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Mental illness, also referred to as mental disorder, is a state where ones brain stops
functioning properly, resulting in having mixed feelings, poor judgement making and even
suffering, a wide portion of the worlds population are diagnosed with a Mental disorder.

I-Mental illness.
A- Mental illness on the rise.
B- Common mental disorders.
A-Statistics on mental illness.
B-Therapy helps.

According to recent statistics, Mental illness is on the rise, and

it is only with the help of professionals that this problem will
resolve, many people do not even admit having a mental
disorder, and that itself is a factor that will keep mental illness
keep on rising. Another important factor is the internet, One of
the most common theories states that the overuse of the
internet has ,directly or indirectly, brought a host of mental
health problems.
Mental disorders listed here differ, presistence wise.
Anxiety disorders are the most common given that it is a
normal reaction but can still be categorized as a mental
disorder, mood disorders on their part are common aswell, the
latter is also concidered as a mental disorder, mainly due to the
fact that these common disorders are able to evolve and begin
being even a bigger issue, these normal reactions can cause
Depression, bipolar disorder,panic disorder, or even spark up

It is estimated that:

18% of American adults are affected by an anxiety

disorder such as PTSD, OCD and specific phobias each year

7% of Americans adults will experience

severe depression each year

4% of American adults and 9% of American children will

be affected by attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
each year

2.2 million American adults are affected by obsessivecompulsive disorder (OCD)

3% of American adults live with bipolar disorder each


1% of American adults live with schizophrenia each year

1-in-68 (8 year-old) children are diagnosed with
an autism spectrum disorder

Therapists can offer tremendous help to those who

are afflicted by mental illness. I find psychiatry
incredibly rewarding we help and support the most
vulnerable group of people in our society through the
most difficult time of their lives - DR. Ilyas Mizra ,
Psychiatrist ,even though there are people who are still
doubtful of the methods used by psychiatrists,
Psychiatrist will formulate a Treatment Plan based on the
patients symptoms, a psychiatrist will employ

psychotherapy which is commonly used and almost

always yields good results.
Ultimately, unless battled mental illness will
continue in its rise, and if so , perish the thought,
committing to therapy will surely will reduce the
suffering, if not total elimination of the disorder.
References : J. Manag. Bus. Res., 5 (2), 129-139, Spring