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Name : Arzinar Yoga Rusdyantoro


: 13522073/ Industrial Engineering

LKIM Report
LKIM or as known as Latihan Kepemimpinan Islam Menegah. Last week me and all of my
friends from industrial engineering and law faculty on shift 2 have to stay over at Omah Jawi,
Kaliurang to follow LKIM that held by IP management as one of the character building program. This
program is compulsory to all of batch 2013 in international program. In this opportunities id like to
share all my experience and knowledge that I got from LKIM along side with my perspective
opinions related to LKIM.
LKIM is a combination acivity that teach us to balancing habbluminallah and
hablumminannas. As I know, LKIM held by IP management as the next step after SLT (self leadership
training) and LKID (Latihan Kepemimpinan Islam Dasar), so that IP students can become a good
leader in the future coherence with IP motto which is Nurturing Innovative Global Leader. In LKIM
mostly discuss about how to build leadership sense in ourself. In this I met with many inspirative
expert that teach us many things, for example: one that teach us how is religion, one that teach us how
to develop positive mindset & personality assessment, one that teach us how to develop leader
through creativity & innovation, one that teach us how to building a team work in group, and one that
teach us how to design prior program with appreciative inquiry and effective interpersonal
communication & negotiation skill. In the first section when the expert how to know more about
islam, how to knoe more about our god, its very unusually situation for me because the expert keep
asking us with why why and why, and make the tension in the room become high. But in the
end, he told us that if Islam and Allah SWT and Rasulullah SAW, is already an absolute ideality so
that logic doesnt work in them, or such as. The second section is about developing positive mindset,
it is about how we live our live with a good mindset to begin with. It is told us to always somethings
in white side no matter how dark the black side is and how to think positively would give a positive
impact to our life. The next session is about team work, it is about how we work with others people in
a team. This session told me that iit is wrong if you being selfish in teamwork and will make me gain
nothing. It will give you nothing if you act as lone wolf in a team. The next session is about designing
a prior program. In this session we learn how to determined the steps to achieving the goal in a very
detail way.
Overall LKIM (Latihan Kepemimpinan Islam Menegah) is useful for me. From all the
session, id really love to develop through creativity and innovation and developing positive mindset.
As for develop through creativity and innovation it is because I am inspired by the speaker, Mr. Imam.
Beside he is a consultant, that make him has a very good way of delivering the session that make it
not a boring session, he also make me realize how important to do innovation and thinking creatively
to face the change in the world nowdays. I also love to hear the session that lead by Mr. Antariksa,
about develop positive mindset. He has his own way on delivering the session and it is very hilarious.
The sessios it self told me that a good mindset will make a good behaviour and will effect
perfomance. In this section I also told that how to visualize our dream so that we can always have the
enthusiasm to chase it. In this session there also a DISC performance that help us knowing what type
of people you are, dominance? Incfluence? Steadiness? Or even compliance one. Overall from this
training I gain many knowledge that very usefull for me, and from the training I think I already
mastering the power of positive thinking it self step by step, how to always see the white side even in
the room full of dark side.

From the training, I also discover my strengths and weaknesses drom the DISC assessment. In
this test it show that my influence part is the highest among all, it show that Im the type that
influencing others, hope that I can give a positive one to the others around me. Skill that I need to
improve is how thinking more innovative and creatively, because it is a one way that will distinguish
me from others competitors.
After taking all the session and experiences that I can get. I hope that I can give a good impact
around me, so that I can be a good leader in the future. I also hope that I can become the inspiration of
others people.
Based on my opinion, the matery that delivered in LKIM is similar with matery that I got
when I am in SLT. Basically it just remind me with all that I got from SLT and just give me a few new
experience. But at least, I can recharge my motivation to chase my dream more. To make this program
more effective is add a different matery with the one that told in SLT. We already got the basic in SLT
and LKID for islamic leadership and such, why not making the LKIM is the section to implement it?
Make it the place so that we can practice our leadership skills, because from my oppinion leadership
is a practical skill not a teoritical one.