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Name: Sydney-marie Flowers

Interviewee:Nailah Byrd
Pull quote:The prospection has to prove its case and everyone has the right to a defense.

If Law and Order were real, Nailah Byrd would be the one to solve the problems. Byrd is now
the clerk of courts for Cuyahoga County. Byrd plays a strong role in the Cleveland justice
Byrd went to Horace Mann, an elite private school, from kindergarten through 12th grade in New
York city, there at that school was 70 kids in a grade no black boys 1 of 3 black girls in the
whole school.She got a lot of disrespect and hate from that school throughout her years
there.there were instances with peers and teachers of racist episodes, calling my mother and
her coming to school and sticking up for me.
Byrd became a prosecutor straight after she graduated from law school in Manhattan. As a
prosecutor,she argued a lot of domestic violence cases. She always knew she wanted to be a
lawyer, even when she was young, because it is a calling for her. When youre a criminal
attorney or defense attorney, it is somehow a calling for justice, Byrd explained.
Byrd is now the clerk of courts for Cuyahoga County. She transitioned to that position when
County Executive Armond Budish asked her if she take on the role. Byrd had to think about it
and discuss it with her family. I thought it would be a big stretch for me, Byrd said. I was
flattered and excited about a new challenge. At the time, she was inspector general and had
eight employees and a $1 million budget. Now, she has more than 100 employees and a budget
of more than $10 million. She serves as the clerk of three courts: common pleas general
division, which includes felony and civil courts; the court of common pleas - domestic relations
division, and the court of appeals.
Byrds role model is her mother, who graduated from college when she was 19. She also was
very nice to people and got along with people.To this day, i still call my mom and run something
by her that is going on in my professional life, Byrd added. She has 2 sons, twins in sixth grade
at Hawken they play basketball, and Byrds husband played Division I football. Byrd said, I
wanted to make my mother and extended family proud. She made her family proud by all her
goals and setting a great example for her kids.
Byrds has in encouraged a lot of people with her work. Throughout her obstacles she was still
keep positive and become successful.she is this successful because she stayed focus during
school.She went to Columbia university. it was a breeze because i sacrificed in high school
and pulled the all nighters. I think ive been extremely blessed and fortunate that ive been able
to do so many jobs and to still be a lawyer.