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Grade 4 Extension Tasks for December/January

English Tasks:
Reading Questioning/Predictions
1. Use your Q-chart to write questions for your independent reading before,
during, and after reading each chapter. Use the Questioning reading response
pages, or use a sticky note to record your questions. *(see attached file)
2. Read with someone and have them ask you questions about the text after
reading using your Q-chart.
3. Predictions with Fiction: complete the Predictions response page while
reading fiction books and chapter books. *(see attached file)
4. Predictions with Nonfiction: read a newspaper, magazine, or another
informative text and use sticky notes to record your predictions after scanning
the text features. When you are finished reading, summarize the main idea of
the article.
Writing - Descriptive/Report Writing and Persuasive Writing
1. Write a descriptive paragraph, or a journal entry about your day (use your 5
senses and any figurative language that you have learned about in class
earlier in the school year).
2. Write a paragraph on a current event of your choice - scan the newspaper for
topics that interest you, and summarize ideas from the article into a
well-written paragraph. Remember, you need to include an introductory
sentence (Bold Beginning), details, and a concluding sentence (Exciting
3. Write a persuasive skit, (e.g., a short play, or a commercial) to convince your
parents, siblings, family or friends of your opinion. Use the OREO graphic
organizer for persuasive writing to think of an opinion on a topic, organize
your reasons and details. *(see attached file)
4. Cursive writing practise. *(see attached file)
Word Study:
1. Create a collage using magazine clippings for each: verbs, adverbs,
adjectives, nouns (find pictures and words to represent each)
2. Review your workbooks, and any other writing that you have done (e.g., rough
copy of writing). Find 10 spelling mistakes. Practise these words by writing
them in cursive, draw a picture with the word to help you remember each
letter, count how many syllables each word has, write each of your words
using bubble letters or another creative font type, or use Rainbow Spelling.
3. Create a wordle with your words of the week (use your Word Study duotang
to find any words of your choice) at this website:

Social Studies:
1. Research the elevation within your Expert Province/Territory (for your
brochure task) and create a relief map of the Province/Territory by using
materials like clay, play dough, or paper mache. Look up how to create a relief
map on this website:
2. Investigate the Physical Features and Resources from your Expert
Province/Territory (for your brochure task) and compare with one other
classmate who has a different Province/Territory. Create a persuasive poster
or Google Slideshow, to explain why your Province/Territory should trade with
your partner's Province/Territory (be sure to include at least 2 reasons why
trade between these two provinces is a good idea).
*Task: You have been approached by an advertising agency to create a poster that
will promote trade a partnership between two provinces and/or territories. Your task
is to develop a plan for a poster/slideshow that advertises what each of the provinces
and/or territories have to offer each other and the way of trade, to convince these
provinces/territories that trade between them would be beneficial to both.
1. Geometry Unit Problem: Under Construction p. 114-115 in the Math Makes
Sense textbook.
2. Play the game Face Off using the Game Cards with faces of solids * (see
attached file)
3. Complete Additional Activity 1-4. *(see attached file)
Multiplication and Division:
1. Create your own game to practise your math facts. (e.g., use a game
involving a deck of cards, flash cards, or dice; create a board game;
incorporate physical activity into your multiplication game like jumping jacks)
-Practice using "le pass compos" through conversation as well as writing a journal
about your (previous) day or about your December holidays
-Practice using le futur through conversation as well as writing a journal about what
they will be doing in the next couple of days, months, years (February)
-Practice using Google Read and Write at home. Start a new document and write a
short story to Mme. Make sure to share it with me @ (dont forget
all of the cool apps on the taskbar (e.g., speech to text, picture dictionary, and
-Write 10 full sentences using the words of the week for Semaine #16
-Write a persuasive letter to your parents, teachers, family members convincing them

of something
-Make predictions, ask questions using Q-chart and summarize what they have read
- Qui? Quoi? Quand? O? Comment? Pourquoi?
-Create a reading journal at home. Indicate the title of the book, the genre of the
book, when you started it and when you finished it.
-Read with someone and have them ask you questions about the text after reading
using your Q-chart in French
-Keep reading online @ and listen to reading as well as read
outloud at your assigned level
1. -Explore Light and sound:
2. -Create a telephone:
3. -Make music with water:
4. Reflection and Absorption of Light:
5. Make a Rainbow: