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The Ultimate Guide to Wicca Rituals

and Spells

CHAPTER 1 Wicca Beliefs and History
Later Attempts
CHAPTER 2 Ethics of Magick and Law of Threefold Return
The Ethics of Magick
Law of Threefold Return
CHAPTER 3 Love Spells, Hexes, and Curses
Love Spell
The Hexes And Curse Spell
Money Spell
CHAPTER 4 How to Cast Spells?
Prepare well
Your Mind s State
Link it to your Intention
Release Energy
CHAPTER 5 Performing a Wicca Ritual

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Wiccans are the people who follow the religion of magic. They prefer to
serve the nature and respect it with the following magic for their being.
They do not care about the world or their thinking but prefer to concentrate
on their religion. They care a lot about themselves only and prefer to think
themselves. There are two uses of this religion which is to do good to
yourself or to harm someone. As long as you are not harming anyone, then
you are good to go. If you are doing it to harm someone, then it will have a
negative impact on your at some point in your life.

There is a concept of Karma which is used in the Wicca religion on which

the religion is based on. You need to follow it diligently to understand the
religion. If you do not grasp the main rules of it then most likely there wont
be a positive impact of it on your life, and you will end up wasting time.
Mostly people who are in this religion get into this by generations following
it since they would be children but if you are a newcomer to it, then you will
have to be very careful.

It takes the time to learn a new religion which is why you will have to be
patient and learn about it on your end by yourself. The more you read about
tit and remember it, the more it will help you to perform and concentrate. If
you do not memorize the spells, then your concentration will deviate which
will distract you from performing the rituals the right way. Prefer to get the
idea of Wicca religion through this eBook and get the help of someone who
knows the religion well if you are willing to learn and practice the spells.
Do not get a hold of it alone because if you start alone, there will be

mistakes which will not leave you for the rest of your life.

CHAPTER 1 Wicca Beliefs and History

Wicca is the practice of nature and worshiping it with the witchcrafts. Many
people consider it as a religion and consider to practice it regularly to gain
the power from nature for themselves. It is a religion before Christianity
which is known as pre-Christian traditions in the northern side of the world.
It spread through England in 50s and attracts till the United States until now.
The origins of Wicca can be associated with the British people who were
the civils at the earlier times. Many of the gardeners used to practice the
same belief which became a part of their literature and spread through the
world quickly. It is the practice of magic, nature, and worship of a Goddess
which they consider who blesses them with everything they have in this

Not so long ago, Wicca spread in the United States making a big change in
the lifestyle of the people where people started to connect to the spirituality
and paying more attention to it rather than their life. It became a ritual which
people started to share and practice magic, as a matter of fact, they started
to practice it together as families where the generations would adopt the
same practices as well. They do exist until now but not a wide range of
variety. There is a lot of variation in the Wiccan community but the share the
general belief and their practices may be slightly different. They respect
nature a lot and believe in the Goddess with the polytheistic and pantheistic
view. The basic motto of Wiccan community is that if does not harm anyone
you can do the practices as much as you want. But there are evils out there
who tend to make a bad use of it. The practice itself encourages only if you
are not doing harm to anyone and just doing it for your sake.

They believe in meditating and getting indulge in the rituals. They also
celebrate the full and half-moon ceremony with believing it is a good sign
for them. They love to celebrate Halloween and prepare it as it is a holy
event for them. They like to do magic and indulge themselves in the world
of illusion making it think that they can do anything and there is no one
above them. As long as they are not harming anyone, they are good to go
with those thoughts. Most likely the Wiccans are known as witches who are
the term we use when we have to scare our children. They prefer to serve
the devil and attempt strong ties with him according to the nature of their
religion which they follow.

Later Attempts
The growth of Wiccans is endless even now, but they are not much visible.
Someone may be a Wiccan, and you may not know it because they do not
like to talk about it much in public. They prefer to do it hidden, but many
times, you can guess through their behavior or appearance that they may be
the Wiccans because they tend to wear black mostly. There are different
designations of the witches which are set and if one of them does not follow
it then it is considered as a rule broken. They prefer to practice magic by
being nude and do not wear anything except for a robe after it. They call it a
traditionalist by doing such activities and do not like anyones involvement
in it.

They have some unbelievable ties with the Christian religion which is why
they are spread till the west side of the world as well. There are a lot of
information over the Wiccans which people tend to discover by time, but the
developments have been made hidden which is why people do it secretly
and do not reveal all the basic practices which they make by themselves.

Today in the 21st century, as religions are not given much of the practice
importance there are a lot of Americans who tend to follow this religion and
do not like to expose it to the ones who are around them. They learn and
practice with the Wiccans and prefer to keep it hidden between them so that
they can concentrate better without involving anyone within the activities
which they are doing by themselves and for themselves only.


CHAPTER 2 Ethics of Magick and Law of

Threefold Return
The Ethics of Magick
You must be wondering why it is written as magick rather than magic.
Well, according to the Wiccans there are certain words which are according
to their spells and should be written differently than the English language.
Magick is based on the ethics and morals which you have to follow, and it is
about the inner belief which a person makes use of it. You need to follow
the morals, and if you go against it, then it will not work in your favor. The
more you are committed internally, the better it will be for you learn and for
it to work perfectly. There are certain laws which you have to follow to
conduct the magick. Everyone is responsible for their actions which are
overwhelming and if you are not careful about it then it will not be effective.

If the Wiccans are from the Orthodox background, then they prefer to make
the boundaries which become their guidelines. They have to follow those
guidelines which can be known as the ethics being followed. If you are a
newcomer to this religion then you have to be very careful . Otherwise, it
can be dangerous for you. First of all, being in this religion is tough, and if
you are someone who is learning about it the first time, then you need to be
committed you cannot leave any magick in the middle. There is a Wiccan
Rede which is known as the poetry where the author believes in the
practices being followed diligently without any seasonal era. You have to
understand the true meaning of the practices and make sure you do not harm
anyone whether it is a human or the animals.


As long as whatever you are doing, does not harm anyone you can do
anything you want to do. The environment needs to be friendly with you to
make sure that no one is around you while you are doing the practices of
Wiccans. There is a golden rule for the Wiccans that whatever you cannot
do to yourself, never do it to others. Make sure you do not deviate from it so
that you can fully take its advantage and do not harm yourself and other
around you. If you are using it to harm someone, then you are not making the
right use of it but exploiting it which may work in your favor in the
beginning, but you will see the effects once around your life.

When you are practicing the religion, then make sure that you practice it
three times at that specific times and make sure there are good deeds
involved which are stronger than anyone. When you perform, you will have
to practice it beforehand. You need to learn about it and hold on to the
philosophy of Karma that whatever you do, it will come back to you. If you
do badly, it will come back, and if you do well, it will surely come back
some way around. If you have done something in the past which is wrong,
you can surely amend it by doing something good for the same person with
all the clear intention, and you will see the effect of it on your life. Make
sure you respect the Wiccans and the practices and do not make a bad use of
it which can exploit it.


Law of Threefold Return

The law of threefold return is whatever response or the energy you put in the
world whether it is negative or positive then you will get it back in the three
folds. It cannot be variant from its number which is why it is important that
you take care of this aspect. It is near to the ethics, but this law means that
you have to be responsible for your actions. If you are not doing any good to
anyone, then prefer not to do the bad also. Mostly it is described as Karma
by the Wiccans, and there is no hard and fast rule for it. You do not have to
follow any procedure for it to practice. It is all about your intention which
you have and how you present it to others. The more clear intentions you
have, the better it will be for you. The concept of Karma came from the
Buddhist religion which has been following all the other religions as well.

The actions which we perform need to be in the wellbeing of others or you

do not have to react to anything for them. Karma is the reciprocity of the
actions which get back to you and believe it or not when you will be hit
with something bad on your end; you will have that in mind when you have
done badly to anyone else. That way you will get to know that yes, it is
karma which is hitting you because of your intentions. That way you will get
a lesson, and if you learn from it, you will be performing better than before.
We all are humans, and we commit mistakes which are why there is not
harm in it. If you accept it and you are willing to learn from it, then it is
never too late.


CHAPTER 3 Love Spells, Hexes, and Curses

Wiccans is all about the spells which are why you need to know the spells
which are of love, hexes and the curses which can affect someones life if
you are willing to hurt them or make good of them. The ability to cast the
spells is one of the main reasons why people are attracted to this religion.
People who have watched the Hogwarts movie, they should know that all
the spells which are said in that, are real and they work when you are
willing to make them work. It has the effect, not like the sparkling but
someway hidden it works out for them, and the witches get to know it
because of their wisdom about it.

There is only one rule which is that you do not harm anyone and do however
you want to. You can go ahead and do whatever you want magically, and no
one should suffer from it. It is easy to follow that rule, but if you are
someone with the evil thoughts, then your brain wont settle until you
perform the devil action. You need to keep in mind that one rule which is
based on the Wiccans.


Love Spell
Here is the love spell which you can use to you and your loved one. If you
are having trouble in your relationship, then you can use this to make it
better without telling your partner. You will see the change in no time that
you will be making love with them more than before. Get a coffee table and
have one red candle on it. Make sure you have a white candle as well which
is lit. Cover yourself and put some sand around the candles. Now write
down what you wish for on a piece of paper and close your eyes. Now
consider saying the love spell which you have pulled out of the context that
the Goddess may help you get the desired state which you have written in
the paper with saying the name of the person again and again.

The candles will turn off, and you will know that the spell has worked. The
Goddess has heard you and will be casting a spell on you. Make sure both
the candles go off when you ask for the desire. If it does not go off that you
have not done it right or the Goddess is not listening to you for your
betterment so, step back from it. Just relax after doing it or prefer to sleep
on it.


The Hexes And Curse Spell

Teaching these spell may cause trouble, not just for you but the entire
generation of someone else. These spells need to be eliminated and should
not be mentioned publicly. You will have to go to the library of spells to get
the curses spell. You can use the spells such as for the money or for
protections which are of your benefit, but the guide does not encourage you
to cast the spells which will be harming you and your people around. Make
sure to eliminate the thought of learning the curse spell because making
someones life hell will not be in your favor ever. So do not go on this way
but consider to find a good way for yourself.


Money Spell
Everyone likes to have an abundance of money in their life, and yes spells
can get you that money by opening up the opportunities for you. You need to
admit that without effort there wont be any money coming your way so it
will come as a way of opportunity where you can work hard, and you will
be paid accordingly to the hard work. Spells are the practices of ancient
people who used to desire and there used to be a lot of magic to hurt the
people. You do not keep that approach but keep the thinking and practices
just within yourself which are related to you and no one else. The money
spell is to get something tangible such as money in your hands. The effect of
it may vary person to person but the more dedicatedly you do it, the more
effective it will be over your life. If you are in magic, then make sure to be
committed to it and pay full attention while doing the practices, the more
you know about it through the literature, the more you will be
knowledgeable about it.

Do not use the spells to hurt anyone but you can use it to enhance your life. If
you want to improve your lifestyle and learn more about the Wiccans
religion and be committed to it full time without discussing it with anyone.
Spells are not dangerous as long as they do not go against anyone and do not
hurt anyone. People get into the Wicca when you are sure you will be good
in it.


CHAPTER 4 How to Cast Spells?

Casting spells are not hard because anyone can memorize the spells but you
need to concentrate on it. Make sure you know the right procedure to it, and
you are well prepared before getting it done. The energy which you have
need to direct it to the path where you can practice the spells. There are
some principles which you need to follow to conduct the spells. There
could be short spells and the long ones, but they hold a foundation which
you need to implement. Execute them in a way where there is no one, and no
one should know about it as well. There is a framework which you need to
follow while casting the spells and here it is.


Prepare well
When you are casting the spell, the first thing which you need to do is to
prepare well for it. You have to define your intention that why you are doing
it and for who. Once it is clear in your brain, then you can move to the next
step which determines the goal of the spell. Choose the category that it is for
personal use, specific, focused, positive and break it down, so you do not
stay in it for long.

Write down the spells which you wish to say while doing the practice so
that you can refer to it in case you forget or miss one. Time them and make
sure that there are timings to magic which should not be violated. Gather all
the material you need and check it twice. Have a proper space in a clean
area and prepare yourself mentally that you are ready to take the challenge
and apply all the knowledge you have to conduct the spell for yourself.


Your Minds State

Make sure you have all the positive thoughts before conducting the spell,
and you keep it consistent at it. While doing the spell you should not deviate
from it. You want to reach the goal which you intent and have to follow the
disciplines. You have to close your eyes while doing the spell which will
not let you screw up. If you think of negative things, then the spell wont
work so make sure to vanish any doubt which may be arising in your head.
Keep a control on your thoughts and think rising above while doing the spell
for whichever intention you have?

Link it to your Intention

As we have discussed before that it is all about your intention, so you need
to link the goal with your intention within your thoughts now. It is all in your
brain which you are trying to work out and once it is aligned you will see
how the spells do wonder. Say your intent and then have senses to it. Try to
hear the sounds around you and taste in your mouth. Create the picture of
your intent and goal in your brain, and you say the spell with it.


Release Energy
At the end when you have said the spell so many times with concentration,
you have connected to yourself with your brain which may be raising the
energy in you. Keep the intent and mind exactly where it is and now respond
to the energy which you feel. Think of the natural things such as sun, moon,
planets, mountains and all the nature. Think whichever thought makes you
feel easy and happy. Now let yourself go into that energy and feel happy
about it as if you are at your favorite place in your thoughts. Now think of
moving backward and coming back into your room where you are thinking
of opening your eyes slowly and gradually being in reality again. You have
release all the energy to the power where your happiness lies, and you will
now see the difference in your life sooner than you can think of.


CHAPTER 5 Performing a Wicca Ritual

The rituals of Wicca need a proper procedure and to do that you have a
proper template which you need to follow. Here are some of the important
steps which will help you get through the Wicca ritual which you wish to
practice. These are not hard but only require your attention and
concentration. So get your head in it and try to do it when you are ready as a
Wiccan to perform the ritual at your home.


There are many rituals which you can perform so first of all you need
to decide which one you want to do. There are a lot of books on
Wiccans which you can follow and pick the best which you like.
There are popular ones such as the drawing the moon on which you
may want to start. You can find out more about it through other
resources and perform any ritual you want.
You have to plan about performing that where you will do it. Prefer to
find a place in your home where no one visits often, and it is quiet.
The quieter the place is the better you will be able to concentrate. Do
not shift the places because if you do it at one place; it will leave the
effects and you need to perform the same ritual at the same place to
have the right effects of it on your life.
Get the proper space for it. Prefer to do it indoors because that is
where you can have the darkness and the light if you want. Some
people wish to do it outdoor but you cannot because there are other
evil paths which you can fall into, so it is better to do it inside your

house. Most likely your room but there should not be any distraction
which may be disturbing you. Have space enough where you can sit,
and you can have the table as well. The room should not be
congested. Otherwise, you will not be able to think wide. It is all
about your thinking and your attention that you will be able to perform
the ritual in a better way.
It is always better to clean your body before you are about to perform
the ritual. Take a bath or shower before it and prefer to have the
massage of essential oils so that your brain and body is in the relax
mode. The rituals are considered pious due to which you have to
clean yourself and be neat while performing it well.
Ground yourself and find the inner peace. Think about all the possible
beautiful things of your life and shut the door of any negativity. Do not
have a concern with anyone else but with yourself. This will help you
keep yourself at ease. Think well and have the good in return. Do not
let the distracting life disturb your brain at any point.
If you wish, you can call one of your friends which are close to you to
perform the ritual but make sure that person thinks the same about it as
you do and is serious about it. You can do it together as long as you
are not making fun of it and do not distract each other. You need to
understand each other to make it happen perfectly.
These are some of the elements which you need to remember while
you are performing the ritual such as all spirit, north earth, west
water, south fire and east air. You call all the nature spirits to be the
part of the worship which will help you reach until the end of the
ritual which you are trying to perform.
If there is a certain sculpture or picture which helps you to focus,
keep that in front of your and follow the ritual upon it. It will help you

stay focused by looking at them, and you will feel that they are around
you while you are doing the ritual. This way you will not be
distracted and will be able to do it without any flaws.
Create a picture of your goal in your brain and think about it. Close
your eyes and meditate on it and then cast the spell which you wish to
say. Say it about four times and then include the Goddess in it. Thank
her for being there and helping you to focus on it. Visualize as much
as you can so that you can reach there easily.
Now release the energy by opening your eyes and think of all the
possible good things. Come back to the reality and feel easy. If you
feel like having food or sleeping, then have some rest. Stay grounded
and do not over think about it. The ritual has been performed, and you
will see the difference as the time passes.

You can learn more about the rituals by practicing different every day. Do
not stop performing the rituals if you are a newcomer to Wicca but the more
you do it, the better it will be. There is no hard or fast rule to do a ritual
accordingly, but you can pick your favorite ones which you find easy and get
started with those. When you start with the easy ones, then you move to the
harder ones who will be easy for you to handle because you will already
have the experience of handling the easy ones.

Wiccans are nice people as long as they are doing their rituals and spells for
themselves and not harming you. Do not fear them because they like to
follow their religions diligently and like to have their own time with the
spells. They like to respect the nature with all their power and prefer to stay
alone with their spells power. They do not like any disturbance in their
rituals because it distracts them which is why you will see those people


alone most of the times being practicing.


You must be thinking that Wiccans can be dangerous, but that is not the thing
if they are not harming you then there is anything dangerous in them. They
consider Wicca as their religion, and they love to practice it just like you
practice your religion. Prefer not to bug those people more over their
practices otherwise they can work against you and may be dangerous for
you then. They take their Wiccans very seriously and do not like any fun in

The spells and rituals are performed every day by the Wiccans to get strong
on their religion. They believe that they will be able to perform better if
they follow the religion and perform the rituals. They like to serve the
Goddess and think of all the best things which can help them stay positive.
They are mostly indulging in themselves which is why they do not like to
hang around other people. They stay in their community because they feel
comfortable there and easy with their people.

You must have noticed some people wearing black all the time with keeping
their upper eyes black. Also, they could be Wiccans. They love the color
black and prefer it to be their good luck among all the other colors. This
eBook gives you the full learning about the Wiccans and their spells as well
as their rituals which you can easily try. You need to try it to make it happen
but first, if you are not serious about it then prefer not to go in it. You do not
have to memorize the spells, but you can keep them with you to practice the
spells and rituals.


Table des Matires

CHAPTER 1Wicca Beliefs and History
Later Attempts


CHAPTER 2Ethics of Magick and Law of Threefold

The Ethics of Magick
Law of Threefold Return


CHAPTER 3Love Spells, Hexes, and Curses

Love Spell
The Hexes And Curse Spell
Money Spell


CHAPTER 4How to Cast Spells?

Prepare well
Your Minds State
Link it to your Intention
Release Energy


CHAPTER 5Performing a Wicca Ritual