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Alyssa Prydz

English 9H/ P.6

A Quilt of A Country- Quick Write
In the argument, A Quilt of a Country, by Anna Quindlen, she states that America is an
improbable idea because America has so much diversity and hatred of others differences, yet we are
somehow united as a whole. For instance, the argument discusses how we have all these divisions, but we
are still united, Quindlen explains, Other countries with such divisions have in fact divided into new
nations with new names, but not this one, impossibly interwoven even in its hostilities.(Quindlen, pg.4).
This demonstrates how we as a country still come together and are still united as one even though we
have varying backgrounds, beliefs, religions, cultures, languages, etc. America comes together despite our
hostilities because we know that we will band together in times of need. Quindlen additionally shows that
America is an improbable idea because when countries face conflict they usually separate or split up, but
when America faces conflict, we go through it as a country as one and we stay as one. Quindlen explains
how our diversity and different cultural backgrounds are what make America. Despite our vast diversity
in cultures and thoughts, we stay together even in the most terrible times, and we fight as one united
nation. This portrays America as an improbable idea because other countries simply split up because of
their many divisions, but not us, our country is still together as whole despite our varied differences.