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2 Roles and Responsibilities of Team


Plan and define the scope of project, resources,



activities, time, schedule, team, risk analysis, cost

and budget.

Manage project in accordance to the project plan

Receive guidance from Steering Committee

Supervises consultants.

Provide overall project guidance.

Direct/lead team members toward project objectives

Handles problem resolution

Experience in building, supporting and leading


Excellent verbal and communication skills.


Ability to learn quickly in a fast paced environment.

Strong technical and project planning skills.

Ability to influence across all functions of an


Understanding and experience with the full software

development lifecycle.


Ensures that mandatory requirements are met.

clarifying a client's system specifications,
understanding their work practices and the nature of

their business
Strong logical and Analytical thinking.
Manages the production and approval of the supplier
side of the budget.


Makes effective use of resources within the approved

Tracks performance of consultants and takes

appropriate action.
Ensures that there are clear communication paths
within the project team and the organization and

Acts as main point of contact between the supplier

and the organization.

Produces and monitors financial reports including
entry and maintenance of all actual time and expense


against the master plan.

Day to day management of staff assigned to the

Quality assures the work of staff assigned to the

Encourages the transfer of product knowledge and

skills to the appropriate staff within the organization.

Working with the Project Manager on definition of

development requirements and priorities.

Breaking down program specification into its


simplest elements and translating this logic into a

programming language.
Data Migration.
Interfaces with other systems.
Reporting configuration and deployment.
Set up and maintenance of security rights and access

Contributing to technical strategy, policy and
procedure. Development and operation of technical
testing programs. Production of technical

QA Engineers

documentation to agreed quality standards.

Reporting on progress/issues to management and

Review requirements specifications and technical


design documents to ensure that requirements stated

are correct, unambiguous, and verifiable and provide
timely and meaningful feedback.

Recommend design improvements or corrections to

engineers throughout the development process.


Create detailed, comprehensive and well-structured

test plans and test cases.

Estimate, prioritize, plan, and coordinate testing

Design, develop and execute automation scripts using

open source tools.

Identify, record, document thoroughly and track bugs.
Perform thorough regression testing when bugs are

Delivers basic design documents and translates into
component-level designs to speed up development.
Designs, develops and distributes reusable technical

Performances as alink between application architects

and development team to ensure that product
development and implementation are coordinated

Conducts technical research and evaluation of tools

and methodologies to ensure that designs adhere to
current industry, client and company standards.

Assists in developing technical documentation,

participates in test-plan development, integration and

Present and support designs and key milestone

deliverables to peers and executive level stakeholders

Establish and promote design guidelines, best

practices and standards

Conduct user research and evaluate user feedback.

Defines and develops project requirements,

functional specifications and detailed designs of
application solutions for clients using appropriate
development methodologies and industry standards

Ability to solve problems creatively and effectively.

Up-to-date with latest UI trends, techniques, and


Communication skills to effectively liaise with

customers, support personnel and management

Basic data analysis and software testing skills to test

modifications and enhancements

3.2.1 Staff Profiles

Rifath (Project Manager, Design)
As the project manager, he is to ensure that this project is completed on time and within budget,
that the project's objectives are met and that everyone else is doing their job properly. He is well
educated and experienced for this role with 6 years of work experience in Enterprise Resource
Planning (ERP) implementation life cycle with extensive competency in Financial Management,
Purchasing, Sales and Distribution, Inventory management and HR. He is well trained to develop
Business applications using leading edge technologies with C# and SQL and skilful to use
modern technologies and tools to diagnose and solve customer problems, saving substantially on
time, costs and other resources.


Bachelor of Engineering in Software Engineering - London Metropolitan University

Certificate in Accounting & Business Studies ICBT City Campus



Customer Service

Software Project Management

Chathura (Developer)

He is well trained to effectively manage day-to-day activities in coordination with other

developers and software professionals to effectively meet the deliverables and schedule of a data
solution component within a larger application project.


Bachelor's Degree, Software Engineering - London Metropolitan University



Database Design

Shahmy (Application Consultant)

He is fascinated to explore in new business industries and opportunities, where his management
and information system knowledge and analytical skills can be contributed for organizational
growth. He is self-motivated, creative and dedicated personality who is willing to work under
result oriented environment while accomplishing duties and responsibilities provide by the


Diploma in Accounting & Business Studies - ICMASL

Bachelor of Science (BSc), IT Specialization in IS. SLIIT


Requirement gathering

Business process improvement

Rifsana(QA Engineer)

She monitors every phase of the software development process so as to ensure design quality,
confirm that the software follows the standards set by the development company. She reviews
the system requirements and makes sure that new products runs smoothly and meets clients
needs before they are released to the public.


Bachelor's Degree, Software Engineering - London Metropolitan University


Analyse Test Results

Debugging and define corrective actions

Document Test Cases