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It began when my grandmother got sick and should be hospitalized. I saw and
thought how the doctors and nurses working for the sake of their patients. They did a
magnificent things that I did not understand formerly, and since then become a health
worker is being my dream. As I am very young, I have been told that the most useful of
human being are they whose existence stimulate positive and beneficial to other people
around. That circumstances convinced me to attend nursing school at Universitas Airlangga
as my higher education. Even though at this time, in Indonesia nursing profession
considered as secondary profession than others. But, it would be my responsibility as
nursing student to provide brighter future and bring nursing profession as recognized as
other profession, especially in my country, Indonesia.
For that purposes, become one of tenth best graduate with GPA 3.56 in Universitas
Airlangga would not be enough. I decided to apply for my further degree in Master
of Nursing with the program of Advanced Professional and Clinical Practice, specifically in
the area of Leadership and Management as my next target. My undergraduate curriculum in
Nursing Science at Faculty of Nursing, Universitas Airlangga, introduced me to a
wide variety of nursing science subject. Various subject like Critical Nursing, Mental
Health Nursing, Maternity Nursing, Management of Nursing, Cardiovascular System
Nursing, Developmental Psychology, Community Nursing, Respiratory System Nursing,
and etc provided to as strong footing of theoretical and clinical concept of Nursing Science.
While offering both depth and breadth across this field, these courses put into
perspective the importance and relevance of Nursing Science and the application of
its fundamentals to the problems faced by the nurse in Indonesia. I realize that learning and
developing my knowledge of Nursing Science will provide a great contribution to the
profession of nurse in Indonesia.
The essential problem faced by Indonesian Nurses is the lack of new research and
still using the old system of the caring intervention. I am much eager to know about
new strategies and researches in nursing area to be implemented in Indonesian Nursing
System. Thus, I am really enthusiastic to attend the Postgraduate of Nursing in The
University of Edinburg. Good reputation of high quality education standards, an extremely
distinguished faculty members and research facilities are the factors which have
motivated me to choose for my M.Sc. studies the university. I feel I am responsible for
making a big move in this field. I believe my qualification and your needs would be an
excellent fit. I will be happy to provide any further information or documents if required. I
look forward to your positive response. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Your faithfully

Hamza Waldi