The Graves


Discher Fam
December 2016

Daddy & Mama 29 Years!

The Peter Dischers

Wow! This year’s gone by like crazy! We have been so
blessed! We hope you enjoy reading about our year as
much as we enjoyed writing about it.
Ben is still his boss’s right hand man in Sykes and Sons
spray business. Kitty is heading the local chapter of
Embrace Grace, which is a ministry of their Church. EmThe Doolins
brace Grace is a support group where unmarried girls and
women facing an unplanned pregnancy can find friends, support, and the love of Christ. Kitty is
also still involved in Norwex and Plexus. Kitty came and visited us in April. It was so nice to
have all of us Sisters together again! We had a ball. :)
Michael and Sarah were blessed with another baby this May. Franklin James Doolin is chubby,
sweet, charming, and knows how to handle his older sister. ;) We were very sad to say goodbye
to Michael, Sarah and the little ones in June. They felt called to go back to Florida and now
have their own house right down the road from where most of us kids grew up! Michael and
Sarah have worked so hard on their house and have turned it into a beautiful home. Elisabeth
Marie is now 2. She knows how to charm her Aunts and Uncles with her adorable face, sweet
personality, and head full of curls. Michael just got his spray license and is working towards
opening his own business. Sarah is busy raising two little people and finishing her home.
Dylan and Grace were also blessed with another little one. Isaiah Alan Underwood is a happy
jolly fellow. Even though he just hit six months he keeps us laughing with his fun personality.
Tyler is a 21 months now. He has recently started talking and it is so cute to hear him discover
new words. :) Dylan and Grace have built up their farm quite a bit with cows, chickens and now
pigs! Their beautiful garden produced abundantly far into the late Fall season! Dylan still
works as an engineer and Grace keeps quite busy with the children and the small eBay business they have.
Peter and Amanda have been continuing to remodel the
home they purchased shortly before their marriage. Peter
is still an electrician, working toward his journeyman’s
license. He has been promoted at his company and enjoys
his work a lot. Amanda still runs a cleaning business out
of her home. She, like Sarah, has learned all kinds of construction related skills! She has a fantastic sense of style
and has created a beautiful home. She and Kitty are also
“Aunts on Call” - often taking the babies off Sarah’s
hands for her. Pete and Amanda had a small garden last
year which they hope to expand in 2017.



The Underwoods



Markie Graduated this May. We are so proud of her. She is 19 years old. She just finished a
Homeopathic class and is hoping to advance in Naturopathic Medicine. Markie now has one
cow and two calves of her own. She is making cheese and kefir from her milk. She also enjoys
keeping family supplied with Kombucha , and volunteers at our local food co-op. She does all
kinds of farm chores and continues to play cello with the youth orchestra. Markie took a trip to
St. Augustine Florida this year. She stayed with her Great Aunt . Her cousin, Abby, joined her
there :) Aunt Jeanne was so welcoming to both of them. Markie is such a blessing to us all.
She works so hard and is always ready with a happy face on a hard day. She shines the Love
of the Lord.
Rose (me) still enjoys being creative and having fun! She is now 15 . :) She got her learner’s
permit this past November and is now driving frequently. Rose loves drawing and creating
jewelry in her spare time. She also reads any book she can get her hands on. ;) She is continuing in her schoolwork
and continues to play violin with the youth orchestra. She has been interested in Astronomy lately and loves looking
at our Father’s creation. Rose is growing in her walk with the Lord, and He is continuing to work through her as she
desires to bring joy to those around her. She also milks cows, does other farm chores, bakes, mows the property regularly and writes newsletters when told she is the one to do it this year. :)
Emma is our happy and fun but still keeping one the serious side of life kind of child. Her dry humor keeps us laughing. She has grown to be such a sweet spirited girl. You can see Christ shine through her. She is now 10 years old.
She had a card decorating party for her 10th birthday. She was so blessed by all of her friends coming out and celebrating with her. Emma is also super creative. Always creating a new game or riddle. Her school work improved by
leaps and bounds since she got her glasses, so she is catching up quite nicely. She takes care of the chickens and gathers eggs here on the farm. She continues to play violin in the youth orchestra. We are so proud of the young woman
she is becoming.
Paul is a spontaneous ball wound up that gets released every morning to go, go and go some more! Always on the go,
and keeping us laughing till we cry. Not quite sure what our lives would be like without him. He is also turning into
quite a Gentleman. He has a soft heart, and is always thinking of others. Paul loves anything motorized, and has begun to help Daddy work the cows, chop firewood or chip wood. He also does small farm chores on his own!
Daddy and Mama are always working so hard. Daddy is still working at Good Samaritan.
He is also still doing hiswoodwork utilizing his sawmill here on the farm and of course he
still manages all of the cows. He continues to sell his instrument hangers on Etsy. (See
picture) Mama just started back up with Turbo-tax, and she just got a promotion! :) No
matter where they go, Daddy and Mama are always showing Christ’s love.
At the beginning of March Markie and Rose went skiing in Colorado! They had such a
wonderful time. :)
In August Mama and Paul took a trip to Florida. Everyone was so nice and welcoming. :)
They had many a fun day. Mama was able to fellowship with her mother, sister and her
children who live there. Of course Paul loved being with his cousins down there.
Mama and the Kids went up to St. Louis at the end of July, and visited some friends
there. We went to the zoo and Grant’s Farm. We had
such nice time, and are so blessed by the hospitality
always displayed when we visit.:)
We enjoyed many visits to Silver Dollar City this
year, as we had annual passes.
We had quite a few visitors this year! Grandaddy and
Grandmother came in May. We always love having
them here and, they always make everything fun! It
is amazing to have such Godly examples as them for
Mama’s Sister, Molly, and some of her kids came and
visited us as well. We walked the Botanical Gardens
in Springfield since Aunt Molly has an amazing
green thumb!
Having Mama, Aunt Molly, and Aunt Katie together

again was so much fun! Lots of sister laughter. And they got in
some pretty awesome Volleyball games. ;) All the Cousins had a
blast as well. :D
We had a going away party for Michael and Sarah in June.
While it was sad in a way, it was a blessing for them to know
how many people up here love them.
In July we had a Independence day celebration. We loved having some pretty amazing people out for Volleyball, Food,
Games, and of course Fireworks. We have been so amazed in
the time we have been here with all of the friends God has
blessed us with.
The girls went to camp again this year. They loved meeting
new friends and being reunited with old ones. The sermons
were powerful, strong and brought the girls away encouraged and thoughtful. Markie once again won first prize in the
costume competition. Four years in a row. ;)
In August we met up with all the siblings/kids in Alabama. To have everyone together
again was amazing! We were able to spend 4 days together and although it passed
quickly we were just all the more excited for when we could be together again. We had
so much fun relaxing, swimming, playing volleyball, rook, and much more.
In September Markie and Rose (once again ;) hosted a throwback Party. This time it
was a 1960's party. Everyone's outfits were so good! We all just love it how our friends
join in the fun. :) It was so nice to play volleyball, games, and just have a wonderful time
fellowshipping with other believers. :) We were planning on showing an outdoor movie
but the weather thought otherwise ;) So we ended up watching That Darn Cat on the
wall in the Living-room with the rain pouring outside. :)
The Girls have all been Advancing in their Music this year. They continue to play at
the Nursing home each month and are still in youth orchestra of the Skymeadow Fine
Arts program. They are loving it! And of course they continue to go to the folk dances
they enjoy so much!
We took our annual December trip to Branson with some wonderful and godly ladies!
We had so much fun!
Mama and the older girls took a trip up to St. Louis in November to go to a Symphony
with friends. The symphony was fantastic and the fellowship was superb. We walked historic St. Charles later.
The Farm is expanding. We have had quite a few additions
since last year. 7 calves were born on the property this
year, Michael found some great deals on grown cows and
calves for Granddaddy and we now have 50 chickens. The
Lord has blessed us Greatly.
Well thank you so much for reading! We enjoy sharing our
year with y'all. May God bless and encourage you!!!
Rose– For The Dischers