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Analysis &

& Showtime Sound

Lighting (SSL) Inc

Case Name

Team Names

)Sound & Lighting (SSL

- Showtime Sound & Lighting (SSL) Inc. is one of three small

businesses owned by Tom Smith.
- SSLs line of business is centered on providing services for the
Local entertainment industry as well as other organizations such as
civic groups and churches in need of support for large gatherings.

Audio equipment Video equipment Lighting equipment -

Rental Sale -

System Request Showtime Sound & Lighting (

Project Sponsor

- the president (Tom)

- Vice president
- office management (accounting, purchasing, &

field technicians (Burt
- Contract Workers Equipment Operators

- they provide consulting support to recommend alternative

configurations to address customer needs.
- Customers occasionally purchase equipment when the vol

Business Need

use makes it more economical to do so.

- They also occasionally upgrade damaged or obsolete equip
- Customers may also lease equipment when it is needed on
infrequently or for special gatherings.

- SSL completes four major business activities in providing ser

and products to its customers.
- Major business functions are listed below.
Collect and process customer information and requests.


- A customer provides a request to SSL.

- If the request is from an existing customer, it is compared to
previous requests.
- This process requires information from the customer file. The
customers history is evaluated to ensure that past work was pa
determine whether any customer information is in need of upda
changes to address, phone numbers, method of payment, and so
- If the customer is new, a customer file is created that records
obtained customer information.
Match customer requirements with available equipment.

- The customers order information is collected, specifically lis

customers needs.
- Customer requirements can range from a simple set of items t
a request for consulting services resulting in recommended alte
system solutions to a request for a full set of equipment comple
- The request must be compared to equipment availability.
- For simple equipment purchases or leases, this may result in a
- SSL maintains files of both rental equipment and equipment
for purchase.

Match customer time requirements with employee schedules.

- SSL must determine personnel requirements to support the re

- The company maintains a schedule for employees as well as a
available temporary workers.

Generate a proposal. Customers often want SSL to submit a b

-To prepare the bid SSL must compare needs with equipment a

- Equipment and personnel requirements must be planned for a

in the event that the proposal is accepted.
- This is often the case for organizations that must obtain appro
finance committees.
- When the organization accepts the proposal, the order is then
the equipment and personnel are scheduled to support
the event.
Provide services and products.

- The process entails the actual support of the event.

- SSL management prepares a list of all support needed for the
the technician delivers everything SSL has agreed to provide.
- This list is essential because the support needed for a large ga
be on hand and functional at the time of the event.
- All order information is provided to the technician.
- This allows the technician to load all necessary equipment and
that the proper contract workers, if required, are available for th
- At the conclusion of the event, the technician must report that
was successfully completed.
- If any overtime was required, the technician must report this a
the contract workers are properly paid.
- The technician also evaluates the performance of the contract
information helps SSL decide which workers to hire for
future events.
- Finally, the technician notes any equipment problems that ma
require immediate attention or routine maintenance.
Produce reports to support management decision making.

- Tom needs to know several types of information, and compili

information is currently very time consuming.

- For example, Tom needs detailed information about which eq

being leased, when it is leased, for how long, and by whom.

- He uses this information to decide whether to add a particular

equipment available for lease, change quantities, or maintain cu
- Tom also needs information about the use of contract workers
how long, and their performance.
- Tom would also like to analyze his customers in terms of reve
sales, leases, consulting, and event support.
- Tom feels that this information can help him to guide the busi
grows and to position the company more competitively.

Business Value

Special Issues or

- Because SSL has been so successful, it relies very little on a

Rather, all of their business has been referred via recommen
from current customers.
- Customer satisfaction is the number-one goal of SSL.
- The company has an excellent reputation for getting the jo
the first time, no matter what it takes.
- It is considered a critical partner with the various organiz
- SSL currently has about 50 active customers with average
customer yearly service and installation revenue of $8,000.
30% of its revenue is from sales of equipment (25 % markequipment sold), 40% is from leasing equipment, 20% is fro
operation of equipment during events, and 10% is fro

- The current system does not use a database system, but it

series of electronic templates on stand-alone desktop PCs to
data about customers, equipment, prices, and schedules.
- The business currently does not have a system for assignin
numbers or crossreferencing documents.
- Locating information about a specific order, previous cust
provided, and other business activities is time-consuming an
- This deficiency in turn has a negative impact on servicing
inquires, developing customer profiles, making pricing
.decisions, and managin

Showtime Sound & Lighting (SSL) Project Feasibility Analy

Executive Summary

- Tom Smith created the following feasibility analysis for the Showtime Soun
Lighting Project.
- The System Request is attached, along with the detailed feasibility study
highlights of the feasibility analysis are as follows:
- The company has been using several templates in MS-word,
stand alone computer.

- Tom and Martha have been the primary users of this existing

- SSL currently does not possess the required technology to fa

new system.

- For a new system to be implemented while facilitating the co

expected future growth of business and the number of employ

hardware will be required to be purchased.

- Up to five (4) new Desktop computers including a DELL edge

business server running Microsoft Small Business Server 200

operating system (which is the latest server software by MS) w



- A centralised database with MS-Access will be at the back en

the front end will be developed using VB or C#. With the introd
MS-Access means it can be utilised and manipulated with the
Word as well as MS-Excel.

- Microsoft Small Business Server 2008R2 supports remote de

access, therefore mobile workers can connect to the system a

remote applications.

- This will enable the technicians to enter information to the sy

as an even is over via remote desktop.
- SSL currently have a customer base of 50 active customers,

would be relatively easy to enter all customer data into a new d

- Due to the fact the new system will be based on a data entry

reference system it will be easy for the current employees to g

new system with proper training.
- Therefore training will be required for all current employees,
employees could be trained in house.
- Considering the availability of the required technology to be

and also the level of knowledge in the current employee segm

new system is technically feasible.

.Development cost breakdown of the system






Will provide
Server (Dell Power edge
T110 with MS Small Business



Server 2008R2 operating

Vostro 230 mini tower with 17






LCD screen + wireless)

NetBook Dell inspiron 10

database a

remote des

system + LCD 17 screen)

Desktop computers(Dell

host centra



Two tec


Netgear ADSL modem +



Wireless Router( n300)


Optus Mobile broadband

connection unit + 1 year

Multifunction Printer /

To connect


netbooks vi

remote des



Main netw



Brother Mono Laser printer /


network in t

usage.(available from DODO)

Brother Colour Laser

To set up A





.Backup p


Microsoft office Professional

installed in

other comp

license incl
Information System software

Wireless Network setup +



SSL custom

Setting up o



Remote application set up on


the netbooks and system


Training Staf (per Hour)






Total cost

.Operational cost


Cost per mon

Ongoing internet connection / ADSL2+ 50

Gb connection. (from Optus)

per month $50

Technical support on site + phone support

per month $100

$1200 per year

Other hardware + software support (security

per month $50

software license fee - $120 from Norton 5

user per year+ ink toner 1500 pages per
toner X 4 per year at $100 in total $520)

per month $200

Total per month

Tangible and Intangi



-Total System costs $14,753

operational costs $200 per month

- Retain current

expected loss w

customers in two

$40,00 to $80,00

- Proper invento

- Proper contrac



- Time for emplo

- Unforseen hardware

improve custom

repairs and upgrades.

and increase ma

- Improve quality

- Better custome

and better servic


Basic cost benefit analysis using cash fl







Operational costs($200 per





Other unforseen costs ($100

per month)









Development Cost(one time)

Total costs

Retain current customers

Total benefits


- As per the president of the company Tom, he estimates that he w

minimum of 5%-10% of customers over the next two years if he is n

give them a better service.

- This would result in a total loss of revenue of AUD 40,000 to 80,00

the coming two years and may worsen or continue into the next yea

- Also new equipment purchase will be done in a more efficient ma

the new system will generate accurate information about the usage

equipment Tom will be able to purchase the correct piece of equipm

will save company from investing on non profit generating equipme

- There will be many more other benefits such as improved custom

more time to invest on sales development.

- Taking all these into account will make the system economically fe

- SSL in the past have been renowned for its great quality of se

it is what the company hope to develop further in the future in

the business to grow as well as to service the existing custom

more timely and organised manner.
- The new system will be in align with this company objective,

the customers a better improved quality of service and also fa

al Feasibility

companies expected growth as well as help achieve that goal.

- Also the new system will be much helpful to the employees s

address the earlier problematic issues they had in obtaining c


- Furthermore the new system will not jeopardise the job secu

of the employees it will only enrich and enhance the working c

of the existing working employees.

- The management will be able to use the new reporting tools w

be in line with the requirements of the current management in

make the right management decisions in order to gain the com

advantage that will propel SSL to be the preferred service prov


- Therefore the new system will be a system much desired by t

management and the current employment.

- The technology which will be used in this system is basic and the

development team is well aware of its systems and capabilities, the

there will be no learning curve involved for the development team. I

tested technology and methodology to the development team.

- The technology used in a hardware perspective will require 3 wee

project green light to purchase and delivery. However system softw

in production at same time and therefore hardware will be available

required for testing.

- There are no strict deadlines involved in the project however a rea


timeline would be preferred by the management such as 45 to 60 d

very achievable.

Planning identify project,
feasibility study, identify


Analysis develop strategy for
analysis, determine requirements,


use cases and modelling.

Design design physical system,
design architecture,


programs and database files.

Implementation construct
system, install system


and migrate system, training

- Resources required for the new system from SSL as of curre

adequate space as required.

- There is adequate furniture to facilitate the new system, adeq



supply and connection are available as per floor plan required

is not required since it will be a wireless network.

- The required technical computer literacy is minimal to suppo

system in a ongoing environment and the additional required t

will be sufficient to manage the system.

- The new system will not interfere with the existing system wh

developed and there will be no dependencies between the two

Manpower is available in terms of development perspective, re

technical knowhow is available.

- Required hardware and software is available for developmen

.team. Since project is a simple one staff turnover should b

Requirements Definition SSL

Functional Requirements:
1. Create order or quote
1.1 Customers contact SSL to place sales order or get quote.

1.2 The system will allow If the customer is a new customer (if desired) that will store custo
data and
payment information. If customer exists then customer details retrieved .
1.3 Customers get order details contract of items required for purchase and get invoice.
1.4 SSL checks stock file to validates stock availability .
1.5 SSL checks staf schedule file to validates staffing availability

2. Purchase
2.1 The system will enable the customer to specify the Equipment choice for Sale or Rent
2.3 The system will collect and verify payment information. Once payment is verified, the
Equipment selection
sale or rent process will begin.
3. Generate reports for management decisions (SSL Management )
3.1 get reports from SSL order processing system.
3.2 provide price details for SSL order processing system.
4. Update event completion details ( SSL tecnician )
4.1 Event support sheet.
4.2 Event Completed info.
5. Generate event sheet ( SSL employee )
6. Database entry maintained manually ( SSL employee )

Nonfunctional Requirements:

1. Operational
1.1 The SSL database will be constructed to facilitate searches by equipment_id , Custom
1.2 The system will run on any Web browser.
1.3 make mobile app to easy contract with system.
1.4 In the event of a failure during a make an order, the customer will be able to restart t
2. Performance
2.1 You will get your order as quickly as

3. Security
3.1 Customer information will be secured.
3.2 Payment information will be encrypted and secured.