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Team Buzzard Bait

20th Annual

Hwy 10
We invite you, your family & friends to
VEHICLE AREA.which is located in EAST SAN DIEGO CO.
WIN C ASH AND PRIZES, in an off-road
adventure ride. Bring motorcycles, quads, buggies
or four-wheel drives.
LOOK for red and black "B" signs ON HIGHWAY
78 South Side between Split Mountain Rd and the
Blu Inn. Follow green course markers.
The family ride will be on Saturday the 14th.
Raffle satrts at 3:00 PM sharp. The ride should take
about 2-4 hours, figuring out the clues ???????

Palm Springs







Blu Inn

January 13 - 16, 2017

(MLK Holiday weekend)
DOUG WEBER FS 17-C OR CELL 951-453-2520

Fee for the ride will be $20.00 PER PERSON.

All proceeds benefit the




NO. 5

The Most Important Article
You Will Read This Year

Neglecting your beneficiary designations is a recipe

for trouble. You are the only one who can ensure that
your benefits from LAFRA, UFLAC, pension and
insurance policies go to right people. CHECK IT NOW!! ...........07

In Memoriam Michael P. Reddy

Active Fire Inspector Michael Reddy was a dedicated

husband and father, and an amazing son and friend.
The proud Angeleno leaves his legacy of work as
a paramedic and inspector to a large and loving family. .............09

The LAFD Marathon Team

On a Sunday in March, 19 runners and 12 two-person

relay teams will run from Dodger Stadium to the
Santa Monica Pier for personal satisfaction and
to raise money for WODFF ....................................................10

Presidents Message ..........................................................................05
Battalion News ...................................................................................15
The Retired Guys ...............................................................................29
Department in Action ............................................................................30
Station Fridge .......................................................................................32
Retirement Dinner
Larry Jackson ...............................................................................33
Retirement Dinner Announcements ...................................................36
Toys for Tots Softball Tournament ........................................................37
The Powerful Push-up
Ten variations of this versatile exercise ..............................................39
LAFD Scholarship Awards ...................................................................40
8 Signs you May Need an Eye Exam
Examining your LAFRA vision benefits .............................................43
Mailbox ...............................................................................................44
Memorials ...........................................................................................45
Free Legal Advice
The Forgotten Spouse .....................................................................47
Dollars and Sense
Financing for a successful business ...................................................49
LAFD History
The era of fire horses .......................................................................51
Minutes of the Board of Trustees .....................................................54
Classifieds ...........................................................................................57
Tailboard ..............................................................................................61

Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association.

No material may be reproduced without written permission of the publisher.

2 January 2017

On the cover: Structure Fire - Sun Valley


Photo by: Mike Meadows

Inset photo by: Greg Doyle

Structure Fire - Sun Valley
Notice: Production of The Firemens Grapevine magazine is very expensive, and while your dues
serve to underwrite a portion of the magazines costs, the bulk of funding comes from advertisers.
Many businesses advertise in the Grapevine. This does not mean that LAFRA endorses these
advertisers. Use of a Grapevine advertiser is at the risk of the member. If you are interested in any
of the advertisements, we urge you to use any and all means at your disposal to investigate them.

January 2017 3

owned and published by the

Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association

7470 N Figueroa Street, Los angeles CA 90041

Dave Wagner
Eric Santiago Creative
DisplayAdvertising.........................................(323) 259-5200 ext. 231 or 232


Margaret Stewart, Brian Humphrey, Erik Scott


Art Sorrentino, Mike Mastro, Matt Mickey, Frank Borden, Jim Stiglich, Steve Ruda


David Blaire, Doc DeMulle, Greg Doyle, Harry Garvin,

Steve Gentry, Juan Guerra, Brian Haimer, Gavin Kaufman, Ryan Ling, Rick McClure,
Mike Meadows, Lloyd Payne, Jeff Zimmerman, Yvonne Griffin


Robert Steinbacher................................................President
Jeff Cawdrey ..................................................Vice-President
Andrew Kuljis ........................................................Secretary

Chris Hart
Chris Stine
Craig White
David Ortiz
David Peters
Doak Smith
Frank Aguirre

Gene Bednarchik
Jim Duffy
Joe Vigil
John Jacobsen
Gayle Sonoda
Mike Sailhamer
Rick Godinez

Steve Berkery
Steve Ruda
Steven Domanski
Tim Freeman Jr.
Tim Larson
Tyler Tomich


Barry Hedberg
Dave Lowe

Dennis Mendenhall
Jim Coburn

Tom Stires


To contact a chaplain, please call Senior Chaplain Rick Godinez at (213)

797-2404 or the MFC Floor Captain at (213) 576-8920
Greg W. Gibson...................Chaplain
Danny Leon..........................Chaplain
George A. Negrete...............Chaplain
Aquil F. Basheer..................Chaplain
Tim Werle............................Chaplain

Hershy Z. Ten.......................Chaplain
Roger Fowble.....................Chaplain
Mark R. Woolf.....................Chaplain
Jesus Pasos.........................Chaplain
Craig Poulson.....................Chaplain

Fire-Relief ...............................................................(323) 259-5200
Relief Association Toll Free Number .........................(800) 244-3439
Relief Medical Plan ................................................. (866) 995-2372
Fax Number ..............................................................(323) 259-5290
Todd Layfer Executive Director..............................(323) 259-5243
Becky Valverde Human Resources Administrator.....(323) 259-5247
Liberty Unciano Controller/Treasurer...................(323) 259-5225
Bob Dillon Operations Manager..............................(323) 259-5233
Marlene Casillas Development & Marketing Director(323) 259-5217
Ana Salazar Member Services Coordinator.............(323) 259-5223
HealthSCOPE Benefits

Claims & Benefit Information...................................(866) 99-LAFRA

THE FIREMENS GRAPEVINE (USPS 191-060) is published monthly by the Los Angeles Firemens
Relief Association, 7470 N Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, California 90041. Annual $36 Subscription
included with Association membership; Non-members: $36. Single issues $3 postpaid. Back issues $6
postpaid. Periodicals postage paid at Los Angeles, CA and at additional mailing office. POSTMASTER: Send
address changes to: THE FIREMENS GRAPEVINE Magazine, P.O. BOX 41903, Los Angeles, CA 90041.
Printed by Collective Color, Los Angeles CA. For Classified and Display Advertising rates please call (323)
259-5200, ext. 231 or 232. All editorial matter must be received by the Editor eight weeks prior to the month of
publication. The opinions expressed herein are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the official
views of the Los Angeles City Fire Department or the Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association.

4 January 2017

Welcome the coldest month of the year!

As we close out 2016, I would like thank everyone
for your help in making it another successful year, and we
anticipate making 2017 even better.

I always look forward to the first of the year, a time
when I can reflect back on the past year and then try to make
some promises to myself some New Years resolutions
for the coming year. I always plan on keeping my promises
but sometimes it is hard. Maybe we can all resolve this year
to help each other keep our resolutions? Whether it is losing
weight or improving relationships with people that we have
had issues with, or improving ourselves in some small way;
it is always easier with a little support.

I would apologize for the headline on the article on
page seven, but it is imperative that we call your attention
to this important issue. I am hoping that one promise we
ALL make this year is to work on getting it together when
it comes to updating our beneficiaries! Since I have been
in this office, more than 30% of the benefits that have been
paid out on behalf of our members have been paid to people
who the deceased member would rather NOT have received
that benefit. That is almost one third of the time that the
benefits are going to the wrong people this is crazy!

This situation creates a whole host of problems for
both the deceased members survivors and the Relief Association staff. I am asking every one of our members to
please, please, please REVIEW your beneficiaries wherever they may be. You ALL have benefits with LAFRA,
UFLAC, the Fire Dept, the Pension Dept, Deferred Comp,
and life insurance. When is the last time you LOOKED at
the beneficiary forms?

In February, LAFRA will once again be sending out
our Member RAP Sheets. I am asking you to read this
simple, one page piece of paper to make sure we have your
beneficiaries correct. We need your current marital status,
contact info, childrens dates of birth, etc. There is just no
excuse why these forms would not be current. Unless of
course you want your benefits to go to your former spouse!
LAFRA will be sending a Beneficiary Update form with the

RAP Sheet. Most of the other member organizations give

you the ability to make the updates online. The aforementioned article has the contact info and URLs for these other

A piece of good news is that last year was a record
year for the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund.
Our generous donors and event sponsors pledged more than
$400,000.00, and your LAFRA staff did an amazing job
with the largest number of retirements in one calendar year
ever! Thank you to the best full time staff ever!

Thanks also go out to Robert Olsen and the Board of
Directors of the Los Angeles Retired Fire & Police Association. They put on a wonderful holiday event on December
11th at Sportsmens Lodge. It was a large turnout with more
than 500 in attendance. All members of this outstanding association are invited to attend. And you can be a member
if you have over 20 years on the job. Go to their website and get signed up . . .

We will be holding our 2nd Annual Health Fair on
April 6th from 0800 until noon. This years event will be at
the Frank Hotchkin Memorial Training Center. We are using
the Training Center because the Fire Chief has graciously
agreed to allow on-duty members working in special duty
positions in the downtown area to attend. This year we are
planning to include a number of health screenings including blood tests, ultrasounds and immunizations.

The 20th Annual Buzzard Bait off-road event will be
held on January 14th out in the desert near Ocotillo Wells.
Special thanks to Mike Reitmayer and Doug Weber for all
the time they put into this event to benefit WODFF every
Be safe and be kind to each other!
Robert D. SteinTalker Steinbacher
January 2017 5

One-on-one consultations with:

LAFRA Medical Plan Body Scan
Express Scripts Prescriptions
VSP Vision Care Live Health Online
Unum Long-Term Care Medicare
Center For Heart & Health
Activities and Demonstrations:
Free Massages Free Health Screenings
Exercise Tips & Demos
Raffle & Door Prizes
Healthy Snacks & Refreshments
Lots of Samples & Giveaways
6 January 2017


ave you checked your beneficiary designations recently? If not,

why not? You may find that your designated beneficiary is not
who you think it is, especially if you have married, divorced or
had children since you started the Drill Tower.

There have been numerous cases of firefighters who have been
divorced and remarried but have neglected to update their beneficiary
designations accordingly. This can be quite frustrating for their survivors, who must battle in court for a legal determination of the true beneficiary. The courts decision, however, may not necessarily be what the
deceased would have wanted.

Just a few years ago, an LAFD member met an untimely death.
He had gone through a very unfriendly divorced many years prior to his
death, but had never updated his beneficiary designations. The ex-wife
was rewarded with his LAFRA death benefits and the proceeds from his
$300,000 UFLAC life insurance policy.

In another situation, a member failed to name
any beneficiary at all. In this case, the accounts
became assets of the deceaseds estate. Distribution
of the benefits had to be resolved through the court
system. The only ones who profited in this circumstance were the lawyers.

Your Relief Association mails out a Member
Benefit Profile every year. The next one is planned
for February of 2017. The profile is a list of your
personal LAFRA benefits and very importantly, your
beneficiaries. So when you get it, dont toss it - read
it! Make sure everything is correct. If there are any
problems or questions, call LAFRA Member Services
at (323) 259-5200.

You will have to take the initiative to ensure
that your beneficiary designations are updated with
these other departments and organizations:
UFLAC log-in at or call (213) 895-4006
Pension Dept log-in to MyLAFPP at
Fire Personnel - (213) 978-3765
Deferred Comp log-in at
FFCU log-in at

or call (800) 231-1626

You may have other accounts for which you
must designate beneficiaries and these too should be
double-checked on a regular basis. Some of these
include bank and credit union accounts, brokerage
accounts, IRAs, and insurance policies.

Who Needs a Will & Trust? You Do!!

Everyone needs an Estate Plan that includes a Will and Trust
EVERYONE! And LAFRA makes this so easy for you. Theyll give you
$600 (yes! GIVE you!!) to help get your Estate Plan completed. And
if thats not enough, LAFRA will advance you another $1,200 to get
the job done. Contact Member Services Specialist, Maria Rodriguez at or (323) 259-5222 for details.

LAFRA also offers a Getting Started Kit which will walk you
through the steps of protecting your loved ones and your assets with
an Estate Plan. To request your kit, contact Development & Marketing
Director, Marlene Casillas, at or (323) 259-5217

2017 To Do List
Appointment for annual physical
Set up Living Trust

Donate to Widows & Orphans

Study for promotion

January 2017 7

Paid Advertisement

8 January 2017

Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association Medical Plan may cover this examination.
Contact your plan provider to verify.

ichael Reddy was born in Nyack,

New York on April 21, 1977, and
moved to Los Angeles in 1984, at
the age of 7. He graduated from Norco High
School in 1995 and went on to have a successful career as a firefighter/paramedic and fire
inspector with the Los Angeles City Fire Department.

Mike was a dedicated husband and
father, and an amazing son and friend. He en-

Teaching CPR at Dodger Stadium

joyed playing and watching basketball - his

all-time favorite basketball player was Kobe
Bryant. Mike was proud to be an Angeleno. As
he would often say, Im LA-everything LA
Lakers, Clippers, Rams, USC and LAFD. He
looked forward to coaching his sons sports
teams and spending Saturday Fun-day with
his wife and kids. Mike was loving and charismatic. He always wore a smile on his face and
made people laugh. To know him was to love

Mike leaves to treasure his memories:
wife, Kimberly Reddy; son, Brent Reddy; two
daughters, Tyara Clayton and Grace Reddy;
mother, Carol Dawn Reddy-Mullen; stepfather,
Michael Mullen; brother, Abe Reddy; sister,
Amanda Gregory (David); stepbrothers, Matthew Mullen and Michael, Jr. Mullen; stepsister, Michele King (Jason); nieces & nephews,
and a host of family and friends.

The Fire Chief presented Mike with a ceremonial captains

helmet for his high ranking on the recent promotional exam

January 2017 9

he LAFD marathon team has 19 runners and 12 two-person relay teams

scheduled to compete in the 2017 Los
Angeles Marathon. The Stadium to the Sea
marathon will be held on Sunday, March 19th.
The course starts at Dodger Stadium and ends
steps from the Santa Monica Pier. More than
25,000 athletes from the US and more than 60
countries will participate.

The Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund is also participating as an official
charity partner. The L.A. Fire team has a goal
of raising $35,000 for the charity.

The fire stations of each runner are
being challenged to get behind their runners
to help raise the most money. LAFD stations
along the route are also encouraged to make
and display banners supporting team members.
These would be great locations to cheer runners on as they go by.

Captain Mike McIndoe is spearheading
monthly group runs for our team. In addition
to running the marathon, Mike recruited a significant number of participants. I have never
run a race longer than a 10K but it is such an
awesome cause that I couldnt say no. If this
marathon doesnt break me I hope to make this
an annual thing for the WODFF.

LAFRA Trustee Frank Aguirre, a Captain at 89s, and A/C Pat Butler make up one
of the 12 relay teams. LAFD family members
Diane and Taylor Vigil will also make this their
first two-person relay team experience.

Firefighter Scott Hambly says Captain
Mike McIndoe and Chief Pat Butler have been
able to help motivate him and others. He says
they did a great job rallying the troops and getting everyone together. This creates a good
feeling. If you could feel that every day, thats
pretty special.

Scott works at FS 37 in Westwood and
he is definitely one to watch in this upcoming
race. Hes an elite runner, roughly a 2:18 marathoner who could potentially finish in the top
10. He has more than 30 full marathons under
his belt and high hopes of getting himself into
the next Olympic Trials.

Another experienced marathoner on
the L.A. Fire team is Engineer Nick Riddall.
This will be his 10th L.A. Marathon. He says

10 January 2017

its an honor to run for the WODFF in its first

year as an official charity of the event. Ive
always thought it would be really nice to have

...LAFD stations are

getting behind their
runners to help raise
money for the WODFF.

firemen running. I know a bunch of the guys

who do run. Having the Widows & Orphans do
this is great because we can actually support
our own cause.

Sandra Marquez, a long-time WODFF
volunteer, will run her first full marathon in
honor of Willie Dunn. Sandra and Willie, a
firefighter III at Air Ops and former LAFRA
Trustee, were together for three years before he
lost his battle with cancer in 2008. Before he
got sick, he was actually present in the last half
mile of my first half marathon. He ran with me
and was there cheering me on. He was there

Help your
L.A. Fire
Sponsor a runner
Become a marathon or
5K runner/walker
Become a virtual runner
Simply make a donation

Please visit GiveToAHero.

org/Marathon for details
and registration links.
when I finished my first challenge. She says
she believes Willies spirit will be with her as
she completes her first full marathon too.

Vanessa Bustamante never considered
herself to be athletic. She never ran before
2005 ever! She didnt even start running until
age 35 but Vanessa has now completed 15 full
marathons and 33 half marathons. Shes also
proven to be somewhat of a fundraising whiz.
She was the first to surpass her fundraising goal
of $1,000. In appreciation for her efforts she received a special prize a fabulous hotel stay
donated by the Downtown L.A. Sheraton.

Vanessas husband Chris Bustamante,
Captain II at FS 75, contributed to her success
by networking for her and reaching out to his
co-workers with text messages. Its just about
getting out there with either text messages,
email, Facebook or whatever social media you

Vanessa says there have been other
perks to running too. Ive actually made a lot
of good friends through running. Theres another LAFD wife, Esmerelda Reyes, who will
be running her first full marathon. I ran her first
half marathon with her too.

The day before the marathon, Saturday,
March 18th, the L.A. Big 5K will be held at
Dodger Stadium. Everyone is encouraged to
get involved as an official runner or walker, and
fundraise for the cause.

The first 25 Relief Association members to raise a minimum of $650 will earn their
choice of a duffle bag or water bottle. Other
prizes will be given for the first few to reach
$1,000. T-shirts will be available for virtual
runners and 5K participants who reach fundraising minimum goals of $350.

January 2017 11

12 January 2017

All proceeds benefit your Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund,
a 110-year-old non-profit 501(c)(3) dedicated helping our LAFD families in times of crisis


Abel Gomez
Amy Goodrich
Andrew Corona
Brian Jones
Clayton Hogan
Daniela Sarmina
Esmeralda Reyes
Greg Balandran
Henry Hsieh
Kent Koffler
Michael McIndoe
Nicholas Gonzales
Nicolas Riddall
Pablo Gomez
Sandra Marquez
Scott Hambly
Shayne Garvey
Vanessa Bustamante
Warren Sutton

Relay Teams:
Adrian Aviles & Angelica Patino
Alfred Balestra & Kevin Frank
Cheyane Caldwell & Justin Voyson
Diane & Taylor Vigil
Engel Luistro & Maggie Aviles
Jennifer Corona & Rose Franco
Logan Fields & Mamie Coleman
Lorie Juckett & Scott Edwards
Miguel & Irene Rodriguez
Patrick Butler & Frank Aguirre

Miguel Rodriguez

Diane Vigil

Rose Franco & Pat Butler

Vanessa Bustamante

Irene & Miguel Rodriguez

January 2017 13

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interest alwaYs
comes first

What we do
Provide unbiased financial advice and investment management for firefighters
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What we dont do
Advocate annuities or insurance products as these high cost products arent in
our clients best interest
Visit our website for our Q3 2016 investment newsletter. | 562 - 433 - 1400 |

5941 Naples Plaza Long Beach, CA 90803
14 January 2017

A dumpster for 4s on Alameda Ave on 11/19/16.

Photo by Yvonne Griffin

Truck 9 provides positive pressure to 697 S Myers

on 11/13/16. Photo by Yvonne Griffin

Steve (10-C) and Arlene Garcia, along with big brothers Steven
and Nick, welcomed John Alexander (6.1 lbs) on 11/10/16.

FS 3-A trains with their rebreathers

Units joined police agencies at the Chili Fly-In
at LAPDs Hooper Heliport. Photos by Greg Doyle

January 2017 15

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16 January 2017

0s on the roof of 637 Stanford Ave on 11/13/16.

Photo by Yvonne Griffin

TF 1 handles a fire under the Main St bridge on

11/28/16. LAFD Photo by Capt Dan Lievense

Truck 12 was Santas sleigh for the Highland Park Xmas parade

47s and 16s with Air Ops at a Montecito Heights Chili Cook Off on 11/16/16.

David (FS 25) and Darby Lake welcomed

Jocelyn Anne (8 lb, 15 oz) on 6/16/16.
January 2017 17

18 January 2017

Platinum Award for Fire Station 82

Fire Station 82 is the winner of
Firehouse Magazines 2016 Platinum Station
Design Award. The awards are used to identify
trends in new public safety facilities that are
designed and constructed to meet the needs of
an agency and the community which it serves.
Gold, Silver and Bronze awards are usually awarded in this prestigious competition;
however, the judges were so impressed by
82s that they requested that Firehouse create
the Platinum level. Fire Station 82, a $20 Million, three-story, 32,000-square foot facility
was honored for representing an outstanding
example of innovation and sustainability.

Al Serpa promotes to Super Mate

Marty Svornich promotes to Captain II

Dave Malafronte promotes to Super Mate

Engine 100 with an auto on White Oak Ave on 10/31/16

January 2017 19

On November 11, 2016, two of Crew
3s bravest joined the Los Angeles Fire
Department family. Firefighters Gutierrez and
Aiello graduated from DT 40 with Class 20156. According to Crew 3 Foreman Paul Wingate, these two young men have volunteered
countless hours with the handcrew. They took
the knowledge and experience gained from
working with the LAFD volunteer wildland
handcrew to further their careers as professional firefighters.

Firefighters Aiello, Wingate and Gutierrez

Firefighters from the U.S. helped battle wildfires in Israel in November.

LAFD FFs in Israel: Elan Raber 83C, Dennis Roach 72B, Shaun Gath 39C, Aaron
Brownell 98C, Ben Arnold 98C, Mike Porper (Retired), Jake Windell (LA Co)

Companies and the HR handle a vehicle off the

405 Fwy on 11/29/16. Photo by Rick McClure
20 January 2017

TF 20 joined Ron Cey and Eric Karros for the Dodgers

Community Turkey Giveaway on 11/23/16.

New A/O Mike Villatas promotional dinner

on 11/7/16. Photo by Yvonne Griffin

Koreatown blaze injures two on So. Wilton Place

on 12/4/16. LAFD Photo by Harry Garvin
January 2017 21

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Dr. Ann Abdulla

22 January 2017

Engine 7 douses a well-involved Jeep on Kelowna St on 10/19/16. Photo by Rick McClure

On 10/26/16, 98s handled an auto vs bicycle.

Photo by Rick McClure

City and County work together in Little Tujunga

Cyn on 11/14/16. Photos by Mike Meadows

January 2017 23

LF 75 on an acre of grass on the 405 Fwy

on 11/3/16. Photo by Rick McClure

Structure fire on Cayuga Ave in Sun Valley

on 11/13/16. Photo by Mike Meadows

Motorcycle accident on Foothill Blvd,

11/7/16. Photo by Doc DeMulle
24 January 2017

Truck 66 opens up 837 W 65th St.

on 11/10/16. Photo by Tod Sudmeier

TF 21 after a fire at 1045 E 50th St.

on 11/20/16/ Photo by Yvonne Griffin

One hotel room well involved at 4501 S Vermont

Ave on 11/7/16. Photo by Yvonne Griffin

On 11/11/16, FS 60-A flew a flag for deceased Fireman

Ralph Lauren (retired). Photo by Mark Akahoshi

Fire at the Goodwill store in the 5800 blk of Lankershim Bl on 11/24/16. Photo by Rick McClure
January 2017 25

TF 105 to the roof on 10/31/16.

Photo by Adam VanGerpen

The Grossman Burn Foundation held its annual Survivor Holiday

Reunion at FS 84 on 12/3/16. Photos by Adam VanGerpen

26 January 2017

T/A on Santa Rosalia Dr. on 11/1/16. Photo by Yvonne Griffin

r Coup
Includ t,
Break Gift!

Firefighters For Christ

6th Annual Marriage Enrichment Seminar

er at

Saturday, February 25, 2017

8:00am - 5:00pm
Calvary Chapel La Habra
1370 Euclid St.
La Habra, CA 90631

January 2017 27

12521 El Dorado Place,

Victorville, CA 92392
Phn: 1-800-971-4808
Fax: 1-800-971-4809
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(800) 244-3439
P.O. Box 41903
Los Angeles CA 90041

28 January 2017

any years ago the Grapevine Magazine was caught between a

rock and a hard spot and was forced to include a statement below the Battalion News section that stated, The views expressed by the Battalion News writers do NOT necessarily reflect those
of the Firemens Relief Association. That statement was put in place
because of complaints, mostly by chief officers who didnt like seein
their names or readin about their misdeeds in print. Ah, the days when
the pen was mightier than the sword.

Fast forward to the new millennium and we no longer have any
Battalion News writers. Although there are writers claimin to be in Battalion 5, 6 and 10, they only submit pictures with no more than a sentence to describe the scene.

So whats the point of havin the Battalion News disclaimer? If
you ever felt threatened or were fearful of seein your name in print,
well relax, now you can breathe a sigh of relief. The only complaint now
would be if the picture he or she were in was out of focus.

So did you happen to read the latest medical news? A Russian
man, who is wheelchair bound and suffers from a rare genetic disorder,
has volunteered for a radical medical procedure, whereby he would be
the first person to have his head surgically removed and put on another
body. Its true, Im not makin this up.

The medical community is divided on this subject, with some sayin that it would be impossible to perform and would only serve to bring
false hope to this individual. The article also went on to say that this
procedure would never be approved in any Western country but would
more likely be done in China or the USSR. In any case, its supposed to
happen next year.

So I was thinkin. What if someday head transplant surgery becomes as routine as todays heart or liver transplant surgery? And if this
surgery becomes proven and accepted, imagine the improvements that
are bound to take place. Im talkin about quick connect/disconnect fittins.

So after visitin with your doctor, quick connect fittins are implanted around the base of your neck. Then when your new head is available you simply go to the nearest surgery center and become a new you.
I think the LAFD might benefit from this futuristic surgery. Lets say the
Dept. needs more captains, A/Os, or females. No big deal, disconnect
one head and attach another. This surgery also offers other benefits. It
would be more effective than drinkin the Kool Aid and there would be
no reason to study. Imagine, you come in as a captain and leave as a fully
functional chief. Well, lets not get our hopes up.

Of course this head transplant surgery costs $10,000.00 but you
figure thats cheap since Weck Tech charged you that much to make captain.

If anyone tries to tell you that biscuits and
gravy aint a meal, stop talkin to them. You dont
need that kind of negativity in your life.

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January 2017 29


Photos by Rick McClure and Greg Doyle

Fire caused substantial damage at two commercial units in
Chatsworth on November 26, 2016. The fire was reported at 10:28 p.m. at
9410 De Soto Ave. and took firefighters 30 minutes to control. The cause and
cost of damage remain under investigation but no injuries were reported.

30 January 2017

Drill Tower 40

LAFD Photos by Alex Gillman

The LAFD graduated 42 recruits from the Harbor Recruit
Training Academy on November 9, 2016. The graduation ceremony was
immediately followed by a skills demonstration from the members of
class 2015-6. Four new members are military veterans; one Air Force,
one Navy, one Marine and one Army.

January 2017 31

32 January 2017

n Wednesday, August 10th, 2016, a retirement celebration was

held at the Odyssey Restaurant in Granada Hills honoring Captain Larry Jackson for his 34 years of service with the LAFD.
Larry first joined the Department in 1982 as a single function paramedic.
He worked on various rescue ambulances before completing the firefighter drill tower in 1986. In 2003 he promoted to Captain and spent his
last eight years at Fire Station 70.

Many family, friends and co-workers were present to pay tribute
to Larry for his dedicated service as a Paramedic, Firefighter and Captain. Larry was well respected and admired for his high standards, work
ethic and his aspiration to always do the right thing.

The evening got started with a Happy Hour - thanks for the drinks
Larry! It was very eventful amid everyone catching up with old stories of
days spent on the rescue and even better stories of Larry becoming a firefighter - of course all of them were true! Captain Keith Douglas, Larrys
comrade at FS 70, was the designated MC who kept everyones attention
with truths and more truths surrounding Larrys career. The buffet dinner was awesome, and just when you thought things couldnt get better
there was a raffle which represented some of Larrys favorite things.
The lucky winners mostly received candy corn, Home Depot cards and a
beverage that just happened to have the numbers 805 on the label.

The night continued with Larry receiving the customary retirement items from UFLAC, LAFRA, CSFA, his Personal Record Book,
Certificate of Retirement and service pin from the City. The proudest
moment of the night came when both of Larrys boys, who are on the
job, presented him with the UFLAC Axe plaque and spoke of their admiration for their dad. Fire Station 70 presented him with a professional
portrait of Larry and his two boys posing in turnouts. Awesome picture!
The most creative gift of all was presented by Captain Tom Sammartano

who gave Larry a hand restored Tonka Fire Truck. What a work of art,
great job Tom!

Finally it was Larrys turn to refute all that had been said and
as usual he took the high road. Larry was very humbled and thanked
everyone for attending. He presented his wife Lisa of 25 years with
flowers and her own retirement badge. We all want to wish Larry and
his family a long, healthy and happy retirement and congratulate him
for all of his dedication and 34 years of service with the Los Angeles
Fire Department.

January 2017 33

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34 January 2017

here is a special connection between Emily Pizinger and her

volunteer work for the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens
Fund her dad, Michael A. Pizinger.

When asked what drew her to helping the charity Emily said, I
was a recipient of the fund.

Emily and her dad, a young LAFD Captain fondly nicknamed
Pinky, enjoyed a close relationship. In 1998, when Emily was a preteen, her dad was killed in a scuba diving accident while training to be an
LAFD diver.

She continually honors her fond memories and remembers the
impact her father had on many peoples lives. A few years ago, Emily
was asked to give a speech at the LAFD Memorial, and she found herself seated next to Los Angeles City Mayor Eric Garcetti. She calls the
experience a healing journey.

As soon as she heard of the opportunity to volunteer for the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund, she wanted to help. She first
stepped up for the annual LAFD Invitational Golf tournament, one of the
charitys biggest fundraisers.

Emily pours her heart into volunteering as a way to give back.
Its for an incredible cause, she said. There are no words that can describe volunteering and being a part of something great to help a family

in need. In the act of doing so, theres so much more that happens.

Emily said she experienced the ultimate compliment when firefighters called her Pinkys daughter after recognizing the family resemblance. Coming together and being a part of the tourney allows me to
feel close to my dad again. Whatever I can do for families; I remember
what it was like. The LAFD was there for my family and words cannot
express my gratitude.

From Torrance to San Francisco, Emily is a California girl at
heart. She has lived in several cities in the Golden State and has called
L.A. her home for the past five years. With a passion for being outdoors
she particularly enjoys spending her time rock climbing and, of course,

To learn more about volunteering with the Widows, Orphans &
Disabled Firemens Fund visit the volunteer section of our website at

If you wish to donate to help firefighter families in need, go to or mail a donation to:

Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund

P.O. Box 41903

Los Angeles, CA. 90041

January 2017 35

CORI TIPTON, Battalion Chief,

Homeland Security

TIM FREEMAN, Captain, FS 106-A



Frank Hotchkins Drill Deck

1700 Stadium Way, Los Angeles, CA

The Odyssey Restaurant - Garden Room

15600 Odyssey Drive
Granada Hills CA

Luncheon 11:30 AM

Cocktail Hour - 5:00 PM

Carne Asada, Chicken or Shrimp Tacos,

Quesadillas, Rice & Beans, Agua Fresca and Dessert
Cost - $20

Dinner - 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Buffet - $60 includes tax, tip & gift

Call FS 106 Business Line - (818) 756-8606

Call Jennifer Corona - (213) 202-9925

or cell - (213) 706-6183

JACK WISE, Battalion Chief, Battalion 12

Sagebrush Cantina
23527 Calabasas Road, Calabasas, CA
Dinner: 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Tex Mex Buffet - $60 includes tax, tip & gift
Call Battalion 12 Office - (818) 756-8612
Casual Attire

Recent Retirements

Richard H. Matheney
Earl R. Boyd
Mark A. Carcamo
Charles F. Mollo
Ovidio J. Bolanos
Howard S. Sokol
Donald L. Frazeur
Stephen W. Douglass
Corinne B.Tipton
Jack H. Wise

36 January 2017



Firefighter III
Firefighter III
Apparatus Operator
Firefighter III
Firefighter III
Assistant Chief
Fire Inspector II
Battalian Chief
Battalian Chief

Rescue Maintenance
Metro Rail
Homeland Security
Batt 12 C

LA City Brown softball team has been playing in the Toys for
Tots Tournament for the past ten years. Every player brings a $10 unwrapped toy. With 16 teams coming from as far away as Las Vegas this
year, thats quite a few toy donations!

This years tournament was held at the Chino Hills Big League
Dreams fields on December 6th. LA City Brown beat Riverside City in
finals 32-5 to win the tournament.

In the photo back row, left to right: Steve Hiserman, Louie Garcia, Sam Cordona, Brian Smith, Clark Hills, Rob Hayes, and Joe Steiner.
In the front: Louie Garcias sons (didnt play), Mike Pagliuso, Brian Farris, and Marcus Jacobs. Teammate Casey Kitelsleger is not shown.

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January 2017 37

Each year your Relief Association awards
college scholarships to member dependents.
These include:
The Leo K. Najarian Memorial Scholarship of $5,000
The Bill Goss Scholarship of $2,500
Relief Scholarship awards of $2,500
Memorial Scholarship of $5,000

Online application available after January 15th

Scholarship Dates & Deadlines

DEADLINE | Thursday, March 22, 2017
Application evaluation & testing
Saturday, April 8, 2017

Questions? Email:

38 January 2017

he unappreciated push-up should really

be your favorite exercise - it requires
no equipment, you can do it anywhere,
its adaptable to any fitness level, and it can be
adapted to fit a wide variety of goals.

There are so many push-up variations
that you should be including at least one into
your routine. Whether to increase mobility or
gain explosive power, everyone can use some
form of the push-up to help them improve.
Here are ten variations that you may not have
considered. Try them on for size and get ready
to push your limits!

1. Try Incline Push-ups if youre having

trouble with the standard version. Rest your
hands on a raised surface - like a bench or step instead of the floor. The higher the surface, the
less of your body weight you will have to lift.
Lower your chest to the bench, keeping your
knees and back straight. Push back out again.
2. Placing your feet higher than your
hands will make the exercise more challenging. For a Decline Push-up, position your
hands on the floor slightly wider than shoulder
width and place your feet on a bench or elevation. Keeping straight, lower the upper body to
the floor by bending your arms. To allow for
full descent, pull the head back slightly without
arching the back. Push your body back up until
the arms are extended.
3. You can do a Tricep Push-up by placing your hands close together directly under
your shoulders when in the push-up position.
You can also touch your index fingers and
thumbs together to form a diamond. Keep
your elbows tucked close to your sides as you
lower your body. This adjustment shifts the
work from your chest to your arms.
4. To task your core and grip
strength, try the Barbell

Push-up. Assume the normal push-up position

- except that your hands are on a weighted barbell. Complete the reps while making sure the
barbell doesnt roll away.
5. Plyometric Push-ups will help you
develop explosive upper-body strength. Lower
your chest to the floor as in a standard pushup and then drive your body up explosively so
your hands leave the ground. Upon landing,
immediately begin your next repetition. Another plyometric variation is the Clap Push-up.
6. If you want to develop your chest,
shoulders, back, hips and triceps all at once,
use the Dive Bomber Push-up. Bend over
and place your hands on the floor while keeping your arms and legs straight. Keep your
butt high and your head pointing down to the
ground. Now youre going to make a swooping motion with your body. Push your head forward by bending your elbows. Keep your head
low and continue moving your torso forward
by arching your back and lowering your hips.
Youll end up with your hips near your hands.
Now make the same swooping motion in reverse until you reach the starting position.
7. The goal of the Pike Push-up is to
work your shoulders. Start by positioning as
you would for a normal push-up. While keeping your legs straight, take a few steps forward,
bringing your feet towards your hands. Now
bend at the elbows to lower your upper body
to-wards the floor. Lower until your head is almost touching the floor, then
push back up to the
start position.

8. For Rotational Push-ups, assume the

classic push-up position and lower yourself towards the floor. As you come up, rotate your
body so your right arm lifts up and extends
over your head until you are in a side plank.
Your arms and body should form a T. Rotate
back to the center and then repeat, rotating to
the left side.
9. Side-to-Side Push-ups work one side
of your body at a time. From the normal starting position, lower yourself to the ground as
you lean toward your right side. Your right arm
will be doing most of the work as you push
back up. As you lower yourself again, lean towards the left, just focusing on that side. Sideto-Sides are a great way to prepare for OneArmed Push-ups.
10. The One-Armed Push-up is a feat of
great strength that begs for an ice cream bet. It
calls for brute strength and a rock solid core.
In the standard push-up position, spread your
feet apart. With one hand behind your back,
lower yourself slowly until your chest is almost
touching the ground and then press up. Go until
you cant do anymore and then switch to the
other hand or alternate hands with every rep
for the Rocky Push-up.

There are scores of videos available online to help you better understand
the different push-up variations presented here. Do a
Google search or try some of these links:

January 2017 39

he Los Angeles Fire Department Scholarship Fund awarded four $5000 scholarship grants in 2015. The Merit Scholar
Awards are cash grants, made possible through
the Jean Perkins Foundation, of up to $20,000
($5,000 per year). To be eligible, a student must
be the child or stepchild of an active or fallen
LAFD sworn employee, a high school senior
or college freshman, and enrolled as a full-time
student in an accredited college or university.
The scholarships are awarded on the basis of
merit with the single most important factor being.

The awardees demonstrated excellence
in academic studies, good character, leadership, distinction in extra-curricular activities,
personal accomplishments and a potential for
future success. Each application consisted of
two essays, school transcripts and two letters
of recommendation.

Of the 29 eligible applicants, eight finalists were selected to interview and continue
the process. The combination of excellent applicants and a positive and determined board,
resulted in the selection of four 2016 Merit
Scholar winners. A ceremony to recognize this
years winners was conducted by Capt. I Daniel Curry at FHMTC on June 1, 2016.

The four Runner-Up Award winners are
to be congratulated for their outstanding mer-

40 January 2017

its. Each received a one time grant of $2,500.

They are Mitchell Casanova, Timothy Ruiz,
Danielle Shapiro, and Olivia Terrazas.

The Best Essay award of $2,500 was
generously sponsored by the LAFD Foundation. President Karen Wagener presented the
award to Brandon Gonzalez.

The Ron Fujikawa Leadership award
was added to the 2015 competition. Dick Barrett presented this years winner, Hayley Taggart with a $2,500 award.

The four 2016 award recipients and
their bios are as follows:

DUSTIN HUDSON is graduating
from West Ranch High School and the son of
Inspector I Jeffrey Hudson, Film Unit (27 years
LAFD). He will attend USC, majoring in Business Administration. Since 2013, Dustin has
been operating an e-Bay online store, selling
high end designer items. He devotes countless
hours to his passion for business. Although he
has a thriving online business, Dustin gives
back to his community by volunteering 20
hours a month to various organizations. As
Project Chair for the Boys and Girls Cub and
Key Club at school, he helps coordinate events
and volunteer opportunities. He also volunteers with Safe Rides, providing rides to students under the influence, and with Bridge to

the Future, which exposes students to science,

math and technology. Dustin is a member of
EDU Africa, established by his school
to fundraise for two
schools in Somaliland. Dustin was selected by his peers
to receive the Social
Studies Department
Award, for exhibiting respect, honesty,
integrity and personal accountability.
Dustin is a member
of National Honor Society, and has received
the AP Scholar Distinction Award 2015. Dustin
graduates with a 4.4 GPA.

ELISABETH MARCIANO is graduating from Royal High School and daughter of
Firefighter III Jeffrey Marciano FS 3 (12 years
LAFD). Elisabeth will be attending Cal Poly
SLO, majoring in Liberal Studies for Elementary Education. Elisabeth has been involved in
education since 2012 as a bible school leader.
She has been assisting in a peer tutoring program and volunteers to provide childcare during school events. As ASB VP, she has chaired
the Publicity Committee. She has worked on

the Mr. Highlander pageant, a talent show to

raise funds for Harrison Hugs, in honor of a
RHS student who passed away due to a heart
condition. She is into competitive dance and
a member of the RHS Dance team. Elisabeth
received the Reagan Diploma Seal
2015-16 for Student
Involvement. Her
dance awards include Judges Choice
Award 2016 and
Choreography and
Contemporary Duet
Awards 16. She is a
member of National
and the California
Scholarship Federation. Her chords for graduation include Leadership, National Honor Society and Key Club. Elisabeth graduates with a
4.2 GPA

SARAH PONCE is graduating from
Murrieta Valley High School and the daughter of Captain II Paul Ponce, FS 29 (27 years
LAFD). Sarah will attend the University of
Portland majoring in Biology and Neuroscience. She is a member in the following clubs:
Lupus Warriors (founder), IB Club, Tower
Bridge International (Ambassador), and Calculus Leaders of the Future. The full International
Baccalaureate Diploma Program involves the
Ragnar Relay, an arduous 36-hour three-leg
run to raise funds for Free the Children charity.
As Team Captain, Sarah found donors, planned
group runs, created costumes, and encouraged
her teammates to physically prepare. Though
this was out of her comfort zone, Sarah demonstrated management and leadership skills
under pressure. he
was chosen as a
China - US Cultural
Exchange Envoy,
receiving a trip to
China where she
served as journalist for the Study
Abroad Magazine
in Beijing. Sarahs
awards and honors include, Senior
Wings - Determined
Senior with Integrity and Leadership Skills,
Nighthawk Achievement for Diligent Study,
IB Perfect Score, AP Scholars Award, and National Honors Society. Sarah graduates with a
4.7 GPA

HAYLEY TAGGART is graduating from Newbury Park High School and the
daughter of Capt. Kelly Taggart, FS 5 (16
years LAFD). Hayley will attend Utah State
University majoring in Family and Consumer
Science Education. Hayley teamed up with

Alexs Lemonade Stand Foundation to raise

thousands of dollars to fight childhood cancer.
As Mission Chair, Hayley inspires her classmates to fight cancer by organizing the American Cancer Societys Relay for Life at NPHS.
Hayley is currently president of the Cal State
FHA-HERO student organization, a pre-professional organization for students enrolled in
Home Economics and Technology programs.
As president of FHA-HERO, she has attended
planning meetings in Sacramento. She inspired
state-wide chapters to join in fundraising over
$100,000 for Alexs Lemonade Stand Foundation and received
national recognition
for their efforts. She
is a member of the
NPHS Varsity Swim
team for three years
and Varsity Water
Polo team for four
years - Co- Captain 15. Hayleys
honors and awards
include: Principal
Scholar Athlete and
Honor Roll, Coachs Award 13, AP Scholar
with Honor Award 15 and received the Ronald
Reagan Student Award Summer 15. Hayley
graduates with a 4.5 GPA.

Ten years ago the LAFD Scholarship Fund was established with the approval
of then-Fire Chief William R. Bamattre. We
were honored to have Chief Bamattre attend
the tenth annual awards ceremony. Also in attendance were eleven past scholarship winners,
Molly Casanova 07, Michael A. Rodriguez
08, Tamara J. McCarty 09, Carrine Johnson
14, David Phillips 12, Kenna Arana 13,
Candace Johnson 14, Madison Miller 14 and
Marek Olivas 14, Emily Vidovich 15 and
Brian Zabilski 15. They shared their college
experiences and provided encouragement to
our 2016 winners

We would like to thank James Carroll
III and Joe Connolly, Executive Board Members of the Jean Perkins Foundation and, the
LAFD Merit Scholarship Funds Board of
Directors, John Anglin, Dick Barrett -president, G. Louis Graziadio III -secretary, Vicky
Leck, Tom Mizo, Robert Nicholas - treasurer
and Molly Taylor for their dedication and support of our members and their children. We are
also grateful to the LAFD Foundation for their
sponsorship of the Best Essay award and to
the LAFD Sertoma Club,UFLAC, LAFD Historical Society, the Los Angeles Firefighters
Association, Stentorians of Los Angeles City
and the Firefighters First Credit Union.

The announcement for the 2017 competition should be posted early January 2017.
Please check out our website at for background, scholarship and
past winner information. We also accept online,
tax deductible donations to continue providing
scholarship grants.

What Is The...

Extinguisher Fund?

The brain child of Ted Bailie, re-

tired from the LAFD and LAFRA, your

stations Extinguisher Fund is a simple
way to collect donations for the Widows, Orphans and Disabled Firemens
Fund. Ted saw the accumulation of
change that the cook dumped into the
mess fund box each shift and had a
better idea. If this change was instead
collected for the WODFF he figured it
could really add up. With an average of
50 cents per day per station, in a year
there would be . . . well, you can do the

So take your turn in the cooking

rotation and remember to drop all your

change into your stations extinguisher.
There should be one in every firehouse.
And any loose change in your pockets,
any that you find in the TV chairs, or
hoarded in the ashtray of your vehicle
can be thrown in for good measure.

The Widows, Orphans & Dis-

abled Firemens Fund is the heart of

the Relief Association. This fund provides assistance to our firefighters and
families who are faced with personal
difficulties and tragedies. Donations are
the sole means of support for this Fund.

Firefighters risk their lives to

protect the community on a daily

basis. Thus, they and their families can
be comforted in knowing that the Fire
Department Family, supported by the
Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund, is there for them in times
of need.

January 2017 41

Shop online at Amazon and support the

Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund with

Its the Amazon you know

supporting a cause you care about.
Visit to learn more.
42 January 2017

deally, one eye exam every year should help

you to stay on top of your eye health, but
some people might need to schedule more
than one exam in a year. Vision can change
quite a bit over the course of a year, especially
for those over the age of 50, and it is important
to know when you need to schedule an exam.

Here are 8 signs that you should get
another exam on the calendar soon:

1. Your eyes are red, dry, itchy, or you are

seeing spots, flashes of light, or floaters.
2. You have diabetes or another health
condition that affects your eyes. Also, if you
have a family history of conditions like diabetes or glaucoma you may need exams more
often, especially as you move into your 50s and
3. You cant remember when you last had
an eye exam. If its been longer than a year,
youre overdue.
4. You have difficulty driving at night and
seeing street signs in the dark.
5. You experience eye strain, headaches and/or blurred vision after spending an
extended amount of time in front of a computer
6. You get motion sick, dizzy, or have
trouble following a moving target.
7. You hold books or the newspaper further away from your face and squint or close
one eye to read them clearly.
8. You notice any changes in your vision,
especially after an incident of head trauma.

Dont wait until you experience any of
these eight things before you schedule an eye
exam. Keep in mind that an eye exam benefits
more than just your eyes. Your eye doctor can
detect a wide range of diseases like diabetes
and cancer just by looking at your eyes.

Your Vision Care is Covered*

Vision coverage is automatically included when you enroll in the Relief PPO Medical Plan.* You can choose any provider, but youll save money if you use a
network provider. Vision Service Plan (VSP) features more than 22,000 professional vision care providers. If you use a non-VSP provider, you are responsible for paying
the provider in full and submitting a claim to VSP for reimbursement. To find a vision care provider or for more information, call VSP at (800) 877-7195 or visit
January 2017 43

Send your letters & comments to the editor at:

Dear Jim and the Fire Family,

I could not believe what I saw on
my front porch Saturday! The flag, pictures and your letter were such a surprise
and I can tell you I cried big grateful
tears. Walt would have been impressed
also. Our sons were also very impressed
with what you did.

Thank you for all that you did.
I love the photos. The flag is in such a
beautiful frame. I treasure it. Walt loved
being with the fire department and especially the Arson Unit.

I am enclosing a check for the
Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens
Rita Brey
Murrieta, CA
Dear Andy,

Please accept this donation to the
WODFF in memory of Walt Brey, one of
the last of the few men that were lucky
enough to work and play at the original
Sparkle Corps (old Fire Station 28 on
Figueroa Street). We had three 6 man
companies which included a fully manned
Salvage Company that Walt was assigned

He started his career with the City
of LA as a policeman but transferred
over to the fire department when he saw
the advantages of being a fireman. We
worked together at 28s for six years in
the early 1950s.

Walt was a little older than most
of the other guys, so he had lots of stories
that only he could tell. I spent many hours
44 January 2017

with him, not only on the job, but on our

days off painting houses. So I got to know
him pretty well.

He was a good fireman, painter,
story teller and all around good guy and
Im going to miss him,
Dan Downen
Woodland Hills, CA

sion to attend funerals of our members. I

led our detail of Battalion 15 and Captain
Paul Steele commanded Engine 99. We
attended the funeral Mass and Burial.
The church was overwhelmed with the
presence of active duty members of the
LAFD. It was also well attended by many
past and retired members once assigned
to Fire Station 99 and elsewhere.

The family was very much grieved
at the most unexpected passing of FF/PM
Miller. Their appreciation for the detail
was very apparent. I told the assembled
group, on your behalf, of your personal
gratitude for his service to the City and
your personal sorrow in his passing.

Once again thank you for your
concern and allowing a detail to be
formed on behalf of a grateful Department.
Stephen J. Ruda
LAFRA Trustee

To our dear friends and family,

We would like to take this time to
thank you for supporting our golf tournament once again! Wow, 20 years! What
a year it was, one of the hardest yet for
me. With the Lords strength we made it
through. Thank you for all the continued
love and prayers, for all the helpers and
volunteers we appreciate so much. Thank
you to all who have been here from the
beginning and all the new friends just
starting. We hope you had a great time
and see you next year!
Thank you. God bless you.
Craig, Buffy, Jake and Wyatt Alder
Temecula, CA
To the Fire Chief,

Today December 7, 2016, Battalion 15 and Engine 99 attended a funeral
for a recent retiree by the name of Robert
Miller. He was a Firefighter/Paramedic at
Fire Station 99.

The reason for this email is to
thank you for your continued support of
our Relief Association in granting permis-

Dear Mr. Kuljis,

Thank you for the beautiful flowers
sent by the Relief Association and for the
help the association has given after my
husbands [John J. Rock] passing.
Juliet Rock

Wally [Berger] was truly all those
nice things everyone has said and more.
He also served our country as a U.S.
Marine. He was a good dad and a good
friend. Ill miss his words of wisdom
during those weekends when we were
repairing rigs at the shops.
You will be missed Brother
Mike Porper

Michael P. Celentano, Firefighter III.
Appointed May 12, 1962.
Retired on a disability pension September 11, 1986 from FS 50.
Passed away November 7, 2016.
William A. Bowles, Captain.
Appointed June 27, 1959.
Retired on a disability pension December 10, 1985 from FS 95.
Passed away November 8, 2016.
Michael P. Reddy, Fire Inspector I.
Appointed March 12, 2001.
Actively on duty at FPB.
Passed away November 17, 2016.
John J. Rock, Firefighter II.
Appointed May 4, 1959.
Retired on a service pension July 14, 1980 from FS 50-C.
Passed away November 28, 2016.
Robert E. Miller, Paramedic.
Appointed April 1, 1977.
Retired on a service pension August 31, 2010 from FS 99-A.
Passed away November 28, 2016.
Lynn A. Weigel, Fireman.
Appointed August 18, 1947.
Retired on a service pension June 1, 1978 from FS 48.
Passed away December 3, 2016.
Roland Lansing, Apparatus Operator.
Appointed August 14, 1941.
Retired on a service pension August 1, 1963 from FS 80-A.
Passed away December 9, 2016.

Sonia Cundy, surviving spouse of Carl C. Cundy, passed away November 7, 2016.
Jennifer Johnson, spouse of Joseph T. Johnson Jr., passed away November 14, 2016.
Genevieve Soule, spouse of Victor S. Soule, passed away November 22, 2016.
Thelma G. Pleick, surviving spouse of Peter P. Pleick, passed away November 25, 2016.
Ida L. Moore, spouse of Everett L. Moore, passed away November 29, 2016.
Katherine Flatos, surviving spouse of Mitchell A. Flatos, passed away December 6, 2016.

January 2017 45

A healthy diet and good dose of laughter do a body good.

So do regular check-ups.

1 Routine Physical Exam every year at 100%

3 Eye Exam every year, $10 co-pay

using VSP in-network provider

2 Body Scan every 3 years at 100%

4 Colonoscopy every 5 years at 100%

*details at

*limited to $700

*after age 50

5 Standard Immunization Vaccines at 100%

6 Dermatology and skin cancer check,
$15 co-pay
7 Well-woman Exam every year at 100%
8 Mammogram every 1-2 years at 100%
*women 40 years and older

All above benefits for In-Network providers only

as of 7-1-16, all benefits subject to change



me tell you
the story of Ted Will, a man who recently became part of California Judicial history. Teds
story began years ago when after a divorce,
he established a living trust and will to protect
his estate for his five children. Flash forward
to a few years ago when Ted, at age 81, became reacquainted with 80 year old Gertrude
Fochs, his high school flame. They dated, fell
in love, and married, even though Gertrude was
diagnosed with lung cancer. Because Ted had
a substantial estate, they met with his attorney
to draft a prenuptial agreement wherein each
spouse agreed to waive the right to inherit from
the other. Teds attorney explained the agreement and offered to obtain independent legal
counsel for Gertrude, all at Teds expense, but
she declined. Based on court testimony, she
told the attorney, he keeps his assets, I keep
mine. The following day Ted and Gertrude

In a twist of fate, two years into their
marriage, Ted unexpectedly died, leaving
Gertrude as the surprised survivor. Although
grieved at the loss of their father, Teds children
were glad he had sheltered his assets from Gertrude. It was not that they didnt like her. It was
just that, you know, she wasnt family. After
all, she had her assets and Ted had his, right?
Well, as you might have guessed, Gertrude
changed her mind and filed a petition claiming
she was a forgotten spouse under Californias
Omitted Spouse statute, and attacked the prenuptial agreement as invalid under provisions
of the Family Code.

spouse relied on her assertion that the prenuptial

agreement failed to comply
with the Family Code. She claimed
she was not afforded the required seven-day
waiting period, was not given an opportunity
to be represent by independent counsel, and
did not receive a separate document explaining
the rights being waived. The court found that
although Gertrudes waiver failed to meet the
Family Code requirements, the agreement was
nonetheless valid. The court relied on a series
of Probate Code sections that allow for a written waiver of inheritance rights if, at the time of
signing, the waiver makes a fair and reasonable
disposition of the surviving spouses rights.
Another section of the Probate Code allows a
written waiver if the surviving spouse had adequate knowledge of the decedents property
and there was no violation of a fiduciary duty
owed to the affected spouse. Ted didnt hide
anything from Gertrude and she knew he had a
substantial estate. She also declined an offer of
independent counsel to review the agreement,
and married Ted the day after she signed the

Lessons Learned

In the end the court refused to let Gertrude go back on her word and rejected her
claim. The lesson learned from the Estate of
Will is that life changing events, such as marriage, childbirth, divorce, or the death of a
loved one, should cause a person to reevaluate their estate plan and execute amendments
of documents as necessary. Had Ted amended
his trust and will after he married Gertrude, she
would never have made it to court, and Teds
family would have saved money and aggravation by avoiding a protracted probate litigation
after his death.

The Omitted Spouse.

The probate code protects a spouse who
is not mentioned in estate planning documents
executed prior to the marriage. The statute
gives the forgotten spouse a share of the estate, but not if (1) the spouse was specifically
disinherited, (2) the spouse receives assets
outside the estate, or (3) the spouse executed
a valid waiver. Gertrudes claim as an omitted

January 2017 47

The Relief PPO Medical Plan

Retirement Badges, Books & Celebrations
Events Calendar
Estate Planning Resources
Sick & Injury Benet Details
Chaplain Services
Death & Funeral Assistance
Life & Accident Benet Details
Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund

48 January 2017

Mike Mastro, President/CEO

Firefighters First Credit Union

Financing Tips on How to Run a Successful Business

ne of the many benefits of the Credit Union exclusively

serving firefighters is that we know your lifestyle and
interests. We find that a lot of our members have businesses and finding the right Business Banking partner is crucial
to long term success. Business financing is becoming more difficult as the big banks have increased rates as they look to diversify
their portfolios.
It is important to secure a Business credit card to cover the
day to day expenses, inventory and materials. Getting one where
you are earning reward points for those purchases is a smart
Firefighters First Credit Union has a Business Platinum
Visa card with a low variable rate.You can earn 4x the points on
purchases at Costco, Lowes, and Home Depot, 3% on travel, 2%
on gas and 1% on all other purchases until December 31, 2016.*
Then redeem your points for cash back on your account,
essentially paying your credit card bill.
Did you know that Firehouse Business Services specializes in
commercial lending and rental property financing and has competitive rates?
Buy or Refinance Commercial properties such as storage
units and larger apartment buildings.
Finance up to $5 million (larger amounts considered)
Extract capital to pay for expansion, improvements, or to
finance additional investments

And if you are looking to buy or refinance rental properties, we have you covered. Our loan programs are competitive,
flexible and we can accommodate shorter escrow periods.

In some cases a Business line of credit may be what you
need. This can be used for on-demand working capital, payroll
funds, to improve your cash flow, purchase inventory and even
to finance your accounts receivables. By having an open line of
credit you can access the money as needed via phone or online

If you have business vehicles, we can finance them up to
84 months. We can also help you secure commercial vehicles,
like heavy duty tractors. Just give us a call.

Running a business can also expose you to certain risks.
We can help protect you by providing insurance through Firefighter Insurance Services. FIS can help you limit your risk with
General Liability, Umbrella, Commercial Auto, Workers Compensation, and many other forms of business insurance.

Our goal is to help make it easy for you to manage all of
your business financing from banking to lending to merchant
services. You can trust Firefighters First to do whats in your best
interest whether it be personal or business. Reach out to us at
(800) 231-1626 for assistance.
The more business we do together as a Fire Family, the Greater
the reward will be to all Members.
Have a safe month!

Mike Mastro

*Offer valid 10/1/16 12/31/16. During the promotional period, Platinum Visa cardholders will earn up to 4 times the normal earning rate of reward points. Earn 4x the points
on in-store purchases only at Costco, Sams Club, The Home Depot, and Lowes; earn 3x the points on travel purchases: airfare, hotel stays, car rentals, and other travel purchases
made directly from cruise lines, travel agencies, and tour operators; earn 2x the points on consumer fuel purchases. Register your card at to manage your
reward points conveniently from the online site or through the UChoose Rewards mobile app. Points accrued, awards, and benefits issued are subject to change and subject to the
rules of the Firefighters First Credit Union credit card rewards / UChoose Rewards program. Firefighters First Credit Union is not affiliated with any of the merchants named in
this promotion. There are costs associated with the use of any credit card issued to you by Firefighters First Credit Union.You may request specific information about these costs
by contacting us by telephone at (800) 231-1626 or by writing us at 815 Colorado Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90041.

January 2017 49

Donations to Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund

November 2016


honor of the 12th Annual Pancake Breakfast at FS 86

FIRE STATION NO. 27 from the

Fire Extinguisher Fund


FIRE STATION NO. 26 from the

Fire Extinguisher Fund


ROBYN FLAHARTY in memory of our daughter
Kristen Deanne Flaharty & The support of Chaplain
Danny Leon
RUBY A. JUSTIS in memory of my husband
Charles (Charlie) H. Justis
RAYMOND & FAY SMITH in memory of our daughter
& sister Christine Cole
RITA E. BREY in memory of my husband
Walter R. Brey
AUDREY L. VERDONE in memory of my husband
John Verdone & Primo John Verdone my grandson
KIRK P. BINGHAM from the Retired Firefighters
Breakfast at Mimis Restaurant
FIRE STATION NO. 98 from the
Fire Extinguisher Fund
MARCIA BREWER in memory of my husband
Capt. Russell L. McMenamin
JOHN W. POTTER in memory of Henry Huizinga
HARRY M. MORCK in memory of my friends
Hank Huizinga & Dick Wycoff
MARGARET M. KLINGER in remembrance of
Ron Pierce
RICHARD F. RUSH in memory of Frank Brown
ARLENE J. BURNHAM in memory of my husband
Edwin Burnham
FIRE STATION NO. 63 from the
Fire Extinguisher Fund
50 January 2017

FIRE STATION NO. 112/BT-2 from the

Fire Extinguisher Fund
DANIEL J. KEMP in memory of Harry Carlson
JAMES DAN DOWNEN in memory of Walt Brey
Patti Loewe
MARIE K. WAKEFIELD in memory of
Agnes Lindy Riley, widow of Ed Mike Riley
VAUGHN C. SWANSON in memory of Henry Huizinga
ROBERT & MOIRA FITCH in honor of
Howard Dunfords 91st Birthday
ARCHER R. MORGAN in memory of Frank Brown
STEPHEN & MARNI ENGH in honor of
Glenn Wilkinson on his 70th Birthday
EVELINE & JOE SYKORA in honor of
Glenn Wilkinson on his 70th Birthday
MARY ZARYCKA in memory of Steven Dixon
FIRE STATION NO. 95 from the
Fire Extinguisher Fund
Hank (Dutch) Huizinga
EDWARD H. MC ADAM in memory of
Henry Hank Huizinga
PHYLLIS R. STAPEL in memory of my husband
Clarence Stapels Birthday on November 13th
PATRICIA MURDY in memory of Hank Huizinga
EDWARD R. DELANEY in memory of
Francis Frank Brown

Submitted by Frank Borden Director of Operations, LAFDHS

LAFD History - The Era of the LAFD Fire Horses

Did you know that the LAFD had a
total of 163 horses in 1911? This is the most
horses the department would ever have.
That year three new fire houses were opened
(Engine 23, 24 and 25) for a total of 32. These
were the last houses built specifically for fire
horses. Im not sure how many of the old
stations still exist except old 23s at 225 E.
5th St., old 22s at 4352 So. Main St. and old
18s at 2616 So. Hobart where I worked as
an engineer in 1967. 1911 was the first year
of motorized apparatus on the LAFD and the
beginning of the end for our great fire horses.

Back in those days there was no more
memorable scene than the traffic stopping
spectacle of highly trained, high spirited horses racing to alarms pulling LAFD apparatus.
There was always a strong bond between the
firemen and their horses and of course, many
stories by the firemen who trained them for
duty and tricks. Horses were purchased from
established breeders where bloodlines and
forage were known throughout the fire service
for producing the highest quality horses.
Morgans and Percherons, the two most desired
bloodlines, were crossbred and produced colts
with qualities that made them ideal for fire
duty. Crossbreeds were smaller, lighter, faster,
heartier, cheaper and less expensive to feed
and maintain than purebreds.

The department purchased horses
between three and six years of age and already
trained by the breeders to wearing a harness
and responding to the drivers reins. They
would then be shipped by rail and corralled at
the LAFDs yard on Pasadena Avenue (later to
become LAFDs S&M). Crossbred Morgans
were usually black or various hues of brown.
Weighing between 1000 and 1300 pounds,
they stood between 15 and 16 hands (around
five feet) as measured from their shoulders to
their hooves. Smaller than crossbred Percherons, they were usually assigned to lightweight chemical and hose companies and to
pull chiefs buggies. The crossbred Percherons were black or gray (which turned snow
white as they grew older) weighed up to 1500
pounds and stood about 17 hands. These huskier horses were ideal for pulling the heavier
rigs like the 1887 Amoskeg steamer and the
1905 Gorter water tower in our museum.

The horses were given one or two syllable

names like Bob, Izzy, Rock, Rufus, Pete to
facilitate the horses response when the driver
(a rated position) called an order. Firefighters sometimes named horses to appropriately
signify specific traits. Among those was
Searchlight, a chiefs buggy horse, who, the
story goes, had an uncanny knack for seeking
out shortcuts through alleys and streets while
answering downtown alarms.

Officially, each horse was known by
its assigned number which was branded on
its skin. On May 12, 1910, the fire commission ruled that branding on the horses flank
was cruel. Thereafter, numbers were branded
on the horses right front hoof. The resulting
indentation was filled in with the number in
silver or gold paint. Another humane consideration was a rule against over-use of whips
while urging horses to speed.

The Glory Days of horses were not
altogether glorious for the firemen. Drivers
had to arise at dawn to fill the horses water
buckets. Rule 13 of the LAFD Rules and
Regulations required a 30 minute wait after
watering before the horses were fed at 6:30
a.m. The Rules & Regs also stated that the
horses shall be fed not more than four quarts
of grain and about 20 pounds of hay daily.
The horses were then exercised for not less
than 30 minutes every morning followed by a
thorough grooming. The horses were required
to be thoroughly washed and scrubbed at least
once a month, weather permitting.

Although teaching the horses tricks
was a violation of the rules, many somehow
learned tricks like opening gates and water
spigots, and kneeling and shaking hands.
Among the LAFDs famous tricksters was
a horse officially known as Jerry, but bet-

Captain Jim Shern and Engine

18 members circa 1968.

Wagon and Steamer 18 in

front of Old Fire Station 18,
Circa 1906

January 2017 51

The 1905 Gorter Water Tower

was later motorized and is now
in the Hollywood Fire Museum.
Engine 9s steamer with three big Percherons.

ter known as the Fire Eater. The firemen

claimed that Jerry was mostly self-taught. He
stood at his stall rails to beg for tobacco, lit or
not, snorting the smoke. He could sense chewing tobacco, nuzzling it out of the firemens
pockets. By the time Jerry was transferred
to Engine 10, he was dancing in his stall,
and shaking hands with his hoof. He would
entertain visitors by elongating his lower lip,
baring his teeth, lowering an ear, cocking an
eye and leering. Jerrys driver, Joe Sepulveda,
said the horse could smell apples or oranges
the instant they were brought into the station
and he would paw the floor until he got one.
Engine 10 firemen learned that Jerry disliked
sharing audiences with other horses and would
jealously snort and protest if visitors looked at
other horses. Jerry insisted upon center stage!
Blackie the Last Fire Horse
By CAPT. H. J. GRIFFIN, Retired

Blackie is my name, to me belongs
the honor of being the last fire horse. Today
I am at home in Griffith Park, whetting my
appetite on green grass with hay and oats as
dessert. Just a life of ease for me, no more
do I race down hardened highways pulling
fire apparatus with clanging bells ringing in
my ears, but my memory lingers on, of days
when in a clean stall, in a fire station called
the marble palace, I spent many happy hours.
I bedded down at night for a rest in clean hay
with a breakfast of oats, and a valet to comb
my sleek coat of hair and attend my every
need. By a standing chain in front of my stall,
I was ready to spring into action at the toll of
the bell, taking my place under harness, where
my Pals in blue dropped a leather suit on me,
jerked a collar around my neck, snapped reins
to my bridle, as out into the street I ran, pulling behind me a shiny red wagon, with smoke
eaters hanging on the sides. Down dry, wet or
slippery streets in the dead of night or in bright
sunshine I ran with all my strength, I had a
duty to perform, maybe it was saving a life or
someones home. People used to stop and look
as I passed by, and as I stopped at the fire,
white with sweat, would offer me something

52 January 2017

Volunteer Hook & Ladder Company 1 with a Hayes aerial

ladder (like the one in our Hollywood Museum) Circa 1890

Firemen get the horses ready to

respond at old 23s in 1915.
dainty to eat, but I had to get my breath first,
but, alas, my driver would spoil it all, drive me
away back from the fire, hitch me to a post,
and cover me with a blanket, thinking I might
catch cold. Sometimes my shoes that were of
steel and rubber came loose from my feet, but
never did I stop, just running on in my bare
feet. Of course I have been injured, many a
fall have I taken cutting my flesh, breaking
bones, and was I nervous and anxious to get
on duty when my superiors made me rest up
from an injury? Yes, I used to look with angry
eyes when one of those steel gasoline autos
passed me by, and tears came to my eyes as
my comrades in the station whispered into
my ear, It looks like Blackie will soon be no
more. I remember the day they took me away
from the home and comrades I loved dearly, I
saw tears in the eyes of many, as the boys said
when the new apparatus took my place. Well
it may be faster and more modern, but they
never can fill the place of our human Pals, the
fire horses.

Of course I am grateful that those that
I served so faithful have given me a life of
ease. But could I live again those days of old,
my sleek coat of hair has grown to be long
and shaggy, my teeth are not as sharp, no one
to play valet to me now, but the Honor is still
mine, BLACKIE the only living fire horse

Truck 4 in 1911. This Anderson City Service was later motorized and is on display at the Hollywood Fire Museum.
of the City of Angels. I hope some day that
a statue will rest in a City Park to remind the
children of tomorrow of the Human Heroes of
yesterday. The FIRE HORSES. The deeds of
which is history.
This article appeared in the March 15, 1937
issue of THE FIREMANS GRAPEVINE. Harry Griffin worked during the era of horses and
drove a hose wagon. He became a Captain
and won a Medal of Valor. His son, Dr. Pat
Griffin donated a large amount of memorabilia
to our Museum.
Note: Blackie retired in 1921 and lived until
1937 in Griffith Park. The Los Angeles County
Museum of Natural History has the articulated
skeleton of Blackie stored away in their

Blackie, the last fire horse, in retirement in Griffith Park.

LAFDs SQUAD 23 The Green Hornets

Gerry McClanahan, retired LAFD
Captain II and firefighter assigned to Squad 23
reminded me that 2016 was the 50 year anniversary of deactivation of the Green Hornets,
Squad 23 and later Squad 9. He sent me some
of the history of the Green Hornets and some
of his memories that I requested. The story
was published in the June 2016 Grapevine.
Check it out if you have a copy. We always
have copies at the Museum.

There have been a few fire companies
in the past that have become famous in our
history for what they were and what their
firefighters did. The Green Hornets is one of
those known for its uniqueness and capability
back in the day.

After the article was written, Gerry
said that he was going to get some special
Squad 23 caps made for distribution by the
LAFD Historical Society. He designed the
front of the cap to replicate the Squad 23
helmet shield and on the back of the cap the
words Green Hornets.

We are going to offer the limited quantity of these unique caps to LAFD members
assigned to Squad 23 or worked on the Squad
on a detail. We realize that those who qualify
will have been assigned to the Squad more
than 50 years ago like Gerry, so this is the first
offering. Please contact us by phone at 323
464 2727, by mail at LAFDHS 1355 No. Cahuenga Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90028 or email
through our website
The LAFD Historical Society Updates
2016 Accomplishments
Increased the number of visitors in
both museums
Restoration of the 1937 American
LaFrance Lulubelle LAFD Engine 68
Completed Phase I of the POLA Grant
History & Evolution of Fireboats in the Port
Of LA at the Harbor Museum

Provide LAFD historic orientation for

new and prospective LAFD recruits
Continue to raise funds through donations and grants.
Acquire and display additional LAFD
artifacts and memorabilia
Increase participation in various events
and increase public relations and marketing
New Green Hornet cap designed and made
available by retired Captain Gerry McClanahan.
Improved and added to the displays in
both museums
Continued the restoration of Old Fireboat 2 The Ralph J. Scott
Sponsored, hosted and participated in
several events throughout the year
Updated the
website and our technology systems
In Appreciation
Chief Terrazas and the LAFD staff and
members for their continued support
Members of the LAFDHS who support
us through their membership
The many donors who help us maintain our mission of Preservation, Education
and Memorialization of our Fallen Firefighters.
For our few hardworking volunteers
who have made it possible for us keep all
aspects of our operation running.
Recruits from DT 40 Classes 14-2,
15-4 and 15-6 and the instructors for restoring
three LAFDHS 50 foot Bangor ladders.
Future plans for 2017
Increase Membership
Increase the number of volunteers,
especially need docents on Saturdays
Continue the restoration of Old Fireboat 2 and various apparatus and equipment
Repair and maintain apparatus in running condition
Complete educational component at
the Hollywood Museum

Calendar for January 2017

* Fridays from 0800 to 1200 are work days on the Ralph J. Scott Fireboat

LAFDHS Calendar for 2017

(As we know it today)
- LAFDHS Volunteer of the Year Annual
Brunch (TBD)
- LAFD 131st Anniversary
- LAFDHS Annual Pancake Breakfast & Fire
Service Day, Hollywood Museum - Sat. 5/13
at 0830 hrs.
- Annual LAFD Retired Member Luncheon,
Hollywood Museum,
-Thur. 6/15, 1100 hrs.
Ralph J. Scott Fireboat fund raiser party,
Sun. 6/25
- U.S. Navy Fleet Week at the Port of LA.The Ralph J. Scott project will be open to
visitors Fri. 9/1, Sat. 9/2, Sun. 9/3 and Mon.
9/4 (Labor Day)
- Annual September 11th Memorial at LAFD
Fallen Firefighters Memorial Sun. 9/11 at
0700 hrs.

The Hollywood Museum is located in
Old Fire Station 27 at 1355 No. Cahuenga,
Hollywood, CA 90028. The Harbor Museum is
located in San Pedro City Hall at 638 S. Beacon
St., San Pedro CA 90731.

Anyone interested in joining our great
cause by becoming a member, or volunteering
to work, or make a donation of money or an
LAFD item may contact us by mail:
LAFDHS Museum & Memorial
1355 No. Cahuenga Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028
Phone: 323 464 2727. But remember we are
currently staffed part time, so leave a message
and we will return your call. The fax number
is 323-464-7401. Our E-mail is: LAFDHS27@ Web site at If
you want to look at some great LAFD history
check and check the LAFD
web site for information and events at www. We look forward to hearing from
you and seeing you at the Museum.
The Los Angeles Fire Department Historical
Society is a non-profit 501 (C) (3) organization.

January 2017 53


November 2, 2016

Rick Godinez led the flag salute.

President Bob Steinbacher

called the meeting of the Board
of Trustees of the Los Angeles
Firemens Relief Association to
order at 10:10 a.m.


Bob Steinbacher, President
Jeff Cawdrey, Vice President
Andrew Kuljis, Secretary
Trustee Frank Aguirre
Trustee Mark Akahoshi
Trustee Gene Bednarchik
Trustee Tim Freeman
Trustee Mike Sailhamer
Trustee Rick Godinez
Trustee John Jacobsen
Trustee David Peters
Trustee Steve Ruda
Trustee David Ortiz
Trustee Steven Domanski -
Trustee Doak Smith Pension
Trustee Tim Larson Pension
Todd Layfer - Executive Director
Liberty Unciano Controller Treasurer
Trustee Juan Albarran (Excused)
Trustee Chris Hart (Excused)
Trustee Steve Berkery (Excused)
Trustee Tyler Tomich (Excused)
Trustee Chris Stine (Excused)
Trustee Craig White (Excused)
Trustee Joe Vigil (Excused)
James Coburn, Retired
David Lowe, Retired
Barry Hedberg, Retired
Dave Wagner, Grapevine Editor
Jim Dolan, Asst. Secretary
Bob Olsen, LARFPA
Lee Kebler, LARFPA
Tom Stires, Retired

INVOCATION & Flag Salute
Steve Ruda led the invocation.

54 January 2017

Bob Steinbacher entertained a

motion to ratify and dispense
with the reading of the minutes
of the Board of Trustees meeting
held October 5, 2016, and the
Special Board meeting minutes
of October 19, 2016. Gene
Bednarchik so moved. Rick
Godinez seconded. There was no
further discussion or objections.
Motion carried to ratify and
dispense with the reading of the
minutes of the Board of Trustees
meeting held October 5, 2016,
and the Special Board meeting
minutes held October 19, 2016.
1) Bob Steinbacher informed
the Board of an ex-members
request to be reinstated as a
LAFRA member. The ex-member
pleaded his case to the Board
and asked for their consideration
of reinstatement. His reason for
terminating Relief membership
was that he could not afford the
medical premiums and was going
through a divorce at the time.
He indicated that he wants to
be reinstated to obtain medical
coverage through LAFRA and
would pay the back dues owed.
The ex-member was excused and
told that he would be informed of
the Boards decision.
David Peters motioned to
approve the request for member
reinstatement. Frank Aguirre
seconded. There was no
discussion or objections.
Motion carried to approve
the request for member

2) Bob Steinbacher informed

the Board of a second request
for LAFRA membership
reinstatement from a previously
denied appeal. The ex-member
wrote a letter addressing the
Board explaining further
information as to why he
terminated his membership. He
wrote in the letter that he wants
reinstatement for the purpose of
obtaining medical coverage.
Mark Akahoshi motioned to
deny the ex-members request
for LAFRA membership
reinstatement. David Peters
seconded. There was no
discussion or objections.
Motion carried to deny the exmembers request for LAFRA
membership statement.
3) Bob Steinbacher informed
the Board of a request for
initial LAFRA membership.
He indicated that the individual
requesting membership states
that he does not recall ever being
offered membership when he
attended the Drill Tower. He
indicated that he once came to the
Relief to inquire about joining the
membership but was told that he
would have to pay the back dues
owed but at the time, he couldnt
afford it. He states that he is
willing to pay the back dues owed
to join the Relief Association.
John Jacobsen motioned to deny
the individuals request to join
the LAFRA membership. David
Peters seconded. Rick Godinez
indicated that he spoke with the
individual about the importance
of being a Relief member and
recalled that some single function
EAPs may not have been offered
membership. There was no
further discussion or objections.

Motion carried to deny the

individuals request to join the
LAFRA membership.
4) Bob Steinbacher referred to the
elections of the proposed Bylaw
5) Bob Steinbacher reported that
the UFLAC has reached a new
labor agreement with the City of
Los Angeles.
6) Bob Steinbacher informed
the Board that he and Todd
Layfer met with Gold Lee and
Bob Sherwin to discuss how the
process works for workers comp
1) Jeff Cawdrey referred to the
Annual IFEBP Conference and
indicated that there will be seven
Trustees attending.
Garth Flint presented the 3rd
quarter performance review on
the LAFRA investments. He
reported on interest rates, market
performance and the elections. He
reviewed the LAFRA portfolio
and performance of various
1) Todd Layfer referred to the
Open Enrollment and indicated
that they should have a final count
of those coming onto and leaving
the plan at next Board meeting.
2) Todd Layfer referred to the
Employer Mandate Reporting
and indicated that this will be the
second time going through this
filing process with the City. This
reporting is required by the IRS

which provides information of

proof of healthcare coverage for
LAFD employees on the LAFRA
Medical Plan. This filing is due
March 2017.

The committee recommends and

I so move to approve $500 for
the Drill Tower 40 Graduation
ceremony. There was no
discussion or objections.

3) Todd Layfer referred to the

Transitional Reinsurance Fee and
informed the Board that this is
part of Healthcare Reform that
requires LAFRAs medical plan
to pay $252,126 for 2016 ($27
per person). He indicated that this
may be the last year that LAFRA
has to make the payment.

Motion carried to approve

$500 for the Drill Tower 40
Graduation ceremony.

4) Todd Layfer informed that

on Wednesday, November 9th
the LAFRA staff will receive
CPR/First Aid training and

The committee recommends and I

so move to accept the applications
to the Medical Plan. There was no
discussion and no objections.

5) Todd Layfer informed the

Board that we are currently
having the Employee Handbook
reviewed by a labor attorney. He
indicated that this will help ensure
compliance with California and
Federal laws and regulations.

David Peters presented the
following motion.

Motion carried to accept all

applications to the Medical Plan.

Rick Godinez presented the
following motions.
The committee recommends and
I so move to accept the donations
in the amount of $56,905.27 to
the Widows, Orphans & Disabled
Firemens Fund. There was no
discussion or objections.
Motion carried to accept the
donations in the amount of
$56,905.27 to the Widows,
Orphans & Disabled Firemens
The committee recommends
and I so move to approve the
financial assistance applications
for surviving spouses, active and
retired members. There was no
discussion or objections.

Rick Godinez presented the

following motion.

Motion carried to approve the

financial assistance applications
for surviving spouses, active and
retired members.


The committee recommends and I

so move to pay:


Frank Aguirre presented the

following motions.

The Sick & Injury benefits in the

amount of $17,557.344
The Estate Planning benefit in the
amount of $6,100,
The Relief Death Benefits in the
amount of $27,000

The committee recommends and

I so move to advance funds for
both active and retired members.
There was no discussion or

The committee recommends and

I so move to pay the usual and
customary bills in the amount
of $1,073,568.29. There was no
discussion or objections.
Motion carried to pay the usual
and customary bills in the
amount of $1,073,568.29.
The committee recommends and
I so move to approve $250 for
the L.A. Retired Fire & Police
Annual Holiday Celebration.
There was no discussion or
Motion carried to approve $250
for the L.A. Retired Fire &
Police Assoc. Annual Holiday

There was no discussion or


Motion carried to advance

funds for both active and retired

Motion carried to pay the above

Relief benefits.


Rick Godinez read the names of

members who recently passed
and asked for a moment of silence
from the Board.

David Ortiz indicated that they

will be having a committee
meeting to discuss assigning
responsibilities and costs for
the production of the LAFRA

Jervus E. King, Jr.
Donald L. Bain
Walter L. Henry
Henry O. Huizinga, Jr.
Jere D. Souter
Raymond B. Goozey

Jim Dolan referred to the
Elections and indicated that it
was brought to their attention that

the envelopes mailed were not

sealed. He also mentioned that
the insert containing the current
bylaw information had not been
Rick Godinez referred to the
L.A. Marathon and indicated that
the LAFRA has an LAFD team
running to raise funds for the
WODFF. He indicated that donors
can go to the WODFF website to
sponsor team runners.
1) LAFRA Open House
November 5th
2) IFEBP Annual Conference
November 13th 16th
(Orlando, FL)
3) LAFRA Holiday Party
December 17th
4) Buzzard Bait Ride
January 14th 16th
5) Hook & Ladder March 18th

1) Mark Carcamo Friday,
November 4th A @ San Pedro
Fish Market (Kuljis)
2) Mark Gozawa Friday,
November 18th A @ The Odyssey
3) Cori Tipton Wednesday,
January 25th B @ FHMTC
4) Jack Wise Saturday, April
15th A @ Sagebrush Cantina
Bob Steinbacher entertained
a motion to adjourn. David
Peters so moved. Frank Aguirre
seconded. There was no
discussion and no objections.
Motion carried to adjourn.
The Board of Trustees meeting
adjourned at 12:04 p.m.

Bob Steinbacher, President

January 2017 55

REGISTER ONLINE AT RALPHS.COM. Sign in or follow the steps to create for a free account
(Youll need a Ralphs Rewards card OR Alternate ID if you dont have one, you can also register for a card once logged in)

Click My Account
Click Edit Community Rewards

In the Find Your Organization eld,

enter 84853 and select Widows, Orphans
& Disabled Firemens Fund from the list
Click Save
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Important Information About Your Sign-Ups!!
If you have trouble signing up, you can either download a
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of the form that you can take to the store.



56 January 2017

For advertising information, please contact:
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BIG BEAR - Beautiful decked

two story cabin. 2 bedroom, 1
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furnished except linens. Winter
$110/$650. Summer $100/$550.
2 night minimum.
Call Donna/Beep (760)7231475.
BIG BEAR CABIN. 2 bedroom,
2 bath, 2 story. Sleeps 6-8.
About 6 miles from ski slopes
& lake. Fireplace/wood, cable,
full kitchen - furnished. $100
per night M - Th. $110 per night
F-Sun. Weekly available. Sheri
(909) 851-1094 or (760) 9482844.
BIG BEAR LAKES FINESTDeluxe lakeside townhouse, 2
bedrooms, 3 baths, 2 cable TVs,
HBO, DVD, WiFi, 2 wood burning
fireplaces, laundry room, tennis
court, indoor pool, sauna, spa,
boat dock. Fully equipped, including all linens. Sleeps 6. 310-5418311 or
Bath 1,850 sq ft home on the
Eagle Point peninsula. Very
close to the lake, ski slopes,
downtown and grocery stores.
Sleeps 9 comfortably. 50 cable
TV, DVD, VHS, WiFi, wood
burning stove, fireplace, fire pit,
fire wood, BBQ, laundry. 2 night
min. Winter $160/night. Summer $130/night. +$90 Cleaning.
(4 days+ = no cleaning fee)
Some holiday rates apply. Tony
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- 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, one block
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housekeeping unit. Marci (818)
347-6783 or Clarence (310) 5102721.
bed, 1 1/2 bath, sleeps 4. Steps
to beach, pool, gym, putting
course, tennis and more. Newly
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Includes golf cart, WiFi. Contact
Bart @ (310) 510-0190. Ask for LAFD
8-89 discount. Owner active
CONDO, Fully Equipped, Fur-

January 2017 57

nished in a Very Quiet Private

Area. Two balconies, view of the
valley, two bedrooms/two bathrooms, 2 full-queen bed sets, full
bath with hot water, wall closets,
AC, washing machine, Kitchen
fully equipped, parking for 2
cars, wifi, cable tv, swimming
pool, gym.
MIRAGE (near Palm Springs).
2 bed, 2 bath. Fully furnished
condo, TV, internet, pools and
spas. Gated community from
$115/night. 3 bed from $125/
night. No smoking. Barbara
(626) 798-2484.
cabin with Carson Peak view.
Close to fishing & skiing. Furnished, wood deck, equipped
kitchen, wood burning stove,
tree swing, cable /DVD/phone.
Garage/ample parking. $95/
night plus cleaning fee. Email for
pictures. Jeff Easton 93-A (805)
217-5602. junebound@gmail.
LAKE HAVASU LANDINGWaterfront, steps to the water.
Boat mooring out front, off-road
desert behind house. 3 bed/3
bath, fully furnished w/linens.
Direct TV/DVR, BBQ, Casino,
Grocery/Meat Market, Launch
Ramp, Marina with Boat House,
Gated Community. No pets/
smoking. $350 Dan Cook 310
418 1577.
RENT - 3 bdrm, 2 bath, 1600
sq.ft. Fully furnished with all
amenities- Laundry & BBQ.
13,000 sq.ft. lot. 3 car boat-deep
garage. 3 miles from launch
ramp. Close to downtown shops
& restaurants. View of the lake.
Quiet street in good neighborhood. No pets. No smoking.
Snowbird rates. Call Mike (661)
Shores gated community. 3
bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, large loft.
3minute drive to main marina in
Oak Shores. Large flat driveway.
Fully equipped kitchen, BBQ,
washer/dryer, TV/DVD. No
cable. No pets/smoking. $185/
night. 3 night minimum. Call Ben
(805) 444-2264.

58 January 2017

MAMMOTH - 1 bedroom Summit condo, sleeps 6. Convenient

underground garage parking. Jacuzzis, gym (pool/tennis in summertime), shuttle right outside!
Across from Eagle Lodge, Winter $110 per night, Summer $80
per night plus $65 cleaning fee
and 13% tax. All linens included.
Drew or Nancy Oliphant (661)
513-2000 or mammoth241@
MAMMOTH CONDO. 2 bedroom & large loft, 3 full baths,
sleeps 8. 5 minute walk to Canyon Lodge. Fully furnished, TVs,
VCR/DVD, pool, spa, rec room,
sauna, linens included. Winter
$175 weekdays, $195-weekends/holidays; summer $125,
plus cleaning. No smoking; no
pets. Craig Yoder (909) 9483659.
2 bath, 2 TVs, phone, garage,
pool, jacuzzi, fully furnished - exept linens. Near shuttle/chair 15.
Winter $125/night. Weekends
and Holidays $110 midweek.
Summer $95/night. $495/week.
No smoking. No pets. Jim Johnson (818) 992-7564, FS 80C.
Fully furnished, three bedroom, two bath with towels and
linens, newly remodeled kitchen,
internet and cable TV, pool and
Jacuzzi. Walk to the gondola,
shops, restaurants and ski in on
the new comeback trail. Parking
at the front door. Winter: $250/
night. Summer $150/night.
Holidays $300/night. Cleaning is
included. Call Mike Whitehouse,
Retired, 805-987-6122, email:
or Bruce Galien, Retired, 661645-7448, email: luvbaja2@aol.
bedrooms, 2 bath. Fully furnished, WIFI, 3 TVs, pool, spa,
walk to shuttle, Old Mammoth
area. Winter $115, Summer
$90, plus cleaning fee $139 and
14% city tax. Includes linens.
No pets, no smoking. Call (310)
sleeps 10, fully furnished, 2
TVs, DVDs, WiFi, towels/linens,

fireplace. Full kitchen. Walk to

Gondola Village and shuttle.
Complex has pool, spa, sauna,
laundry. Winter $335/night, Summer $215/night, plus cleaning.
Includes city bed tax. No pets,
no smoking. Dory Jones (310)
918-0631 or Kelly Corcoran
(310) 619-5355
Manors Sleeps 7. 3 bedroom 2
1/2 bath. Fully furnished except
linens. 2 TVs/VCR/DVD, stereo/
CD. Dishwasher, microwave,
sauna, jacuzzi, pool. No smoking/No Pets. Shuttle at door.
Winter $155/night, Summer
$100/night, Plus $80 cleaning
fee and City Bed Tax. Brian &
Karen Salvage LAFD Retired
(805) 499-7752.
bedroom, extremely charming
wildflower condo. Full amenities,
close to shuttle. Antiques, art,
satellite TV, fireplace. Sleeps 4.
Winter $110, Summer $85 plus
cleaning fees. Call Bill Clark
(818) 371-6722
Studio/loft, 2 bath, king bed,
sleeps 4. Full kitchen, TV, VCR,
DVD. Garage parking. Walk to
Canyon Lodge. Ski back trail.
2 night minimum. Winter $100/
nite, $125 Fri, Sat & Holidays.
Summer $60/nite. Plus $120
cleaning & linens. Jeff & Lisa
Moir (661) 254-5788.
Walk to Canyon Lodge. Studio
loft sleeps 4. Queen beds, full
kitchen, 2 baths, garage parking,
TV, VCR, DVD. Winter SunThurs $100.nite; Fri & Sat $115/
nite plus cleaning fee $100. Non
smoking complex. Joel Parker,
LAFD retired.
or (213) 399-6534.
Charming and cozy furnished
1 Bedroom sleeps 5. Updated
unit with amenities including
wifi, sauna, jacuzzi, phone,
rec room, 2 flat screens , DVD
players. W/D on site. Shuttle
stop. Walking distance to village.
$120/night + $80 Cleaning fee


ON NAPILI BAY - 50 from
water. Studios and 1 bedroom.
Luxury furnishings + full kitchen.
All the amenities! Mauis best
snorkeling/beach. All island
activities & Kapalua within 4
minutes. 5-day minimum, from
$150 per night (regularly $310/
night). Call Sherrie or Bill for
info/reservations (805) 530-0007
or email:
or visit:
MAUI CONDO 1 AND 2 BEDROOMS. Centrally located on
beautiful Maalaea Bay. Excellent
swimming and snorkeling; white
sandy beach. Minutes from golf,
tennis, fishing, shopping, airport
and resort areas. Marsha Smith
or Jeanne McJannet. Toll free
(800) 367-6084.
BEACH - Napili Bay. Beautiful
furnished condo that sleeps 4.
Lanai/balcony, full kitchen, king
bed, flat screen TVs/DVD, ACs
free WiFi (internet), complimentary maid service, complimentary coffee every morning and
breakfast on Fridays. Special
firefighters discount - Best value
in West Maui! Nice pool & BBQ
area - Close to beach! (800)
Don Sprenger - retired LAFD
(949) 929-0989
PALM DESERT-3 bed/2bath,
one level. New re-model, fully
furnished w/linens. Cable TV/
DVR, Private Patio, BBQ, Laundry, Garage, Gated Community,
two (Pools, Jacuzzis, Tennis
Courts). Near College of the
Desert. $175 Dan Cook 310 418
SOUTH LAKE TAHOE. Romantic Chalet Family getaway.
3 bed/2 bath plus loft. Sleeps
810. Cable TV, washer/dryer,
microwave, woodburning stove.
7 minutes to casinos and Heavenly. Located in Tahoe Paradise.
$105 per night plus cleaning.
Call Shawn or Rose Agnew at
(661) 250-9907 OR (661) 4766288.
DESERT. 163 acre ranch
private ski lake. Perfect for

Family vacations. Ranch house

accommodates large groups.
Amenities: pool, AC, billards,
TV, fishing, pet friendly. Nearby
golf, casinos, ATV riding. Also,
Premier lodging for Coachella
music festivals. *Seasonal duck
hunting club. See website for
rates and info:
or call Nick Davidson (424)

DIESEL PUSHER FREIGHTLINER. Cummings Turbodiesel, Allison Transmission, air
suspension, air brakes, 2 electric
slideouts, full body paint, 2000watt inverter. Exhaust brake.
Banks equipment. Macerator.

8-cubic foot refrigerator, microwave/convection oven, 27-inch

TV/cabin, 20-inch TV/bedroom.
Satellite dish, remote control awning. Call Ron (805) 492-1543.
Several Class Cs & Class As for
rent. Serving family and friends
for over 15 years. LAFD, LASD,
Visit us at
or call 661-297-2398 as for
Jeff. Make money with your
motorhomes to offset your payment. We sub-lease RVs.

OF LA HABRA HEIGHTS. Calling all retired LAFD members!
Mimimum Qualifications: Five
years of broad experience in all

phases of municipal fire suppression and prevention work,

including at least two years in
a responsible management
capacity. Prior experience as a
California State Fire Instructor
Education: Bachelors degree
in Fire Science, Public Administration, or closely related field is
Salary range for this position
is $75,000 - $95,721 per year,
and is dependent upon qualifications of the selected candidate.
The selected candidate will be
enrolled into CalPERS. A benefit
program is also available with
paid medical insurance, sick,
and vacation leave.
To be considered: If you feel
you are qualified, please email a
completed city application found

at, resume
and cover letter to or mail your
signed and complete application, resume and cover letter to
Grace Andres, 1245 N Hacienda
Road, La Habra Heights, CA

For advertising information,

please contact:
Eric Santiago
(323) 259-5231
or email:
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Camry / Celica / Corolla / Tundra
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11041 Sepulveda Blvd
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Honda - Sales and Leasing
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January 2017 59

7470 North Figueroa Street, Los Angeles CA 90041

60 January 2017

Fire Station One

Fire Station 1, at 2230 Pasadena Ave, was opened on March 6, 1941. The building was a WPA project that cost $65,000 to build. The 6,500
sq ft structure, although still in use today, was declared Cultural Heritage Monument #136 in 1976.

Truck Company No. 1, March 16, 1946

Captain Billingsley, A. T. Fowler, J. C. Wise, W. H. Phelps, G. W. Nairn, C. H. Alderman

Task Force 1, circa 1990

Standing l-r, Captain John Martinez, Mike Rueda, Henry Arana, Rey Gonzalez, Ron Maga, Captain Tim Larson
Kneeling l-r, Kevin Zann, Robert MacInnes, Daniel Ramirez, Anthony Vidovich. Photos and info courtesy of
January 2017 61

Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association

7470 N Figueroa Street
Los Angeles CA 90041-1725

The professionals at Firefighter Insurance
Services (FIS) understand the unique
lifestyles of firefighters and their families.
FIS can evaluate your current policies to help
make sure you have the appropriate coverage.


FIS works with dependable insurance
providers such as Allied, Capital Insurance
Group, Hartford, Safeco, Mercury, Civil
Service Employees Insurance Group, Travelers
and others.


For more information and to get an insurance quote, please visit (800) 231-1626
License # 0G87848

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