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Student-Run Free Clinic Cincinnati

To partner with faculty, students, patients, and community members to provide quality, dignifying, and empowering primary
care to the underserved populations in Cincinnati.
The documented Latino community in Hamilton County saw a growth of 116.6% from 2000 to 20101 . Despite the growth
and health demands of the Latino community, access to healthcare continues to be a substantial problem. In fact, 96.15% of
Latino population sample reported that they had experienced barriers to receiving healthcare and when asked about the most
serious health issues facing their community, 20.5% of Latino population sample mentioned access to care/services and
27.8% of the Latino population sample believes access is the health issue being addressed the least2.
A student team was formed in May 2016. These students had spent time working with patients at Crossroad Health Center
and observed transportation, health literacy, and language to be significant barriers to primary care for many members of the
Latino population. The student team is working with leaders in the Latino community to evaluate a strategic means to
provide primary care to the Latino community in the Greater Cincinnati area. The proposed clinic will be modeled after
other student-run free clinics across the country and will engage all four levels of medical students. The student team aims
to lessen the disproportionate burden of preventable disease experienced by the populations ineligible for Medicaid in the
Greater Cincinnati area.
Establish weekly primary-care clinic available to adults over the age of 18 who are ineligible for Medicaid
Increase access to healthcare services to members of the Latino community in the Greater Cincinnati Area
Offer a variety of healthcare services to the Latino community in the Greater Cincinnati Area
Create opportunity for local, multidisciplinary students to directly engage with the Latino community in the Greater
Cincinnati Area
Increase local, multidisciplinary student exposure to the need for culturally-appropriate primary care
A projected $10,000 yearly budget has been
estimated from other student-run free clinic
models, assuming a cost of $18 per patient
visit. Funding is being solicited from public
and private donors.

The proposed clinic will be open on Saturdays, providing full primary
care services to adults over the age of 18 who are ineligible for
Medicaid. The student team will supply and coordinate all necessary
personnel and resources. The student teams goal is to open the clinic
during the 2017-2018 academic year.

Please contact the student team at with inquiries.


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