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December 2016
I’m Tina Garanez from Shiprock, NM.
I am honored to be from a proud lineage of Native veterans, with a rich
history of U.S. military service and sacrifice. I served and fought to protect
our county and lands, including defending our oil and gas resources.
Unfortunately, oil and gas companies have taken my service for granted and
have wasted over one hundred million dollars-worth of natural gas each year
on New Mexico’s public and tribal lands through flaring, venting, and leaks.
That’s money that could have gone to tribal governments for roads, bridges,
hospitals, schools, and social programs.
Thankfully, the Bureau of Land Management adopted a strong rule to cut
natural gas waste.
As a U.S. Army combat veteran from the Navajo Nation, I applaud this
decision. Natural gas waste is a serious problem, robbing tribal governments
of millions of dollars and polluting our air.
We must work together to defend these commonsense rules, which hold oil
and gas companies accountable and help put an end to natural gas waste.
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