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Automation Fair 2008

A two-day event that is the educational highlight of the year. Attend in-depth tech sessions and hands- Automation Fair 2008
on labs. Visit more than 100 exhibits and displays. Learn best practices at specialized industry forums. Program Overview
Discover greater productivity. And, as always, it’s all free! Interested? For details and registration, visit Gaylord Opryland Complex Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Nashville, Tennessee • November 19–20, 2008 • Wednesday, 8 AM – 5:30 PM and Thursday, 8 AM – 4 PM

Automotive Forum Oil & Gas Forum

Industry Forums WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 19 / 9:00 AM
Forums give Automation Fair attendees Learn more about key factors changing this industry at an Emerging automation trends and solutions can improve
an opportunity to hear experienced incredible pace – rising fuel prices, emerging markets, uptime and reliability. Attending this Forum will give
increasing regulatory compliance, global competition and insights to acquiring the right information.
industry representatives tell about their consumer demand.
experiences and what they have learned
Pulp & Paper Forum
from applying Rockwell Automation Consumer Packaged Goods Forum WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 19 / 9:00 AM AND 1:00 PM
technology to optimize operations, HERMITAGE A-B This Forum will address issues that will help manage mills
improve productivity, increase Attend this Forum and learn more about global markets, for greater profitability.
consumer diversity and environmental sustainability – key
throughput and meet quality levels and
factors driving the evolution of this industry.
regulatory restrictions. Attendees will Tire & Rubber Forum
get a chance to ask questions and Global Machine Builders Forum HERMITAGE C
This Forum will present real-world examples and concepts
discuss real-world problems with THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 20 / 10:00 AM
CHEEKWOOD A-B-C that are being used by manufacturers and suppliers to
experienced professionals. Leading manufacturers will discuss key business issues and meet today’s challenges.
ways to help deliver innovative solutions to customers.
Water Wastewater Forum
Mining, Minerals & Cement Forum THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 20 / 9:00 AM
CHEEKWOOD G-H At this Forum, government officials and successful
Attend this Forum and address emerging trends that can customers will present industry concepts and explain how
help meet increasing demand while reducing automation systems have reduced costs and upgraded
manufacturing uncertainties and costs. infrastructure.

Copyright 2008 Rockwell Automation, Inc. Automation Fair is a registered trademark of Rockwell Automation, Inc.

November 19-20, 2008

Contact your local Rockwell Automation
sales office or authorized Allen-Bradley
distributor for more information, or visit XXXXX
Publication CSV-SP002D-EN-P – July 2008
Technical Sessions, Hands-on Labs and Workshops offered at Automation Fair 2008
2-Hour Hands-on Labs NASHVILLE This must-attend event is the largest single exposition of automation hardware, software, 2-Hour Workshops
An ever-popular feature at Automation Fair, Hands-On Labs services and support in North America. For two instruction-packed days, you’ll gain valuable insight from your In-depth workshops will be offered once each day of Automation
give attendees the opportunity to work directly with Rockwell choice of in-depth technical sessions, workshops, hands-on labs and specialized industry forums. For detailed Fair. These 2-hour sessions will include demonstrations and
Automation products. On-site registration for Hands-On Labs presentations by leading industry experts. All workshops are first-
is located in Delta Lobby B. Registration is on a first-come, class descriptions and an up-to-date list of exhibitors, go to come, first served — just show up and sit down. No additional
first-served basis following the time schedule shown below. registration is required.
Individuals who register for a lab receive an admission ticket
and may attend industry forums, technical sessions or just
1-Hour Technical Sessions
Presented once each day. No registration required, all sessions are first-come, first-served.
explore the show floor until the lab begins. W1 Machine Safety Risk Assessment
9 AM T1 T7 T13 T19 T25 T31 T37 T43 T49 Wednesday, November 19 and Thursday, November 20
Registration opens at: Applying Compressed Plantwide Control Benefits of Reducing Energy Intelligent Solutions for Reduce PLC-5 Migration MES to ERP with
• 7:30 AM for the 8:30 AM Labs Air Management with One Architecture Endress+Hauser Costs with Energy Infrastructure FactoryTalk View Time-to-Market Solutions FactoryTalk Integrator
Solutions to Integration with the Information and Solutions by Leveraging W2 Optimizing Control System Performance
• 10 am for the 11 AM Labs Pneumatics Rockwell Automation Variable Frequency Add-On-Instructions
• 1 pm for the 2 PM Labs ControlLogix Platform Drives Wednesday, November 19 and Thursday, November 20

L1 Using Mechatronics to Simplify Machine Design W3 Operational Historians for Discrete Industries
and Improve Time-to-Market 10 AM T2 T8 T14 T20 T26 T32 T38 T44 T50
Whether Weather Choose the Right Improving Track and Basics in Drive Physics How to Assure a Control Panel Layout: High Resistance Converting Your Practical Applications Wednesday, November 19 and Thursday, November 20
L2 Using Logix Kinematics for Integrated Control of is the Cause of Components for Trace Capabilities Reliable Ethernet Enclosure Cost Savings Grounding Foxboro I/A DCS for OEMs: Secure
High-Performance Robots Downtime Greatest Accuracy in Industrial Network and Improved Application to Integrated Remote Connectivity
Environments Using Performance Considerations Architecture to Automation W4 Designing Ethernet Networks Using Reference
L3 Dynamix Integrated Condition Monitoring – RFID Technology Networks
Leveraging Integrated Architecture Architectures
Wednesday, November 19 and Thursday, November 20
L4 Understanding Advanced Programming Techniques in Logix
L5 Explore Process Control Configuration and Advanced
11 AM T3 T9 T15 T21 T27 T33 T39 T45 T51
Applying Smart Process Managing New Advancements Best Practices for Understanding Using Logix ControlLogix Current Control Panel W5 Error-Proofing with Advance Sensors
Fuzzy Design Concepts in Logix Machine Vision to Instrument Automation on the in Medium Voltage Applying EtherNet/IP Delmia Integration Kinematics Migration Designs, Standards
Manufacturing Connectivity to Shop Floor, on the Motor Control up to with RSLogix 5000 to Control High and Connectivity Tools and Products that Wednesday, November 19 and Thursday, November 20
L6 Improved DeviceNet Implementation
the Integrated Dock, in the Field and 8,000 HP Performance Robots Comply with UL 508A
L7 FactoryTalk Historian Site Edition Architecture Anywhere in Between and the National
Electrical Code W6 System Design for the Control of Electrical Noise
L8 PLC and Visualization Fundamentals with
Wednesday, November 19 and Thursday, November 20
a ML1400/PanelView Component
Lunch is free to all Automation Fair 2008 attendees . . . served 11AM to 2PM on the exhibit floor
L9 A Day in the Life of Manufacturing With FactoryTalk AssetCentre
1 PM T4 T10 T16 T22 T28 T34 T40 T46 T52 W7 Review of Power Control Harmonics, Power factor,
L10 Program a CAT4 (SIL3) Rated Safety System Using a Compact Applying Plant-Wide 12 Steps to High An Integrated OEE Case Study Using Creating “IT Ready” Are You Taking Full Decrease Time-to- Drive and Drive Applying
Programmable Safety Controller
Distortion & Displacement
Industrial Wireless Availability for a Solution FactoryTalk Metrics Industrial Networks Advantage of Market with Rockwell Systems Migration Arc-Resistant
Communications FOUNDATION Fieldbus for Industrial Safety and Historian Classic Pneumatic Valve Automation Linear Solutions Equipment to Meet Wednesday, November 19 and Thursday, November 20
L11 How to Quickly Integrate IntelliCENTER MCCs into RSLogix 5000 Network Technology? Motion Solutions Arc Flash Standards
and FactoryTalk View SE Projects (NFPA-70E)
L12 Applying EtherNet/IP in Real-Time Manufacturing Applications W8 Safety System Solution Design – It’s Not Black Magic
and You Can Do it
L13 Experience Rapid Design with the Latest Safety Design Tools to
Deploy Safe Devices on EtherNet/IP
2 PM T5 T11 T17 T23 T29 T35 T41 T47 T53 Wednesday, November 19 and Thursday, November 20
From the Field: Seven Habits of Highly Choosing the Right Using Excel in the Manufacturing 2.0: Synchronizing the Strategies to Optimize Wireless as a Best Practices
L14 Safe Speed Control – Enhancing Safe-Off and Safe-Speed Wireless Issues Responsive Batch Level of Process Safety Automated Rockwell Leverage Information Electrical Design and MRO Inventory and Migration Enabler Integrating Electrical
Functionality and Solutions Manufacturing Solution Automation World and Network PLC Programming Reduce Costs to the Integrated CAD with Digital Plant W9 Design Your Networks for Optimal Performance
Convergence Environment Architecture and Machine Design
L15 Runtime Changes and Advanced Editing with Logix and Protect Your Automation Assets from
Security Threats
L16 Introduction to Integrated Motion
Wednesday, November 19 and Thursday, November 20
L17 FactoryTalk View SE Deployment 3 PM T6 T12 T18 T24 T30 T36 T42 T48 T54
L18 Introduction to Logix Future of Wireless Complete Process Integrated Condition Real-Time Exception Best Practices for Answering Today’s A New Level Speed Time-to- Filling the Technical
Networking Optimization Monitoring for Reporting and Monitoring Harmonics Control Challenges of Predictive Market with Toolkits Skills Gap
L19 HMI Operator Interface Development and Deployment with Rockwell “Operations Driven Framing with in Electrical Control with Logix-Scalable Maintenance for System Design
Automation Reliability” FactoryTalk Systems Solutions Information and Programming
L20 Leverage the Advantages of Logix and Premier Integration Historian SE for Integrated
When Applying Motor Control Solutions Architecture Users

L21 Basic Drive Programming

Case Study Condition Monitoring Control Design Data Management Intelligent Motor Control Maintenance Management

Migration Motion Networks Process Control RFID Safety Standards Sustainability Vision Wireless