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December, 2016

Writing Focus of the Month: Christmas

Stories and Christmas Poems and
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The Porcelain Fairy - Julia Axiuk
Little Angel - Olivia Axiuk
The Origin of Christmas - Alastair Bell
The Lone Turtle Dove - George Boyer
A Christmas Miracle - Gianluca Ciccone
The Night That Santa Stole Christmas - Aimee Cyr
A Journey To Believe - Luca Della Rocca
Little Christmas Miracle - Kate Douglas

Ornament Views - Jessica Feeney
Glass Dove - Charlotte Fraser
Christmas Short Story - Adam Green
Home - Madison Kaiser
Restless Christmas - Vassilia Kiakas
A Christmas Surprise - Christina Koikaran
It Was Fate - Lauren McCarthy
Shine Bright - Jules McLeish
The Brightest Star In The Sky - Chloe Morris
The Snowflake Ballerina - Sofia Padula
The Eye of The Storm- Chloe Plouffe
Christmas - Elyssia Slater
Christmas Eve Unplugged - Kathryn Wilson
Alone in the Snow - Sean Wolanyk

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The Porcelain Fairy
Julia Axiuk
One cold winter night, the mediocre, pale, little town of Northport was alight with the
warm glow of candles. In every direction, garlands of infinite colours were strung on every
house and quaint storefront. Carollers sang beautiful songs as they passed from door-to-door, and
the sweet smells of freshly-baked goods wafted through the streets.
All these celebrations took place because for most, today was a special day.
Today was Christmas Eve.
But today was no different for little Florence Gingerwood. Today she would only watch
from the narrow window of the orphanage. Today, just like every other day, she would sit
huddled in her thin blanket in the darkness of the grim nursery in which she had spent her entire
childhood in, wondering what it would be like to receive a present for Christmas, or to see the
smile on a loved-ones face when receiving a present from her.
But of course, she did not envy. She had always told herself not to, told herself to stay
kind, for one day, she told herself, her kindness would come back to reward her.
Or rather, she had not told that to herself, but the small, delicate porcelain fairy she held
in her small hands had.
Well, the fairy had not really spoken, it was, after all, made of porcelain. But when she
had been delivered as a tiny baby at the doorsteps of this orphanage, the fairy had been placed in
her cradle of straw, a tiny note tied to its pale hand with a delicate gold ribbon.
Even before she had learned to read, she cherished the beautiful doll. Her delicate white
limbs seemed to be frozen in a graceful dance. Her petite form was covered in a simple orange
dress, and her cheeks were round and red, her mouth staying always in a permanent smile.
Sometimes Florence would like to think that this fairy looked like her mother, for they both
shared the same auburn hair. But the little fairys wings had always been her favorite. Decorated
with fine gold and silver paint, they seemed to flutter in the moons eerie glow.
Even after she had learned how to read, it took time for her to summon enough courage to
look at the note. What it said gave her hope every time her little eyes read the words.

It was ever since then that she decided that she would be kind. Because she knew that if
her mother was watching from somewhere above, she would make her proud.
She set the porcelain fairy on the gnarled night stand next to her bed, and fell asleep.

It was at midnight that she was woken by a strange glow and the sound of something
tapping on wood.
Without even thinking twice, Florence thought the tapping to be a bird, and the light to be
that of the rising sun.
But the window was dark, and there was no bird in sight.
It was when she turned her head that she nearly let out a shout.
The small fairy sat on the edge of the table, her legs swinging to and fro, waving a small
Are you alive? The young girl asked in awe.
The doll giggled and nodded, Of course I am, how would I be moving then?
But she could hardly find words, ...but you never have been before?
The little porcelain fairy stood up on the worn wooden surface, Well, you see, your
mother and father sent me to watch over you when you were brought here as an infant.
Watch over me?
Yes, but I had one condition. Their child would have to show kindness and
understanding to others. If they did not, I would leave them. They gave me to you for they could
not stay with you. They did not want you to witness the war.
Suddenly a flash of understanding went through her. The great war had ended many
months ago. If they had not come back for her
Her eyes filled with tears and the little fairy lay a tiny hand on hers.
But, the fairy said, because you have been kind and your heart is pure, I shall grant
you one wish on this Christmas day, my gift to you.
A wish? she asked uncertainly.
Yes. Just tell me and I shall grant it to you. Her red cheeks rose in a smile.
Florence did not even have to think twice. She knew right away what she wanted.
I wish I would spend every Christmas and every day in between with my family.
With her words, the faint orange light around the fairy grew stronger and stronger and
suddenly she was gone.
And Florence woke up.
She looked around the room, and her heart sank. She was still there, huddled in her thin
covers, and as she looked at the bare pine tree in the corner of the room, she imagined that
dozens of beautifully decorated presents lay beneath and hundreds of sparkling decorations
adorned it from top to bottom.
Just as she was about to burst in tears, she jumped off her bed and grabbed the doll in her
hands. She did not want to see this thing ever again.
Just as she finished opening the window, her door opened.

Miss Gingerwood? Ah, dear, come here, and follow me down to the lobby. It was Mrs.
Primrose, one of the nurses.
Florence tucked the fairy away in her pocket in shame and followed her down to the
lobby. She hadnt done anything wrong, had she?
The nurse stopped her from going any further and Florence toed the worn carpet of the
main room. Was she being sent away with some strangers?
She watched in anxiety as the door opened, and in stepped a young couple. A man with a
kind face and brown hair and a woman, with long auburn hair and a delicate pale face with large
rosy cheeks.
In that moment, her heart soared, she only managed to say two words.
Mother! Father!

Little Angel
By Olivia Axiuk
Once upon a Christmas night, a small young girl wandered the streets.
She slithered through the passing crowds of rowdy men and women celebrating the holiday that
everyone in London loved. A festival of lights, family and gift giving that most liked to call,
The snow fell silently, beautifully carried by the cold winter air. She listened to the people speak
in wonder about the sparkling winter diamonds that had blessed them on Christmas eve.
But for her, the snow only meant cold and sickness, she only had a thin, old dress and a tattered,
worn coat to cover her tiny frame.
A horse and carriage trotted speedily only a few inches away, barely missing her miniature feet.
Watch it, little girl! one man yelled.
She wanted to say something back, wanted to defend herself but as her eyes filled with tears, she
kept her mouth shut.
No one would care anyway.
The wonderful smell of freshly baked goods made her stomach grumble loudly as she eyed the
beautiful sweet buns and fancy chocolate shaped into the form of Christmas characters.
Oh, how she wanted something to eat desperately, but she barely had enough for a single flower.
And so she shuffled her frozen feet to the alleyway next to the bakery and curled up in the
shadows, laying her head on her shivering knees.
And she wept.

Was this how her short story would end?
Would she die in the shadows on Christmas Eve forgotten and alone?
But her story did not end.
Once upon a christmas night, a young thief ran through the streets, a handful of gold in
one hand, a pistol in the other. His face was red and the wind bit at his cheeks as he ran away
from the police that brandished their clubs in the air.
His boots clicked on the cobblestone at the same quickening rate as his heart.
He turned a corner and escaped into the crowds, hoping hed lose the officers.
He flipped up the collar of his coat and bowed his head low, he didnt want to be seen.
Then he looked up at the sky and watched as the winter diamonds fell steadily from the grey
Would he spend his whole life running?
His eyes flickered from one end of the street to the other, looking for officers.
If they knew his story, would they take pity on him?
But then he saw a group of men, riding their black horses and wearing blue coats.
Hed save his life now and save his questions for later.
He turned into an alleyway, freezing and gloomy, the only light came from a sweet smelling
And there, sitting curled in a delicate ball was a small little girl. She looked up at him, her blue
eyes wide, glazed over with sadness and fear as she looked at the pistol the young thief held.
Are you going to hurt me? she asked in a hushed voice.
He took a step forward towards the girl, and she scurried back, crawling on her hands and knees.
No, Im only hiding, he replied. Please, dont be scared.
And as he put the weapon away, a look appeared in the girls eyes. She looked at him with hope.
Youre not? Are you going to leave, then?
The young thief felt frozen in place. Leave?
Leave me me here as everyone does?
The thief looked back, where the officers had been, they had moved on to another victim.
It was Christmas Eve, how could he leave this poor girl shivering in the cold?
No. Although he felt safe, and felt that he could speak, It was all that he could say.
Then what will you do if you dont want to hurt me or leave me?
He kneeled next to the girl and held out his hand. You have no parents?
She hesitantly reached out with her frail hand. They left long ago.
Left to where?
Left to heaven.
The boy felt a pain in his heart for he had lost his parents, too.
Then I will help you this Christmas.

She smiled despite the cold that was now gnawing away at her toes. Smiled despite that she
hadnt used her mouth for anything but weeping and nibbling since her parents left.
What is your name? asked the boy, now smiling along.
No ones ever asked.
What is your name? he repeated.
Angelica,answered the girl,taking his hand.
He took off his coat and wrapped it around her, she needed it more than he did.
Then I shall call you my little angel.
The colour rushed back to her features, her cheeks now a rosy red.
I have gold. He shook the bag in his hand. And although I may have gotten it dishonestly, I
can buy you new clothes and new shoes and I can use it honestly.
The girls pale eyes looked down at her shoes.
What is it? Asked the thief to the girl.
But what shall I get you?
The boy laughed at the girls words. You dont have to get me anything. Why would I need
more than my little angel?
Once again, a smile lit up on her face.
And so the thief took pulled the girl to her feet and walked with her, his coat dragging on the
ground for her short legs didnt allow her much height, and he kept his promise.
So now on this day, she was finally able to enter the stores she usually looked at in longing.
The little girl had never felt so much warmth and comfort in her life with her new wool sweater
and white fur coat. Her toes wiggled in her new boots, how soft they were compared to her old
Are you happy? he asked, watching his little angel dance around, enjoying the sparkling
winter diamonds that she now saw as a blessing.
How could I not be? She giggled and laughed, now eating a sweet bun from the bakery.
He laughed with her, now, picking her up and carrying her to the towering Christmas tree that lit
up the town square.
They sang with the carollers and the rest of the town that had gathered around the tree.
A thief and an angel had found each other on Christmas Eve.
A strange pair, some would say but on Christmas each of their lifes wishes came true.
And together they stayed till the end of their days.
All because of that one eve, when the thief was getting chased and the angel lost her flight.
All of this started once upon a Christmas night.

The Origin of Christmas
By Alastair Bell
As King Arthur sat near his round table surrounded by his knights, he thought,Why does nothing
happen during the winter? In autumn you have Halloween, the spring you have Easter and
summer you have the Summer Solstice celebration while the Winter Solstice is considered a time
of mourning. He sat and he thought, he thought and he sat.
Suddenly an idea flew through his head-The Northerners! Ever since he united the whole
of the British Isles, he was focused on calming the capital as the Scots were freezing. So he
organised a caravan, filled it with coats and blankets all wrapped in red and green cloth. He then
realized, they must be starving as well! He then gathered half the food in all of the castle and
wrapped it all up in a giant red bag. He then took the caravan all through England and up to
Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, where he was met with many cheers. The Duke of Edinburgh,
a large heavily bearded man wearing a red coat, welcomed Arthur with open arms and a warm
laugh the man's name was Santa.
All the men and women of Scotland, all the Knights of the Round Table and Arthur
himself had a large feast where gifts were exchanged. At the end of the festival Santa made a
promise to the King to repeat this festival every year and spread joy across the globe. And to this
day he has kept this promise.

The Night that Santa Stole Christmas

By Aimee Cyr
It was 3 AM on Christmas Day. I was tucked into bed with my cozy blanket that my
mother bought me for Christmas last year. Upon hearing a noise, I turned around to face the door
of my room. I sat up and rubbed my eyes in order to clear my vision. I heard another sound:
Thump. I threw the covers off of my bed and hurried down the hall to check up on my sister who
was still sleeping. I jostled her in hopes of waking her up. She opened her eyes and exclaimed,
What are you doing, its the middle of the night!

I think Santas here! I cried. She huffed and turned around, signaling for me to go back
to bed. Then there was a bang from downstairs.
Did you hear that? I whispered urgently, tapping her shoulder.
Yeah, she muttered sleepily
Come on lets go, I shouted quietly, tugging her towards the door.
There was another bang from downstairs. My sister and I tiptoed towards the sound. We looked
everywhere for Santa; in the kitchen, in the dinning room until we finally found him in the living
room, eating the cookies we baked for him. Hidden behind the door, we watched him put our
presents underneath the Christmas tree.
We should go talk to him, I whisper.
Are you crazy, if we go talk to him he wont give us our presents. My sister fires back.
Fine, I sigh, glaring at the back of her head.
We gazed at him curiously whilst he ate his cookies. Then we saw him pick up the plate and drop
it in his bag. What is he doing? my sister asked, walking slowly towards Santa. Not only that
but he started to grab a few things from our stockings, storing candy canes and mini figurines
into his bag.
Santa? Her brows furrow, confused by his actions. Santa stared at us, he finished putting the
leftover candy canes in his black bag and fled the living room. He bumped into the table,
jumping onto one leg and throwing his bag out of the window. He ran around the house and we
followed, close on his tail. He stopped suddenly and pulled a carton of milk from the open
fridge. There were cookie crumbs and puddle of milk from his previous visit to our kitchen.
Santa is a pig, my sister said, whilst we averted our eyes from the mess in front of us.
No hes not. Hes just very very hungry, I smiled, but when I looked up he was across the
room picking up some furniture and putting it into his big black bag.
Santa, what are you doing? I pondered. In shock of my voice, he dropped the vase that he was
holding and ran to the door, disappearing outside.
What was that? Where is Santa going! His sleigh is on the roof! I yelled, looking through the
Come on lets go to bed. My sister grabbed my hands while dragging me upstairs.
I went to my room, wrapped myself in my blankets and right before I fell asleep I heard: Ho ho
ho, Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year coming from the night sky.
Late in the morning I woke up startled from my dream and yelling: Santa!

The Lone Turtle Dove
By George Boyer
Dec. 23
The day she died
It was a bright day when she died, the sun reflected off the brilliantly white snow. She had asked
me to keep the window open, so as she could hear the song of the birds one last time. We silently
sat next to each other, observing the serene scene outside of the window. We chose to spare each
other the tears and not speak during her final moments; it was best for both of us. The only thing
that broke the silence was the steady beep of the heart monitor, which served as a metronome of
sorts for her as she started to sing. She took a break from singing to catch her breath and we
heard two turtle doves echoing the tune she was singing. Her singing got slower and softer, just
as her metronome did. She drifted off to sleep and her metronome counted its final beat.
Dec. 24
The next day
Get up. I willed myself. GET UP! I yelled in my head. I opened my eyes and pushed aside
my covers. Seemingly effortless tasks seemed to take immense effort. Most people go through
the five stages of grief after the person is dead, but I was lucky I guess? I went through them
with her, and in knowing she was going to die of her disease soon, we got to help each other
through the grief. I thought that would eliminate the feeling I would feel afterwards. What a
naive fool I was. Once I actually got out of bed, I could not bring myself to use the mirror on
what was her vanity, I went to the bathroom to examine the stains left by hours of tears on my
face, I plunged my face into the sink full of water, washing off the stains. I made my way
downstairs, prepared myself breakfast and ate in silence. The phone rang, but I let it ring, not
able to hear another person's condolences. I got myself ready, trying to harden myself for the
task of Christmas shopping. I got into the car, and went to the mall. I got what I needed to get
and rushed out, hoping not to meet anyone I knew. And then I felt a huge hand pat my back.
How you holdin up, Buddy? Said Jack, my neighbour. I know he meant well but I still had to
fight the strong urge to tell him to piss off.
Im doing okay. I said, not really sure how to respond.
It gets better.
Thanks. I said emptily, as I walked away.

I decided to not go to any Christmas eve lunches or dinners, my wife and I would have eaten
together, with a few friends, but I sat at the kitchen table, sad, and alone as I ate. I went to my
room, got in my unmade bed and cried myself to sleep, as I had done the night before.
Dec. 25
Christmas day
It was Christmas day, and I felt empty. Even more so than before. Usually I would go downstairs
and she would follow soonafter, she loved to sleep in, and with a nice cup of tea, we would make
a succulent Christmas diner, a small one of course, because we were always invited to a bunch of
Christmas parties.
A knock on the door startled me. I opened it and saw the familiar face of my wifes best friend.
Stephanie! I said with a fake excitement. I could tell she was taking the loss only a smidge
better than me. What are you doing here? I said, sounding quite a bit less excited.
No one should spend Christmas alone, want to come over to my house? Weve invited a few
people, and wed love to see you. She said almost ignoring my question and change in tone. I
knew how persistent she was so instead of having a long back and forth, I decided to
preemptively give in.
Sure. I said But I might not stay long, I have things to do. I added.
We got into her car and silently rode down the streets dotted with snow. We got to her house and
when I entered there were more than a few people. About 50 people were there, laughing,
talking, eating. One by one during the first hour, they would come up and offer their
condolences, every time I had to urge myself to to get mad, or cry. Then I sat down at the table to
eat. It was very informal, people would eat when they wanted to, but there was always someone
at the table. I talked to the people around me, the conversation seeming dry and meaningless. As
I ate I noticed, I didnt get the same feeling, even eating, without her. Everything was distant.
Ive got to get some air. I told the people at the table.
Outside the snow was lightly falling, a breeze was making the snow fall at an angle, creating
patterns in the air as it fell. For a second, I could have sworn I saw her face in the snow. I walked
down to a clearing next to a lake. Her and I used to have picnics here in the summer. I sat down
in the snow, staring at the frozen lake, blanketed in a thin layer of snow, sparkling as the sunlight
that seeped through the clouds hit it. I didnt even notice that I had started crying. I just wanted
to know she was okay, that she was in a better place, like everyone had told me.
Give me a sign! I yelled into the snow, the breeze picking up.
Show me shes okay
And as on cue, a lone turtle dove started to sing. I recognised the song as it was sung by a pair of
turtle doves only days before. And then I knew that my beautiful wife, Dove, was okay.

A Journey to Believe
by Luca Della Rocca
Twas the night before Christmas, my dad said, as he was reading his favorite poem to
my Kelly (my sister) and I. I was surprised he was telling us this poem, it wasnt even the night
before Christmas.
Is mom gonna come and read with us? said Kelly with a hopeful look on her face.
Im sorry, monkey, but mom doesnt believe in Santa, said dad in sorrow.
When she was little, Santa was never able to get to the orphanage she lived in, and she
hasnt believed in him since. If mom never believed in Santa, we should get her in the
Christmas spirit, I thought to myself.
When dad left the room, I ran into my sisters room in a hurry and told her my plan to
help mom. We thought about all the ideas we could use to get her to believe in Santa.
I woke up early in the morning, to see heavy white snow falling outside our window. My
little sister woke me up in a hurry to start our little plan. We put our boots on and raced outside
to jump into the sparkling white snow. We started decorating the house and putting the lights on
the windows and the gutters.
Its all coming together said Kelly with a joyful face. After we finished with our
decorations we pulled mom and dad out of their bed, dragged them out to the front lawn, which
was now covered by 10 inches of snow. Hit the lights. said my sister as I pulled the extension
cord into the garage outlet.
The lights were as bright as the sun; my parents were hiding their eyes in fear, the fear of
Christmas. As my dad said good job to my sister and I, my mom ran inside like her eyes were on
fire. I told our father how we want to try and get mom in the Christmas spirit. We tiptoed inside
and approached mom while she was drinking cocoa by the chimney. The glowing wrapping
paper was widened out behind mom so we could wrap her up like a Christmas gift. My sister and
I ran around mom with the wrapping, while dad played the song Santa Claus is Coming to

Mom ripped out of the wrapping in a hustle, crying while running towards her room. Dad
followed her in a rush to see what was up and why she was down. My sister and I followed dad
after he said to stay behind the door. I listened in to their conversation through the wooden door.
Why are they doing this to me? It brings up bad memories, she said to dad. There was one
gift I never got, every Christmas since I was ten. There can't be a Santa if I never got my gift,
said mom with tears falling from her eyes.
Its just their favorite time of the year, and they want to spend it with you, said dad
with a joyful look on his face.

If mom wont believe in Santa, then she has to really see him, I said to Kelly.
You get the keys, and Ill get the snowsuit, said Kelly with a smile on her face. When
my dad left moms room, I asked him if we could go on a Christmas trip to the North Pole. He
was extra excited, I havent ever been there, he said excitedly. When mom fell asleep, dad and
I picked her up, put her in her seat and buckled her up. We hit the road at four oclock, on our
way to Santas workshop. We passed by piles of snow and Christmas trees. As we kept driving
towards the north pole, the road stopped and we decided to walk. When mom woke up, she
didnt really know where she was. When she saw where she was, she said, Where are we? And
what are we doing here? We explained to her as we kept walking, not to waste any time.
We walked for hours and saw nothing but white snow, nothing else to be seen. We started
to lose hope, but then we saw a red and white light. Its the North Pole pole,my sister said as
she ran towards it. We ran after her in a hurry to see something special. My sister pushed the
button on the red and white stick, in hope of the North Pole showing, but nothing happened. She
kept pushing it but nothing seemed to happen. We turned around and walked back home.
All of a sudden the ground under us started to descend, and we were pulled into a bright
multicolored workshop. We made it, were in Santas workshop, said dad, as mom looked
surprised. When the platform stopped small elves gather around us as we were lead to a big red
house. There we saw Santa, sitting in a golden chair in the middle of the house. Mom walked to
Santa and hopped on his lap and Santa said, Ho ho ho, what would you like for Christmas?

A Christmas Miracle
by Gianluca Cioccone
Every day Adam walks home from school waiting for Christmas, and every year after Christmas
ends he resets his Christmas countdown. This year Adam made a wishlist of things he wanted for
Christmas and on the top of his list was a puppy, Adam wanted a dog every since he was four
and he asked for one every year. Today when Adam got home his mom, Lisa realized something
was different with Adam, he walked into the house with a frown on his face and staring at the
Is everything all right Adam?"his mom curiously asked.
Yeah everything's okay" he said while walking straight past his Christmas countdown.
Lisa knew something was wrong with Adam, but he wouldn't tell her what the problem was.
"Adam there's 12 more days till Christmas, are you excited?" Lisa asked trying to excite him and
make him feel better, but it didn't change anything. Adam kept on walking with his head down
looking sad. "Are you sure everything is okay Adam?"His mother asked one last time.
"No," Adam cried, "there were kids at school today who were being mean to me because of how
happy I was and excited for Christmas, and they told me something, they said Santa isn't real.
They said it was just you putting presents under the tree when I went to bed!"
That's not true and you know it Santa goes to every house on Christmas eve and put presents
under everyone's tree." Lisa explained trying to get Adams spirits back up.
"The kids at school told me that you would try to deny it, and they also said that it's impossible
for santa to get to every house in one night, Mom I don't want to believe them, but I do."Adam
cried as he ran off into his room. Adam's mom didn't know what to do, she was confused. How
could somebody who love Christmas so much lose all of their Spirit just because some kids at
school told him Santa isn't real? She had to find a way to make Adam believe again, and she
knew exactly what to do. Adam's mom made a list of 4 things she needed to make Adam believe
again, 1. A Santa Claus costume 2. A sleigh 3. A couple of horses 4. And a little puppy . The
next morning when Adam woke up to go to school he walked right by his Christmas countdown
that said there's only 11 days left till Christmas, usually every morning when he walked by it he
looked at it and got excited for the little amount of time until Christmas, but that morning was
different he walked right by it without even acknowledging it. Seeing how her little 7 year old
kid gave up on Christmas after just a couple of things kids said to him really made her sad, but
she knew with her plan hell believe again. That day when Adam was at school his mom went
out shopping to a party store. Lisa picked out a beautiful Santa costume that made it look like she
gained 300 pounds, it was perfect.

"1 down 3 to go," she exclaimed while holding her list of things she needed. Next on her list was
a sleigh, she looked online all day for a place where she can find a sleigh and after a hard day of
looking she finally found one at a Carpenter's house that lived only a couple of miles away from
her. The next thing on her list and the hardest thing for her to find were the horses, she had to
find horses that looked like reindeers so she drove to her brothers farm and he let her take four
horses for the day . The last thing on the list was the most important thing the puppy, Adam's
always wanted a puppy and she knew it Santa brought Adam a puppy he would believe in Santa
again. So she went down to the local pet store found the cutest puppy she could find and she
bought it. When Adam got home that day he was still sad, but his mom knew that by tomorrow
night he would be the happiest person in the world and he would love Christmas more than ever.
The next morning when Adam was getting ready for school he didn't saying a word to his
10 more days till Christmas Adam are you excited? His mother exclaimed trying to get him
happy and back into the Christmas spirit, but he didn't say anything he just left kept on walking.
The second Adam left the door to go to school his mother started working, first she put the sleigh
outside right in the front yard where Adam would easily see it when he came home, then she put
Christmas lights all over the sleigh and all over her house. At the end of the day when it was
almost time for Adam to come home from school she brought the horses outside and tied them to
the sleigh, then she dressed up in her santa costume and put the little puppy at the very end of the
sleigh as if he was one of the horses that had pushed the sleigh. When Adam first walked up to
the house he didn't realize what was in front of his house because he was looking at the ground,
But when he heard a dog bark he looked up and saw what his mom had made. Adam didn't know
it was his mom under the suit he thought it was Santa giving him an early present and showing
him that Santa is actually real. Adam was so happy he grabbed the puppy and decided to name it
Luca after the kid at school that had told him that Santa wasn't real.

Little Christmas Miracle

by Kate Douglas
I had nothing left but my blanket and the shirt on my back. I didn't even have a family to
help me or love me. Winters were especially hard, with the harsh winds and beautiful but
freezing cold snow. However, winter also meant Christmas, a once very happy occasion that had
turned very bitter for me. It was one year in particular that was very hard. I thought I was finally
getting myself back on my feet; I had just been hired at a Tim Hortons and had made some

friends. Greediness took over quite soon though, and I attempted to steal money and food when I
thought no one was looking. I was promptly fired and lost all respect from my newly made
friends. I was back on the streets and all alone, at the mercy of mother nature. As if things
couldn't get any worse, it was Christmas Eve and I was trampled nearly eight times by families
running around filled with holiday cheer. No one cared about the gross looking old man in the
corner. I didn't blame them. It was about midnight when I started to pass out from exhaustion,
when suddenly a little girl came up to me.
Sir, you dont look busy. I really need your help. Im lost and cant find my mommy. I
dont know where she went. Please hel- she said and started to sob. I gave her a big hug and
promised to help her. Together, we scoured the streets frantically calling out for her mother. I
hadnt even taken the time to learn her name, I just knew I had to get this little girl back to her
moms arms. Finally, we found her standing outside a steakhouse that was about a ten minute
walk away from where the girl had approached me.
Thank you so much sir, I was worried sick about Layla! she exclaimed at the sight of
her daughter. Please, come with us. We were heading to dinner to celebrate Christmas Eve. It's
my treat since you brought my baby back to me. After all, its Christmas Eve, sir! she glanced
down at her watch. Actually, its Christmas Day! Seriously, I insist you come with us.
After dinner, she invited me back to their house. At first I refused, because she had
already been kind enough to buy me dinner. However, she insisted I come stay with her, at least
just for the night. Ever since that day, I was well fed. I had a family for once in my life. They let
me live with them until I was able to get my own house. Ever since that day, my faith in
humanity was restored. All thanks to my little Christmas miracle.

Ornament Views
By Jessica Feeney
Sparkling and glimmering, the Christmas tree lit up the room with hundreds of flickering lights.
Colourful ornaments and ribbon adorned the branches making it magical. One sole thing was
missing the glass ornament which contained a little snowman in a flurry of fake snow. It is the
most cherished of them all and is positioned in the very centre. Thinking back to the memories
that this decoration brings my mind wanders. The first Christmas with him was the best. It was

snowy and white and the lights were bright. Children were building snowmen next door while
singing jolly carols as they rolled out white lumps of snow. They would add a scarf and grin
wide at their creation. Soon, when their cheeks were rosy and their hats snow covered, they
would hug their snowman and enter into their house being greeted by their loving parents. We
were inside in the warm of our home cherishing our time together. Christmas music was playing
from our speakers and we would dance along to it singing at the top of our lungs when our
favourite song came on. He would spin me around the tree and kiss me under the dazzling
mistletoe that hung high above our heads. Looking up at him, I saw a twinkle in his eye. A
heartwarming feeling spread across me and I smiled blushingly. That night, he had given me the
special ornament. The one that represented our first Christmas together, and all the other
following ones until this one. Nothing is better than being wrapped up in a blanket and drinking
hot chocolate watching the snowflakes delicately hit the ground. Later that year he told me
terrible news, and Ive been living day by day ever since then. Nothing could be worse than not
knowing whether the holidays will be spent alone forever. Him leaving was the hardest thing
ever to bear. I was crushed and slightly pieced back together when he came back a few months
later. I was never alone during the Holidays until now. He was sent away to fight for our
beautiful country, protecting our freedom. The hardest part isnt being alone and not having him,
its the unknown factor. Is he okay? What is he doing? Is he safe? You never know until they
come back. When you can hug them and know theyre there...until the day they dont come back.
Who ever knows when that could happen. When that day comes, my heart will forever be
shattered and left broken. Tears running down my face I look down at the ornament in my hand
which I have unconsciously hugged close to my heart. A single tear drops onto the glass blurring
the snowman. I bring the ornament up and place it on the tree where it will be a constant
reminder of our love. The glass sparkles in the light. Sharing a final glance at the ornament my
heart stops. And in the reflection I saw him. He was standing there behind me. I turned around
and ran into his open arms, and in that moment, my shattered heart was fixed once again.

Glass Dove
By Charlotte Fraser
As I picked up the broken glass ornament in tears I thought back to when I first got this. A cold
winter's night, the bright moon was shining as it usually was. The wind was brutally cold,
making you only focus on the frost taking over your body not on any other problems. The warm
lights coming from within the closing stores lit up the streets for only a few mere seconds before

the moon was the only light source once again. I huddled in an alleyway, trying to block out the
cold with anything I could. The cold snowflakes hit my face like small pebbles hurdling at me.
Life wasn't easy being an orphan. After 18 I was not allowed to be in orphanages anymore, its
been 4 years since that happened. I remember that exact feeling of dread, the feeling of what's
the point. Falling asleep that night was terrible and almost impossible. Waking up was
unpleasant but that gift made my day, in fact it made my life. A small bag with a few dollars, a
blanket, some matches and some food. It was an amazing feeling. I tried desperately to try and
find the person who gave it to me but I was unable. I ended up going back to the alley and eat
some food. I would save the money for when I needed it. Only around 20$ but it was enough for
me. I cuddled in my new blanket as people walked by. Some gave dirty stares other gave me a
few quarters, and some never even looked down at me. Unacknowledged like I wasn't even there.
Once in a blue moon someone would smile at me, that was worth more than a few quarters a
smile warmed me. During the cold day I continued to sit still trying to warm up and as I reached
through the bag again something I didnt see before came out. A small glass dove ornament. It
was beautifully crafted and elegant to say the least. For the first few seconds I debated whether
or not to sell it. I ended up coming with the solution that if I wanted to get a job, I needed to look
presentable and needed new clothes. No matter how kind this person was to give it to me I had to
sell it. My only hope was that it was valuable. I approached a small pawn shop on a corner and
walked in. People's eyes glared at me as I held tightly in my hand the small dove. I approached a
young man behind the counter and slide the dove onto the counter.
It might not be worth much, but could I make any money off of this? I asked
The man smiled and picked up the dove then looked into my eyes.
It has some value He smiled
Why are you selling it? he asked
Well I need if for clothes, I need a job and I cant go in like this I gestured to myself
and he laughed through his nose.
Very well, Ill give you 150$ for it
Thank you! Thats good with me. I responded
He passed me the money and waved goodbye. I didnt need good clothes, just something
presentable. For weeks I tried to get a simple job and finally landed one as a waitress at a small
restaurant. Within a few months I was able to rent out a studio apartment. I know its not much
but its more than I ever had. Then, one day everything changed. I walked into a small coffee
shop and saw the glass dove ornaments for sale at 2$ if you buy a coffee with it. It was the exact
same as I had only a few months ago. I bought a coffee along with an ornament and walked over
to the pawn shop that I first sold my dove. I looked around and met eyes with the young man
once again. He smiled and waved, just like before. I passed him the ornament and explained that

he payed too much all those months ago. I offered to pay him back but he refused. Out of his
pocket he pulled the ornament.
I know it has no value He laughed I knew that when I put it in the bag
I stood in shock. This was the person who left me that bag with the ornament, the person who
helped me. I looked down at his name tag, Gabriel. It was such a sweet name and suited him
I dont know what to say Thank you I said
No need He responded
He passed the original dove and took the one in my hand.
Take this and remember what youve have done for yourself
With a small smile he walked away. I still think about that smile and how much that one person
helped me. The funny thing is when I went back on Christmas only 2 weeks later the owner said
a Gabriel never worked there. I like to think it was a miracle that I met him but no matter what, I
am thankful.
I finished putting the broken pieces of the dove into a small box and put it in a drawer. I whipped
away the tears and walked into my living room. Only 7 years after the ornament came into my
life I moved into a larger apartment and adopted an orphan, just like me. I wanted to help others
as well. My son came running up behind me and hugged my legs. His small arms could barely fit
around. I picked him and and smiled at him Merry christmas Gabriel

Christmas Short Story

By Adam Green
Its Christmas time, so how come I havent mustered up enough courage to ask Robin
out? Ive known her since we were so young. I know so much about her and cant get closer to
her. How can I do it? How do you ask someone out that you've known for that long? I have to
figure it out myself because no one else would be able to help me. All of my friends are already
dating and have plans. It hurts so much seeing everyone being together, especially when we all
stay together every day, especially at Christmas time.
Hey guys, how would one go about asking someone out for Christmas?
The boys looked at me in utter disbelief. They couldnt believe that they just heard me say the
sentence. I knew I had made a mistake.

No way! So youve finally grown a pair Logan, but who is it again? said Mark who was
extremely excited for me to be dating soon.
If you dont know who hes asking out then you are so ignorant. Its so obvious that he likes
Robin, remarked Julian, who I somewhat expected to have known, but it still was surprising. I
could feel myself getting red.
W-well, yes it is Robin but how should I ask her?
Well, isnt it obvious, you have to ask her after school to meet you and be dominant! Be as cool
as possible, Mark was shouting at me before Julian cut him off saying, Dont mind him, look
you have to come up with it by yourself, but Robin would probably prefer something a little bit
more calm and romantic, or at least thats what I've heard from Naomi. I could feel myself
getting even more flustered. I was getting more nervous by the minute, and this is just talking
about it.
Ok, Logan I can see it in your face. You are really stressing out about not having anyone for
Christmas time, right? Now Naomi and I started out unbelievably slow, and that was only a few
months ago. We still arent very far in, we both want to spend time together and take it slow.
Even Mark and Gwen, though Mark likes to say that they are very lovey-dovey. Ive seen it, he
is very bashful, so you dont need to go fast if you dont want to, Julian said in his calm,
intellectual tone, which really does work well. I had decided that I would try and give it a shot.
--I was sitting next to our lockers with Gwen and Naomi, simply talking about what we want to do
for the weekend. While they were talking about their weekends, maybe even their boyfriends, I
was feeling stressed out about not having boyfriend. I have known Logan since I can remember
and I want more. It always hurts seeing my friends being all lovey when I cant do anything, but
what could I do? There is no way he would like someone like me. I guess Ill just give up. But
that was just what I told myself.
Hey Robin, whats going on with you and Logan? Are you going out? said Naomi in a
inquisitive tone. I was feeling slightly flustered at the fact that they thought we were going out. I
was stuttering, trying to give a good response to what she asked, when Gwen said, No, they
unfortunately arent going out, but I have a good feeling about the winter holidays! If you know
what I mean.
N-no! There is no way he would want to go out with someone like me! And anyways, I dont
even like him! I tried to lie. We already know, there's no point, I failed, I guess Ill just keep
my feelings unrequited. Or so I thought. As I was getting ready to go home, I heard Logan call
my name.
Robin, could you meet me in the hallway where we have history, right next to the stairwell? A
thousand thoughts were running through my mind, of course good and bad, I simply nodded and
went back to my locker to give myself prep time. There's no way Right?

--I could feel my heartbeat. I didnt know how I could possibly be able to do this. I could
see her at the end of the hallway. I didnt want to do it, but I felt as if I had to. I had gotten to her,
at long last, it was happening. All at once, I noticed everything about her. She was so much
shorter than me, she had her long silky black hair, her dark brown eyes. She was wearing a
quaint little parka for the baltic weather outside, she had her books in her arms, and she had the
some of the best marks in our grade. It all happened in a second.
I began to speak. H-hey Robin, how are you doing today?
Fine, and you?
Fine, It was tense and awkward, but not doing anything wouldnt accomplish anything. So,
look Id like to know if you would like to go on a date with me this weekend? I wasnt sure if I
had said it too bluntly, but I could gauge her response by how red she was, and she was a beet.
S-sure, Ill s-see you there, she stuttered out as she stumbled away in a light jog. She was
flustered, but she accepted. I knew I had a chance, now it was time for the hard part.

By Madison Kaiser
The cold bites him until he bleeds, relentless wind slicing every bare inch of skin. Ice and
snow cut into his feet like shards of glass, turning each toe an ugly shade of purple. Although the
childs mind has long since been poisoned by the freezing air, he can still feel the dreamy flakes
land one by one, drowning him in a sea of white, kisses from the tip of a blade. Pale hands clutch
an old photograph, the boys sole possession, upon which creases ripple like soft waves. Its
colour has faded with time, the three smiling faces becoming more indistinguishable with each
painful second of a lonely Christmas Eve that slides through the childs numb fingers.
Remember, he thinks. Staring into the eyes of his mother and father, the boys blue lips frown
around chattering teeth in concentration, If I forget, they are gone forever.
The streets are a nice thing to walk on, but not too kind of a host. Since consumption had
ripped his parents away, this alley, in all of its glory, had been his unforgiving home. Two
dumpsters and a muddy cardboard box provided as much shelter as was possible, although blood
still ran like ice through his veins.
From his unloving haven into the foggy city streets that bustle with uplifted hearts, he lies
watching. Golden lights cling to the cold brick of buildings and frozen tree branches, a reflection
of the stars that glisten and shine overhead. Smiles and laughs pass by the alleys mouth,

oblivious to the trembling heap that hurts within the shadows. Why cant anyone see me? he
wonders sadly. Maybe they are just too busy with their own lives to notice.
Longing for escape, the boy clings to memories of fire and blankets, hot chocolate and
warm milk. Coats and mittens that he used to don with irritation, little things that he would today
kill for. A hug from his father after a morning in the wet snow. His mothers fresh gingerbread
cookies, each cut and decorated with such care and love. I need you.
A light turns on inside the apartment opposite him, snapping the child out of a dream,
bringing him back to the cold and harsh reality. A glowing Christmas tree decked with small
round ornaments catches his attention, a beautiful sight that digs a hole in his heart. As if cued by
the anguish of a stranger, a young girl emerges into the lamplit window. A man and a woman
soon join her, admiring the scene before them.
Is Santa Claus coming, Mama? he hears the girl ask, voice innocent and hopeful.
If youve been good, then yes. Hes on his way with everything you asked for. she
replies, caressing her daughters head.
Confused, the boy furrows his brow. Ive been good. Will Santa bring me what I want?
No, I dont think so. The list is too long, and my hands are too cold to write.
Looking at life through broken eyes, the burden finally breaks his back. Feeling more
alone than ever before, the boy begins to cry. No one should be alone on Christmas Eve. Why is
this happening to me? Tears blur his vision but he can still make out the angelic family, dark and
light separated in his brain by a wall but in his heart by an ocean. The child lifts his precious
photograph up to the window, and before the next snowflake hits earth a final string breaks
within him. He gasps in pain and erupts into sobs, a lost boy sinking into darkness...or is he
flying? Looking up to the sky in utter desperation, his heart pounds with realization, solace and
fear. Knowing that he can do this no more, paper parents feed him courage. The child is emptied
of hope and yet has never been more sure of anything in his short life. So quietly that it is
probably drowned out by his own breath, the boy whispers a wish into the cruel and brutal wind:
"Let Mommy and Daddy take me home to the clouds.

Restless Christmas
By Vassilia Kiakas
Abigail sat on the couch and looked out the living rooms window. It was December
24th, 2015, and Montreals streets were completely covered in snow, which continued to fall as it
had been doing since noon. Abigail stared at the festive scenery that was before her. She was
completely mesmerized by the way the snow contrasted the midnight sky as it descended, and
she found that the stars were shining particularly bright. The forest near her house completed this
snowy landscape, and she could have swore she saw a deer frolic across the snow for a
Get to bed, Abigail. Remember what happened last time when you tried to stay up all
night for Santa? Abigail's dad said in a serious and instructive voice.
I remember. But cant I stay up for just a little longer? Abigail pleaded. Its only like,
eleven oclock.
Eleven oclock is pretty late for an eight year-old. replied Abigails dad. Soon, itll be
four AM and well have a repeat of last year. Do you want to miss the party? You know that
weve been working really hard to make it memorable.
No, I dont want things to be like they were last year. Last year sucked! I barely got to
see anybody. Plus, I missed the gift opening! Abigail said with liveliness.
Abigail reflected on last years Christmas and how her tenacity spoiled the day. She had
promised herself that she would remain awake long enough to catch a glimpse of Santa Claus,
and her resolve was strong. This did not please her parents. They tried their best to dissuade her,
but she was persistent.
I dont want to miss Santa! she protested to her parents. I want to see what he really
looks like! Does he actually have a white beard? If he does, how old is he? He must be really old
to have a white beard. But then how does he manage to climb through the chimney? Doesnt he
get tired?

Abigail was ultimately unsuccessful. By five AM, she was out cold and was unknowingly
transported to her bed. She slept until four PM and almost completely missed her parents
Semi-awakened, Abigail heard the words Abigail, wake up. Abigail, the guests are
leaving, come say goodbye. She noticed that her parents appeared to be very exhausted and had
bags under their eyes.
What? Thats impossible! What time is it? Abigail exclaimed, her heartbeat racing.
She had been looking forward to this brunch for a month. An entire month! Now the
event that she had been most looking forward to was gone and there was no way to bring it back.
It is four oclock in the afternoon, my dear Abigail.
Four! I cant believe you guys didnt wake me up sooner! Abigail cried.
We did not want to disturb you." "You fell asleep at five o'clock, so we figured you
needed some rest. Her parents explained calmly.
You guys just let me miss Christmas? What about Santa? Did he come? Abigail asked
in disbelief.
He came alright. Though he was kind of late, since he didnt want to risk being seen.
said Abigails parents. They always spoke together; one parent would say something and the
other would add onto that thought.
Abigail trudged down the stairs and said goodbye to all of her parents guests as politely
as she could manage. She opened her presents after they had left and ate some of the party
leftovers for breakfast while promising to herself that she would never let this happen again.
She definitely did not want to relive last years catastrophic turn of events.
Abigail headed to bed, but the excitement of Christmas kept her up once again this year.
She did not fall asleep until five AM on Christmas Day. As the saying goes, history will repeat

A Christmas Surprise
By Christina Koikaran
My alarm sounded off, immediately waking me up to the sound of Christmas music. Finally, the
day was here. Christmas Day! I smelled the aroma of freshly cooked pancakes coming from the
kitchen. My mom made them every Christmas. Excited, I got out of bed, brushed my teeth, put
on my fuzzy christmas slippers and ran down our dark hardwood stairs for breakfast.
Morning, love! My mom said as I sat on the dark brown and cream coloured chair in our
dining room.
Morning, mom! Morning, dad! Merry christmas! I cheered as I shoved half a pancake in my
Ew Lexi, gross! Close your mouth. I heard my brother Nathan say.
Merry Christmas to you too, bud I replied. We all sat down around the table and ate breakfast
So everyone, dont forget, right after breakfast, we will clean the dishes then open presents,
okay? My mom reminded us.
Yes mom! My brother and I said in unison as my dad chuckled.
Oh and Lexi, please close your mouth. My dad said as we all laughed. We all told each other
what we wanted for christmas. I said I wanted a sister and my parents laughed. It was a tradition
at the Lopez family to say what we wanted for christmas. And every christmas eve, we put
cookies and milk near the fireplace for Santa. Ive been doing this with my brother since we were
5 and 2. Now Im 8 and my brothers 5.
When we finished our meal, we went to go wash the dishes.
I cant wait to open presents! I said.
Finish the dishes then we can think about presents. My dad said. We all did the dishes together
to finish quicker. Then my brother and I ran to the family room and sat down on the couches as
my mom got her camera. My dad always passes out presents so we let him do that.
Honey, I put aside 3 boxes, please past them out last My mom said with a smile. We all got
our gifts and sat around the fireplace. I got really cool wireless speakers, a curling wand and a
plane ticket for a trip to Antigua in the Caribbean our dad is taking us on! It was pretty much the
best presents ever!
Alright the last three boxes. My dad said as he picked them up and gave them to us.
Open them together on three, okay? My mom said as she picked up the camera. I had
butterflies in my stomach!

One, two, three! my mom counted as we all opened our presents. When we took off the gift
wrap, we saw pregnancy test strips.
What are these mom? My brother Nathan asked.
Why dont you open the boxes? she said. We all opened the box and saw a pregnancy test that
came out positive. My dad ran to my mom and gave her a huge hug.
You better be nice to the baby Nathan. I said and nudged him
Ya, says you Lexi. He said.
Come here my babies. My mom opened her arms as we all ran to hug her.
Congrats mommy! I exclaimed.
Im gonna be a big brother! Nathan cheered happily.
And Ill still be a big sister I added and giggled.
You already are Lexi Nathan said
I know but Im gonna be a big big sister! I said
Love you guys. My dad finished as we squeezed harder in our family group hug, laughing and
cheering. This surely was the best Christmas ever.

It Was Fate
By Lauren McCarthy
In a another dimension where fate is given to each individual in the form of a tattoo, lived
Aaliyah Duchamp, a 17 year old waiting to meet that one person that would change everything.
She lived in the 9th dimension, a place where when two human beings feelings are properly
realized for each other and its destined to be, a mark appears on their skin. A tattoo of the other
one's name appears onto your ring finger. Of course, you can still love and marry anybody, but
it's not truly meant to be if the mark doesnt appear.
Aaliyah Duchamp walked into school, on a regular morning, four weeks before school
goes out for the holidays. She loved everything having to do with Christmas; the presents
werent even necessary, in her opinion. After getting to her first class of the day, her teacher
announced some sudden news. A new student, a 17 year old boy, would be joining them. Many
girls got excited, as they still were yet to find their match. Others didnt care one bit. Everyone
would go crazy trying to find their true match. Some only get to find them late in life; others not
at all, as they could be living anywhere in the world. Aaliyah personally didnt care too much

about the boy. She was one of the only people that realized it was called fate for a reason. If her
true match was fate, he would appear on his own.
The teen was doodling in her notebook as the boy walked into class and introduced
himself. Noah Milton was his name; tall, black hair and blue eyes. Every girl thought he was
gorgeous, as did Aaliyah. Although, unlike the others, Aaliyah didn't stare at him creepily or try
to talk to him as persistently. He thought highly of her when he realized she wasnt like the
others and so he decided to talk to her after class. Noah wanted to get to know the short,
grey-eyed, brown-haired girl.
As they talked in the hall, she asked him if he would like to sit with her and some of her
friends at lunch. He gladly accepted. During the lunch period, Noah found himself fitting in with
the nice girls group. They laughed and joked around, talking about music, movies and his home
town in Alaska. Over the next few days, he found himself doing the same thing; sitting at the
same table at the cafeteria, with the girl that wasn't like any other.
Deciding he wanted to hangout more with Aaliyah, they met up together after school;
going to the movies, the mall and buying records together, as they both loved vintage and retro
music. And with Christmas fast approaching, they both decided to buy each other gifts, to
officially mark their newfound friendship. Little did they know, thats not all it was.
Aaliyah found herself questioning what their friendship meant. Theyd known each other
for only 2 weeks. The girl didnt care, even though she would either be with Noah or thinking
about him. Talking to one of her friends, Brooke, Aaliyah asked what it could mean. Brookes
response was simple you like him.
As the grey-eyed girl thought about it over the next few days, she admitted it to herself
that she liked him. Drifting off to oblivion in her bed, she dreamt about Noah and herself. The
next morning, she woke up at 6 a.m. by her alarm to get ready for school. She didnt notice
anything different until Brooke found something on her left hand during first period. The mark
was there; Noah A. Milton written in a perfect cursive font along her ring finger.

It Was Fate

Over the next 2 weeks, she hid her hand from Noah. She didnt want him to see it before
his own appeared when realising his own feelings towards her. She wore long sleeves and pulled
the shirt over her hand or she would simply cover it with foundation.
Christmas Eve came around and a shooting star appeared. Her philosophy on fate
disappeared and she wished for something she never thought she would; For fate to stop messing
with her and bring the love of her life to her.
Her plan to cover the mark worked until Christmas day. Noah wanted to surprise his new
closest friend on the special holiday, so he decided to pay her a visit. They were exchanging gifts
in the girl's family room at her parents house without realising that the tattoo wasn't covered.
Whats this? he asked innocently, seeing the black ink without seeing the words spelt
out. Aaliyah pulled her hand away and stood up.
Tears filled her eyes as she thought about how the feelings werent returned. Noah got
up, quickly pulling her by the wrist to sit back down beside him. She wouldn't dare look him in
the eyes as he unclenched the girl's fingers that were curled up into a fist. When did you get
this? he asked. He sounded as if he was smiling, although the brown-haired girl didn't look at
him. Aaliyah, look at me he said softly, pulling her chin up so that their eyes met. In that
moment, Aaliyah was terrified for what was going to happen until it did. Noah showed her his
own mark; Aaliyah M. Duchamp.

It Was Fate

Shine Bright
By Jules Mcleish
The fox blinked a few times as it stepped out from its den. The bright blue sky was dotted with
tiny snowflakes and sunlight reflected off the freshly fallen snow, making the whole mountain
glisten. Mom, mom the fox cried. Look at the sky. He burrowed his head in the white fluff
but quickly pulled back, shocked by the sudden chill of the soft snow. His mom laughed Thats
snow, child, it only falls from the sky near Christmas time. Its magical, isnt it? The little fox
smiled and looked up at the dark evergreen trees, their large branches drooped from the weight

of the snow. Everything glittered and shone like millions of crystals had fallen down to Earth.
The fox ran towards a frozen lake. Its ice was thin enough to see all the way to the bottom,
where the fish still swam lazily, unsure of which direction to go. The fox shuffled across the ice,
spinning and twirling at every second step. Around and around he went, like a ballerina skating
across a frozen rink. His once chestnut fur was now white, coated in a layer of the soft falling
snow. All too soon, ruining his fun, a small crack started to form across the ice and the little fox
fell through. An immediate rush of freezing cold water came upon him as he struggled to stay
afloat. Oh, dear his mom sighed as she hauled her son out from the small hole he had created
in the lake. You she started, looking down at him are a silly little fox. The fox shivered as
his mom placed him back down to the ground. I think Im ready to go back inside he
whispered Im a little cold. His mom nudged him towards the small light coming from their
warm den. Far off in the distance, music was being played. Whats that sound? the small fox
asked. I think its the carolers out for Christmas his mother replied. The little fox slowly
started to turn towards the noise. I thought you were cold his mum says with a laugh. The little
fox hurried towards the bright lights from the town. Maybe we can stay outside a little bit
longer he said just to see the carolers and the great big Christmas tree in the village. The foxs
mum picked him up and placed him on her back. I know a shortcut she said. They dashed
through the dark forest, his mum easily dodging the small rocks and fallen twigs. The stars had
come out, each one twinkling brighter than anything down on Earth. Id like to visit the stars
the little fox said. One day... his mother sighed one day when I get old, Ill be sent up to the
stars and then, in a very long time, youll join me too and together well shine brighter than any
of the stars in that beautiful sky. They continued their walk towards the town, the closer they
got the louder the music became. When the music was almost too loud for the little fox to bear he
whispered to him mum Ill miss you when you go up the the stars. His mum whispered back in
the quietest of voices Ill miss you too my dear, Ill miss you so very much. From a bush near
the village the two foxes watched as the townsfolk sang and danced through the night, hugging
their loved ones for warmth. The bright lights twinkled, scaring away the dark shadows and
creatures that lurked within the forest. It was the one night a year where the monsters stayed at
bay, where the human could forget to lock their doors and stay out past midnight, for tonight was
Christmas, a time of joy and love. The old fox looked down at her young child Merry Christmas
little one she sang into the howling wind.
Years later the not so little fox looked up at the sky on that very same day. Merry Christmas
mum he whispered to the stars. Far off in the distance a song could be heard. A song filled with
love and sorrow. It sang I love you my dear, to the stars and back and back again. All through
the night, the wind, the trees and all of the world sang the sad little song for the fox who longed
to explore the stars.

The Brightest Star in our Sky
By Chloe Morris
She lived in a beautiful wonderland, where all the days in a season were equally beautiful,
equally solemn, or equally bright. The cold was her favourite, because it made all things quiet
and peaceful. Thats why she joined the rest of her neighborhood and looked up at the giant
Christmas tree in the middle of the city square standing in front of her. She strained to see the
mayor of the city standing in front of a small wooden podium over the gathering crowd. My
good citizens, for it is the night of December twenty-fourth at 8 oclock on the dot, we shall
commence our tree decorating celebration! The schedule for the night is as follows: we will
decorate the tree and then the activities will start. There will be ice skating, snowball fights,
snowman building, and at the end we will serve hot chocolate! But dont you worry, because
youll all be snuggled tight in your beds before old Saint Nicholas will come to visit. That being
said, let our joyous night begin! and the lively mayor stepped off of the podium to take part in
the celebration himself. The girl made her way forward through the soft white snow and shifted
her grip on the small box of ornaments she would contribute to the tree. Through the hoard of
people in front of her (anxiously waiting too) she couldnt tell how close she was to being able to
decorate. Then the smell of sweet pine hit her and she smiled wide, her eyes lighting up from the
billions of twinkling lights on the tree. She stood in admiration and took one of the two
ornaments out of the small box. She cupped her palm slightly and gazed. It was clear glass dotted
with silver snowflakes, and had a little girl with a sweet smile looking up to one bright star. On
tiptoe she nestled the ornament, belonging to her, on a branch just above her head. She pulled out
the second and observed it was almost the same. This one was very similar but with a wispy
white angel at the girls side, shining the exact hue of the bright star in the depicted sky. On the
back of the glass decoration was engraved To my Freya, dont forget that you will always be the
brightest star in my sky. The lights on the tree became a blur as tears pooled in her eyes and ran
down her pink cheeks, streaking them wet like paint on a white canvas. She hoarsely whispered
No mama, I will never forget, hung the ornament and darted off to the frozen lake. The girl
was breathing hard by the time she got to the lake, her breath making puffy white clouds in the
air. The ice was her haven at times like this, and even though it was Christmas Eve no one had
hit the rink yet, so she had it all to herself. She took her skates from the hollow tree trunk and
laced them up with frantic fingers. She flew across the ice, twirling and swirling and jumping. As
she flew, the cold wind hit her cheeks and filled her lungs. The girl skated to the edge of the ice
and fell on the snow bank. She raked her hand through her long curly blond hair, unlacing her
skates and standing up to join the celebration again. She walked back with her head down and
her hair a veiled curtain over a flushed face. When she was almost at the outskirts of the square

she suddenly collided with someone tall and solid. The girl looked up and saw a boy staring
down at her hands braced on his chest, and she slowly removed them. Now the flush in her
cheeks wasnt just from the cold, it was from his intense gaze. The boy had white blond hair
tousled from the winter wind, and his eyes were a brilliant blue-green. She couldnt handle their
brightness, all she wanted was the cold and the dark. Dont leave again Freya, please, he
gripped her wrists gently. Tears threatened to show so she squeezed her eyes shut and turned
away from this beacon of light, turned away from him. Her voice was thick and she swallowed
hard. I ran away from you, Connor. Now on Christmas Eve you want me to come back. I cant
love anyone. I cant trust anyone. I am cracked, and getting close to anyone else would break my
fragile wall of glass. She bit her lip against the strain of keeping it all in, willing herself not to
cry. Thats not fair to you, Freya. I dont care about anyone else but you, because I have longed
for no one but you. I will do your mother proud, and I cant promise that I wont leave one day,
but I can promise that I will never leave you by choice. The effects of us are opposites; I come
closer and you break, you go farther and I break. The point is, we need each other even if in a
way we are both already broken, both already hurt. I know that you dont want to get close to
anyone, I know that you dont want to risk falling apart again, but thats why I came to find you.
Because tonight is about trust and belief and healing. Please Freya, you need this too. Come with
me and we can play in the snow and watch the stars, and if after tonight you still want to turn
away, then I will leave you be. All I ask for is one chance. After thinking that the last person
who could ever love her was gone, she realized there was a light in the dark. She realized that the
star on the ornament didnt represent a person, no. It represented love. The girl finally looks into
his eyes, and shakily says Yes.
You can see that a magical wonderland can still hold broken pieces and solemn stories. But the
special part about it is that in wonderland, love will always be the brightest star in your sky.

The Snowflake Ballerina

By Sofia Padula
I walk along the cold, dark streets by myself. I dont know exactly what time it is, but Im
guessing its night, considering the darkness. However, I do know what the date is. Ive been
keeping track of the days since I left so I can know exactly when this day comes. Christmas Eve.
My favourite holiday, without a doubt.Right now, Im making my way to center-town. Every
year, in December, the large tree in the center of my town gets decorated and transformed into a
Christmas tree. It is truly a beautiful sight. Thats where I want to spend my last Christmas.

Under the most beautiful Christmas tree as billions of snowflakes surround me. Ah yes,
snowflakes. My most favourite part of winter. How they dance in the sky and softly land on the
ground, forming a breathtaking blanket of pure white snow that glistens even when it is pitch
black outside. Everybody always talks about going to the sky when they die. How they want to
become a shining star in the beautiful night. Shining brighter than anything on earth. I too want
to go to the sky, but Im a little bit different. When I die, I wanna become snow. Yep, thats
right, snow. I wish for my body to transform into millions of beautiful snowflakes, dancing as
they fall towards the ground on Christmas day. A snowy Christmas is the best one, in my
opinion. I want to be a part of that. That is my sole desire. So I continue walking forward, my
stomach growling in hunger but I ignore it. I only have one goal right now. Besides, Ive spent
my all my food money a while ago. This day is all I have. I start being able to see the lights of
the tree in the distance. Its gorgeous, just gorgeous. Its freezing outside and I dont exactly
have winter appropriate attire. I didnt really plan my leave very well, huh? My body isnt just
shivering, its full on shaking. Well, the parts I can still feel are shaking, at least. But no matter
how much pain I am in, I have to reach this tree. If I dont get there on time, I will have lost. Lost
my dream,my wish, my purpose, everything. Absolutely nothing else is important. I just have to
get to the Christmas tree. I need to. The tree is in full sight now. Theres nobody around it.
Everybody is probably either having their family feasts at home, partying, or sleeping. Im more
than thankful for that. I want this to be my moment and my moment alone. At this point, I can
hear the music that plays near the tree 24/7. Beautiful, quiet, everlasting, piano music. Its not an
actual Christmas song but it surely gives off a Christmas-y feel. Unconsciously, my feet start
walking in a motion that matches the beat to the song. Slowly and gently. Before I know it, my
whole body is elegantly dancing to the song and towards the tree. Just like a ballerina. If only
this could last forever But thats the annoying part of being alive. Nothing lasts forever.
Maybe when Im a snowflake, I can be dancing to this song. Yeah, that would be perfect.
Finally, I reach the Christmas tree. Its beauty really is so much greater close up rather than
looking at it from a distance. Everything is going as planned and I couldnt be happier. I take out
a small, white object from my pocket. I hold it in front of my face, gazing at it for the last time.
Taking it by its string, I hang it on an empty part of the tree. I take a few steps back so I can see
the whole of the tree. A deep, awe-filled sigh escapes my mouth as I stare at the tree, admiring
all of it along with my newly-placed snowflake ornament. I sit down on the gentle snow below
me, looking at the tree for a while longer before closing my eyes and going into a laying
position. The snow burns my skin, but I dont mind. Nothing is allowed to ruin this for me. Its
absolutely silent, discluding the piano music. Its completely peaceful, just as I like it. I feel a
small wet substance on my face and open my eyes to see the cause. I smile, knowing it was a
snowflake. Suddenly, the sky changes from its dark state into a brightness, signaling morning,
signaling Christmas day. Light and white is now everywhere, surrounding me. This is exactly

how I want to go. By my lonesome, under a Christmas tree on Christmas day, as a googleplex of
snowflakes fall onto my body. This is true happiness. It wasnt long before I stop feeling hunger,
cold and pain. And any object I was previously capable of seeing quickly turns into white, my
vision, at last, just a snowy canvas. I use my last action to widen my smile. Finally. Its time for
my wish to come true. To become a million dancing snow drops. A snowflake ballerina.

The Eye of the Storm

By Chloe Plouffe
The night was filled with promise, romance and magic. I felt it in my soul that something
incredible was going to happen. Sure enough, I was right.
It was Christmas Eve and I wasnt having the best day. I got called in by my boss to work until
8pm, which ruined my plans with Steve. I felt awful leaving him that morning. It was the first
full day we could spend together in a while. He got a job promotion which has been keeping him
much busier than wed both like. Hed been building up this day for so long, saying how special
it would be doing all the things we loved on my favourite holiday. Christmas has always been
my favourite day of the year. Ever since I was a little girl, something magical happened every
year on this day. This year was equally as unique.
I finally decided to get out the warm, cozy bed. I went on my daily coffee run before getting to
the editorial office. It was a generally normal day at work, although that extraordinary feeling
stayed in the pit of my stomach all day. I quickly forgot that it was Christmas Eve and got busy.
My boss had me doing things nonstop the whole day. I didnt have time to think about Steve,
what I was missing today or what was in store for the night.
I was usually able to get a taxi at this time of day without a problem, but for some reason it was
difficult today. After a long day at the office all I could think about was getting home to Steve.
When I walked through the door to an apartment filled with rose petals, I quickly forgot the
rough day and weird taxi debacle. I was in awe at the path that was laid carefully down in front
of me, complimented by candles. I followed the path to the kitchen to find Steve sitting at one
end of a beautifully set candle lit table.

We had a wonderful dinner, something Id been missing lately because of our jobs. He was being
so sweet the entire time, complimenting me. I thought our amazing dinner was my magical
Christmas moment, until he got down on one knee after eating. Before saying the words I had
waited my whole life to hear, he said all these amazing things about our future, that there was so
much to look forward to. I said yes without a doubt in mind. We were so in love, we were all we
We let our engagement sink in, we talked and had some fun. We wanted some champagne to
celebrate our milestone. Steve decided it would be best if he went out to the store a few blocks
away. He rushed out to get back fast to not miss out on any time together. As soon as he left I
checked the news, we were so busy being happy that none of us saw what was happening outside
our little world. A huge snow storm hit, they advised the population to stay indoors at all costs.
The risk level was too high, even just to step outside. I called Steve right away and when he
didnt answer his phone, a certain part of me didnt want to admit it, but I couldnt help thinking
it was too late. He never came home that night.
I could never look at Christmas the same; my Christmas magic never came back.
I should have known that it was so hard to get a taxi because everyone was leaving town before
the storm hit.

By Elyssia Slater
May your happiness not be measured on how much you spend
Let the joy come to you as you recollect the memories
May your spirit not be determined on the amount of people that attend
Let the cheer fill you with love and delight
Hold on to the good moments
For they are gold
Forget the bad ones
For it does no good to hold on to destruction
Appreciate everything around you while it lasts
Love those in front of you

And be thankful you still have them
Smile because you are lucky to be able to share such beautiful moments
With such beautiful people
Make the most of everything you have
Celebrate the love that is beaming around you
Treasure your family and friends
Enjoy the holidays

Christmas Eve Unplugged

By Kathryn Wilson
Dear people of the world,
I have the worst family ever!!!!!!!!! The only reason I am writing this stupid book is that
my mom took away my phone, computer, and tablet for something called family bonding and
human interaction, I don't see the big deal. You see it's Christmas day and my mom sent me to
my room because... well that's what I'm going to tell you. So it all started yesterday Christmas
My sister and I were sitting on the couch doing nothing wrong, when my mom came into the
room and asked Ella to feed the dog. She was apparently all like, no way mom make Sydney do
it, I didn't hear her. Naturally, my mom got mad and started to raise her voice at my sister. Now
Ella wasn't having mom yell at her on Christmas, so she yelled back, this part I could hear, I
mean people in China could hear them. Then my dad walked in to calm everyone down, but he
ended up yelling, that part I know for sure. He was yelling about disrespect and how she can't
scream at my mother. Then he said, "that goes for you too Sydney." I to be truthful did hear him,
but I wasn't paying attention to what he said before, so I didn't know he was waiting for an
answer, so I just sat there on my phone. He waited for like five seconds, but he claims it was a
minute, whatever. Then he yelled my name "SYDNEY." I looked up at my whole family staring
at me and said "yeah I get it." in the most sarcastic, snarky voice I could muster up out of my
tiny body. My mom and dad lost it! Calling my sister and me disrespectful little brats and rude,
spoiled princesses. And if we were going to act spoiled then they were going to take everything

I begged for Christmas to stay and they said yes only because they wanted to celebrate but for a
"punishment" all our electronic would be taken away that means computers, phones, tablets,
TVs... anything that we could text, call or google search on was gone! Which is where the
nightmare will begin! So it's Christmas Eve all my friends are posting all these cool pictures, and
I can't even take a picture let alone post it. And to make matters worse, my mom said we had to
stay downstairs with... the family! Gross right. I got so bored I had to remote to, reading, so I
spent Christmas Eve reading, It was awful! When we sat down for Christmas dinner, all my
sister and parents did was fight followed by passive aggressive silence then more fighting! At
least I got to open presents the next morning. Still, logging onto social media and seeing
everyone's cool holiday's pics was heart wrenching. I looked like such a loser to everyone in a
school, and it's all because of my parents making this Christmas a Christmas unplugged!

Alone in the Snow

By Sean Wolanyk
Clouds filled the night sky and dropped little water crystals down to the lands below. The snow
fell lightly onto the ground, covering it with a soft, white blanket. This was a rare occurrence in
Mississippi, as it was located so far south. Multicoloured lights and decorations hung from the
houses, giving life to the seemingly boring suburban street. There were no cars on the roads and
no one was walking through the streets, for it was Christmas Eve and everyone was inside eating
with their families.
The Durhams were no exception to this, as they sat around the table in a warmly lit dining room.
George and Meghan were fighting over the seat closest to the window, pulling each others hair.
Ow! Mom! George wont let me sit here! Meghan cried out.
George, let your little sister sit there for once. their mom, Anne, replied in an exasperated tone.
Santa Claus will only bring you coal if you keep that up.
Okay, fine. said George coldly.
Sarah pulled out her chair and sat down at the other side of the table. She looked at her older
brother and younger sister and smiled. She always sat silently away from the rest of her family.
They were often too rowdy for her tastes.

The table was covered in enough food to feed a country. The beautifully cooked turkey sat in the
middle, surrounded by stuffing, vegetables, and many other various dishes. A large tree covered
in glass ornaments and lights stood tall in the corner of the room. Several wooden crosses hung
beside the tree and around the room, decorating the walls.
Davis, get your ass in here! Anne yelled as she took her spot next to Sarah.
Coming, honey. Davis answered back from the kitchen.
He came running out and quickly grabbed a chair at the end of the table. Grandma Betty soon
followed him and took that last spot.
Anne rose from her seat.
Thank you, heavenly father, for sending Jesus- she started speaking, but was abruptly halted
by Sarah.
Why do we always have to thank God, ma? she asked.
Well, because he is always watching over us and gives us our wonderful life. Anne responded.
But, I dont think that God is real.
Anne stood in her spot silent, staring at her daughter for what seemed like was hours. The rest of
the table all gasped in unison, and all eyes were on Sarah. Davis shook his head and lowered his
gaze to his lap.
I cant believe you, Sarah! Anne suddenly burst out. I will have no heathens in my household
on Christmas! You are a disgrace to the Lord!
Anne told Sarah to rise and quickly ushered her to the front door.
Put on your jacket and boots. she ordered.
But they arent warm enough for the snow.
Anne gazed into Sarahs soul through her eyes with the most menacing stare. With that, Sarah
rapidly slipped on her outdoor clothing. Tears were streaming down her face.
Anne pushed her daughter out the door.
Dont come back until youve accepted our Fathers existence!

The door slammed with a bang that seemed as loud as a grenades explosion. Sarah didnt try to
return to her house, as she knew she would not be allowed back in. She turned down the street
and started walking in one direction. The snow landed softly upon her head and crunched
underneath her feet. She started shivering due to the intense temperature that surrounded her.
Sarah looked into the windows of the houses she passed by. Tons of food and loving families
were behind each window, enjoying their evening and each other's company.
She continued for what seemed like an hour and Sarah was beginning to lose feeling in her
fingers. Shivering absorbed her body and she was having difficulty walking. She had to find
somewhere to keep warm, or she wont make it to Christmas morning.
Suddenly, Sarah passed by two boys throwing snowballs at each other in their front yard. Their
mother poked her head out the front door.
You two, come on. Dinner's ready! she yelled.
Her eyes suddenly opened wide and stopped on Sarah, standing shivering at the end of their
What are you doing out in the cold, sweetie? the woman asked.
Sarah started to cry.
Oh, come on over here.
Sarah walked up to the front door and started sniffling. She instantly hugged the woman.
Now, tell me. Why are you out alone on Christmas? How old are you? she asked.
Im nine. I was kicked out of my house for not believing in God. Sarah replied.
Now thats just horrible. Well, were not very religious either, so we wont judge. the woman
said. Do you want to eat with us tonight?
Sarah simply nodded her head and quickly stepped into the warm house. The woman smiled and
took off the little girls jacket. The dining room was right beside the entrance and was warmly lit
with the lights on the Christmas tree and candles spread throughout the space. The two boys

from before were sat at the table, along with their father and grand-father. The table was covered
with food, just like at Sarahs house.
So whats your name? asked the woman to her guest.
Sarah. she mumbled.
Ok. Sarah, Im Beverly. Those two boys are Fred and Jack. That man is Austin and you can call
the last one Pops.
Hi, Sarah! You can sit next to me! Fred yelled out.
Sarah walked slowly over to the table, observing every detail in the room, from the rainbow
candle in the corner to the lack of crosses hanging on the walls.
She sat in an empty seat that Fred pulled up beside him. He gave her a plate and some
Merry Christmas. he said.
Sarah blushed.
Thank you. she replied. Merry Christmas.
Okay now, dig in! Beverly stated.
All the plates of food suddenly lifted off the table and got passed around to each person. Sarah
pulled off a small piece of turkey and a pile of vegetables onto her plate. She devoured it all in a
minute and quickly reached for seconds.
Woah, somebody was hungry. chuckled Austin.
Sorry. answered Sarah and turned red with embarrassment.
Dont worry, sweetie. said Beverly. Have as much as you want. It is Christmas, after all.
But why do you celebrate Christmas if you dont believe in God? asked Sarah.
Well, because we believe in the spirit of Christmas. You dont need to be religious to give and
be accepting of all kinds.
Just then, a knock came from the door. All the heads in the room turned towards it. Beverly rose
and walked towards the entrance and opened it wide. Stood behind it was Anne with tears
running down her face.

Im sorry Sarah! she cried. I was such a mean person and acted so irrationally. I was sick to
my stomach and ran after you. Please come home for dinner.
But Ive been invited to dinner here, mum. Sarah replied. And Id like to stay.
Well, why dont you join us? asked Beverly.
My whole family is waiting at home for us.
They are all welcome in my home, theres plenty of food for all.
Soon after, Sarahs family arrived arms full of food and sat down at the table. Just as Beverly
was going to start serving, Anne began to say grace. Beverly stopped and listened to her new
friend while giving Sarah a reassuring nod and wink.
As Anne finished with an Amen, everyone raised their glass and shouted Merry Christmas!

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