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Universal Peace Prayer

O’ Intelligent Designer of

the Universe

bless us wisdom to adopt peace
Bless us to see the beauty in every being
May all beings have joy, peace , and prosperity.
May all be free from sorrow and poverty
Bless us wisdom to adopt peace

O’ Almighty let humans live in harmony
The great saints taught us ,
to treat world as one family
Let humans realize the World is one ,
a creation of supreme power
Globe is the motherland ,
undivided is the creation.
Bless humans , so they respect humanity
Bless humans , so they treat all equally
Let the human mind get enlightened
and shun their ego

O’ Almighty accept my pray
and stop killings of man by man.
Stop the killings, we have witnessed
since ages, of man by man
The plight of orphaned children is unbearable .
The cry of war widows , tears our hearts apart

O’ lord thou created this beautiful world
and the man created wars.
O’ Almighty when that day will come ,
when people across the globe,
hug each other

Let the borders get vanished ,
so people can move across free
Let the strong not overshadow the weak ,
that makes world unstable
Let the nations not fight for
greed of land ,oil and natural resources
O’ Almighty give wisdom to humans , to treat all equal
Let men respect women and treat them equal
Women are creator of future peace loving Spherons .
Create humans , that see souls in every human beings
Create humans, that have pure mind
and respect all religions

O’ Almighty let human
follow the path of Yoga
Path of Yoga leads to truth and non violence
Path of Yoga is the mind changer
from violent to peace
Non violence and truth is the basis of
world peace and harmony .
The wars will end when humans adopt
non violence and humanity
World peace will come fast,
if all adopt yoga irrespective of religion
Let us adopt Yoga that makes
the body beautiful and healthy
Let us adopt Yoga
that purifies mind and thoughts

O’ Intelligent designer

of universe ,

Let the nations adopt economy ,
that alleviates all equally
Let the nations stop arm race

Let the nations divert military funds for sustainability of all
Let the world transform Into
peaceful co existence as one family

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Global Harmony Association (GHA)
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Global Harmony Association (GHA)