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Advisory Board Meeting on the “Role of SGLT2 Inhibitors in Management of Diabetes”

and Emerging Evidence of GLP-1 RA in Diabetes”
Dear Professor/Doctors,
We are delighted that you will be joining the AstraZeneca Advisory Board Meeting on the “Role of
SGLT Inhibitors in Management of Diabetes and Emerging Evidence of Exenatide in Diabetes”
taking place on the 6th of April 2014 (Sunday) at the Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta The hotel
address is Rasuna Said Kuningan -Jakarta
As you know, AstraZeneca have a comprehensive diabetes portfolio. With our expanded portfolio, we
have the opportunity to further help meet the needs of a growing patient population across the
diabetes continuum and provide health care professionals with cutting edge treatment options.
The meeting objectives are as follows:
1. To share existing evidence on role of SGLT2 inhibition in diabetes
2. To discuss complete clinical program on dapagliflozin: efficacy and safety and identify
implications on clinical practice
3. To share real world evidence of dapagliflozin in clinical practice
4. To get suggestions on partnerships in particular and guidance on the impending launch
5. To discuss the current evidence on exenatide & role in diabetes management.
Your inputs and guidance on the above points during the Advisory Board would be extremely
valuable. With the hope that you will find this meeting to be academically stimulating, engaging and
interactive, we now look forward to getting your objective point of view on the science behind SGLT
and Exenatide and the implications for daily clinical practice among Asian patients.
If you would like more information, or would like to discuss the agenda in greater detail, please
contact Ratna WIdyasari, Astra Zeneca Medical Affairs Manager at +62 816 790 141 (mobile)
and Zulfan Manurung, MSL – Diabetes at +62 811 8662 389 (mobile)
We appreciate your time and we look forward to meeting you in Jakarta for this productive meeting.
Sincerely yours,

Dr. Budhy Damian Widjojo
Medical Director

Viraj Rajadyaksha.00 PM . 10. dr.Led by Prof.05 AM homeostasis as a new physiology interface for Australia T2DM Evidence of SGLT inhibition in diabetes: Dr.00-09. 2014 Advisory Board Meeting Chairman: Prof. Chisholm Don & All Participant. KEMD also 09. Dr. Dr.50 AM efficacy and Safety Asia Area Medical Coffee break will be provided inside meeting room Discussion and gathering insight: Real life experience.ADVISORY BOARD MEETING AGENDA Palm Court 2nd Floor FOUR SEASONS HOTEL April 6. SpPD.10 AM 09.50-12. 09. SpPD-KEMD Topic Welcome and Introduction Opening Speaker Sasithorn TheintongIndonesia Country President Prof. Slamet Suyono. SpPD-KEMD 10.05-10. which patients will get best benefit with SGLT2i and how to monitor perfomance Prof. Chisholm Don. Slamet Suyono. Slamet Suyono.20 AM The role of SGLT2i renal in Glucose Prof.10-09.20-10.

00 -13.10 -14. KEMD All Participant 12. SpPD.00-12.Role of GLP-I RA in Diabetes : Current evidences Dr. Slamet Suyono.25-13. Slamet Suyono.Led By Prof. which patient will get best benefit with GLP 1 RA and how to monitor performance Summary Discussion Prof.10 PM 13. Soebagijo Adi. Chrisholm Don & All Participants. KEMD Prof.00 PM Lunch 13. SpPD.10 PM .25 PM Discussion : Real life experience . SpPD-KEMD 12. Dr.