Sri Raghavendra Tirtha condensed more than 1800 shlokas of Sri Krishna charitra from 10th canto of Bhagavata

into shrIkR^ishhNachAritramaJNjarI, which consists of 28 shlokas. Each shloka lists chronologically the events from Sri Krishna Charitra and also is in the form of a prayer, pleading for His blessings. For the encoding of shrIkR^ishhNachAritramaJNjarI, please visit The first shloka speaks of Sri Krishna's incarnation on earth at the request of Brahma and other gods, killing of Putana, Shakatasura, Trinavarta. May such Lord Krishna protect us. Second shloka describes Krishna showing the universe in His mouth to His mother Yashoda (while yawning), Namakarana, teasing and playful deeds in the houses of milk-maids, stealing the milk and curds (to remove excessive punya) from them, showing the universe to His mother again (opening His mouth saying He did not eat the mud). The third shloka speaks of Sri Krishna's being tied to the grinding stone by Yashoda, freeing the sons of Kubera (Nalakubara and Manigriiva) from the curse, reaching vR^indavana along with Nanda and others, playing music and playing with gopikas and killing the Vatsasura. May the Lord who is the receiver of the fruits of sacrifices protect us. The fourth verse says that Sri Krishna, in the process of protecting the cows, killed Bakasura and Dhenukasura, performed Kaliya mardana and drove him off the river, drank the wild fire and killed vR^ixasura. May such Lord protect us. The fifth verse says that Sri Krishna saved the cows that lost their way in the dense forest, drank the wild fire again, nurtured the cow-herd companions, consumed the food sitting on a rock on the bank of the river, enraptured the "gopikas" from the "vraj". May such Lord protect me. 6. Lord Krishna, who [took and then] gave back clothes to the gopikas, who were bathing in the river and who were doing penance to obtain Krishna as their Lord, who consumed the food brought by the brahmin ladies, who protected all the gopa, gopikas who were afflicted by the hail stone [storm] from Indra, by lifting Govardhana mountain, may protect me. 7. Lord Govinda, who brought back Nanda and others, who were abducted by Varuna while taking the bath in Kalindi river, who sported with gopikas in the moonlit night, who attracted the beautiful gopikas with his music [ flute], may protect us. 8. May the Lord, who vanished in order to vanquish the vanity of the gopikas, while sporting with one of the gopikas, and again reappeared to them after the depressed gopikas regreted for their pride and extolled Him in many

words in the form of "gopikAgIta", and performed "rAsotsava", be pleased with me Some clarification regarding verse # 4 raxan.h vatsAnvayasyairbakamabhinadatho tigmatuNDe gR^ihItvA prItiM kartuM sakhInAM kharamapi balato ghAtayan.h kAliyAhim.h | unmathyodvAsya kR^ishhNAmativimalajalAM yo vyadhAddAvavahniM suptAnAvR^itya goshhThe sthitamapibadasau dushhTavR^ixachchhidavyAt.h || 4|| The Bakasura that is mentioned here is different from the Bakasura that Bheemsena killed. Here "baka" means crane. The demon comes in the form of big crane and with his big beak swallows the cows and cowherd boys. He attempts to swallow Sri Krishna also. But Sri Krishna grows enormously and splits open his sharp, long beaks, kills him and rescues all those inside his stomach. 9. After killing the demon Shankhachuda, Lord Krishna removed the pearl or gem from his head and gave it to His elder brother, Balarama. Lord Krishna's divine deeds include - being glorified by the Gopis, who were depressed by His separation, killing the huge bodied vR^ishabhAsura, being praised by the gods like Indra, slaying the demon by name Keshi, being extolled by Narada, killing the demon [Vyoma], the son of Mayasura and releasing the 'gopabalakas'. May such Lord Krishna release us from the cycle of birth and death. 10. Lord Krishna was taken by Akrura [at the command of king Kamsa] to Madhura. He consoled the gopikas of the "gokul", showed His glorious mUlarUpa on Adishesha to Akrura, who was bathing, and was extolled by him. He reached madhura, killed the evil washerman, pleased His devotee Sudama, transformed the 'kubja' [with three ugly curves in the body shape] into a beautiful woman and was worshipped by the residents of Madhura. May such Lord Krishna protect me. 11. Lord Krishna broke the bow of Shiva. Along with His brother, He vanquished the army of Kamsa, which was guarding it, killed the elephant Kuvalayapida, the wrestlers like Chanura, dragged Kamsa from the elevated dais and killed him and pleased His people. He got 'samskaras' like 'upanayana' and joined the 'gurukula' of Sandipani. May the omniscient Lord Krishna protect us. 12. Lord Krishna returned the life of the dead son of His teacher Sandipani. He went to Madhura again, sent Uddhava to console Nanda and others in "gokula", delighted 'kubja', pleased Akrura, learnt from him the situation about Pandavas, vanquished the armies of Jarasandha and made him flee several times. May such Krishna protect us. 13. After that Sri Krishna exited Madhura along with Balarama, obtained approval from Parashurama, obtained His crown on Gomanta mountain from

Garuda, killed the enemy "sR^igAla vAsudeva" in karavIrapura, led his kith and kin to Dwaraka, which was built in the ocean, got Yavana killed by the fire emited from the eyes of Muchukunda. May such Lord Krishna protect us. 14. Lord Krishna was extolled by the king Muchukunda. Then He killed the army of Yavana, went to Gomanta again, defeated Jarasandha, extinguished the fire on the mountain peak, returned to Dwaraka, heard the news of Pandavas through kR^itavarma, brought Rukmini while the kings were looking on and defeated the kings. May such Lord Krishna be pleased with us. 15. Lord Krishna disfigured "Rugmi", married Jambavati and Satyabhama, and also obtained Syamantakamani. Then He went to Hastinapura on hearing the news of "laxagR^iha". He consoled Satyabhama [who was sad because her father was killed by Shatadhanva]. He left Dwaraka along with Satyabhama to Panchala kingdom to see Pandavas, who married Draupadi by "Matsya yantra chedana". May such Lord Krishna protect us. 16. After reaching Dwaraka, Lord Krishna killed Shatadhanva, the foe of Satrajita, showed the Syamantaka gem with Akrura, the son of Shvaphalka, there by calming the anger of Balarama, set out to Indraprastha to see Pandavas and then along with Arjuna came to the banks of the river Yamuna, obtained Kalindi, made Vishvakarma build the city of Indraprastha and returned to Dwaraka. May such Lord Krishna protect me. 17. Lord Krishna obtained Mitravinda, and after that He obtained NIlAdevi by fastening seven sturdy and strong oxen, and then obtained Bhadradevi, married Laxanadevi, the daughter of Madra king. When Indra implored Lord Krishna, He mounted on Garuda and along with Satyabhama, went to the fort of Narakasura on the top of Himalayan peaks. demolished the bulwarks, beheaded the demon, Mura with His discus. May such Lord Krishna protect me. 18. Lord Krishna killed thirty five powerful sons of ministers of Narakasura, engaged in a fierce battle with him and his army along with his elephants and horses, beheaded him with the His discus, extolled by Goddess Earth, made Bhagadatta, the son of Naraka as king, took well dressed and good looking damsels to Dwaraka, pleased Aditi by handing over the ear-rings. May such Lord Krishna protect me. 19. After being extolled by Indra, Lord Krishna procured the divine Parijata tree that is very dear to Indra, defeated the gods, returned to Dwaraka, obtained a handsome son through Rukmini, beheaded the evil Paundraka, routed the "Abhicharika kR^itya" (who was in the form of fire) using His discus. May such Lord Krishna be like "kAmadhenu" to me. 20. Lord Krishna, along with His wives, went to "Samanta Panchaka", a sacred place built by Parashurama, pleased His relatives and saints that came there, made His father Vasudeva, returned to Dwaraka, preached tattvas to His

father, pleased mother Devaki by showing her [deceased] sons [by bringing back alive]. May such Lord Krishna remove all unpleasant things and protect me. 21. Lord Krishna delighted Rukmini with mirth and gratified other wives, begot ten sons in each of His wives, and obtained many grand sons. At the time of Aniruddha's marriage, He made Balarama [who was overcome with rage] kill Rukmi, pleased each wife in her house. May such Lord Krishna be my refuge. 22. Lord Krishna was feasting and taking repose (shayana)in the peerlessly rich resplendent gem-studded abodes of His sixteen thousand wives. In some houses, He was doing Japa, going to forests for hunting. In some houses, He was playing dice, doing Pravachanas, partaking in political discusions. Thus He was indulging in many activities and gave darshana to Narada in every house and amazed him. May such Lord Krishna protect us. Note : All these activities of the Lord have to be understood with the background knowledge that the Lord is "pUrNAnanda (personification of infinitely complete bliss)". He is "AptakAma". Also He is All-present and Allpowerful and His activities are such that they are meant to please His devotees and delude the "Asuric" people. This "mAnasika anusandhAna" is very essential. 23. Lord Krishna, performed prescribed acts like "snana, dhyana and sandhya" in the morning and reached the king's assembly. He pleased the messenger sent by the kings (by saying that He will fulfill the desire of thekings to end the life of Jarasandha). Narada presented all the details to Lord Krishna [about Pandavas and their intent to perform Rajasuya Yaga]. Then, He set out with His army to the glorious Indraprastha. He was worshipped by Pandavas and made Bhimasena kill Jarasandha and freed all the imprisoned kings. May such Lord Krishna be pleased with me. 24. Lord Krishna made Jarasandha's son as the king of Magadha, beheaded Shishupala with His discus, made Dharmaraja perform the Rajasuya yaga successfully and returned to Dwaraka. There, He saw the city of Dwaraka damaged by the demon Salva. Enraged by it, He killed Salva, who was in the middle of the ocean and who was arrogant due to the boon received from Rudra and returned to Dwaraka. May such Lord Krishna protrct me. 25. Lord Krishna heard from a brahmin about the [dyUtakrIDa) and the departure of Dharmaraja to the forest along with his brothers, went to the forest, consoled them all and returned to Dwaraka. Thereafter, He gave back the divine form to a king named nR^iga, who was suffering in the body of a kind of reptile [for committing a sin against a brAhmin]. Then He went to the house of king of Videha, spent a few days there, pleased the devoted [king and Shrutadeva, one Yadava], went to Dwaraka, and then with a big army went to the city of Upaplavya. May such Lord Krishna protect us.

26. Lord Krishna went as an emissary of Pandavas to make truce, showed his infinite and exquisite forms to dhR^itarashtra, by granting divine sight to him. He became the charioteer of Arjuna and at the very ouset of war, imparted the knowledge of Gitatattva, showed his VishvarUpa, by granting divine sight, took him to Kailasa, made Ishvara give the upadesha of some divine astra-s, made Bhima kill the evil Duryodhana and made Dharmaraja the king. I bow to such Lord Sri Krishna. 27. Lord Krishna returned to Dwaraka, the abode of yAdavas, fulfilled the desires of his dear friend Kuchela, performed the Ashvamedha sacrifice, showed Arjuna His abode [anantAsana], returned the sons to the brAhmin, killed the evil Dantavaktra along with his brother, returned to His Dwaraka and rendered the tattvaj~nAna to Udhhava. May such Lord Krishna protect us.