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Death of Amerikkka


3 days after U.S. Presidential Election and a Donald J. Trump win, 2 bald eagles were rescued from a storm/sewer drain east Orlando,
Florida. The two eagles had been fighting. The fight started in the air when one eagle flew into the others territory. Its likely the two
birds got stuck while in the air and then fell into the drain. When I heard this chills immediately went through me, and i looked at my
friend whom i was watching the news with. Oh my God!, I thought. I quickly thought of the Eagle being a symbol of the United States.
In addition, I thought about the recent election, the clashing of the our decayed 2 party system, and the struggle and battle of Trump and
Clinton. I couldnt help but think there was/is a message in this! It stayed on my mind.The report on the news over the next several hours
outlines how rescue workers saved and tried to nurse the eagle back to health.The eagle had suffered internal injuries during the fight.
The workers were hopeful. Over the course of a few days I kept thinking of what this possibly meant or could mean in lieu of our
condition as a nation. Then while at work i received a text from my friend that said: The eagle has died....I gasped! Oh God!! I really
need to listen this!
I realized that one message: the United States is dead. All of its atrocities and fighting for territories that never belonged to her were
being revealed. The crimes of genocide and gentrification.... guilty. Capitalist and Fascist desire for control all are now obvious.
Understand I submit this not to be fearful or cower under the pressure of this regime. I submit for RESISTANCE to bigotry, misogyny,
homophobia, xenophobia, and all and any forms of verbal/physical discrimination. Indeed these forms of control, racist behavior are
anything but new. Those who are and have been awake and observant knows that racisim and all of the isms, have always been. This
election just revealed the heart of Amerikkka. Not to mention, it shed light on where it begins and ends.
As the eagles were found in a drain, so is the heart of the U.S. We found out collectively that our nation has been tucked away in sewage.
Just as the rescue workers endeavored to pacify the eagle--so have crooked politicians and religious leaders tried to diaper the behavior
of one another and prey upon the people and followers. The religious sick church with an anti LGBT message fueling hate and negativity
has caused divisiveness and ultimately helps fund lobbyist.
This thought is just not about the Republican party. 2! 2 eagles were found in the drain. The other eagle just happened to be able to fly
away. This message is about corruption of both parties. Some of my Afrikan American brothers and sisters have been taught that to be
black means you must be democratic and loyal. We do not owe loyalty to any party. And we need to know that God didnt honor one over
the other. Both parties are sick and corrupted and no matter how we try to pacify either side its going to DIE. The demise of such an
antiquated colonialized system ,elected an openly racist misogynistic and xenophobic patriarch! Many bought into the theory of voting
for the lesser of two evils. Death. Electoral no longer is the voice of the people.
The eagle that died suffered severe internal injuries. Amerikka has severe internal issues. For so long it looked the part of a super
power...but actually weak and ill, because it gained its power from bullying smaller nations, evicting others from their own land.
Importing and Exporting our ancestors for years. And yes...modernizing we know it as mass incarceration. Both parties
contributed to putting that nail in the coffin. Listen, we are not free: Nigger has been replaced with criminal. Until we wake and
challenge the 13th amendment we are going to keep going in a damned circle of imprisonment.
This Amerikkka and its system as we know it has to be dismantled. I know it sounds revolutionary! Because its time for one. We must
bind together in Common-Unity, learn to live together, community economics, stand and RESIST! we need not retreat. It all has been
revealed to us. So again, I submit this to you for empowerment and to go and research and build a fire! Amerikkka is what
will you bring to life?