GREGOR MCMILLAN - HEAD BOY MANIFESTO This Monday I represented the school at Armed forces day.

I attended, raised a flag and then spoke to the various dignitaries there. A head boy should be capable of relating to anyone, and capable of forging a reputation as well as links that benefit the school. As proof of my capability to do this I spoke at length with both the Lord Lieutenant, who promised to introduce me to Lord Wilson (ex-governor of Hong Kong) and with Sheena Richardson, the town councillor. That evening I had a session at the CSE at Edinburgh University. Sport is hugely important in my life. Not only have I represented the school on numerous occasions, but also my country. This proves I can take massive pressure, and the fact I did it for eight years, proves I have the drive and commitment. Moreover, through sport I have also shown that I am committed to the school. Ask Mr Cooper and he will testify to my involvement. On Tuesday I interviewed the candidates for the next head of education, and had a lengthy discussion with the Director. Following this, Mr Ledingham agreed to meet with me at a later date to moot ideas regarding how pupil’s voices could be heard. From there I went to the final meeting of Knox CCF. In my many years at Knox CCF I have been given the opportunity to cultivate my ability to work in any team, at any task, at any level. For the last year I have ran this operation and thus I have experience at leading from the front. Moreover, many of my qualities were shown during the campaign to save Knox CCF. I am a firm believer in the phrase ‘stand up and be counted’ and at every stage I clearly demonstrated my drive to represent my peers. The archives of the Courier, the Scotsman, the Times and the inbox of many key figures are testament to this. Wednesday I was frustrated about S6’s lack of a home for free periods and thus facilitated the Common Rooms grand opening. This highlights one difference between myself and the other candidates: The difference between ‘I’m going to’ and ‘I did’. Many people can talk. Many people can promise. I can act. This week I also had a few homework tasks, I handed them both in early, just ask Mr Wren and Miss McPhee about the quality. Anyone who has taught me will know the attitude I take in class. I exceed targets. I meet deadlines. I work hard. I Attain. I can bring this to the role.


This week for me has been rather hectic, but I must admit that it also sums up who I am. Thus for my manifesto I am doing something a little different; instead of listing some carefully chosen adjectives, I will tell you about one week in my life, and I hope this will show you that I am the perfect choice for Head Boy...

From a head boy you should expect nothing less.

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