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50 Free Sample Affirmations
Creating a Peaceful Life:
Affirmations for Hope, Love, and Harmony

Jessica R. Dreistadt

Creating a Peaceful Life: Affirmations for Hope, Love, and Harmony

© 2013, 2016 Jessica R. Dreistadt.

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ISBN 978-1536814644

The Fruition Coalition
Lehigh Valley, PA

Our thoughts influence our feelings and behavior. By being
intentional about our thoughts, we can create a life that reflects our
true purpose and highest desires. Affirmations are a way to gently
nurture our minds so that we can embody our most beautiful and
peaceful self. They are brief statements that dance between what is
and what will be. Using affirmations can help you:

• clarify your true purpose;
• focus your attention;
• expand your self-awareness;
• mobilize your energy;
• inspire you towards positive action;
• connect your dreams with reality;
• improve your effectiveness; and
• increase your work and life satisfaction.

There are several ways you can use this book. You can:

• read it from beginning to end;
• read through a section that reflects your needs or interests;
• choose an affirmation as the focus of a prayer or meditation;
• write out, draw, paint, or perform affirmations that are
meaningful to you;
• use an affirmation to carefully reflect on your actions;
• use an affirmation as a prompt for journaling or discussion;
• place affirmations that deeply resonate with you in places where
you will frequently see them.

Each of the 335 affirmations in this book has been carefully
designed to help you feel more hopeful, inspired, purposeful, and
connected in every area of your life. You may like some affirmations
more than others. You may find that some do not have meaning for

you at this time. Use the affirmations that feel good to you and set
aside those that do not. At the end of the book, there is also a place
for you to write your own affirmations to reflect your unique life
purpose and dreams. You can use this space to create very specific
affirmations that reflect your highest aspirations.

Let us begin our affirmative journey.

1. I am beautiful bliss.

2. I effortlessly flow through the cycles of my life.

3. I am devoted to my dreams.

4. My heart is pure, peaceful bliss

5. I am healthy and vibrant.

6. I am vulnerable and open to learning.

7. My fortitude is my fortune.

8. I deeply value all of the love, beauty, and mystery in my life.

9. My imagination is transforming the world.

10. My soul is a sanctuary of love and peace.

11. I lovingly accept emptiness.

12. I awaken the world around me.

13. My heart is full of perfect peace.

14. I welcome spaciousness in my life.

15. My inner beauty is glowing and growing.

16. I am everything that I desire.

17. My dreams are delightfully unfolding.

18. My mental and emotional clarity is liberating.

19. I swim in fountains of possibility.

20. My every breath is a miracle.

21. I am my deepest desires.

22. Every breath is a new possibility.

23. I make the world a more peaceful place.

24. I am everything that I need.

25. I honor and revere the planet.

26. I deserve a day to play.

27. I set my limiting beliefs free.

28. I nurture my natural curiosity.

29. I am connected to every living thing.

30. I gently seek greater awareness and clarity.

31. I am gracefully soaring through the summers of my soul.

32. I give and receive with ease.

33. My inner peace is abundant and flowing.

34. I glow with the possibility of my ideals.

35. I fluidly respond to spontaneous moments.

36. I am ready for anything and everything.

37. I celebrate the beauty in every person and situation.

38. I am in awe of this moment.

39. Bliss becomes me.

40. I am always learning.

41. I am in control of my life.

42. I am an expression of perfection.

43. I am patient and full of peace.

44. I plant seeds of possibilities.

45. I gracefully flow through my life with ease and joy.

46. I am open, flexible, and flowing.

47. I am evolving as the world is revolving.

48. Energy easily flows through me.

49. I am free.

50. My beliefs are enriching.