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Wednesday, August 17 Classroom Management

General Agenda
Setting Your
Classroom Up for
Success (20

Creating a
Management Plan
(30 minutes)

Detailed Agenda for

Fun music & snacks as
participants enter


Name tents

Good morning! Welcome to

Managing the
Unmanageable. Explain to
please start creating these
when they get seated. Find a
shoulder partner and share
the information on the name
tents. Fun things this
summer. Introduce Nicole
Pryor, Tracy Malveau, and
myself as Instructional
Specialists. Hold up the
packet and ask them to turn
to the next page. Mention the
seating chart styles that give
ideas for going beyond rows.
Weve done them in pairs
today to give you an idea of
how that would work. If
youd like support with
seating arrangements, we
encourage you to contact us
because well not be going in
depth on that today.

Put Pandora on. Lay snacks




Seating arrangements


Hook your students


Page 1-Guidelines,
Posted Rules, Attention


Page 2- Correcting
Misbehavior, Beginning
& Entering Routines
Page 3-Procedures for


Turn to your partner and


Managing Student
Work, Procedures for
Independent Work

System /
Bathroom Break
(10 minutes)

Gallery Walk of

discuss things you can do as

the teacher to get students to
not only turn in work but to
turn in quality work. (Use
popsicle stick to elicit
Classroom calendar
Checklist of what
needs to be completed
(complete sentences,
punctuation, spiral
torn off, heading etc.)
Model of work
Conferencing over
major assignments
before due date
Tutorials v. Makeup
work sessions
Eight minutes to work on
preparing your plans.
Put sticky notes and pens
near gallery walk. Who has
used a gallery walk before?
Go to the number that youve
been assigned on this chart
paper. That will be the first
poster you start on. You will
have 1 minute per poster to
write and discuss. Write a
comment, a question, or an
idea of how implementation
would work on a sticky note
and put it on the poster. Im
going to number 1-5. Who
can tell me what the
directions are?

Misbehavior (20
Learn to Ignore, Diffuse
Anger, Biggest
Mistakes, Effective
Ways to Address


Misbehavior, Tag Lines

Behavior Reflection &

Next Steps (10 m)

4-square reflection

Explain Handouts:
Resources you can use for
those booger bears that
arent motivated by the
systems youve put in place.
That is the nice non-swear
word wear of identifying
those difficult students. One
is a reflection for you so you
can understand the behavior
with that particular booger
bear. Ex-I had a student
(Ive apparently blocked out
his name) Student was a class
clown, I observed him and
determined he was smart,
finished with his work but
needed attention, so became
my T.A. One is a reflection
for them to fill out after
theyve had a behavior issue
that went past a warning.
Keep these in a binder. The
last one is a contract for you
to utilize after theyve had to
do 2 or 3 reflections. Ideally
youd want a parent there
but if thats not possible, I
would bring in a counselor or
administrator, or possibly
more of the students
teachers in order to show
that you are serious about
creating an effective plan for
him or her.

Throughout- 5(?) giveaways using Popsicle stick method