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All students who talking the subject Strategic Entrepreneurship must to attend Programe
Strategic Entrepreneurship Industry Talks on December 9, 2016. Based on the talk, our group
should produce a report industry talks. Thanks to Puan Norma binti Haji Mamat for coming to
speak at industry talks this time.

The name of the owner of Gapura Indah Niaga is Norma binti Haji Mamat. She wasborn
on June 1, 1981 and is now 35 years old. Puan Norma derived from Besut, Terengganu. She has
four children. She is a maneger director and founder Norma Skin Solution. Her education level
is only at form 4 only. And the age 17, she already had a son. However, his efforts and passion to
get involved in the business world is very high. She always attended courses and programs
organized by MARA. Her interests and efforts in the field is finally bearing fruit. Puan Norma
binti Haji Mamat could set up his own company, named Gapura Indah Niaga.

The company name is Gapura Indah Niaga. The company is located in no 19, Jalan Klung,
Rumah Murah Alor Lintang, 22200 Besut. Terengganu. Gapura Niaga Indah name was chosen
because it means big beautiful arch. In the past 10 years, about the year 2006, the company
started to make tour packages in countries of all over the country. The company made tour
packages in countries of all over the country.

But package abroad only to Thailand and

Indonesia. The company also made a catering service, reservation hampers, talking some of the
chefs who will work together to complete customer orders. But for now, the company only
focuses on skincare and beauty only because these products are most favored b customers. These
products are very well received among consumers. That is why the company gate Niaga Indah
focused on beauty products only, under the name Norm Skin Solution and Farisha Foundation.
Gapura Indah Niaga also produce clothes and scarves. Brands hoods produced by this company
is Norma Niaga.

Gapura Indah Niaga want to make sure Norm Skim Solution. Farisha Foundation and is Norma
Hijab entered the international market in 2017.

Developing a large business.


1. Provide employment opportunities to the community.
2. Maintain product quality.

Strategy that always being using in the growth of new companies is they must to register under
MARA and YPK. This is because for a new companies MARA and YPK will helped them to
open a business and will teach and guide them with the courses that they offer to a new people
who want to learn it. If the MARA and YPK give a loan for handle the business thats means
they believe at us to open a new company with a small company at first. This is because a good
supplier is very important in a business that can be trusted and can take the product in huge
amount. After that, if we settled make a deal with MARA and YPK then they will invite us if
they doing any event of courses. That event and courses must be joined because it is so important
for them to improve their skill to be a good entrepreneur and can handle a company very well.
More than that MARA and YPK will give a good chance for a young people who want and have
a high level to be an entrepreneur because this is a good benefit for a young people. This young
people has a lot opportunities in open a new company and will know about the strategy and risk

that they must to handle if anything happen in their business. They also can expand their business
with making online business like selling their product and other item. After that, they must to
find agent and drobship to make their work easily and run smoothly. This agent and drobship will
expand our business and will give the information about what the contain in our product.


The proposed strategy of Gapura Indah Niaga company is also not just only depends on supplier
but they also looking for more agents and drobship to promote their skincare product and more.
Besides that, this company also make a business through online business such like selling their
own hijab in facebook, Instagram, twitter, wechat and more. This opportunities Gapura Indah
Niaga take because want to expand their business into large market in social network. This
company also looking for suppliers who can buy their product at their Gapura Indah Niaga
company in large quantities and amount in one times. More than that, this company agent
drobship is 80 percentage from male employee and the balance 20 percentage is female
employee, its maybe Gapura Indah Niaga company believe that taking a male employee can
improve their strategy in their company to promote their skin care product. But, this company
just not only depend 100 percentage on their agent and drobship but they also take another way
such like find a big wholesaler that can be trusted to let go their stuff in a big amount and
quantities. This step is very important in all company to take precautions if anything happens in
future so this company can be handle smoothly. This company also has their own main focus
such like want to make an advertising on radio and television about their skincare product, hijab,
foundation and more. This company take this advertising as their strategy because they want to
attract people to buy their product and have interest on their product. Lastly, the important
strategy in open a business within in a company is Gapura Indah Niaga register their business
with MARA and YPK (Yayasan Pembangunan Keluarga) to make sure that they can expand their
business. We must use the loans that has been given to open and expand the business.