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4012 N Armstrong Ave  Boise, ID 83704

(208) 891 8089
zData Inc
Big Data Solutions Architect

Dec 2015 - Present

Boise, ID

Extensive experience with Spark and MLlib using Scala to create scalable data science platforms.
Experience with many Machine Learning algorithms - primarily CART and deep learning neural networks.
Developed, architected, and deployed a Windows Azure Spark cluster. Using the MLlib API I was able
to successfully predict ports of entry for vessels owned by large foreign shipping company. All work
was done in Scala.
Extensive experience with Spring Cloud Dataflow creating end-to-end data pipelines. Most recently
developed and deployed a Spark 2.0 cluster to train a model using MLlib (Binary Logistic Regression)
and the Dataflow pmml boot app to score the model, finally displaying results on a custom Spring
boot/web dashboard display. All work was done with Amazon Web Services (AWS).
Experienced in writing Java applications using the Spring Framework and deploying to Cloud Foundry.
Trained experience Java developers in how to create scalable custom Spring XD streaming solutions
for large real time vehicle tracking platform. Programming languages include Python and Groovy.
zData Inc
Big Data Engineer

May 2015 - Dec 2015

Boise, ID

Expert in all aspects of installation, configuration, and maintenance of Greenplum Database, Pivotal
Gemfire, and Pivotal Hadoop clusters both virtually and physically.
Extremely knowledgeable in many Hadoop ecosystem components Ambari, Yarn, MapReduce, Pivotal
HAWQ, Apache Drill, HBase, Hive, Zookeeper, Pivotal Spring-XD, Cassandra, and more.
Expert in data ingestion and export using Spring-XD. Everything from direct transporting to ETL
/ validation definitions using custom trigger shell scripts coupled with python, groovy, or perl transformation scripts using shell processor modules. Most recently developed a large Internet of Things
project (IoT) which tracks vehicles in real-time with Spring-XD as a backbone for data transport /
validation / transformation, and where Greenplum and Gemfire were ingestion sinks. Client was one
of the largest trucking operations in the world.
Training incoming employees in all aspects of Greenplum Database and Pivotal Hadoop. Provide
ongoing assistance and support throughout onboarding process.
Expert in Vagrant Virtualbox operating system emulation, configuration, installation and provisioning.
Expert in Packer virtual image creation, including custom provisioning and scripting. Builds include
Virtual Box, VMware, Hyper-V, and AWS. Most current build is an automated single node installation
of Greenplum Database on CentOS 6.5 that builds an AWS AMI used to as a base for our Cloud Training
Portal instances. Further, creation of the zData Inc. analytics sandbox which features Greenplum +
MADlib + Spring-XD for small analytics projects and POCs.
Florida Atlantic University
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Taught Business Calculus and PreCalculus to undergraduate students.
Graded, tested, and tracked performance of each student.
Tutored on-campus for the duration of my employment.

Aug 2013 - May 2015

Boca Raton, FL

Owner & Operator

Mar 2007 - Mar 2012

Kuna, ID

Extremely customer service oriented and clean store.

Managed 30+ employees and any given time.
Interviewing, hiring and firing staff members.
In charge of all book keeping and payroll, in addition to inventory ordering.

AWS Solutions Architect - Professional

Nov 2016 - Nov 2018

AWS Solutions Architect - Associate

Mar 2016 - Mar 2018

SpringOne Platform - Las Vegas, NV

Aug 2016

Lessons Learned - Migrating from Spring XD to Spring Cloud Data Flow

Apache Geode Summit - Palo Alto, CA

Mar 2016

Predicting and Preventing Vehicle Failures Using Streaming Telematics Analysis

IBM Datapalooza - San Francisco, CA

Nov 2015

Real Time Vehicle Telematics

Pivotal Labs Meetup - San Francisco, CA

Nov 2015

Predicting & Preventing Vehicle Failures Using Streaming Telematics Analysis

Computer Languages
Protocols & APIs
Big Data Platforms
Data Science Libraries

Python, Scala, Java (and Spring Framework), Perl, Bash Scripting

Spark, Hadoop (Pivotal HD, Hortonworks)
Spark MLlib (rdd & dataframes), scikit-learn
MySQL (MariaDB), PostgreSQL
Geode (Gemfire), Redis, DynamoDB, MongoDB
Kafka, RabbitMQ
GIT, Maven, Intellij, Vim

Florida Atlantic University
M.S. Mathematics
Cryptology and Statistics Emphasis

Aug 2013 - May 2015

Boise State University

B.S. Mathematics
Cryptology Emphasis

Aug 2009 - May 2013