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Dangerous activities like extreme skiing, bungee jumping etc.

and whether you support them

or not.(Ar kayak, bungee atlama vb. Ve onlar destekleyip desteklemediiniz gibi tehlikeli
Extreme sports such as parachuting, bungee-jumping and scuba-diving have burgeoned to become
popular activities today. Some people think that they are good sports for a stronger personality, while
others argue they are very dangerous and harmful. I am inclined to believe that these sports are in
fact dangerous and they should not be promoted.The following paragraphs will analyze their
inevitable dangers and suggest other better sports for people to participate.
First of all, extreme sports are dangerous and risky.These forms of sports generate high levels of
risks and there are always chances of unfortunate events that will happen .For example, a research
study conducted by Yale University in 2014 has found nearly 4000 cases of injuries from extreme
sports in the USA alone.
Second of all, there are a variety of other forms of sports that are just as exhilarating and interesting
as extreme sports for people to play.They not only are safer but also bring to players a feeling of
relaxation and entertainment.As an example, sports such as tennis, football and horse-racing are
tremendously fun to play and also safe.
In conclusion,extreme sports are indeed dangerous and there are many other safer types of sports
that people should participate in instead. (202)
Unknown words: Burgeoned: Gelimeye balamak. / Harmful: Zararl / I am inclined to believe
that: Buna inanma eilimindeyim./ nevitable: Kanlmaz. / Suggest: Tavsiye etmek. / n fact:
aslnda./ Promote: tevik etmek. / Participate: katlmak,ortak olmak. / Generate: meydana getirmek./
Chances: anslar / Unfortunate: talihsiz./ Event: Olay. / Conducted: yrtlen. Exhilarating:
Neelendirici./ Bring: getirmek,kazandrmak,neden olmak,vermek. / Entertainment: Elence.
Environment pollution is too alarming to be managed by individuals. Real change can be made
at the government level. What extent do you agree or disagree. (evre kirlilii bireyler tarafndan
ynetilemeyecek kadar endie vericidir. Gerek deiim, hkmet dzeyinde yaplabilir. Hangi lde
katlyorsunuz ya da katlmyorsunuz.)
Climate has been changing since past many years owing to innumerable reasons. Some people are
thinking that the governments should make changes at the upper level to protect atmosphere, while
others argue that individuals are responsible to take initiative towards environment change and their
impact. I am inclined to believe that both government and individual are equally have to take part in
order to stop polluting environment.
First of all, people are making huge amount of carbon dioxide emission every days. Thus,
individual have to understand the ramifications are arising in many forms. For example, because of
tremendous amount carbon dioxide emission, temperature is increasing day by day, melting polar
ice and rising sea level, which will draw to drastic consequences in the globe.
Second of all, the governments are in high command, and they can build phenomenon to diminish
pollution issue, which is rising since past era. Environment pollution has sparked the controversy
over the potential effect of this trend on marketing, advertising and fossil fuel in the recent time just
because of governments are lagging behind to sustain environment. As an example, studies shown
that Indian population rising, and pollution also ameliorating, though, government has taken only 45
corrective decisions in last three decades.
In conclusion, every person is equally responsible as government, and both have to work together
to develop pollution free society for the generation.(229)
Unknown words: innumerable reasons: saysz neden / protect: korumak / responsible :
sorumluluk sahibi / initiative: inisiyatif / impact : etki / equally : Eit olarak / huge : kocaman /
amount of carbon dioxide emission : karbondioksit emisyonu miktar / Thus : Bu yzden /
ramifications : sonular / arise: ortaya kmak / tremendous : muazzam,heybetli / melting polar ice
: eriyen kutup buzu / draw : izmek / drastic : sert,iddetli / consequences : sonular / command :
emir,yetki / phenomenon: harika,doast / diminish: azaltmak,eksiltmek/ era : dnem,a / spark:
tevik etmek,harekete geirmek/ marketing, advertising : pazarlama,reklamclk / recent : son gnler
/ fuel: yakt / lag: gecikmek, sustain: srdrmek,devam ettirmek / ameliorating : iyiletirici / though :
-olsa da/ corrective : dzeltici, decision: karar / every person is equally responsible : herkes eit
derecede sorumludur / develop: gelitirmek,kalkndrmak.

Climate change and about the roles that Government, Corporate and
Individuals can play to improve it. (klim deiiklii ve Hkmet, Kurumsal ve
Bireylerin iyiletirmek iin oynayabilecekleri roller.)
The global climate has been changing drastically since past decades owing to
numerous reasons and human activities. Some activists believe that environment
change is occurring due to global warming, while others says that lack of the
governments and individuals concentration leads to various atmospheric changes. I
am inclined to believe that both the government and individuals are equally
responsible for causes and their control.
Firstly, global warming is a prime reasons for the environment change. Also, the
global warming leads to rise in temperature, melting polar ice, and thus, increasing
sea levels. This is happening because of the arduous human activities; for
example, people are driving their personal car every day for commuting, which
emitting lots of carbon dioxide in the environment, and using fossil fuel.
Second, the governments and individuals have to take care of the climate in which
they are living in. The governments should run campaigns, and individual have to
follow and promote these adverts awareness into the societies. As an example, the
USA government, organising green seminars every six month in order to think,
research and provide optimal solutions to save environment, and US citizens are
actively becoming members of this seminar clubs.
In conclusion, the foregoing discussion propounds the view that, global warming is a
major concern for the nations for the climate change. Thus, both states and folks
both have to participate actively in this movement of environment change. It is
expected that cognisance of this education and further, the governments should
establish climate change guidelines to educate people.

consumer should avoid over packed products or it is

responsibility of producer to avoid extra packaging of
Tketici paketlenmi rnlerden kanmaldr veya rnlerin ek paketlenmesini nlemek iin
reticinin sorumluluundadr
These days companies are selling their products by extra packing to attract the buyers.
However, I am unconvinced and feel that the consumers should avoid purchasing such products
as it is a waste of money and resources.
Firstly, over packing of the goods increases its maximum retail price.Hence,although the
company is spending on the packing,it is the consumer who ls at loss as the company sells the
product at a higher price than needed and recovers the money spent on its packing.It is the
consumers who should realise this and avoid buying such items.
Secondly, people these days buy food products that can be consumed on the run. The plastic
and paper that is used to wrap these goods are then thrown around the place resulting in
environmental pollution .
On the other hand fast food franchisee use various attractive ways to pack their products which
then lure the kids in buying them.Children form the major proportion of the consumers of these

unhealthy foods. As a result of the consumption of these processed foods there is a rise in the
number of children suffering from obesity,diabetes etc.
To conclude, I believe it is the responsibility of the consumers to refuse products that are
overpacked as ultimately they are on the losing side.

Do you think that place where person grew has an influence on his accomplishments?
Explain with example. Region affects successful people?
Kiinin byd yerin baarlarn etkilediini dnyor musunuz? rnekle aklama. Blge, baarl
kiileri etkiler mi?
Place and environment in which a person grows plays a vital role in his life. This essay will examine
the impact of place where an individual grows on his achievements.
to begin with, rural or remote areas lack the facilities available to people living in cities and towns.
For example, there is no electricity, water, libraries, medical infrastructure and educational
institutes in villages. Due to the lack of these basic facilities, people living in these places face
many difficulties in life. Although many have the desire to study, they feel handicapped as they do
not have access to good schools and colleges around them. Very often they are poor and cannot
afford moving to cities where they can pursue education. Due to the shortage of medical facilities,
people suffer from diseases like tuberculosis, chickengunya, malaria etc. This has resulted in many
untimely deaths and malnourishment cases.
To the contrary, cosmopolitan and metropolitan cities are well developed. They have the best
facilities of health, education, housing, transport, electricity and water supply. This gives people
living in cities, better opportunities to pursue their desires. Children who wish to study can
complete their education in the best institutions. This helps them get jobs in various sectors of
employment. Ultimately, they are capable of achieving greater things in life than the people in
rural areas.
to conclude, I believe that the place in which an individual grew has an influence on his
achievements. Therefore government should develop the infrastructure in the backward areas so
that the country can make complete use of its resources and progress.

Nowadays TV has become an essential part of life. Medium to spread news &
awareness and for some it acts like a companion. What is your opinion?
Gnmzde TV hayatn nemli bir paras olmutur. Haber ve farkndalk yaymak iin orta, bazlar da
arkada gibi davranyor. Senin grn nedir?

Communication is a very important factor in today's rapidly growing

era. TV is the one of fasted broadcasting unit, Most of the time it is
more important than any other broadcasting device.
Nowadays, Every individual is influenced by the TV, because it covers
various aspects of life. Earlier days, during the black and white TV, only
Door Darshan was used to broadcast which had limited features but it
was also very much important at that time. As the technology is
changing exponentially, so it influenced TV industry. We can have
various models of TV with different size, material and quality. It is

directly impacting the life of an individual, hence it is like a companion

to many people.
Apart from its uncountable advantages, it has few limitations too.
Being a fasted medium for spreading news and awareness it may get
used for spreading communal violence, nudity etc. factor which has
impact on culture to a great extent. To illustrate that, let us look at the
case of riots took place recently in India, it was good, if it would not
have been covered on TV. In addition to that, few politicians buying
channels to mobilize their party with false commitment.
TV as seen has numerous advantages and benefits to each individual's
life. But it is a need of an hour to draw an immediate attention for
setting up protocols and policies for broadcasting. Moreover, I strongly
recommend awareness among the people that, they should be able to
recognize false communications made to them.

Companys top level authorities should get their employees in decision making process. Discuss
irketin st dzey yetkilileri, alanlarn karar verme srecine sokmaldr. Tart
In this today's competitive world every company want to do their best in all fields. Innovation and ideas
have become a part of life of each of us.
Nowadays, a lot of Company's higher management want their employee to get in decision making
process.There are lot of advantages and disadvantages
of the fact that companies should involve their employees in decision making process. We will discuss
it in detail in below paragraphs.
TO start with advantage, employees working at ground level are aware about the in and out of their
work and project , so it is will of great help in making the
profits of company. For an intance, in few manufacturing companies employees are give incentives for
each idea or innovation. So, by doing this it will
be beneficial for companies.
On the other side , when employees are taking in consideration in the decision making process,
sometimes the higher management gets in dilemma as there
are lot of ideas and innovations come in bulk. So, the management get confused which one to
implement and which one to not. For an example, sometimes
employee's idea can be harmful to the company. So the top level employees should be careful while
taking the ideas from their employees.
To conclude, it is always beneficial to encourage and employees in the decision making process as
helps in long term profit of company. So it is
Suggested that top management should give award and benefits to the employees on yearly basis
whose ideas helped in the interest of their company.

Successful sports stars and glamorous film stars are a role model for youngsters. Do u support it or
not? (Agree/Disagree)

Baarl spor yldzlar ve gsterili film yldzlar, genlerin rol modelidir. Onu destekliyor musun almaz
msn (Kabul etmek reddetmek)
todays generation is highly influenced by celebrities in sports and movies. They think of them as
their idol. I think it has its pros and cons.
To begin with, following sportsmen motivates the youth to take part in sports. This is good for the
individuals growth as a person physically as well as mentally. For example sports involving teams
help to develop social skills, sharing and communicative skills . It is also a good way of exercise for
their body. The individuals interested in movies and cinema tend to take part in stage acts , skits
and drama. This helps them lose stage fear and fear of facing public. It develops their confidence.
Nevertheless, although there are benefits there are dire consequences to it too. Many of the sports
and movie stars endorse in cigarette and alcohol brands. Adverts of these brands are displayed on
media which are perceived by the youth as something positive and desirable. Hence, they too
indulge in smoking and drinking. There are individuals who are adamant in achieving a similar
profession as that of their role models and hence drop out of schools and colleges. This results in
the rise in uneducated future citizens of the country. Some individuals who fail in achieving their
goals try to commit suicide.

To conclude, I believe that the youth should be smart enough to select their role models. I dont
think that sports and actors prove to be good role models as they have more of a negative influence
on young than positive.

Formal examinations are the only effective way to assess a student's performance.
Continual assessment such as coursework and projects is not a satisfactory way to
do this.
Resmi snavlar rencinin performansn deerlendirmenin tek etkili yoludur. Kurs ve projeler gibi
srekli deerlendirmeler bunu yapmak iin tatmin edici bir yol deildir.

The assessment methods of students ability at the university level

are now undergoing many conceptual changes in the recent times.
Traditionalist would argue that formal examination is the best
approach in analysing the academic performance of a student, but
researches, of late, have continuously proved the superiority of
course work and projects in judging the comprehensive ability of a
In the first place, formal examinations can, sometimes, generate
exam phobia among students, as they are usually conducted at the
end of the term, which certainly means that students are forced to
study an extensive syllabus. This would generate a great amount of
stress and fear among many students. In such circumstances,
students may not be able to perform to the best of their potential,
which is a drawback of this type of assessment. On the other hand,
continuous assessment and course work help students to approach
examinations in a relaxed manner. Such examinations take place
throughout the year, which means students do not have to study the
whole syllabus at the end of the term.

Secondly, formal examinations mainly test the rote memory of

students, whereas continuous assessments and project work help
students do a great deal of research and discover information by
themselves. The second method, certainly tests the creative ability
of students in a more efficient way as compared to formal
In conclusion, course work and project works have proved to be
much more effective in assessing the comprehensive ability of
students. Such methods have benefited students in approaching
examinations in a very relaxed manner.
Large shopping malls are replacing small shops. you opinion. good or
Kk dkkanlar byk alveri merkezlerinin yerini alyor. Sen
dnmek. yi ya da kt?

A consumerism trend is growing drastically, and popularity of shopping

malls is increasing because of ample of convenient and comfortable
reasons. Some people believe that this boosting fever of shopping mall
ruining the sales of small retailers in the open market while others argue
that shopping malls are advance great development. The following
paragraphs will analyse the inevitable reasons and examples, and thus,
will lead to a logical conclusion.
Firstly, the conspicuous reason is that shopping malls are collection
of small retailers at one place with having all facilities such as
restaurants, entertainments, variety of item options available. Also,
shopping malls are easy to access because it has huge free or
minimal fee parking available, which makes customer or visitor visit
far easy. For example, Westfield is a very popular shopping mall in all
around Australia, which convey all these facilities at minimal effort and
price as compared other shops.
Secondly, Shopping malls are located near to the central district in
every suburb, which provides great option visit place. As an example,
people are tend to visit shopping malls for fun, get together,
entertainments and more. Thus, shopping malls are becoming very
popular in terms of meeting place for innumerable reasons. In addition,
many shopping malls always having huge discount sales every end of
the month, which attract many customers those are going to local
market and paying high price for the same item.

In conclusion, the foregoing discussion propounds the view that, shopping

malls are extremely convenient, easy to access, and providing large set of
item ranges to buy for consumers. Thus, it can be said that shopping
malls are great development into todays era.

Any new technological development in the recent years is a boon or curse for the
society in general.
Son yllardaki yeni teknolojik gelimeler, genel olarak toplum iin bir nimet veya lanettir.
Science and technology have great influence in human life since their inception
(establishment). A lot of technological advancements have been taken place till now, but in
this century, computers are considered as the most revolutionary invention for the
development of human beings. This essay will talk about some of the advantages and
disadvantages of computers before delivering plausible conclusion.
To begin, there are many aspects of computers. Firstly, these days computers are very
efficient and easy to use that they become a part of everyones life. People can do
everything on computers which save their time and effort. Secondly, information
technology has made our world as a global village. For instance, skype, the computer
application helps people to do face to face conversation with their kin and kith anytime.
Thirdly, it enhances the students interest and intimacy towards their studies. They can
watch recorded video tutorials to clear their concepts in any field. Lastly, the computer helps
us to manipulate stored information, due to which we do not need to rewrite whole
paper because of any mistake.
On the other hand, it is argued that due to more dependency on computers nowadays, life
has become more complicated. Overuse of computer not only causes strain on eyes
which lead to poor eyesight but also affects people's health and causes several diseases.
For instance, according to the recent research, around 40% of American children are
suffering from obesity and the root cause of this is they spend on an average 4 hours per
day in front of the computer. In addition, children are too much addicted to computer
games that they are becoming more introvert.
To recapitulate, I pen down saying that, computer is the most wonderful gift of our life. It
made our life more easy and comfortable. Government must take initiatives to educate
people about its negative effects so that everyone can get maximum benefit from these
It is argued that getting married before finishing school or getting a job is not a good
choice. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
Okula balamadan evvel evlenmenin veya i bulmann iyi bir seim olmadn
savunuyorlar. Hangi lde katlyorsunuz ya da katlmyorsunuz?
It is irrefutable to say that, professional life and married life both have a pivotal role in our life.
An individual cannot live peacefully if there is no synchronization between these two lives.

Considering this, some people argue that getting married prior to settlement of career is
good, while others opine people must complete their academic path first. This essay will
assert both sides of the argument before delivering a reasonable conclusion.
To begin, if a person marries in an early age then he or she has more time to spend with
their loved ones before they die. Moreover, in developed countries, mostly parents force
their children to live separately. Specifically, if these youngsters get married earlier they get a
partner to help them. Furthermore, girls have many restrictions in their parents house. But
when they marry they get more freedom to go out with her husband and enjoy the life more.
On the other hand, there are many disadvantages if a person marries before 30 years.
Firstly, individuals have to take more responsibilities toward their family, due to which,
they do not get enough time to study and most of them leave their study. Secondly,
women have to sacrifice their professional life because of caring their children and they
have to depend on their husband. Thirdly, marrying at an early age also increases the
population. For instance, according to India's 2014 population statistics, it is proved that
people who married in early age have greater number of children as compared to those who
married in late in their life. Lastly, as maturity level is low in youngsters chances of divorce
To recapitulate, I pen down saying that, marrying late is a better option than
marrying in early age. This makes a person a more responsible and mature
before taking this crucial step.
Parents should be held legally responsible for their childrens acts. What is your
opinion? Support it with personal examples.
Ebeveynlerin ocuklarnn davranlarndan yasal olarak sorumlu tutulmalar gerekir.
Senin grn nedir? Kiisel rneklerle destekleyin.
It is irrefutable to say that, violence by juveniles has increased in recent years at an
alarming rate in our society. Children are involving themselves in crime and making our
society jeopardize. Considering this, some people opine that parents should be responsible
for their young ones fault, while others argue parents should not be punished. The following
paragraphs will analyze the inevitable reasons, and thus will lead to a plausible conclusion.
On one hand, parents should not be blamed for their childrens fault as the decision to
commit the crime is entirely made by the children. There are many parents who have
done their best part in the upbringing of their children so that their child cannot commit any
offence, yet, their offspring still succeed in committing the same. Moreover, mass media is
playing crucial role in making adolescents aggressive. For example, currently, there are
many violent games and movies that are being released in the market. This makes a
childs more violent which could be one of the reasons for committing the crime.
On the other hand, parents should be held accountable(responsible) for their childrens
crimes because parents are the first people that a child gets to know after he or she is
born. It is believed that parents start shaping the childs moral compass and character from
a very young age. In addition, most of the children do offense because they were violently
abused by their parents when they were young. For instance, according to 2013 statistics,
in America, most offense were made by juvenile belongs to a criminal family.

To recapitulate, I pen down saying that, parents should not be solely blamed and punished
for their childrens actions. Other factors should be taken into account when deciding on
whom to blame. The government must take some prudent steps to educate children in their
schools, so that they do not commit crime.

Marketing strategy for big companies should be placed on offer and discounts,
and in what ways this can impact on their reputation.
Byk irketler iin pazarlama stratejisi, teklif ve indirimler zerine yerletirilmeli ve bunlarn hangi
adan itibarlarn etkileyebilir.
It is conspicuous that, shopping culture has been changed from the last one decade. More
and more companies these days offering lucrative deals to gravitate more customers
toward themselves. Considering this, some people believe that offering discounts by
companies decrease company's brand value, while others opine it helps to increase
organizations revenue. The following paragraphs will analyze the inevitable reasons, and
thus will lead to a logical conclusion.

To begin, people who claim discounting degrades brand value claim that, the profit margin
in the stores will decline as the goods are sold at reduced prices. Sometimes, these prices
may even be below than market value. Furthermore, giving discounts to customers may
encourage them to ask for it all the time and if the marketer does not give a best deal,
they may get discouraged and look at other places for the same. Above all, discounting
can actually hurt organizations business in the long run. For instance, if a company is giving
discounts on time to time basis it shows that it has a lack of confidence on its products
and customer may think that the product is not trustworthiness.
On the other hand, offering discounts increases the customer base of the organizations.
People prefer to do more shopping during a sale, discounts encourage people to spend
more. Moreover, many businesses have monthly, quarterly or yearly sales goals. For
instance, if a business is in danger of missing these goals, offering discounts can help the
business to meet their sales figures. Additionally, discounting items enable you to free up
room in stores, clearing last season's stock, or out-dated models. For instance, Reebok, the
clothing company, offers discount up to 60% during Christmas days. It helps the company
to clear the last year stock so that new items come on store shelves.
To sum up, I would like to say, although discounts decreases the margin of the company, but
it helps customers to buy branded things at reasonable price. Thus, giving discounts do
not decrease brand value of the company but increase customer base.
Nowadays, people spend too much time at work, to the extent that, they hardly have
time for their personal life. Discuss.
Gnmzde insanlar iyerinde ok fazla vakit geiriyorlar, nk kiisel yaamlar iin
pek vakit bulamyorlar. Tartn.
It is irrefutable to say that, these days jobs are becoming slavemasters. People are
spending a mammoth part of their day in their offices to meet the cut-throat competition
and neglecting their personal and family life. Considering this, some analyst opine that this
trend is good for our society, while others argue opposite to it. I am inclined to believe that,
work-life balance should be present in an individuals life. The following paragraphs will
analyze the inevitable reasons, and thus will lead to a logical conclusion.

To begin, there are many reasons why people do overtime work. Firstly, due to
globalization, employees are facing competition all around the world,
which instigate(encourage) them to give their best. Secondly, companies are
creating project deadlines too small which eventually pressurize employees to
deliver their work in a short time. For example, multinational companies for their own
profit put more pressure on their employee for their own profit.
On the other hand, long working hours could affect persons health and personal
relations. To exemplify, American Health Associates (AHA), finds that grey matter of
software engineers who sit in front of computers for longer than 11 hours daily decreases
and causes memory related problems. Furthermore, another problem with this set up is
the effect it has on a persons family and social life. When people spend long hours in the
office, they get a little time to spend with their dear ones, because of it, children are
deprived of the attention they deserve from their parents.
To recapitulate, proper work-life balance is essential to lead a contented life. It is hoped
that, companies arrange their working hours in such a way that employees also get some
time for themselves.
Learning a new language at an early age is helpful for children. Is it more positive for
their future aspect or have some adverse effects. Agree or disagree?
Erken yata yeni bir dil renmek, ocuklar iin yararldr. Gelecek yn iin daha
olumlu mu, yoksa olumsuz etkileri var mdr? Katlmak veya katlmamak?
In the globalized world, studying a foreign language is very helpful to communicate with other
nations people. It is irrefutable to say that, to succeed in the highly competitive world, a
person must be bilingual or multilingual. Some analysts claim that primary school is the
best place for learning another language, while others claim children should not be forced to
learn. The following paragraphs will analyze the inevitable reasons, and thus will lead to a
logical conclusion.
To begin, studying a foreign language in an early age has many advantages. Firstly, learning
a foreign language is helpful for the growth of a childs brain. A study by United Nations,
for instance, has proved that learning any language other than the natives mother tongue,
activates various parts of the brain, which eventually make a child intelligent. Secondly,
by studying foreign language, a child can easily communicate with Alien Land people and
can understand their culture and lifestyle. Thirdly, knowing a foreign language will help a
child to express things more clearly as they have a wider range of vocabulary than
those who start late.
On the other hand, putting excess pressure on kindergarten pupils to learn a foreign
language have downsides also. It, indirectly, increases the burden of a primary school
students, due to which, they will not able to understand important subjects such as
Science and Mathematics, fundamentally. Moreover, children may get confused because
of learning many languages at the same time and this could have a negative impact on their
personality development. For example, it is claimed that bilingual children develop the
ability to talk more slowly than monolingual kids.

In conclusion, the benefits of learning a foreign language in early age are apparently
outweigh the drawbacks. I believe, a person equipped with more languages definitely help
the society to make it more prosperous and flourished.
In underdeveloped countries, tourism has disadvantages and can be said the opposite
as well.
Azgelimi lkelerde turizm dezavantajlara sahiptir ve tam tersi sylenebilir.
It is conspicuous that tourist industry has grown enormously over the last five decades and
people are travelling from one country to another for many reasons. Considering this, some
people opine that tourism has tremendous benefits to the developing countries that host it,
while others argue it has lots of drawbacks. The following paragraphs will analyze the
inevitable reasons, and thus will lead to a logical conclusion.
To begin, there are significant benefits that tourism brings to a country. Firstly, a
thriving(flourishing) tourist industry implies an increasing need for a variety of services such
as hotels, transport, restaurants, and entertainment. This eventually results in increase in
a number of jobs being created for people who lack a college education. Secondly, tourism
also helps to understand the foreign culture more deeply. For instance, many tourists go
to India and live there for many years and get first-hand experience of its culture.
Moreover, tourism is a "Green Industry and generates a low level of pollution.
On the other hand, there are some harmful aspects of tourism. A country may suffer from the
loss of their traditional culture. For instance, youngsters in Third World nations try to
copy a lifestyle, customs, and language of tourists. This may vanish their traditional culture
radically. Furthermore, to gravitate more tourists and profits, the government are doing
deforestation and building attractive places, because of it, carbon contents are
increasing and causing much health related problems. In addition, countries spent major
budget to attract tourist which could be used in other problems like in research, poverty
To recapitulate, I pen down saying that, a nation should seek to develop its tourism industry
because it boosts its economy and improves relationship with other countries. However,
proper rules and regulations must be created by higher authorities to protect nations
The only thing that interfere with my leaning is my education- Einstein. What does he mean by
that? And do you think he is correct?
renmem ile etkileime giren tek ey eitimimdir - Einstein. Bununla ne ifade ediyor? Ve sence
onun hakl olduunu mu dnyorsun?
Education plays a pivotal role in everyones life by building personality, improving knowledge
and skills. In the traditional education system, the content of syllabus was very confined and
related to only religion, philosophy, metaphysics and scriptural subjects. This is the reason
why Einstein considered education to be the biggest barrier to his learning. This essay will
assert both sides of this statement before delivering plausible conclusion.

According to Einstein, students who learn through a formally designed education system are
restricted to their thought process and they not able to think out of box. In addition,
there are some rigid rules like age of admission, content and duration of course which are
designed by government or designated agency such as school.
On the other hand, schooling is very important for children as it helps to enhance their
mentality and creativity. In addition, in contemporary world education is aided with a
variety of technology which helps students to understand things fundamentally. For
instance, the internet provides a vast information which helps learners to improve their
knowledge. Moreover, these days cut-throat competition is at its peak, having an
adequate education helps a person to get a lucrative job.
To recapitulate, the foregoing discussion propounds the view that, having appropriate
education has number of benefits. The government and administration must take some
prudent steps to enlighten adolescents about importance of education.
Travel to study is over rated, we have brilliant scholars who studied locally. Is travel
really required for higher studies? (foreign study)
Eitim gezisi geti, yerel olarak eitilmi parlak ustalarmz var. Seyahat, yksek
renim iin gerekten gerekli mi? (Yabanc alma)
Education plays a pivotal role in everyones life by building personality, improving knowledge
and skillsIt is irrefutable to say that, these days more and more students try to get an
admission in foreign universities. I am inclined to believe that, travelling to study has both
advantages and disadvantages. The following paragraphs discuss some inevitable reasons
before delivering plausible conclusion.

On the one hand, travelling helps students in many way. Visiting new places not only
help in broadening scholars mentality but also helps them to understand things
more practically. In addition, reading books or theoretical lectures deliver half
knowledge to students, but travelling clears their doubt and help them to
understand things radically and fundamentally. To exemplify, students are taught in
their classrooms about hills, valleys, lakes, and animals, but travelling provide them
vivid picture of these subjects. Hence, travelling is very important for learners.
On the other hand, with the advent of information and technology, scholars can
visit any place in fraction of second virtually. This not only save their precious time
but also their efforts. For instance, Google maps, an online website has three
dimensional pictures of various places and it is so simple to use that even an
adolescent can access it efficiently. Furthermore, videos of different places are
also available on the internet and scholars can get a feeling that they are actually
present there. Thus, with the help of technology, travelling is not the only option to
get a first hand knowledge.
To recapitulate, I pen down saying that, in the globalized world, studying abroad will help a
students to climb the leader of their career more efficiently, but as we know that every
garden has some weeds, a student must be mature to handle changes which are
connected to this
Do you think English will remain to be a global language despite globalization?

Sizce ngilizce kresellemeye ramen kresel bir dil olmaya devam edecek mi?
It is irrefutable to say that, these days English is becoming a common language in every part
of the world. It has become an intermediate language between various countries.
Considering this, some people argue that, it will remain a global language, while other opine
it will be replaced by an another language. This essay will give assertion(opinion) on both
sides of the contention(dispute) before deducing reasonable conclusion.
To begin with, in todays international business market, English plays a pivotal role to make
the business links with other international companies. In addition, this language also
provides a sharp edge to companies in a hard competitive world to survive. Moreover,
English plays a significant role in technology. This is because most of the scientist prefer
to write their research papers in English. For instance, almost all computer languages like
C, C++, Java, and C# are first written in English language only. Furthermore, English
language helps students in making their successful academic career. Students who have
a knowledge of this language can access information from internet, magazines, and books
which eventually help them to increase their mentality . Last but not least, as social
networking is increasing at alarming rate, people who know English language can easily
communicate with human beings of foreign land and share information with them.
On the other hand, with globalization other languages also trying to grip the world. For
instance, country like China always promote its mother tongue chinese and sell its products
with chinese instructions on it. This represents that they are condemning English language
and promoting their own language. Thus, in coming years we can say other languages can
overtake English.
To recapitulate, I would like to say that, although lots of languages are emerging in this world
but I believe, English will remain the most preferred language in coming years.
Some people think placing advertisements in schools is a great resource for public
schools that need additional funding, but others think it exploits children by treating
them as a captive audience for corporate sponsors. Choose which position you most
agree with and discuss why you chose that position. Support your point of view with
details from your own experiences, observations or reading.
Baz insanlar, reklamlar okullara yerletirmenin, ek finansmana ihtiya duyan devlet
okullar iin mkemmel bir kaynak olduunu dnyorlar; ancak bazlar, onlar
kurumsal sponsorlar iin esir izleyicisi olarak deerlendirerek ocuklar istismar
ettiini dnyor. Hangi konumu en ok kabul ettiinizi sein ve neden bu konumu
setiinizi tartn. Kendi deneyim, gzlem ve okudan gelen ayrntlarla bak anz
It is irrefutable to say that, advertising has become an indispensable part of any corporate
businesses. It helps to attract potential customers to expand companys business.
Considering this, many people argue that advertisements should be placed in schools
whereas others opine juvenile mind is certainly not a good idea to promote commercial
To begin, advertisements are good source of funding for the public schools who always find
themselves hard to manage their financial cash flow. Furthermore, advertisements

targeted to kids such as toothpaste and shower gel are helpful to bring awareness to
children. For instance, children may enlighten about the importance of hygiene and keep
precautions in their mind before eating something
On the other hand, placing advertisements in schools will distract juveniles who do not
have controlling power on themselves. School children might less concentrate on their
studies and more focus on colourful advertisements because of which their future will be
uncertain as they will not be able to pass their course easily. For example, a child who is
in the habit of involving in various advertising campaigns since childhood, lacks behind
on his or her studies. In the same way, young pupils will be obsessed with money and if
there is a shortage of money in any stage of their life while growing, they might indulge in
an illegal act to achieve money.

To recapitulate, advertisements are efficient and effortless source of money for the
public schools, however, as every garden has some weeds, schools management
must act prudently to monitor continuously students behaviour and choose suitable
advertisements to put inside schools.