Renunciation from dolorously heinous stagnation; the corpses of
crippling decay that had so vindictively strangulated every
aspect of my impoverished existence,
Renunciation from preposterously dastardly stench; the
unfathomably abominable filth of bizarre manipulation; that had
so treacherously pulverized me on every step
that I dared to tread,
Renunciation from despicably claustrophobic monotony; the
knives of insane bloodshed and gory war; pugnaciously stabbing
me from all sides,
Renunciation from indefatigably squelching dreariness; the
seeds of invidious laggardness; making me disdainfully collapse
like a pack of frigid matchsticks; even before I alight a single
As I perpetually blended myself with the unsurpassably exotic
petals of the poignantly proliferating nature; solely inhaling its
Omnipotently philanthropic fragrance; for infinite more births of
mine yet to handsomely unveil .
Renunciation from tyrannically lambasting slavery; the bloodstained chains of malevolent dictatorship which had so brutally
excoriated the shades of my
vivaciously resplendent existence,
Renunciation from robotically corporate machinery; the
pompously spurious and ghastly walls of ignominiously
castigating office; which had so indiscriminately
incarcerated me from nine to nine,
Renunciation from graveyards of fretful cowardliness; the ghosts
of baselessly horrific fear; venomously poisoning my
immaculately fantastic mind all the time,

Renunciation from the shells of grotesquely sinister diffidence;
the feckless hypochondriac that tried to annihilate me with its
swords of unrelenting
viciousness; every unfurling minute of the day and the
bountifully star studded night,
As I surrendered every ingredient of my mind; body and soul; to
the invincibly Omnipresent inferno of spell binding
righteousness; coalescing with the fabric of
unflinching truth till the Lord had destined the very last breath
of my life .
Renunciation from the conventionally meaningless society; the
derogatorily sinful wisps of sleazy cigar smoke and
sanctimonious slang; which had rendered my
survival more exacerbated than the wounds of a wailing dog,
Renunciation from the tornadoes of gory war; the rain of
innocent blood that poured unstoppably on my countenance; as
countless lost their lives in battles of color and tribe,
Renunciation from the gutters of unforgivable corruption; the
raunchy wad of salacious notes; indefatigably trying to weigh
every ingredient of my holistically blessed survival,
Renunciation from disastrously stray loneliness; the winds of
murderously rebuked isolation; overwhelmingly overpowering
me; for ostensibly not the slightest
fault of mine,
As I wholeheartedly embraced the religion of eternally endowing
humanity; blissfully burgeoning in its swirl to continue God’s
most sacred chapter of creation; perpetually bonding with every
synergistically living organism and its kind .
Renunciation from shattered glasses of asphyxiated boredom;
the whiplashes of irascibly pernicious and anomalous sodomy
that truculently impeded me; on every

stage of my life,
Renunciation from the web of transiently surreptitious desire;
the untamed infernos of insurmountably bawdy delight that
sporadically crept up from nowhere in
clear space; into my wandering soul,
Renunciation from the tunnels of abhorrently sordid betrayal;
the pathetically reverberating edifices of prurient prejudice;
parasitically deteriorating the beats of my marvelously celestial
Renunciation from inexplicably slandering misery; the
incomprehensibly livid ant holes of cancerous disease; which so
tumultuously augmented in every part of my
sensitive blood and skin,
As I immortally bonded every beat of my heart with hers forever
and ever and ever; with the unassailably unparalleled fires
between our bodies miraculously quelling all agonizing pain not
only for this birth; but each time the Creator gifted this earth to
eclectic mankind .