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SHOW SCHEDULE Tenea] One rasa Feb 12} Mars Garage | arteCenre | NextOoor ‘ieee | oe | hor 600 Fa oar ha ce ed ee ee a a ee Sa [res 7000 P ee Tema] outs | os.) Gam ee oe covrm_ | Matar’ [ bene ee rorw, [oan aes) Seat caoru_[pesvonee | REED ae ‘earn | wm [rg Tema] ous | oa ee ‘abun | 84 or et 2 ed ee ee ee ee worm | We s5= | oo anon oven | WE Tenea_| Tada ee ‘200PM 400M Welcome to Our Fringe Festival! You are making history by joining us on our fourth year. Yay! Fringe is a beautiful platform to high- light the amazing artists who love what they do and love to share with their community. Yes, the artists are all excited and they are ready to per- form their story for you. Your participation, your energy, your hoot and a holler will give them tons of energy to raise their level so get ready for some fringey sharing at the O'ahu Fringe Festival. Be amazed, be fringey! What is Fringe? It all began in Scotland when a group of artists decided to do their own festival in Edinburgh, Scotland. From this movement came the term “fringe” when a writer who witnessed this enter- prising movement that sprouted around the fringes of the city of Edinburgh. In seeing this he coined the term Fringe. Now, Fringe Festivals all over the world have sprouted and continue to grow from this humble beginning; a festival that continues to grow in Hawai’ To learn more about Fringe, please visit the original Fringe or vi Or closer to home, please visit ‘Acknowledgement {tis true that any hands make light work. tis true that the small team of volunteers that work to build Fringe deserves credit. Without their help, Fringe could not be. Thank you to ‘great team with tkalka Hussey, Gwen Arbuagh, Steffany err, Rose Wolfe, Thomas Tochik, Joseph Wilcox and Court- ney Oyama, These lavely people work tirelessly to create a platform, which highlights amazing artists at Fringe, imply put thelrinput has been amazing, Thank you Fringe is all about the artists and 1am grateful for the many that continue to believe and join us since our beginning. This year isno difference. Artists from near and far are here with Us to give you an amazing fringe ride. | thank them for their unwavering truth in sharing their work with you, Thank you. (One important ingredient in this fringey world isthe super support that venues provide, Ye, their contribution and belief in Fringe is what makes this a worthwhile ride. We cannot do Fringe without a venue, and | am sincerely thank- ful oall of them. Thank you. ‘As small as we are, bigger are our supporters who unselfishly Contribute to our fundraising campaign. To see our Indiego- {go supporters, please see page 1. Thank you. Buy Tickets Don't walt buy your ticket now before they are all gone. Go to for presales, as seats are limited, Pre-sales tickets willbe avalable for pick up at Wil Call atthe venusel yur show. leas show apictre Dp up ur ticket. A single ticket fs $10, The finge pass fs $100 to Zeeunlimited shows. Please note, fees app. Fringe Passes - go on and take a fringey adventure and buy a Fringe Pass to see unlimited shows. Your pass wil be avalr able on the night at the venue's box office. Please show a Picture Do checkin. You donot need obo a seat How Ever, you must arrive 15 minutes prior to the beginning o Berea et eg eee eT the #5 minutes timeframe your seat will be open for pur. chase. Please note that venues do not sel tickets forthe Fringe. ll tickets are sold online or onthe night ofthe Fringe shows, pending ticket availabilty. Contents A Paget Page2 Page 3 Page 4 Page Page 6 Page 7 Pages Page? Pge 10 rial Dance ‘Samadhi/Shake Circus Beau & Aero Go With The Flow! Comedy Ghosts Are Frightening and instructive Fringe Comedy: Think Fast and Larry On! Dance Castle Dance Ensemble Influx Framed: A Living Art Gallery Gangsters and Dolls Mother, Sister, Daughter Psychotropies Theater Re Ad Dressing Falrytale Honolulu Money Talks: But What The Hel s It Saying? ‘Singing The Diaphragm Blues ‘The Biccuiteater Fringe Collage Fringe Ad Page 11 Indiegoge Supporters Page 12 Sponsors Page 13 Thank You Fringe Venue Map "SOUTH BERETANA STREET —— mae CTRSERRarw Rene SAS OMe ianuhene OF SARS Le! CUEEN STREET (ei Teer 3 a eee 5 etrerm KEA STREET Sum st an BETHEL STRE WARDAVENUE ’ALAMOANA BOULEVARD. Kakea‘ako Agora ‘Aloha Danoesport Center 481 Cooke St ‘350 Ward Ave Suto 200 ‘Ong King, The Dragon Upstairs, and Aloha Dancesport are not accessible by wheelchair ‘There is ample parking in Chinatown and Kaka‘ako and street is free after 6:00 P.M. ands free all day on Sundays. ‘or suggestions on where to park in Chinatown please visit the ‘ts Distict of Honolulu webstte:,, Parking for Aloha Dancesportis on the nearby streets or at the Ward Shopping Center. Aerial Dance SAMADHI/SHAKTI Samadhi/Shakti Aerials, Burlesque and Tribal Fusion Belly Dance isa collaboration between Samadhi Hawaii Aerials and Shakti Dance Movement with special guest Volary Aerial Burlesque. Featuring: Kalae Kaina, Andrea Torres & more. Samadhi Hawai, “Artists of the Floating World” ~ with their pure elegance and athletic grace, this local Aerial Dance performance Troupe sets poetry into motion, Shakti Dance Movement is dedicated to inspiring the community to embrace the divine feminine. Through their love and passion for the dance they hope to curl asmile on ‘the faces of their audience. Thursday February 12, 730 PM. and 9:00 P.M. 'NextDoor. 43 North Hotel Street Circus BEAU & AERO Pilot Beau and his sidekick Aero explore flight, folly, and the world around them in ths family friendly physical comedy production. These acrobatic clowns live Ina world where balloons are bountiful, laughs are abundant, and not a word spoken. The show combines elements of| clown, mime, acrobatics, dance, puppetry, land object theater to create a playground| of the imagination. Neither balloons nor parachutes will get this unlikely duo off ‘the ground, but their antics are sure to ‘make your sprit soar. Prepare to take flight with a company that’s A Little Bit Off Family Friendly Thursday February 12, 7:30 PM at Ong King Art Center Friday February 13, 6:00 PM at Ong King Art Center Saturday February 14, 9:00 PM at Ong King Art Center (not wheelchair accessible) GO WITH THE FLOW! Ws opening night at the "Kinetic Flow Side Show"; awondrous three ring circus of oddities and curiosities that will amaze land astound, but the cast ls mysteriously ‘missing and its up to the janitors, Billy and Andrew, fill n under the big top. Watch the hilarity ensue as they attempt to take! the place of world renowned artists with comedy, luck, and skill, performing feats fof daring and danger in order to save the show. So bring your smiles and get ready tolaugh as Billy and Andrew of Kinetic Flow learn to Go with the Flow! Thursday February 12, 10:30 PM at NextDoor (18+) Sunday February 15, 4:00 PM at The ARTS at Marks Garage Comedy GHOSTS ARE FRIGHTENING AND INSTRUCTIVE ‘young, gay nerd grows upin a chasm ‘of'acityn Texas striving to save a world that doesn't want him to exist. Cody Melcher is awitwanton and literary {gentleman who weaves a tapestry of ‘obscure observations and personal proclivities designed to delight and fnlighten. Cody likes to view himself a tent revival of Gregorian chants, Isa very silly sil thing, Ages 18+ Thursday Februaty 12, 9:00 PM at Ong King Art Center Friday February 13, 10:20 PM at Ong King Art Center Saturday February 14, 7:30 PM at Ong King Art Center (not wheelchair accessible) FRINGE COMEDY: THINK FAST AND LARRY ON! Since their founding 3 years ago Think Fast has been featured on TV, radio, newspapers, and been highlighted as a Honolulu Pulse Pick more times than any other comedy (group in Hawaii! Larry isthe debut {Show from Revl Media, a hilarious ‘comedy variety show featuring music, sketches, stand-up, and suits. Featuring some of Hawai's best comies, Larry ‘combines a variety of styles and comedy into a fun-filled night of laughs and entertainment. Think Fast and Larry will be blending their show for anight of improvised games, filmed and live sketches combining the talents of some of the best ‘comedy theater in Hawalll Ages 18+ Friday February 13, 9:00 PM at Ong King Art Center (not wheelchair accessible) 3 Dance CASTLE DANCE ENSEMBLE SHOWCASE This talented ensemble of pre- profesional dancers will entertain you witha variety of dance styles including tap, jazz, contemporary, musical theater and hip-hop. Born from the excellent tradition Hi ‘ofthe Caste Performing Arts Cente founded by the director of Castle Dance Force, Natalie Uehara, ‘The main purpose ofthis selected group ist create more perfor- mance opportunities for dedicated dancers from Castle High School. The Castle Dance Ensemble alo serves to benefit the com- ‘munity, Castle Performing Arts Center, and the dancers themselves by not only promoting distinction in dance performance, but also by upholding high standards inthe classroom and beyond. ‘Ages 2+ family friendly Sunday February 15,200 PM at The ARTS at Marks Garage INFLUX Influx creates asaturated ene “== mrs = —— wan oe ees eee iene Hava gerbe Friday Febr ry 13, 10:30 PM at The ARTS at Marks Garage 4 Dance FRAMED: A LIVING ART GALLERY “Framed” isan interactive, all-improviced, dance ‘experience in which the audience takes a guided tour of Spatial Seulptor's gallery of dance pieces, inspired by re-nowned works of art. Join usin our magic world where art ‘comes to ie, Family Friendly ‘Saturday February 14, 7:30 PM at The Dragon Upstairs (214) Sunday February 15, 2:00 PM at The Dragon Upstairs (all ages) (not wheelchair accessible) GANGSTERS AND DOLLS ‘ARoaring 20's Ballroom and Latin Show for the whole family Featuring a spectacular variety of dancers of all ages performing to music form the 20's to present day. Relive all the splendor and Glamour, of the age of prohibition thru dance as only Divino Ritmo Dance can do I. ‘Ages 12+ Family Friendly Friday February 13, 7:30 PM at Aloha Dancesport Center (not wheelchair accessible) 5 Dance MOTHER, SISTER, DAUGHTER Mother, Sister, Daughter is a dance project inspired by the beauty and Complexity of feminine relationships. Often taken for granted, perhaps lived out daly 2 commonplace, overlapping feminine roles of mathethood, sister hood, and daughterhood have the power to influence, imprint instigate, find inform who we are. Mother, Ss Daughters a collection of sole, duet, and group dance works inspired by the fundamental roles ofthe female experience and relationship dynamics. The dances reflec uniquely female elegance, beauty, and pasion. Choreographed by Beth MeKee Eliott in collaboration with the dancers, Family Friendly. Friday February 13, 6:00 PM at The ARTS at Marks Garage Saturday February 14, 9:00 PM at The ARTS at Marks Garage PSYCHOTROPICS In Psychotropics, mundane routines of Iife serve asthe sparke that compel us to seek new possibilities, But what are the Fisks of attempting to escape the present insearch of a more utopian existence? In this 45-minute dance concert, four choreographers question the “ordinary” ‘ways in which we escape from our reality fand the personal and social implications these attempts may have. The different works weave together to shine light on the subtle conflicts that we experience but often ignore in contemporary society. The performance fea ‘ures a mixture of original music (Sven Britt and Art Koshi), video projection design (Jessi DeVera and Henry Mochida), and dances By Sami LA. Akuna, Faith S. Im, Ruby MacDougall, and Mareva, Minerbi. Ages 15+ Friday February 13, 9:00 PM at Kaka‘ako Agora 6 Theater/Dance RE AD DRESSING FAIRYTALE HONOLULU PlayBuilders of Hawa! Theatre Company presents the Hawa premiere of re ad dressing FAIRYTALE, adance theatre piece that has been performed in cities in Taiwan and NYC. A collaboration between PlayBuilders Theatre Company, Leeward Community| College and choreographer SheenRu Yong, this rendition made specifically for the Oahu public is not tobe missed! An upbeat, entertaining take on story telling and fairytales, this piece might have you both laughing and crying, or telling your own stories, We all know how total story, But what happens when stories start talking back? Once upon a time Thursday February 12, :00 PM at The ARTS at Marks Garage Saturday February 14, 1:30 PM at The ARTS at Marks Garage MONEY TALKS: BUT WHAT THE HELL IS IT SAYING? What happens when two very different women, from two very different backgrounds ~a tall beautiful singer/songwriter blonde, 37 year ld, from Hamburg, Germany and a short, Buxom senior citizen, International author, 60 years eld, from Brooklyn, New York- decide to once and forall face thet life long money/success issues? Music, monologues, mayhem and REAL money (cash prizes, of course ‘Ages 15+" family friendly Friday February 13, 7:30 PM at The ARTS at Marks Garage Saturday February 14, 7:30 PM at The ARTS at Marks Garage Z Theater SINGING THE DIAPHRAGM BLUES Which of these statements are true?| A) Babies come from pumpkin seeds, 8) Diaphragms ae slippery when wet C) Women who use birth contra are sluts, Written and performed by Rebecca Lea McCarthy, directed by Dale Westgaard, “Singing the Diaphragm Blues" isa compelling comedy-drama exploring these questions, This play offers a crit cal and humorous outlook on female sexuality, from childhood to ‘menopause; and gender mythology; while sharing hilarious true to life experiences. Adapted from McCarthy's 2012 book "Weit- Jing the Diaphragm Blues and Other Sexual Cacophonies,” this play invites you to think, celebrate and laugh with MeCarthy as the presents a night of memoir, broad comedy, diaphragms and struggles with a wayward chicken. Ages 14+ Thursday February 12, 6:00 PM at Ong King Art Center Friday February 13, 7:30 PM at Ong King Art Center Saturday February 14, 6:00 PM at Ong King Art Center (not wheelchair accessible) THE BISCUITEATER Jim Loucks returns to the Oahu Fringe with his new solo show, based loosely on his, childhood, told in his Southern storytelling style with songs and humor. Granddaddy was his here, a big man with a bigger personality, haunted by demons from his ‘aysas Chief of Police in mall-town Georgia. ‘Amoving tribute to an imperfect hero, i ‘examines the changing attitudes around Violence, guns and what t means to bea man. Written & Performed by Jim Loucks Directed and Developed by Lisa Chess Age: 13+ L “Thursday February 12, 7:30 PM at The ARTS at Marks Garage Friday February 13, 9:00 PM at The ARTS at Marks Garage Saturday February 14, 6:00 PM at The ARTS at Marks Garage 8 Fill your fringey hunger at Downbeat Diner and Lounge! See their menu online at ‘Take food home by calling in your order to 808-533-2328 Located in the heart of Chinatown and open till 2Am. 42 N. Hotel Street (across the street from NextDoor) ‘More restaraunt options provided by Indiegogo Supporters Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Scott J. Goto Carlynn Wolfe Tara Bowman Kahelelani Cl Lehua Vermeesch Yukie Shiroma Sharene Taba Incensoreq 79 arts! E sored] 8 pia bate ql Rapid-tirer ”! tes nied Seuvals Fringe Sponsors Venues: 5 Aloha -< Dancesport Center (_ ae NEXTDOOR one DF ox = 88 bance VOW. Hi TIM BOSTOCK PRODUCTIONS INI Dance Week. Hawai TED* Honolulu al HOLLYWOOD United Stat Fringe Festivals n Thank You This simple idea to start 9 Fro gained! momentum and along the way s0 many end a helpful hand. One person who Zaid yes was fim Bostock who moved things along and he Continues to lend his support from afar. To all that joined us, thank you for your fantastic support. Kevin Patterson - San Diego Fringe Festival, United States Association Fringe Festival, Minnesota Fringe Festival, Tuscon Fringe Festival, Hollywood Fringe Festival, Chicago Fringe Festival, World Festival Network, Fringe Managers, Navales ‘ohana, Jaime Ubongen Jr., Hawaii Arts Alliance, Reskyu, Aloha Graphics, Kumu Kahua Theatre, NextDeor, The Dragon Upstairs, Ong king Art Center, Kaka’ako Agora, Aloha Danc- esport Center, and The ARTS at Marks Garage. Thank you. A special thank you to Shelley Simpson of Small & ‘Mighty Marketing. Your contribution to our Fringe isindeed a mighty gesture. Thank you, Abig thank you also to our fiscal sponsor, Hawaii Arts Alliance for their support and guidance. Itis much appreciated, Volunteers play a huge role and they do make our season a smooth ride. Please do say hi as you meet them at our venues, Their help is immense. Thank you, Sharing this Fringe is a key component and we'd like to say thank you to all the Media for covering our event. And to all the places that shared our event by allowing uso ieave post cards and posters at your establishment. Showing that you care is gratefully acknowledged. Thank you. To all our ‘ohana — thank you. Time and time again you sacrifice so much and give to make Fringe a realty. With heartfelt thanks and aloha, thank you.