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My proudest desire; was to be relentlessly desired by her

mystically voluptuous eyes; whether they stared lamely into
exotic space; or whether they shut themselves into a boundlessly
celestial reverie,
My proudest possession; was to be intransigently possessed by
her seductively enamoring arms; the compassionate whirlpools
of fragrant moisture; that tumultuously encapsulated the inside
of her palms,
My proudest fantasy; was to be insatiably fantasized by her
intriguingly spell binding brain; become an integral part of her
every sensuously titillating dream,
My proudest philosophy; was to be ardently philosophized by her
philanthropically benign countenance; as she disseminated every
element of goodness in my impoverished soul; to the most
fathomless corners of this enchanting earth,
My proudest voice; was to be indefatigably voiced by her
melodiously blissful throat; become the poignant rudiments of
every sound; that emanated from her rubicund tongue,
My proudest certificate; was to be irrefutably certified by her
impeccably majestic grace; as she not only made me feel the
opulently blessed organism alive; but marvelously vanquished
even the most inadvertently committed sins; of my past life,
My proudest symbol; was to be unequivocally symbolized by her
piquantly perpetual senses; as she tirelessly traced every
disastrously trembling contour of my body; till infinite kilometers
beyond the land of; bountifully everlasting paradise,
My proudest charm; was to be miraculously charmed by her
Omnipotent presence; blend every element of my staggeringly
debilitated persona; with her magnetically sacrosanct; religion of

My proudest aspiration; was to be irrevocably aspired by her

seductively dancing footsteps; become every silken path on
which she tread her; fabulously fervent
My proudest poetry; was to be unrelentingly poeticized by her
ecstatically gushing tears of unprecedented happiness; become
every landscape of fantastically
flowering beauty; which she magnificently sketched on the;
gloriously barren canvas,
My proudest obsession; was to be overwhelmingly obsessed by
every droplet of Omnisciently crimson blood that traversed like
thunderbolts of white lightening through her veins; become
everything that she caressed in the tenure of her; blissfully
endowed lifetime,
My proudest purification; was to be sagaciously purified by her
patriotically marching stride; as she conquered even the most
diminutive speck of evil in the atmosphere; with the
unfathomable river of empathy; in her mesmerizing conscience,
My proudest feeling; was to be incessantly felt by her
harmoniously godly fingers; escalate to the most eternal clouds
of steaming romance; as she magically spun the web of her
untamed yearning; around every famished pore of my dreary
My proudest perception; was to be timelessly perceived by the
unsurpassable flames of belonging in her redolent chest; gyrate
as the only angel of her life; in the immaculate whites of her
My proudest teaching; was to be prudently taught by her
magnanimously righteous grace; become every ubiquitously
priceless principle of mankind; that she diffused like a Goddess;
to the remotest corner of this colossal planet,
My proudest light; was to be magnetically lighted by the lamp of
her perennially augmenting ebullience; as she uncontrollably
fulminated into cloudbursts of
sheer euphoria; at the tiniest of my caress,

My proudest reflection; was to be emphatically reflected in every

glimmer that marvelously radiated from her flamboyantly
bedazzling sweat; become every
line of destiny wonderfully besieging her Omnipresent hands,
My proudest breath; was to be impregnably breathed by her
ardently blazing nostrils; become every iota of ravishing air
which she inhaled; into the realms of her innocuously heaving
My proudest love; was to be immortally loved by her
unassailably charismatic heart; perpetually live and die; with its
handsomely palpitating beats; alike .