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BA 7302 Strategic Management

1. What is strategy? What is the difference between strategy and tactics ?
2. Define corporate governance?
3. Define vision with example
4. Define mission with example
5. What is strategic intent?
6. What are planned and reactive strategies?
7. What is meant by corporate strategy?
8. What is environmental scanning?
9. What is strategic fit and leverage?
10. What are strategic business unit and strategic business area?
11. Define planning, tactical planning, operational planning
12. State the major objectives of a business
13. What is CSR?
14. Define ethics
15. Distinguish goals and objectives.
16. What are the elements of strategy? What are the different types of strategies?
17. What is a stretch situation?
18. What is clause 49/ auditors certificate on governance?
19. What is CSF,SBA ,SBV?
20. List out the different levels of strategic management.
1. Explain in detail about the components of strategic management process. Give an
2. As a corporate planner of a large MNC, how would you plan the environment for the
different units located at different places and belonging to different industries
3. Why is strategic planning necessary? Discuss the steps involved in strategic planning
4. Discuss corporate governance in Indian industry. Describe its significance.
5. Explain the CSR scenario in Indian industry?
6. Define corporate social responsibility. Define the categories of socially responsible
7. Why vision and mission statements are important in strategic management?
8. Discuss the process of crafting and executing strategy for a firm.
9. Why is strategic planning necessary? Discuss the various stages of strategic formulation
10. i) Explain goals and objectives
ii) Explain the different levels of strategy with examples
1. What is competitive advantage? How does a firm acquire competitive cost advantage ?
2. Mention the five forces in Michael E porter model
3. Mention the 7 s in McKinsey frame work
4. What is core competency? Differentiate between competencies and core competencies ?
5. What is value chain?
6. What is national competitive advantage?
7. Explain differentiation strategy
8. What is SWOT analysis?
9. Differentiate internal and external environment and its entities .
10. What are the stages in industry evolution?
11. What is strategic myopia?
12. Explain globalization and industry structure
13. Define strategic group
14. What is strategic group mapping?
15. Define resources and capability
16. What is ETOP?
17. How does a firm acquire competitive cost advantage?
18. What is cost leadership strategies?
19. Define PEST analysis? What is SAP analysis?
20. Differentiate business level with corporate level strategy
Enumerate Porters five force model. Give an example
Explain the environments influencing business strategies
Describe in detail the SWOT analysis
Discuss the generic building blocks of competitive advantage
Explain the durability of competitive advantage
What are the causes of failure of competitive advantage and explain steps to avoid failure
and sustain competitive advantage?
7. Explain the steps of industry life cycle analysis. Give an industry analysis report for
consumer durable industry. Discuss five forces for the same industry.
8. Describe the determinants of national competitive advantage (Porter model)
9. Explain the roots of competitive advantage
10. What are the three generic strategies or four generic strategies?
1. What is strategic alliance? Why are strategic alliances formed?
2. What is conglomerate diversification? Give two examples
3. What is vertical integration?
4. Mention the 7s in McKinsey frame work?
5. What is stability strategy?
6. Define Balance score card
7. Define turnaround strategy
8. Discuss the aspects to be considered before merging
9. What is harvest and liquidation?
10. What is spinoff and MBO?
11. What is hostage taking?
12. Define recovery situations
13. What is grand strategy?
14. Define franchising
15. List out the reasons entering strategic alliance
16. Define joint venture
17. What are the different types of strategies in the global environment
18. What is global compact?
19. Define Disinvestment
20. What are the differences between TQM & Re engineering?
1. Explain the different techniques in corporate portfolio analysis
2. Discuss the diversification strategies in the Indian context
3. i) Discuss the use of 7s Model for strategic management
ii) Explain BCG growth share matrix
4. What is strategic analysis & choice? How will you do this?Analyse the Indian car
manufacturers current strategies.
5. Discuss the importance of GE matrix and Balance score card
6. i)Discuss the importance of SWOT analysis ETOP
ii)Discuss about GAP analysis
7. What are some ways to implement a retrenchment strategy without creating a lot
of resentment and conflict with labour unions?
8. What are strategic alliances? Explain their advantages and disadvantages. How to
make strategic alliances work successfully?
9. Explain the generic business strategies
10. i) Discuss in detail the strategy in global environment
ii) Discuss the strategy for different industry conditions
iii) Discuss the rationale for restructuring by organization
1. What is structure?
2. Explain types of structures? What is the major advantage of a matrix organization
3. What is matching structures & strategy?
4. What are all the types of organizational structure?
5. What is power? List the types of power
6. What is politics?
7. What is strategic evaluation?
8. Define types of strategic control
9. What is strategic surveillance?
10. Describe the strategic control cycle
11. What are the techniques of strategic evaluation & control?
12. What are the types of strategic implementation?
13. What is resource allocation?
14. Explain strategic budgeting
15. What are the factors affecting resource allocation?
16. Explain stewardship theory
17. Explain agency theory
18. What is corporate culture?
19. What is social audit?
20. What is strategic implementation?
1. Discuss the advantages & Disadvantages of being a first mover
2. Explain the types of organization structure. Write a short note on the most suitable form
of organization structure for a highly innovative technology based firm
3. Explain the types of strategic control
4. Discuss the process of evaluation and strategic control cycle.
5. Discuss the (i) Power and Conflict (ii)Strategic control system
6. Discuss the strategic implementation process
7. i)What is strategic change? How will you implement strategic change?
ii) Discuss the match /interaction of strategy and structure?
8. Enumerate the different stages of organizational life cycle and highlight the suitable
strategies of each stage
9. What are the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing?
10. i) Define Strategic choice. Discuss the different techniques used in strategic choice .
ii) If a company which operates in stability strategy in current operations along with
related diversification through backward integration . What should be the ideal mix of
functional plans and policies? Highlight its features.
1. What is a lead user?
2. Explain corporate entrepreneurship
3. What is organizational design for corporate entrepreneurship?
4. What is a small business?
5. Explain entrepreneurial venture?
6. What are the strategic management processes in small business?
7. What are the sources of innovation?
8. What are the factors influencing success of a new venture?
9. Explain strategic piggybacking?
10. What is innovation? What is innovations influence on business strategies?
11. What is NPOS?
12. What are the characteristics of innovative entrepreneurial culture?
13. What is Brick & click strategy?
14. What are the issues in alliances with foreign companies?
15. What is experience curve?
16. How innovations influence on business strategies?
17. Does a small business require strategic planning
18. Mention the role of technology in strategic management.
19. Are performance based budgets suitable for NPOs
20. Define a Business model
Part B
1. Explain the sources of innovation & factors influencing success of a new venture
2. Strategic management process for non-profit organization differ with other
organization- discuss
3. Discuss the strategic issues of non-profit organization
4. Discuss the strategies for internet economy
5. Explain how can a company develop an entrepreneurial culture
6. Highlight the role of technology & innovation in strategic management with example
7. Discuss some of the new business models for internet economy
8. Explain the organization designs for corporate entrepreneurship
9. Discuss the subtypes in small business development
10. Innovation management involves innovation generation and innovation diffusionDiscuss the statement and discuss the type of growth avenues available at different stages
of an innovation.