emanating a
fetid odor; a pugnacious smell resembling the leaking gutters?
Can the intangible photograph suspended from the wall; ever
dream of emulating
the animated actions of a live man?
Can the mammoth elephant transgressing majestically through
the forest; ever dream of floundering under the onslaught of
sensitive breeze?
Can the violently swirling waves of the ocean; ever dream of
becoming the condensed river?
Can the freezing cold bar of icecream; ever dream of scalding
ones mouth?
Can the hideously towering demon brutally massacring
innocuous people; ever
dream of replicating God,
And "can true love ever dream of being destroyed "; even if there
came the greatest force from society to dismantle it; the wisest

man in space to rebuke it; the mightiest power on earth to

decimate it ?