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Expository Writing Scoring Rubric

Use this rubric with all expository, persuasive, and procedural texts

Organization and Progression

Does the organizational
structure enhance the ideas
and make it easier to

Clear Central Idea


Ideas Flow Logically

Did the writer organize their
ideas in a way that makes

Would you keep reading this

piece if it were longer?

Effective Word Choice

Do the words and phrases
provide clarity?

Varied Sentences
Can you hear the words and
phrases flow together if you
were to read it aloud?

I wrote an organized expository

essay that was easy to read
because my information was

I wrote a strong, focused

expository piece.
My writing flowed and every
sentence is connected and made

I dont have a central idea.

My central idea was unclear.

The reader knew the point I was

trying to make because my central
idea was clear.

My ideas were disconnected.

I didnt have transitions, and I
repeated myself a lot.
This was hard to follow. Even I felt
My details and examples were

I made a list of ideas.

My transitions were weak. (First, Next,
There was some repetition in my
My details and examples were hard to

I explained all of my ideas.

My transitions were meaningful.
My thoughts connected to each

My central idea was crystal

All of my ideas were focused on
the topic.
I completely explained each of
my ideas.
My strong transitions helped the
writing flow.


I explained my details, facts, and

I only had a few details. I needed to say

I chose my details and

examples that were meaningful
and helped to clarify my overall

I didnt put much effort into my writing, My ideas were not original.
I just wanted to be done.
I did not put much thought into my

My piece was original, thoughtful,

and sounded interesting.

Everyone wanted to read this.

My writing could be published in
a book.

I didnt have a picture in my mind of

what I was talking about.

I used descriptive words.

I chose my words carefully.

I carefully chose powerful and

engaging words.
My writing was original.
My words painted a vivid picture
for the reader.

I used complete sentences that

flow and connect my ideas.

I used well-crafted sentences.

My sentences were different
lengths and began in many
different ways.

I understood how conventions

made my writing clear, and I paid
attention to them.
You wont find many spelling
errors except in very hard words.

I paid careful attention to

conventions to make sure my
writing was clear.
I checked over my spelling, and
you would have trouble finding

I didnt really have any interesting

words in my writing, I just put down
whatever came to mind.

My sentences were incomplete.

My sentences were choppy and short.
I wrote mostly run-on sentences.
I wrote some run-on sentences.
All of my sentences started the same

There were lots of spelling,

Appropriate Punctuation, capitalization, punctuation, and
grammar mistakes in my writing that
Grammar, & Spelling
How much editing would have made it difficult for my reader to
to be done to be ready to share understand.

I had quite a few capitalization,

punctuation, and grammar mistakes in
my writing.
I was not very good at catching my
own mistakes.

with an outside source?


Exceed Expectations

I tried to write an expository piece

but my information was not always in

Do the writers details and

examples connect and clarify
the overall message?

Thoughtful and

Meets Expectations

I did not write an expository essay

that addressed the prompt.

Did I stay on topic and was my

message clear?

Use of Appropriate
Details and Examples

Use of Language and Conventions




21, 22,23,24,25,26,27,28

29, 30, 31, 32