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POW etic” Caden? [FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Protected 8 when completed Aid to Publishers Canada Periodical Fund Application Form 2016-2017 7 IMPORTANT + Read the Aid to Publishers Applicant's Guide thoroughly before completing this application form. Refer to Section 8 of the Guide for definition of terms. For assistance, call tol free 1 866-811-0055. + To ensure confidentiality of your personal information this form must not be transmitted electronically to the Department. However, we encourage the use ofthe electronic form, as it contains many features to help its completion. How to fill out this form 1. This form can be filled out on your computer using Adobe Reader. At any stage, you can save what you have entered and return to complete it at your convenience, 2. You can also print this form and complete it by hand. 3. Complete one copy of ths form for each distinct periodical 4. When completed, print all pages, and make a copy for your records 5. Send the application form to the address on the last page of this form on or before the deadline date A late application form will not be accepted, !tis your responsibility to ensure that the application is complete and accurate, eee ened Title of Periodical (required) The Walrus If the title ofthe periodical has changed since the last application, enter the previous ttle (applicable) NA Periodical identification (required) J@Magazine QNon-Daily Newspaper Periodical Circulation Business Model required) Paid Circulation C)Request Circulation (magazines only) eeu [General information Full Legal Name of Publishing Firm (required) The Walrus Foundation Full Legal Name of Ulimate Owner (required) Has a change of ownership occurred? if applicable) JOves @No tyes, please contact the Program to obtain an Assignment and Assumption Agreement and attach to application form, Business Number (BN) (see Section 8 of the Guide) (required) 1361851624-RROOOT Fr 91F02-203 08 Feng Page 1 of 10 Canadit @same asFullLegatName of Publishing Firm CQOtner_Speciy im 000001 [7 1Status required) ale S ptt etor OCoParation | Not-for-Profit Organization Partnership QOther Specify Incorporated if applicable} |@Federal_C)Provincial Territorial Publishing Firm Authorized Official Contact The authorized ofical contact may be the owner, publisher, or other designated signing officer. This application form and any resulting financial support agreement must be signed by the authorized person. Salutation (required) JOM. OMrs. CMs. other Specify: First Name (required) Last Name (required) Bryan Maloney Tile required) circulation and Marketing Manager Nalng Address Nmber Sweet 5 411 Richmond t Eat. Suite B15 Gity Cequired) ~~ [Postal Code (required) Toronto Ontario MSA 355 Telephone (required) [tension (applicable) [Fax (Fapplicable) | Preferred Language of Communication required) (16) 971-5004 | (16) 971-8768 @Englsh French (e oF Apartment Number, Post Office Box (required) Email if applicable) [Application Form Authorized Official Contact The application form contacts the person who has completed the application form, and who Is most familar with is Content This person will be contacted for any additional information, Salutation (required) OMe. Omrs. CMs. QOther Specify _ Fist Name (required) Title (required) Telephone required) [Extension (applicable) |Fax if applicable) Preferred Language of Communication (required) |QEnglish French Email (if applicable) rt C — Canadian Ownership and Control Certification of the Publishing Firm Mo be eligible under the Canada Periodical Fund, a publishing firm must be Canadian owned and controlled. See Section 8 of the Guide for complete details ofthe rules used to determine Canadian ownership and contra. (required) EE] lattes thatthe entities entered in Part B of this application form are Canadian owned and controlled s.19(1) Page 2of 10 000002 ty Financial year (required) Enter the publishing firm's financial year. (see Section 8 of the Guide) From (yyyy-mm-dd) |To (yyyy-mm-dd) 2014-01-01 2014-12-31 Rhee ede en Personnel of Publishing Firm Enter the average number of individuals employed or under contract with the publishing firm for each category during the financial year. (required) Partners and Owners | Ful-Time Employees Part-Time Employees Freelance and Contract Workers Revenues and Expenses Revenues (required) 1. Sales of Periodicals 2. Sales of Other Goods and Services 3. Grants, Subsidies, Donations and Fundraising 4. Royalties, Rights, Licensing and Franchise Fees 5, Other Revenues 6. Total Revenues (add lines 1 to 5) Expenses (required) 13 Toul bspenes addins 71012 eel Page 3 of 10 5.201140) 000003 Pere aed [Does the periodical meet the following criteria? If yes, check the applicable boxes. (required) Ez) The periodical is published in print Ez The periodical has completed at least one uninterrupted 12-month publishing cycle atthe application deadline 52) The periodical wll continue to be published in print until at least March 31, 2017 [5 The periodical has been edited, designed, assembled and published in Canada Periodical Type wequired) @ consumer - General Interest consumer Special interest CO Trade usiness) Farm CrReigious scholarly Cans and Literary Special Categories (applicable) Check the appropriate boxes if your periodical meets one or more ofthe definitions found in Section 8 of the Guide I. Aboriginal 5 Ethnocuttural . official Language Minority LZ. Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgender (GLBT) Tanguage ofthe Periodical Gequired) English Only |OFrench Only |Biingual English and French) other Specity Year when the First Issue was Published (yyy) (required) 2003 [international Standard Serial Number (SSN) Gee Section BoftheGuidel. SSS ~ ISSN - Regular Issues (if applicable) [ISSN -Special issues (if applicable) 1703-4032 | Price per Copy Before Taxes (required) ‘Subscription Price Before Taxes (required) 57.95 |s29.75 Page 4 of 10 000004 Province Terivory Served Veaqured) {tthe provinces/eritories where the readers of the periodical are located — BF] Received i 6 [Ed AlProvinces and Territories [] Nova Scotia Received t IC Aberta [Nunavut ann DEC 68 2015 IZ sh Columbia Dontario C1 Manitoba (Prince Edward island no Regu au FCP I New Brunswick Cl ovebec Reg I] Newfoundland.and Labrador] Saskatchewan CI Northwest Territories [Yukon - Number of issues Published during the financial year (required) Regul sues Special issues Total Number of tsues Published see definition in Section & ofthe Applicant's Guide) 10 o 10 + Page Count (required) — - | Read Subsection 5.3 ofthe Applicants Guide How to mark content in an issue" before completing this area. Enter the total ‘number of pages of each typeof content for the lat regular issue ofthe financial yea canadian Editorial Content Pages (C) | Foreign Editorial Content Pages (F) [Advertising Pages (A) Nor-Revenue Pages IN) Total Pages Content Percentages (required) Percentage of Canadian editorial content calculated on the | Percentage of advertising pages calculated on the total pages total edtoia content Advertising pages Total pagesx 100 Canedian pages/(Canadian pages + Foreign pages)x 100 | 5201110) Page 50f10 000008 [Pi-vince/Teritory Served (required) JS tthe provinces/territories where the readers ofthe periodical are located Ea AllProvinces and Teritories ([] Nova Scotia 5 Alberta [Nunavut IC Betish columbia ontario ID Manitoba CJ Prince Edward island [2 New Brunswick Tauebec I] Newfoundland and Labrador ["] Saskatchewan IC Northwest Territories fo Number of issues Published du Regular Issues ‘Special issues fal Number of Issues Published (see definition in Section 8 ofthe Applicant's Guide) Page Count (required) Read Subsection 5.3 ofthe Applicant's Guide "How to mark content yan issue’ number of pages of each type of content forthe last regular isue afte fina Canadian Editorial Content Pages (C) oa A Raven Pages ToiPages VU fore completing this area. Enter the total year ‘Advertsing Pages (A) [Content Percentages (required) Vv Percentage of Canadian editorial contenyeatculated 0 Percentage of advertising pages calculated on the total pages total editorial content [Advertising pages /Totalpagesx 100 [Canadian pages /(Canadian pages + Foreigussagk). 3.20/44) Page Sof 10 cog Oe ec uur For each type of circulation, enter the AVERAGE NUMBER OF COPIES CIRCULATED PER ISSUE for all printed copies published durin ' > 12-month financial year entered in Part O. See Section 8- Definitions for average circulation in the Applicant's Guide Paid Circulation and Sponsored Copies (required) 1. Subscription Copies Sold 2, Single Copies/Newsstand Copies Sold ] 3. Subtotal Paid 4 Sponsored Copies [ 5. Total Paid Circulation and Sponsored Copies (add lines 3 and 4) = Request Circulation (required) 6, Direct Request Copies 7. Other Request Copies 8, Subtotal Request Circulation (add lines 6 and 7) a Non-Paid Circulation (required) 8.Controled Copies | 10.compimentary Copies | 11.Total Non-Paid ulation (add lines 8 to 10) - I 12. Total Circulation (add lines 5 and 11) | = Residual Copies (required) 13. Office, Uncirculated Copies, Spoiled Copies, Newsstand Returns | 14. Total Copies Printed (add lines 12 and 13) ~ Digital Edition (required) 15. Digital Copies Associated to the Periodical ena ee eee ee eas If you are required to submit circulation reports (see Subsection 5.4 of the Guide), identify the audit circulation board of the reports circulation Report Provided (ifapplicable) [CCAB/BPA .20(10) Page 6 of 10 000007 Gree eae For each type of circulation, enter the AVERAGE NUMBER OF COPIES CIRCULATED PER ISSUE for al printed copies published [during the 12-month financial year entered in Part D. See Section 8 - Definitions for average circulation in the Applicant's Guide. Paid Circulation and Sponsored Copies (required) 3. Subtotal Paid Circulation (add lines 1 and 2) 5 Tota Pid cheatin and Sponsored Coles anes 3 and) |Request Circulation (required) 6. Direct Request Copies 7. Other Request Copies 8. Subtotal Request Circulation (add lines6 Non-Pid circulation (required) \ 9. Controlled Copies 1 10. Complimentary Copies Residual Copies (required) 13. Office, Uncirculated Copies, Spoiled Copies Newsstand Returns 14. Total Lopies Printed (add lines 12 and 13) Digital Edition (required) you are required to sul reports. ~ _ croton eoon fr opps CBPR | .20(1)(0) Page 6 of 10 000008 ehh ureae el ‘Enter only the revenues and expenses related to the periodical (required) Association periodicals must report subscription revenues exeluding membership fees and donations (f applicable) Use the same financial year entered in Part D (required) From (yyyy-mm-dd)|To (yyyy-mm-dd) 2014-01-01 2014-12-31 qe Revenues related to periodical (required) 1. Subscription Copies Sold 2. Single Copies/Newsstand Copies Sold 3. Sponsored Copies 4. Subtotal (add ines 10 3) JOther Revenues (required) 5. Advertsing 6. Internet (Includes internet Revenues Related to Digital Editions) 7.Other (Includes Revenues from Grants and Contributions from all Levels of Government) 8. Subtotal (add linesSto7) _ 9. Total Revenues (add ines 4 and 8) Expenses related to the periodical (required) 10. Salaries and Wages 11. Subcontract Expenses 12.Cost of Goods Sold 13. Advertsing, Marketing and Promotions 14. Delivery, Warehousing, Postage and Courier 15. Other Expenses ani 16. Total Expenses (add 17.ettavnuesns iue - 5.20(1)0) Page 7 of 10 000009 errr aces For information purposes only (required) The information in the area below will have no impact on the eligibility of your periodical. = Pine a Digit 5 Ape By Social Media website [Tlother Specify |What methods of dstibuton do you caenllyuse to make you perodialavalabe? Selec alithatapph)——SSSSCS~* Bi émail | | Check the appropriate box that corresponds to the methods of distribution that your periodical plans to follow in the next three years. print Print and Digital Dpigitat TF your periodical received ATP Funding in the last twelve months, please identify the two main activities to which the funds were directed BziMarketing Pzoistribution [content creation [Printing/Production [Digital Platform Design/Hosting Page 8 of 10 00010 J — Submitting Your Application Form You must include with your application form, signed and dated (signature must be original all the supporting documents as, follows: (required) EE) Artcies of incorporation (fora fist time applicant or incorporated in the year, if applicable) FE) Last three regular issues of the financial year (includes marked copy) TE) Marked copy of the last regular issue ofthe financial year TZ) All special issues ofthe financial year I) Most recent regular issue 1) Last three printers invoices ofthe financial year (printers invoices must clearly show the number of copies printed) IE) Circulation reports, see subsection 5.4 of the Guide ‘Audits Canadian Heritage conducts audits on a sample of successful applications each year; the Department will assume the audit cost. In such cases, recipients must make available any records, documents, or other information that may be required to perform the audit. Recipients must retain fr at least five years supporting documents related tothe information provided in all application forms. ‘A recipient found to have submitted false or unsupported information may be required to repay the full amount of the financial support received, and may be declared ineligible from the Canada Pe years or more. Send the application form and supporting documents to: ‘Canada Periodical Fund - Aid to Publishers Department of Canadian Heritage 25 Eddy Street, 25-80 Gatineau, Quebec KIA OMS Page 9 of 10 000014 | affirm that the information in this application form is accurate and complete. | agree to publicly acknowledge financial support and assistance by the Department. also agree to submit a final report, and where required, nancial accounting for evaluation of the activity funded by the Department. I understand thatthe information provided in this application form may bbe accessible under the Access to Information Act. | also agree to respect the sprit and intent of the various acts governing the programs of the Department of Canadian Heritage. By applying to the Canada Periodical Fund (CPP), | authorize the Department of Canadian Heritage to disclose any information received in the application within the Government of Canada or to outside entities for the following purposes: to reach a decision on an application; to administer and monitor the grants and contributions: and to evaluate program results, The disclosure of any information received in this application may also be used to reach a decision on any other application(s) by the applicant for financial support under any other Canadian Heritage program. Data may also be transferred to Statistics Canada for statistical purposes, Hf an access to information request is received regarding an application for financial support or any other document in the Department's possession about a publishing firm, the information provided to the Department will be treated in accordance with the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act. ‘Amounts awarded to recipients are public information. Successful applicants receiving financial support from the Program ‘may have the name ofthe publishing firm and the amounts awarded for each of their periodicals listed on the CPF website or disclosed in public documents produced by Canadian Heritage. | confirm that | have the authorization to sign official documents related to this application for my group. [Authorized Official Contact in Print (required) Titie/Position (required) Bryan Maloney Citculation and Marketing Manager Signature (required) J A, — Date (yyyy-mm-dd} (required) 2s poise Page 10 of 10 00012 WD ressry canoe nasste Canaas conade Lo sur tos Cerporetons Act cxrpnationscanelennas bate of tattera Patent - Decenber 24, 2002 Corvmy under the seal of office of the Minketer of induatey DK Canada 00013 2 / stn tee mem vareeg seasons FILE COPY. © Antario Site reac” Somers | oeeasreme Fom2 EEMAPROMCNLCORFORATONS Totnes KEG Terms ON MSG Bo nan. RETURNMOTICE OF CHANGE? See crete ie ene ey one ee reneetonemente Lol eur tes ‘exigée des personnes morales, : 2 ope 5 = coro eae weer” (same ‘Ph eeetteeee UC) 2 Capen a ng Raa SE ponors SD, me a Sa {vj Ci Tana Ee teas a TT Se. ‘eva ‘eecge dsr seman ej, ee (al eee ft a Sees} —_ ANN 98 Above! f Applica es Ce ee ne pe SRST ne CT ‘Sieat Nana daar (a iN ep Tormey Om] 10 Ona coned cong on baba sobiy Oa] Corsaacan saabnc Dace cnseton de cade en Ora “euthente Mensa Die ‘emote herbs Daryn ne Cam Tos [ot] C [) iene 11, dutadion of incorporationtAmaigamalin of Continuation, (Check appropiate box) Do no check more than one bax, ‘Ressort de coneoniie sion ou provepaion (coche la caseparnda) Ne cochr @vune soda case “COMER * ASME RENO «ease same eeu» Sen rece Nc EDWARD oenewest © tuaromn 2. —vewrounou [sacar 13. runaur Co tteress *Jrewctne’® °C ese jessearonenan “{_] YERRTONES sonar Mote plas spect ‘Stace vee por ‘Biermann big cleo nde sty The Coperaor onaion Ata ba pps ol nabaniang = plea sao Grpaca ion) Dieter essgnbaes et os pores cars tte ace os wean rea oe Sa a, "FOR MINISTRY USE ONLVIA CUSAGE DU Mi [L_] 50° detcioney eter encosedVai Tas cinausance rE ‘orzo (oxo 00014 FORM 2~ EXTRA PROVINCIAL CORPORATIONSY Page 2Poge2 ‘DRMULE 2. PERSONNES MORALES EXTRA-PROVINCIALES. ‘Please type or print all Information in block capital letters using black ink. Pribre de dactylographiler les rensalgnements ou de les écrire en caractires dimprimerie & fencre nolre. Fon ighasTRY USE ONLY] Onur Capron Nomber ‘Dae of incorporation o Amalgamation Forni sa oy "AEURAGE DU” | Sem masa dole ‘Dal de corsitisten ou hon ‘Areoge oti secon, oe econ marie on On ‘et ipa 12. Name and Once Adress of te Chief OficerManager in Onto! ‘Neracne Smo nto pose on Ora (ret seen expt pat peter rthenen ms toners ree ‘Aleuder Kemah J or : 19 ‘Seana dete ‘Duncan Sieet_—__ 35 au oe rn i (tt ase a omawa coven {ESR a a Me Looe te) Be se ele) Sent tenes on vgueer [_2003_| 13, Namo and Ofce Adoss of Agant for Servic in Ontario - Check One box Nom et arasce du buraou du mandatare aux fos de stnlicaton en Orta, Cocer la case pertinent. 7 | Not AnolicablemNe stapplique pos ‘Only apples to foreign business corporations | we oe ‘Soppiquasetlomant aux personnes meals Granghros en patel oo tuna parton morale Complote spprptoseoctons balGalfiamts les partes perinans c-tassour. 2) chu Maram ds parr Laat NamaNom do fara Fit NemerPrinam, sco Naresh prénams i L J LER STS RE ame oa — ame Fak soci, a ps ee aaa TERS aE et [ Il _] ra ormane.cauon BCR Ra een a RS EST ‘renele préoor atl rom ovaries Cirpsmere Geinpocome sl Caner cata peters ‘ote OF Ce] eenaeunne ji 1 | Kenneth Alexander ©) [J ottceroitgeant es >) Saat mtn ae a eee [NOTERBUARGLE:Saion 19 rt 18cm Coportra tdomtion Act rv pin ming hing erro rn 1 t 14 iL nrlon outer ig arcane mare certs paton car cran tame ts Vonpe Coan TREIRerrsionh peag clea uni etary of Tha Copan iaraton a ba pape ol aig a pe a bane poe GER T {Wea weeagnanenssxots dou poner mune otra elect cn mranghowons fou amthua ae en saver ee FOR MINISTRY USE ONLYIA LUSAGE DU MINISTERE [__ See etcleny ltr ncosedVol fois Cinsutieance cela orzo eanoe2) 000185 @ omen, eaee gee eee FILE COPY rsa: cma pina SoU FODerieSac’ Fone Se Teva nas nevunnaToe oF cHaNas Cerri spats bere Capuons beta et TT eee Ne re a raveont miele Semone Paneer mena arin bcos Latur ne osha ste sprsoee mores = ee ‘For Miciatry Use Onty |2. Cokario Corporation Number 3. Date of incorporation or Amalgamation % fawn, ‘spe comnie|” Metron cr poneena ‘eo do cont, cu uson somrencaes ste ee pn omen Te J (aos te csr Goro 2 Sa a eg aU PN arr) : ear he Wars Magazine Is roy Aas a Rana TORT gs Tema ea FEE a k———————?>7 Sareea ea eS NS ‘tenga ———————— Sa pa a a ]Seearemomane es Seana cee [ee] sane os ator [] Not Atti oa mS cee ES eT 7. Language of Preference ‘Englenangiais—Froncvrancais Langue prfite w@ oO 1, Ferner Caporston Nana appa sce eta purse mera cot Sea st onscate Ne epg pa 15D connarend nes soy h Onn ag ie Seca apes Some em re Oe es os ens Sees po Seman oman : eee _ Oise mess Cs Se Cae ose OS on rmcs ewan sommes seranaie ‘Cine: ‘Cemar “OSS Cement OSS Come other please spect / ‘Saute, vee prcer ‘Ti arrton bag calactd unt mero Ten Careers iomeaion Al ba paseo vari apie nt See ol coerse lomaon/ DLE nino eps ce puters rae mre elec Gt os rougher per comb ce ban ae aren acs oe le FOR MINISTRY USE ONLVIA LUSAGE OU MINISTERE See eee or enconevar Tvs cinta Sst orzo ean00 00016 FORM 2~ EXTRA PROVINCIAL CORPORATIONS Page 2Page 2 “ORMULE 2 - PERSONNES MORALES EXTRA-PROVINCIALES. lease type or print all information in block capital letters using black ink. Pridre de dactylographiler los rensolgnements ou de les dcrire en caractires dmprimerie & Fencre noire. ‘onigiGTRT REG] One Coparion oer Daf pra or Arapanaton Fay ay ALUSAGE DU “Nanteo mavie.te do ta ‘constitution ou Atueage Gu micatire eodement swustineSexsuor | See mc as ams os Coon co {tl J 200303 [28 | 12 Name and Ofc Aros of ha Ga terhnaae in Orat ‘met aceaee ds ures u crocwurpicrspwant en Grina [loa reetaate serous pat ‘Srnanaton ge onan eatimarinn desea ant Alezander ([Kenned I ] anes oe 9 Seeaananea me Duncan Set a Spo a TY satires —) Lior area esac as Toronto omamo,cnuon [MSH3HI TESTERS ayy Yeh is OT oan ctcbe = 2003] 05 [01] Banaras ——— ] ss fons 13 Name and Ofice Address of Agent for Sevco Ip Ontara~ Chock One box Nom et acretco du bureau cu manda eux fs de sigrcaton on Ona Cocher la case patnena, [7] Stn sip cay epee en taen pe _ supine eon a ig ae oo Spree note cain is Sn neg te pets dcr random spencer janet spear alt tena ps | Ontario | NumberNuméro matricule de le personne morsle en Ontario c ar ioing punctuatonFlcon sod. a - {16 (oto type naman fill of the porson auorting lag? Dacvlogaphier ou Chas ax Inserts i prénom et le nom en carats cimprmere dale personne ql Coch wate parinanta ©) [7] oveceahaminerstew ©) [] oncarongeart oy ay Seeman ae ge ela perme morale ‘siesta que las renseignements précilés sont véridiques et exacia, [NOTEREWAROUE: Scio 19 and 14 lt Corporations tomas At pon ports rang We ig tant rons, nti 1314 lL varies nadine pede punonnos mora pret expats eco cron Pompeo Con Taio bong esac ere a aa a pron spe daa fone d copra rman DLS sgn ele ee pence moans nicer seca te stasis jar eco baa meee eae A FOR MINISTRY USE ONLYIA LUSAGE OU MINISTERE [| See detcincy eter encosedVolr favs dnautsance cnt ran anon) 000017 Pages 18 to/a 29 are withheld pursuant to section sont retenues en vertu de l'article 20(1)(b) of the Access to Information Act de la Loi sur ’accés a l’information Pages 30 to/a 47 are withheld pursuant to section sont retenues en vertu de l'article 20(1)(b) of the Access to Information Act de la Loi sur ’accés a l’information ABST TEN whale ¢hat started | Trinity Wes Ue) Coa aad 00048 Downand | Greenpeace The pro-life Inthe outinJFk’s andInuithunters case he assisted — classroomwith a make nice suicide NC ‘THEWALRUS.cA- PUBLISHED BY THE WALRUS FOUNDATION mvmenne oa Best _ Shot ' Why the | anti-vaccine “+s movement has it wrong Newbooks by Naomi Klein & } Ann-Marie MacDonald —_, 0009 FARLEY MOWAT’S Why are we saying What we GETS HOOKED no to North Korean about THE THEWALRUS.CA - PUBLISHED BY THE WALRUS Foy Decemaer 2014 titles by soldiers 000050 :WALRUS THEWALRUS.CA - PUBLISHED BY THE WALRUS FOUNDATION JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2015 TELEVISION THE BOOK fl OF NEGROES Lawrence Hill on adapting his novel INSIDE ANONYMOUS Hacking the hacktivists A throat singer's road to stardom Why antibiotics in your food could be making you sick wistoRy SIR JOHN A. The dark side of our first prime minister 000081 f =WALRUS 000082 Dunn, Perry (PCH) November-24-15 3:41 PM ‘’ ‘Acknowledgement ~ Aid to Publishers ~ The Walrus The Walrus This is to acknowledge receipt of your 2016-2017 application to the Aid to Publishers component of the Canada Periodical Fund. An officer may contact you if further information is required to complete the assessment of your file. Regards, Perry Dunn ‘Agent de programme Fonds du Canada pour les périodiques Ministére du Patrimoine canadien, Gouvernement du Canada 25, rue Eddy, Be étage, bureau 116, Gatineau, Québec K1A OMS perry.dunn @ / Tél: 819-953-8968 / Télécopieur 819-994-3154 Program Officer Canada Periodical Fund Department of Canadian Heritage, Government of Canada 25 Eddy Street, 8th Floor, Office 116, Gatineau, Québec K1A OMS perry.dunn @ / Tel: 819-953-8968 / Fax: 819-994-3154 00083 Bryan Maloney Novernber-25-15 12:32 PM Dunn, Perry (PCH) Re: ATP 2016-2017 Application - The Walrus Hello Mr Perry, ‘Thank you for your email. Yes, we have just recently moved to the 411 Richmond address in the summer. will gather the missing documents and expedite them to you straight away. Just to confirm, the Jan/Feb15 issue mails in December and is counted in our fiscal year 2014. Should I go by the calendar year? Best, Bryan On Wed, Nov 25, 2015 at 12:11 PM, Dunn, Perry (PCH) wrote: Good Morning Mr. Maloney, 1am the program Officer assigned to process your 2016-2017 application to the Aid to Publishers Component of the Canada Periodical Fund. Firstly, can you please confirm the publications address, our records show 101 ~ 19 Duncan Street (as do the CCAB reports) and the application for shows B15 - 411 Richmond Street East. Have you moved? Please confirm, As part of the supporting documentation we ask for a the last three issues of the financial year with the accompanying printing invoices. The last issue (marked copy) you provided is January/February 2015 which is outside the reference period entered in Part D of the form. AS a result, the December issue is the last issue of the financial year. 00084 As well, we ask for a circulation report that begins in the financial year entered in part D of the form (sub- section 5.4 of the Guide). One of the CCAB Brand Report you provided is for the period ending Marck 7914, which is outside the reference period. : To summarize, please submit the following documents: © Confirmation of your address * A marked copy of the December Issue as well as revised page count on page 5 of the form * A copy of the issue that precedes the November i sue with the printing invoice, © A copy of the CCAB circulation report for the 6 month period ended March 2015, We would appreciate receiving the request documentation and information as soon as possible. Thank you, Perry Dunn Agent de programme Fonds du Canada pour les périodiques Ministere du Patrimoine canadien, Gouvernement du Canada 25, rue Eddy, 8e étage, bureau 116, Gatineau, Québec K1A OMS erry.dunn @ / Tél: 819-953-8968 / Télécopieur 819-994-3154 Program Officer Canada Periodical Fund Depariment of Canadian Heritage, Government of Canada 25 Eddy Street, 8th Floor, Office 116, Gatineau, Québec K1A OMS perry. dunn @ / Tel: 819-953-8968 / Fax: 819-994-3154 loney Director of Circulation and f To Walrus Magaz! Richmond |. (416) 971-5004 stmt) 2 Read. Subscribe. Donate Please port the Walrus by subscribing at ‘GIVE BEFORE DECEMBER 31, 2015 3nd your donation wll be MATCHED dollar for Subject: Re: ATP 2016-2017 Application - The Walrus Dear Mr, Dunn, 5.20/14) s.19(4) Sorry for the oversight. I used the previous ye: revisions. 's form as a guide not taking in to consideration that audit All the best, Bryan On Tue, Jan 19, 2016 at 11:38 AM, Dunn, Perry (PCH) wrote: Good Moming Mr. Maloney, 1am having some difficulty reconciling the information you provided in Part F of the form with the circulation reports you submitted. 00087 ‘More specifically, the subscriptions seem to be over evaluated. Also, when I compare to the circulation reports. and information submitted in 2015-2016, your circulation seems to have changed dramatically in certain categories: 5.20(1)0) Please justify the changes or revise Part F. Please note that multi-copy same addressee copies are considered sponsored copies and should be treated as such. ‘We would appreciate receiving the documents/information by Friday, January 29, 2016. Thank you, Perry Dunn ‘Agent de programme Fonds du Canada pour les périodiques Ministre du Patrimoine canadien, Gouvernement du Canada 25, rue Eddy, Be étage, bureau 116, Gatineau, Québec K1A OMS perry.dunn@ / Tél: 819-953-8968 / Télécopieur 619-994-3154 Program Officer ‘Canada Periodical Fund Department of Canadian Heritage, Government of Canada 25 Eddy Street, 8th Floor, Office 116, Gatineau, Québec K1A OMS: perty.dunn @ / Tel: 819-959-8968 / Fax: 819-994-3154 Bryan Maloney Circulation and Marketing 411 Richmond Street E., Suite 815 Toronto, ON. MSA 385 TEL (416) 971-5004 3 s.19(4) Read. Subscribe. Donate Please support the Walrus by subscribing at Aid to Publishers 2016-2017 Circulation Information Analysis Tool [Periodical Titie IMS # (last 49) [The Walrus ‘A0364 Special Categories | Periodical Type. Mag or news | Business Model numer General Interest Minimum cire | 50% paid or request | Cire Repon required | Minimum price | Canadian Ealtoriat content | Regular Magazine Paid [E13 Total Number of issues published 7 mi ("Average cire peresue [Annual cre] [Paid Circulation and Sponsored Copies IFT. Subscription Copies Sod [F2. Single Copres/Newsstand Copies So [F3. Subtotal Paid Circulation (add lines Fi and FZ) [F4. Sponsored Copies [F5. TOTAL PAID CIRCULATION AND SPONSORED COPIES (add lines Faiand Fa) Request Circulation: F6_ Direct Request Copies IF7. Other Request Copies, [F8. Subtotal Request Circulation (add lines Fé and F7) INon-Pald Circulation IF9. Controled Copies IF10. Complimentary Copies, [F11. TOTAL NON-PAID CIRCULATION (add lines Fé te Fi) [F12, TOTAL CIRCULATION (edd lines FS and FT) (Residual Copies [F13. Office, Uncirculated Copies, Spoled Copies, Newsstand Hatumns [F1& TOTAL COPIES PRINTED (add ines Figand Fig) id ital Edition 15, Digital Copies Assoctatod to he Parogica (Revenues related to periodical ———SCSCSCSCSCSCSCSCSCSCSCSCSCSCSCSTSCSCOCS IH1. Subscription Copies Sold [H2. Single Copies Sold to Individuals and Newsstands PAID CIRCULATION Z {50% paid circulation ((F5 / F12)* 100) 7 at least 5,000 (or 2,500) paid copies (F3) total paid cire and sponsored copies (F5) PRICES CRITERIA: Minimum average subscription price per year (H1 / F1) Minimum average subscription price per copy r (H1/F1)/E13 Minimum average single-copy price (H2 / (F2X E13)) REQUEST CIRCULATION: Atleast 80% oquest creation (F812) * 100) | atleast 5,000 request copies (F6) | Circulation report needed G.4C-CAV-CnPPE-PPPIFCP.CPUTP\Team Members\Pery Dun\2016:20171The Waitv\Ce Too 16-17 The Wales 5.20110) 00060 Aid to Publishers 2016-2017 Circulation Information Analysis Tool (Periodical Tile RIMS # (last 4) [The Walrus ‘0364 Special Categories | Periodical Type. Wag or news | Business Model Consumer General Regular ee Magazine Paid Minimum cire | 60% paid or request [Cire Report required] Minimum price _| Canadian Editorial content [Ei3-Total Number of issues published a ‘Average cire per, ‘Annual ce [Paid Circulation and Sponsored Copies IF1. Subscription Copies Sold IF2. Single Copies/Newsstand Copies Said [F3. Subtotal Paid Circulation (add lines Fi and F2) IF4. Sponsored Copies 1 [Fe TOTAL PAID CIRCULATION AND SPO ‘SPONSORED COPIES (add nes Faand Fay tT f [Request creation rect Request Copies F7. Other Request Copies { [F8. Subtotal Request Circulation (add ines F6 and F7) | [NonPard Gireutation t IFS. Controled Copies [F10. Complimentary Copies FI1. TOTAL NON-PAID CIRCULATION (add lines FS to F10)\_[_ \Z ‘ [FIZ TOTAL CIRCULATION (aaa tines FS and FD) oI | t Residual Copies ay 1g. Ofc, Unorolaied Copies, Spoted Cones, Newastand Agus T FTa, TOTAL COPIES PRINTED (add ines Fil and FAS) | I L Digial Eaiion (Pee Digtal CoDes Associated ots Pano, H [Revenues related to periodical IH1. Subscription Copies Sold [H2. Single Copies Sold to Indi PAID CIRCULATION 50% paid circulation (FS /F12)* 1 a at least 5,000 (or 2,500) paid cc total paid cire and eponsored: cont prices criteria: §=— (\) Minimum average subscript Minimum average subscription, (HI /F1)/ E13 Minimum average single-coly price (He /(F2X E13) | REQUEST CIRCULATIC at least 50% request ¢ per year (H1 /F1) er copy (culation ((F8 / F12)* 100) at least 5,000 request copies (F6) | Circulation report needed (GAC-CAUC.CHPPE:PPP\FCP-CPRATP\Team MembarePery Dunn 2016-2047\The WaltsiGe Tool 16-17 The Wals pene 00064 GC Links-Basic CPF-ATP Assessment (The Walrus) Recommendation (Page 1) = Project Information ‘Application 1D ‘A “ation Identifier Chau Name Project Name Project Start Date Project End Date Project Fiscal Year RIMS File Number Application Status Commitment Item Summary Commitment Item Current Owner Fiscal Year of last payment Funding Type GAF Received Date GAF Requested Amount Application Fiscal Year Funding Method Bas Triage Treatment: 178942 (064247-20162017-2-1 WALRUS FOUNDATION (THE) ‘The Walrus 2016-04-01 2017-03-31 20162017 7400-2ATP/16-17-0364 Under Assessment CPF: Aid to Publishers (6) Canada Periodical Fund MacLean 20152016 Program 2015-11-20 1.00 20152016 Grant ATP Recommendation Number of Copies Funded To Quality Review Recommendation Reasons for Recommendation [WALRUS FOUNDATION (THE) - The Walrus of this application, Perry Dunn 2016/01/28 PO Recammendatiok Notes QR Notes (QR. Completed, File approved. ow Lae Ze (continued) = The publishing firm and the periodical meet al eligibility criteria and program requirements, Therefore, I recommend the approval 00082 GC Links-Basic CPF-ATP Assessment (The Walrus) Recommendation (Page 2) Next Page 00063 Canadian Patrimoine Heritage canadien Mr. Bryan Maloney JUN 01 2016 Circulation and Marketing Manager ‘The Walrus Foundation B15-411 Richmond Street East Toronto, Ontario MSA 385 Title of Programming: The Walrus Dear Mr. Maloney: On behalf of the Minister of Canadian Heritage, it is my pleasure to inform you that your application for funding has been approved. ‘A grant in the amount of $291,850 will be awarded to help your organization carry out its activities, under the Canada Periodical Fund, Aid to Publishers Component. This funding will be allocated over one government fiscal year 2016-2017 and will be subject to terms and conditions, the appropriation of funds by Parliament, and the budget levels of the Program. You will find additional information on applicable terms and conditions enclosed in the Manager’s letter, Nadia Laham, In closing, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and the members of your organization the greatest success in your endeavours. Sincerely, a— fean-Frangois Bernier ‘Director General Cultural Industries Canada ® 0084 Patrimoine Canadian canadien Heritage ‘Aig to Publishers ~ Canad Periodical Fund 25 Eddy Steet, 25.8.0 ‘Gatineau, Quchex KIA OMS ‘Subject: Aid to Publishers, Canada Periodical Fund (CPF) ~ 2016-2017 Application Dear Publisher: Lam writing to provide you with some important information related to your 2016-2017 grant funding. Please note the following requirements and conditions: Changes to « publishing firm and periodical If your publishing firm and/or periodical undergo any changes to their status, such as, a change of ownership ora change of address, you must immediately advise the CPF. For complete details about changes, read subsection 5.5 of the Applicant’s Guide. Use of financial support - Eligible activities Publishers must spend funding from the Aid to Publishers to support the operations of the eligible periodical being funded. Funds may not be spent on ineligible periodicals. Furthermore, publishers must spend funding on any of the following activities related to an eligible periodical: Creation (writing, editing, photography, illustration, and design); Production (pre-press and printing); ‘Marketing; Distribution; Website development and enhancement; and Digital periodical associated with an eligible periodical. Acknowledgement of financial support Please note that all funding recipients must publicly acknowledge the financial support received from the Government of Canada in all communication materials and promotional activities related to the funding agreement, such as advertising, promotional and program materiels, public announcements, speeches, websites, social media, etc. ‘© The funding recipients may acknowledge the financial support, in English or French, depending ‘on the official language in which the periodical is published. + The funding recipients may only use the "Canada" wordmark for a periodical that is published in a language other than English or French. ‘Ifthe finding support was only received from the Government of Canada, the funding recipients may only use the "Canada" wordmark. Canada ® Please ensure that the acknowledgement is prominently displayed in the masthead or an acknowledgement page at the front of the publication, ‘The Department’s Guide on the Public Acknowledgement of Financial Assistance will assist you in complying with the requirements, as well as providing the technical specifications for the "Canada" wordmark. It can be found at the following addres 2017-2018 Aid to Publishers Funding Cycle ‘The 2017-2018 Applicant’s Guide is expected to be issued in October 2016 and will be posted on our website at Should you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail at lical fund., ot by telephone at 1 866-811-0055 (toll free in Canada). wish you much success with your periodical, ‘Sincerely, Mote Nadia Laham Manager, ‘Canada Periodical Fund — Aid to Publishers AOB6Y car lan Hertage - Grants and Contributions Batch Payment Form (Grant) oneacatintar SAP heta Soin hamradio ta hone Reuced Recoemnaed Append Biron ‘Section 94 L cle PLP JUNOT 2016 anna Tet pe te ATIP NOTE: Bost copy available 00087

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