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Resource Management
Assignment # 3
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Ms. Zara Sabeen
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Abida Hussain
Jaweria Zubair


Kishwar Noreen


Hira Mustafa


Recruitment & Selection

Soft Touch Laundry

As it is explained earlier that the position of Operation Manager is going to be vacant and it is
shown in replacement chart, that position will be filled by choosing the individual from the
current supervisors with suitable skills for that position. Hence one supervisory position will also
become vacant and for that purpose hiring will be done from outside. The whole recruitment
process is going to discuss later below.
Soft Touch way to recruitment:
Soft touch laundry will do recruitment for its vacant positions in following ways:
Internal recruitment:
Soft touch laundry will do internal recruitment for the position of Operating Manager and for this
purpose promotion will be done from the current supervisors of company, who will meet the
required criteria for this position.
External recruitment:
Soft touch will do external hiring for the position of supervisor that will become vacant due to
promotion for Operating Manager position. For hiring externally Soft Touch laundry will place
an advertisement in news paper for vacancy of supervisory position.
Recruitment of supervisor in Soft Touch
The following will be the recruitment process for Supervisory position:
Job posting:
Soft Touch will carry an external recruitment for the position of supervisor as described earlier.
For this purpose job vacancy posting will be advertised through local news paper of Islamabad
and national Jang and Nawa-e-Waqt. The requirements of application in the position will be
Education: Applicants should have Bachelor or MBA degree with concentration in management.
Experience: No experience is necessary for this position but candidates having experience in
same field will be given priority.

Skills: Good in interpersonal relationships, good oral and written communication, good decision
making, excellent to do teamwork and having managerial skills.
Once the job posting will be done, resumes will be received by the candidates and that will make
the selection process to start in order to recruit the individual for supervisor position.
Selection process of Supervisor in Soft Touch laundry
Soft Touch will carry the selection very carefully so that the company can ensure that it hired the
right individual for the right position and that individual has all necessary skills and is capable of
performing all tasks that are necessary for the position of Supervisor. For this reason, Soft touch
laundry will do number of steps to filter out the best candidate for this position.
1. Sorting of resumes:
Firstly sorting of resumes will be done and this will be done according to the
requirements provided in job posting. All the resumes will be screened out according to
the education and skills and only those resumes will be selected in which provided
information will be matched to the criteria given in advertisement.
2. Interview of candidates:
After sorting the resumes of and getting the pool of candidates, selected
candidates will be informed about the interview date and timings and location where the
interview will be held through the phone calls. Each candidate will be interviewed
separately in one-to-one interview process. The interview will be conducted by the panel
of three interviewers. In which almost one interviewer will be the outsider that will be
arranged for this purpose. Different situations will be provided to the candidates in order
to check how they will respond to various situations that can occurred during job. Oral
communication skills of candidates and knowledge about the responsibilities for the
position will be mostly judged in the interview.
3. Reference and certificate check:
Once the selection will be done, references and certificates of selected candidates
will be checked out in order to ensure that the information provided by potential
candidate is true or not.
4. Reviewing the final decision:
Before taking the final step, possible potential candidates once again will be
evaluated against each other in order to determine who is the best candidate for this job
with respect to the responsibilities of position, skills required for job and ability to
perform the all job activities well.
5. Job offer:
Once the final decision will be taken, joining letter will be sent to selected
candidate. And other final candidates will also be informed about the result of preceding
selection process.

Training & Development in Soft Touch Laundry

Orientation at Soft Touch Laundry:

Soft Touch laundry provides its newly hired employees an orientation program that is quite
formal in nature. This Orientation program covers following aspects:
Brief introduction to the company
Work ethics and norms in company
Core values of the company
Code of conduct acceptable in company
What are the performance standards?
Employee Training in Soft Touch Laundry:
Soft Touch Laundry provides its new employees training and development opportunities in order
to enhance their skills and knowledge and make them able to perform their jobs at a high
potential and to create satisfaction in them regarding their tasks of job.
Training for Operating Manager:
New promoted Operating Manger will get training of almost 1 week in order to make him
understand his responsibilities and duties. And also make him able to perform his tasks well in
future. For this position training will be given in order to enhance his managerial skills, improve
his decision making abilities and problem solving. Various of-the-job training methods will be
used like simulations and managerial gaming in order to enhance the skills of new employee.
Training for supervisor:
For this position on-the-job training will be provide to the newly hired supervisor by providing
him the buddy that will be the other supervisor of the company. That buddy will provide help to
new supervisor in understanding the work and ways to do particular tasks.
Employee Development at Soft Touch Laundry:
Soft Touch also provides its employees the opportunities for their personal growth. It will held a
lot of seminars for top positions in order to enhance their knowledge and increase their logical
thinking, problem solving and other skills that can help them in their future. Moreover at lower
level job will be rotated so that other workers can also get knowledge about how to perform
other tasks and how all jobs in the company are interconnected and all help to achieve overall
organizational goals.