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Ore Reserve Risk and

Strategic Mine Planning
This program is designed for the busy mining professionals who wish to update their skills and knowledge
base on modern modeling techniques for ore bodies and optimization methodologies for strategic mine
planning. Emphasis is placed on ore reserve risk management and its effective technical integration to mine
planning, an element that has been shown to have a significant, positive impact on a companys bottom line.
New updates include advances in:

New elements of optimizing mining complexes with uncertainty

High-order simulation of orebodies
Strategic planning with joint orebody (supply) and market
(demand) uncertainty

Growing volatility and uncertainty in global markets highlight the need to focus now, more than ever, on
new technologies that can add significant value to strategic mine planning.

A unique program teaching new

breakthrough technologies developed
through the investment of the global
mining industry in R&D to deal with
uncertainty in mine planning optimization and the sustainable utilization of
mineral resources.
Taught by the world expert in this field,
this course represents just the right
balance between geomathematical
techniques and a day-to-day pragmatic
application. In my opinion this is a
must do for my technical staff.
- Edson Ribeiro, Department Director
Project Development and
Evaluation, Vale

Roussos Dimitrakopoulos is Professor and Canada Research Chair (Tier I) in Sustainable Mineral Resource Development and Optimization under Uncertainty, and the Director of COSMO - Stochastic Mine Planning Laboratory, McGill University, Montreal, Canada. He holds a PhD from Ecole Polytechnique,
Montreal, and a MSc from the University of Alberta, Edmonton. He has been working during the last decades on risk-based and stochastic optimization
in mine design and production scheduling. Roussos has been Senior Geostatistician with Newmont Mining, Denver, and Senior Consultant with Geostat Systems Int., Montreal. He has taught and worked in Australia, North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, South Africa and Japan.
McGills COSMO - Stochastic Mine Planning Laboratory is a global centre for leading-edge research and graduate education in orebody modelling and strategic mine planning with uncertainty, and is supported by AngloGold Ashanti, Barrick Gold, BHP Billiton, De Beers, Newmont Mining, Vale, and The Government of Canada through the Canada Research Chairs Program, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, and Canadian Foundation of Innovation.
( COSMO Lab | Knowledge Mobilization Program


Ranked one of the worlds Top 25 universities by THE-QS World University Rankings, McGill is conveniently located in the heart of Montreal! Blending
its French roots with that of over 80 ethnic communities, the city charms its visitors with its mixture of European and North American ambiances. Savor
Montreals international cuisine, witness its cultural diversity and discover its festivals, sunny terraces, and vibrant nightlife.

Montral skyline from the Old Port

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May August, 2014 | Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Discover how and why risk-based approaches create substantial

value and enrich decision-making
Learn how to integrate orebody risk in ore reserve estimation,
mine planning and mineral project valuation
Discover the new stochastic mine planning framework and
technologies for life-of-mine optimization and production scheduling
Assess and learn new concepts through recent, actual and diverse
industry applications
Attain new skills through extensive hands-on computer workshops



Module 1 (lectures)

May 5-9

Module 2
(assignments and workshops)

June 2-6 and 90 hours

July 7-11

Module 3
(project presentations and analysis)

August 25-28




Monte Carlo simulation,

geological uncertainty
and risk management
Optimization techniques
in mine design and strategic risk quantification
Quality control, orebody models and ore reserves
Stochastic mine planning: An integrated framework and technologies
Advancing from conventional orebody modelling: Simulation and
models of geologic uncertainty with applications
Moving forward from traditional optimization: Applications, limits,
risk management and the next step
Geologic risk management and demand-driven mine production
scheduling: Lower risk and higher NPV
Risk-based optimal stope design and application in an underground
copper mine
Life-of-mine (LOM) production scheduling: Stochastic optimization
increases value, chances of meeting production targets, and
generates larger pit limits through risk blending
Stochastic production scheduling applications and comparisons to
conventional scheduling
Optimization for LOM planning with joint metal (supply) and

market (demand) uncertainty
New elements for optimizing mining complexes with uncertainty
Computer workshops and a specific project for each participant

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Weeks 1 and 4)
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This unique course makes the new, hot topic of planning with uncertainty most appealing to the eyes of
the mine planner and the mine manager alike, through
elaborate lectures, case studies, assignments, and a
course project.
The experience I had taking this course and practicing new
technologies was exceptional. I highly recommend it.
- Nicolau Barros,
Technical Services Superintendent, BHP Billiton