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‘omen FEDORA TEAL sO wn REA = ONOVON "afore Jom as sot ep unectnage ‘oo teens esa THE WALRUS TALKS Conversations about Canada: ‘They Desire aBetter Country ‘MARCH, 2017 JUNE, 2017 saws 1 PANES aac oF omen OrCAD { ad SOF ae? Canad amas 50 mary of ate 287 pa mons me cyt aos net Lorsinpienaie eee aoe as Sate ES Secu prt Cia rh tf ina ee nw tee + Rede Cain wi pens ely rice nr eta ger rong ngs ‘pendent a npr a wc tC + Ripa mt upon amu oe percent net cine pe ‘Bruen of ann) ng pone eC 1s 1 St demic Co rt es SDornn beni nt nn itt Wl ie Aig, ‘Muar nry ous cbsSe ommas ne pr pen fre em eden ne nosy in ‘Sing ina’ ane n. Agta oe roms at a he i rn st ie pin heen ar ceil pod a sao tt 130 te ny ue i gun Pog lan we aie we Jor (on nes ray pt Ee es {Eimer yo men ti Een or oy Me 2,28 ea ml oii -Coa 3i Matar Ferenc phasors cna 150 Fd Page 2087 Canad LT apni 2 fe ee Pl at he pet at pnt a yo pa ict nares mina ‘Gn nt sr pa a an ‘oe no cin eo Gren of Cn pt it Lin em) fhe ep ose an) the rep here an ot ce La = a | Races | | = |. cme |; Semavr mioysea"| | Seen 1 <— bo =a —| eee bain, Wh na memati i i ean yam) ne ym so ee ln, Wana Pag 3007 Canad | EIS oaig den pate sa seams oe EO HENS) ‘Sct acnaa caisson petra Was VWs ‘srr ae vnc aye en pas Ltr Mer aetna Fin oid ea cng caine, | ‘eosin rinncr deme Sr aed ndsgme Sey etme | Eencrmeonloaraap | ‘ew rin pty nonin prec gc | ‘Remus cure ue pense cl cn wc op pot paso ‘Sime cmp oes ear Co see Mo Na oar ‘arene [eto [17 Atma Tene] 1 ect Coen sa ie scampi con ea» Pench ie "he Wal Tas Cert Cm Tey Die ete Cay 22 Peg Sutin YYYYADEDD 1a yur pepe cn Ce Pd ove |= Sims sl tty es Co, | sence etn inspite si pe eae teste eam ‘Siena lina hh eae peor mer wae man meh hei mannan i ee Se on wl peo pepo sy an We pene en Sor nso eros aks ened ide maf sae, ying ut vn Coil Cr, | ie oa Eat ara Sn Cua ent ncn is Mew Do oa, sie Rape yes De Ma Wit aoa Kas ese Kec et Sg Sa yt ht clo Osuna, Dae Bn ers me ‘epic n ohe neme a rpeente ieatee ps| lap. any du gn pe Te i es aes SSR tnt monn tno ope ara ce ln raw nee hn pig Cnn net The ai ‘creek canyon pas Te sae nc ra te Caan etn sri ewes ea pay Soe Eminence, Neue om Ss ct wa Cet set Co ie rsa ge rien rio ith ih oe Seite feat oma cance aon ete fon oe {Stat eam il nent ir reap pgp Soe a scree ants Wels coc Sere ah sean fe ene G's eon it ey meget ee Semen Camus way wc er apse on eg emma oe Spam comer, eal cro ae cg pa yy Cn ‘ee fs awe tants i wed pepe, an wr oes one a iv aateentenn pts nae Wea ge ane sun a i ein fai pe min rn het nasser spe saan a ‘nese cht rs pana el eo met oe Slay; ef one Wena pbem opal ne | tite ain ern ne itary Copa gw ase nn STS [StetsieMlnies tome Comet ne nretirsmer ool remem ah nd ‘Soe gy ee es hp pred et api ase of 0 arin SEEUAEG isan ety itso a nesta ‘Sonn ine ena Ce cig War, he Waal annem ofr pen ee Tha sc . ese) Pvc Trice =| 3yte (eSSen | (mee + Gongpelon witha oe Oat 0S ar ont 0d Pasar? Canada a + Recomm —x {eos coe cn fog! ws Neneny pr nhc Leiecmsseren [mlm en ce Rat Sy ‘ny a pata a i pan cui rnd re sh en erect penne is marae + Intype singin een ep 1S 2069 sm ii compas | —* The Dwpr f d nt presen, evade Co on (ee * Tee (Con Rnd re NOTE: Me ib sg ng te 1-206 ote 50 Fund ae 7 067 Canad eee cesar Pee mesis racer I ar Ranr RaaaneS mT feof a, So are doa Rae fs Comino errs Prorang sae (ae) trove Fra Fstop decay [ROC PT Fo FTE lstng ovprven’ tyes twncr |i) Netnown comme fests eng tyourcomerron frees tndne say ater p Inept been ety Fr Pomsrom are [st tro nd ane oe oe — OTT TOT fate ara [seanereqn nae TE PROTECT ASSESSMENT Th Aten of Pron ig ihe Poet rrl nope nd [hepato eens aE lesan tn ic reo, fscmend ot dont comin nah [s.r permite eben mere tan Iori beans [nc aero wrt pcb cet fe oem cnr ssesonon cata owmonsnar recs sett cous [3 hee wrcptn atone wat pes poco aT eee rea femetingb ntact ape Is-me pee atersam apnntyr fener [rea ta poe Wo bate an Jones sence thao freon enerare [> esata [Stereo noah ae Eemcetencecses feominsemnentacencen” Ml [en ieycmonenyssneran frescos earn ery fwbenenenr Jnana Senco Income spartan serene, (nro nan gorearedio testa ern era ee noes pa oe ol Te re en FORE [omens ot toque cert. eee tts om {some enone [ornate or ley lsd aparece [eyes ba roe sesso carenia umonsae rx [pa ect eeShCoo [Te pai cic ae ano frttcentetynpponthe veto caar kab fier othecoce sarin. \ieeandth cctv tn Caen 30 [s.r poet obese try wl Jens nett anh pt rele man artes tne as 5 l-rh pj ott pc and fens ann apa os Seon owes sro mae ne feat onan 50 fed [arate aires comcoeaher levine er [ese lee ope pepe apc a ow [FSP HORTS TCT [clon ah daberyetthe ” [aepet cana wb sce he ppese serene waa he sry ee ee [ip wa cen ie — Te pap desta fart sosene) apres astute opt and [tren undue lor money? corals sesso ene sri 5 sexu commoes fi eso tery Sed, Tra Seat [emote metaoned rer says proc tat pre cetera ato foson oxi oem rt ltr ecnanres wii on cra free seat soon. Bopp on for coner rec np, cna i b> osebig acs faces fara co [See orn sone bi oar (Soiuadaeebeaaaaa Pr pt hrf ba aa cna Linear, oon perso ota ss rea Sader Canada 150 Fond General Application Form | iia r= Ra i FR a od TT re aS TR TS TT eis - line datatataisentas onto Seer cae chem tata tr say pian’ Cen fini Fae a ARS OT “ent ma tp ee > Fre ci pe gt a ie oa aie > EE on syn Capi tm i cma emececcmetcetetatnt ee ora Seda mrdeee nee aeteinearaat eee eee na eae phietigs er dene ep at rai Canan canoe rein en ern ap pape con ea Emon me oan fr een penn nee Sa (Siete enna te li “ areata sia ead Canad ew oma ne ay mai ea eh ‘inosine | ond ae aa ae pea ‘hobo en ee neo ae Souluepoaied mensandoukvasd acetate te lier sare danyoscn Prin ke ide mfp ai Man A i Cre Rh ey etn ie esi Kt ayes yh ee Sue ee ca nt See ce far po peg a chs a "Ecsta in eet Ore Oe Pg vy ag So Pepe chr incre aay qe pn soot ner pec ea pop een ee es yee cpm” ages Canadet ‘Pisin etn rag tos Sn mh ‘est ns tus ei ans tse Ca rom oor = Ingres entra he pn aye pi ney Raaccuntunay ponte krtea ce hedonic natant tiger | sen re | onto, “SB dere etre encicarn ade you poe raped) tf hontanrenam natrierasrntartteray [apreneeaiame ——TeEwr enn \ “ oo Cu rach wb no hands of eat Th V poem server [a SS nrerimnein graeme, |aacraremet | nie rang roe fShcany |Soup accent | iy ae aetna (Seen [ewer [Soeeeceragem i fannie ime | Shaves ant See ee Canad rw oatintean rae 7of9 Za ETS, nf nh [Sater ericcned an sonra tlina? [ye [wi a cinta arbor Canad eee oa te Niles Paget Canadtt en ge oor canada 180 Fad Clow Budget oon ‘The Walrus Foundation The Walrus Foundation Inkpen Nr Ret Seat of Change ate a) q+5 FEARLESS. WITTY. THOUGHTFUL. CANADIAN Derren i Conta ot nena ate a Feraten, Harker yu grt ‘gon 0 ‘rot woe fan ae tang noc of cane ot andere ae he “cum nt mga weeps erin nh are eating fs 9 ‘uy cates omotacener. resign re ttl a ‘min ate, ane oes por etnguste Caracas ra {er pollen santero antrgeey att ent Ment pr enter ut oer rar rater ear nh om Iearaam ne ase enrages sk Cae. In 24, we comin ae tris sped by De page tthe tage {reise WalusTas seer sees, tig hs om io SCSiterman er nenrsmntin ar Inte gta man we srt he Gor Gc’ ey as ‘ete oe peste tug rontten or rer Moa Hr ae Cher abe toca opr’ wih Gv Gare efor ts area Ege ui sana rent ‘Seok showeating ney nang pereranee fen see fo Mane sree Mae Dectar ‘evs onion on prot ren reco ot et wit ‘nik. we og en peng and cenesren cont cr wr as ftom rei Fant wurples ara atre oal ars Iam ar han! yasmin the ef copie Song nth ose rant Pres book ey One ee Soy iv a ees {nefarcrone cue, when tele tor ne ne nacany ‘lec wien rnb Caran sch Jeph oye, aa Wi eats se oi arena rca Cra tage & ‘Stee crm nhs camorie ugar ta Soptember ut {tear Sprzond by Erg he ote nue weer so {oer and naiae heb nats hp Cra preae ‘Sete us erator eset repre we ‘aoc tls ake oper omega conry oto te estes iro caput core Ue eee aes te ‘ame tranto anno arent contr gar at Se srietcanes henge ote ner along ot eae pettus prraip with hon, Hier rac, ‘mmr eos toon eaxttrl const on near ate, West scan pratt hn ting ocr etree Once Ee Sn inaFo iy otitis ‘The January/February 2014 double issu represents a milestone for The Walrus magazine: the 100th edition. Init, Concordia University’s Joseph Rosen ‘explores why Cenadians have such a hard time talking about larsel. Rosen ‘questions whether there isa possibility for rel dialogue in an stmosphere of| charged emotions and linguistic differences where the lsracli-Palestinian conflict looms large, | ota arenstebesertr ieee ace onde Bde — | Se Meera 6.5 24 See Exons ‘Mark Leiren-Young, inthe October sau, tells the story of Moby Doll and how ‘bungled hunt rumed killer whale into star attractions —and launched the ‘modi conservation moversent. Leiren-Young examines the before and after period of orca Moby Doll's capture and the lasting impact the whale had on dobal environmental activism, ener Uns rset thee Tae Labatt thought poking sees seu! the flue ot owt Cnacs Jo Lil, an Rr atari arcuate ‘Award-winning orite Charles Foran profiles author Joseph Boyden in the ‘April issue highlighting Boyden impact on Canadian literature and the way hhe explores his First Nations rect through fetion. Foran posits tht, because Boyden's public profile is as prominent as his work, he could be a “bridge between different Canadas that need to better connect” Boyden explores his First Nations identity, epeciallyin his most recent novel, Te Orenda;n doing 0, he gives Canadians a model of aoeptance and intercultural dialogue, ett halale Peak bear hla Rareurredats teeton he Corn Gort erring (NN The annual July/August Summer Reading issue presents fresh takes on old crimes, Celebrated Canadian writers Stephen Marche, Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer, and Jessica Grant reinvent the mystery story, exploring the colsion of statistics and crime, the instr side of youth and the struggle to control one’ primal impulses. The issue also features poetry by Alexandra (liver and Mark Callanan, ose Ma ema odo Semi te Ge orNe Saas Inthe November issu of Th Walrus, noted author and writer Jasmine Buda investigates the growing backlash agsinst vaceines. Why are more parents ‘choosing to forgo vaccination, and what do these controversial choices ‘mean for public health? Drawing on interviews with parents and doctors, ‘Budak discusses how society should respond to ent-vaceinatars and ques- ‘tions whether vaccination is purely an individual decision, AWALRES EWAL aS ie sion cao aanet = hee aime Econo Cae: Genote neat Ocotn mpuaten nde eye eCard In the January/February double issu, the University of Ottawa's Michael Kempa gives readers an inside look atthe uphill batle to reform the RCMP. Todays RoNP site in the eye ofa storm, resulting from more than «decade of| public-relations disasters, including the G20, Kempa discovers that despite preliminary steps the RcME still has a long way to go before public perception ofthe force changes forthe beter. abe argent Rae py Inthe magazine: Eaewras on the stage: ony: sie oars (webu ard ens on the Web: Your favourite things our most popu magasine articles, vide and lag poste published in 2014 Hague aie Aube Sen Cire Pode pte on post Cee Partnerships: ‘heap art pre Ende, es reser be a Stay Tne sn), byERY OBJECT [co Photography Prise reso 02 A ‘ter of Ontario oe ones Une Oppenai He rosie wena wth tee aera Walrus Foundetion Gala Soci ie ray aaa oo ‘Thank you for your gift sn 2016. Then you for demonstrating your belle in Canada where communities are connected, informed, and engaged in issues relating to cttzenship and culture tere neg Fem aunt St Fate oe eae ‘ha Foftin teal ae re ‘ust! Pe Slagh Farty Feandation = {ihe Aa Sight Wren ary ‘Shih ler earfeting maton puseseree Financial Snapshot 2014 EXPENSES ou Balance Sheet ABILITIES AND EQUITY Thank you for your support. sheer Ambrose OS ‘sso in C's cna ers 207 mas te 50 Ara te Oder (Camas inadon urndak ratn ri ‘The Chat fans suport Was Fn’ ppl of 2017 ees {ihe lam ofthe pln or soa soe ecu het aed the mat fhe Or f Cas We il er gnc on be secon of 5) meer fhe Order o ‘pe ath cen and we a peed ht ther pears wl cae omen dee The Chasey wel every opt shoe unr dg es iin he Ore of Caden nee ut oT ha gn wh ou al hone, ao evoke pie in Caran fun a was fie dng armas Ddetlooro -prucaiow con nconeoRaTiON 1 ConPoramion WITHOUT SHARE CAPTAL TO. THEMANSTER OF NoUSTRY. ‘The untrsons trey sp oth Mater ef ny seigeste peat ner tahoe te ‘tow be pron aodes tb res ep a ‘THE VALRUS FOUNDATION ‘Tre undergrad taeslfog tamasves a ass hat ‘0 prone nms user ach nexporaton soup sate te ‘Snlarte he ane une wich ary aw canpry Sosy. soto efi, ‘Rxoncs sain basen orator Penrod art ae Sei ny ower tru eenser nacre (Fenas concorae tenis oben en mie “Te apc ae cin of 8 il ag gen ye wth evar under iwis cna The no, and Cota eect ow ‘Sa eo owe sees Ray seat sates “The seis Karnes Alen, anes OR a Jara Saber wie Het ecereofe Coparaon “The oct of Caperaton isto mvancn ean by 1. epaing and sperarng creme seminar a woop on ‘Sa ecrom’ cane anaes nun nd Cres ee Bentewora’ 2 canara ama ero De pb owl eri, ‘omatonayeare eee caren 2. proning stag nd brain rts ae tar othe rpon'ronowent soca. oor cates raat ‘aio Ganas anise biaraay w “Te cprson te Capron maybe cri en rughet conta and dete ‘Tre place wn Cana Res ote othe Caran (eto beshasad nth yo Foran te Prova of Ores. is sect rod bat nb ret ot Secon ewig weet te Capon al teeing ester pamert ti al “Tre bya ene Coporten dal hse Hes wh olan eres Petr epee, ane sre ae ‘The Caperadon it cay on puree eu pose tot menbua ena rt ar saree Copan ae thd hpremaing neces cy ERGO Tom mtg Rote Ota oe ee TF Canada THE WALRUS TALKS PHILANTHROPY TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 24,2015 ISABEL BADER THEATRE ‘Tes apap em ee doing erg wit a, Reig ele tgea at wexcoue seaTuant ttt pep as atin ee oped gy ge oe Sek nga ‘rn ac Este soe io ed ime Pen re gg a d ee Pago eg eg an Ne Teo Sutil ne el ny, tenn a ny ec ‘ed rr ed ere Epa a ny cuosneennasey stg pesca THEWALRUS.CA_¢WAURUSTALKS RB.COM rwaLRUS whe san T stauy ssmnccensn THE WALRUS TALKS a st Narrative Sammary with Budget dete Project fermion Aten 1D Application enter Project Name Projet Start Date Proj a Date Project Fl Year Aptcatin Saar Panding Type Appleton Foca Your Funding Method reject een WALRUS FOUNDATION crHE) ‘The Wols Tals Canerstion shou Cade: They Dees ter Coma 10- Sita nitive -Commenenson Cana (©) Brame ‘The als Fountain an nerd 2000 ct optics adn Toe Ona, wit {edo mandaeo gets mat alo Caan The Foun delete ‘Sponges ott en up pong overt “The Wan ound is ue pr nde he Mie ulihng Industry Developmen Popa ‘cei The sca aed npn en “The Wala Foundation i proposing ne: petal esol Caaa 50 eso Wala Tas Met vey vine adtatry "cle The Wate Yale Cacao Cal Tey estes eter Cun 1 as wile ellen March ge 2017 a wil emg (Canlan ncn gh ec fe iveenang fn cet wes ondenon Wale ‘rata gh he Want prin The onal ib pacar cao of Caan Poole pass noeemens an crs at sh our ony Ese wil be oes incon ed tan pn Js Haru Vial ro, tvcling ede dot Mar foo ‘Sb af he eth aera othe Ode of Cana 0 oft 108 err ths anal or wk ‘membre Oro Comer eae we esentstvesfenAboia oll Iguage my: ems nl oath oman Than wile 8 0 Cas an ‘Sthe commana Cand’ ps, rst and eae Key Acti and ape Ress os 1 ho te he of Ca: They Dose eter Cay” sce Rene Mah ane, Atk wl bell inch pwn an ty een gig isin 30 1.00 ae. “Prov ee scaing buon ewan nd Wale Ta a as a pb St ot in ‘he Wats apie ‘The roped cts il vie a cope fr Cains 4.0 f vais ack ‘ela sip pope es en evr ht sap an cou shape he sry an ae Conte i api hh apa epee Aplin sil ormizng an esc eens hs dons is suppor forthe ret an ware uy sakcholaers he ben engage. Where ‘Seremeats for clr are required evar the ses etery ‘sepa otrbtre an cored hc paren T'Tweoweraf Camas GC Ra, CBC TN, Atri News Resin pte ch cy pie [3h projet we clive of Atria communi, a ange noi community tne alr communi: a Sth Ariat avery ncaa. A apt ope wll wll een The prot betes arse andrea and dary supp he ete othe Canada 50 Pen ‘The roped cites il oie opty fo the ess ee Cao sey piste tnd clebae og, rot and alg eer ane Cana aps a ‘ens be Can and [eso a pamot cet Caan pel ples, cee at i otic shape corm, ‘Th Walt ve he hap ee, they have never rani le fina hon ne ‘apc Newt tae Te props approach wl al Tora theproket sf and inl deer of Cnpnzton shige nd wl be alto opie hes 13 tk in? mas 7h prot i ten rec he eid age an ror esa tha epee Sod Ya for mone. ‘Torpizsion as coneon the cm wll Me ing wate and lier ie [erecta tty ee meant OY) Applian ws espns ur et or more bt al rogram Oe’ Comments ‘Ave 500 Fi Adie hal Sore apne eats cl Ye 2016017 Category tom coy J i ZT i if ‘omen Det Comment Cnt ie Regues Rom [sio0000 Toa. som0.00 [EE coc il Wel Sap ster = See ee meres ee Ht Hil Ha Ha en ee

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