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Consumer Buyer and Behvior



First and foremost, we would like to thank Allah S.W.T. for giving us opportunity and
strength to accomplish our project paper on..

We would like to express profound gratitude towards our supportive lecturer, Puan Siti Sarah
Binti Wan Latif for her invaluable support, encouragement, supervision, and dazzling
suggestions for our research. We as ever, especially indebted to our parents, for their love and
strong support throughout our life. Not forgotten, our sincere thanks and appreciations to our
beloved friends and colleagues, who shared their knowledge, brilliant ideas, and experiences
with us.

We heartily thankful to all our IT and Multimedia Services (ITMS) department and all my
colleagues whose encouragement, guidance and support from the initial to the final level
enabled us to develop an understanding of the subject. Last but not least, we offer our regards
and blessings to all the respondents and for those who supported us in any respect during the
completion of this project paper.

Thank you.

Consumer Buyer and Behvior



Purpose The evaluation of IT and Multimedia Services (ITMS) as to improve the

effectiveness and efficiency of the University's services processes through information and
communication technology.

Design / methodology / approach The quantitative research was conducted by arranging

consumer survey among users in the UNITEN Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Kampus (KSHAS).
The deductive logic was used to verify the hypothesis.

Findings The general users profile were identified. The hypotheses were proven that ITMS
department can be a valuable department and channel to supply quality multimedia,
information and communication technology products and services in line.

Research Limitations / Implications The research was designed to test only the users of
UNITEN students. Even though, it gathered the needed data to help the department to
improve their quality of services in their search for suitable tools when offering the best
services for the students.

Originality / Value The conducted study added the knowledge to the indicated information
gap in academic literature regarding the ITMS services and its facilities from UNITEN
students perspective. It defined the main ITMS tools and tested the studnets perceptions about
the possible practices.

Keywords IT, Multimedia, Student, Performance.

Consumer Buyer and Behvior




Background of the Company

Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) is a private university, located in Selangor, Malaysia,

with GLC university status. It is wholly owned by the public-listed Tenaga Nasional Berhad
(TNB), established in 1999. UNITEN is a unique institution, providiving an academic
programmes within our two campuses, Putrajaya Campus and Muadzam Shah Campus.
UNITEN has programmes that are focused on Engineering, Information Technology,
Business Management and related areas. UNITEN not only prepare its graduates to become
knowledgeable and competent professionals, but also to develop them as well-rounded
individuals with broad intellectual outlook.

On 4 May 2001, Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah (branch campus) officially opened. The campus
offers accounting, finance, entrepreneurship, marketing, human resources, and business
courses. On getting to be one of the best Universities in Malaysia, UNITEN has divided its
departments by its specialization in order to make it systematically.

In order to reassure a good flow system, UNITEN has divided its departments into various
departments. For example :

College of Foundation and General Studies (CFGS)

Department of Languages and Communication
Department of Social Sciences
Department of Business Management and Accounting
Department of Sciences, Mathematics and Computing

College of Engineering (COE)

Department of Civil Engineering

Consumer Buyer and Behvior


Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Department of Electrical Power Engineering
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Engineering Mathematics and Management Unit

College of Information Technology (COIT)

Department of Software Engineering
Department of Information Systems
Department of Systems and Networking
Department of Graphics and Multimedia

College of Business Management and Accounting (COBA)

Department of Accounting
Department of Management and Human Resource
Department of Finance and Economics
Department of Marketing and Entrepreneur Development

College of Graduate Studies (COGS)

One of it is IT & Multimedia Services (ITMS) is a department that provides ICT &
multimedia facilities and services. We have been in existence since 1997, when UNITEN was
established. Their purpose is transforming business through the effective use of ICT. We
provide solutions to UNITEN, TNB, and other external parties.

Consumer Buyer and Behvior


Picture 1 : IT and Multimedia (ITMS) logo

ITMS is made up of the following units:

Application Development & Support

Database Administration
Multimedia, AVA & Printing
Network & System Administration
Service Desk & Asset Management

The Department's role is the guarantor of dependable and reliable computer facilities and
management information systems in UNITEN KSHAS. The Department's objective is to
manage and control the use of computing facilities in UNITEN KSHAS in the safest, most
reliable and economic manner. IT and Multimedia Services which is known as ITMS is
divided into several units as follows:

Computer Operation & Network

Multimedia Operation
Printing Operation

ITMS also has their own Vision and Mission in order to make sure all goals and activities can
be achieve, thus will help the staff and students feel the excitement of using the facilities.


Consumer Buyer and Behvior


To be one of the leading information and communication technology departments

amongst higher educational institutions in the world.


To supply quality multimedia, information and communication technology products

and services in line with the universitys mission


To provide reliable and secure information and communication technology resources,

equipment and infrastructure

To create a conducive learning and working environment.
To improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Universitys business processes

through information and communication technology.

To promote a paper-less environment.
To comply with the statutory requirements e.g. Cyber Law.
To comply with the university ICT Policy.