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(R)evolution of
manufacturing, money
& logistics
connected in the, Smart Intelligent Network Community


We are a group of around fifty creative professionals and enthusiasts of
new technologies, who decided to make our planet a better place while
making our dreams come true!
Led by CEO, founder and owner of GCC Group, Jan M. Pasboel, an
experienced global entrepreneur, we have taken a challenge to share
his vision and started to build together a future of tomorrow!
Our head office is based in the center of the Europe - Poland.
Come and meet us, if you’d like!



5 SEPTEMBER 2016 3 . and 3D designers with commercial and business users.3D PRINT .right now! We introduce the global 3D printing network concept with our own 3D Printing Hub .most advanced and user-friendly portal connecting 3D printing centers.NEW INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION is right here .

gold. 5 SEPTEMBER 2016 4 . silver. allows us to print objects not only in plastic.WHAT IS 3D printing? It is a technology of making three-dimensional objects of any shape or geometry from a digital file. bronze. ceramics and even candy! Construction of objects can have miniscule detail inside and out. but also in steel. The variety of materials that can be currently used. the only limit to 3D printing is our imagination. titanium. Today. CUSTOMIZATION is the key to success in future manufacturing. This is why 3D printing is considered to be the most important development opportunity in manufacturing as it is expected to be responsible for the future elimination of costs in warehousing and transport.

cnbc. is predicted be 3D printed within the next 10 years! Data: http://www. Over 20% of global manufacturing. Experts have estimated that during the next three years.THE FUTURE takes the real shape 3D printing will revolutionize business as we know it. this branch of industry will grow by over 500% with a yearover-year growth rate of astonishing 5 SEPTEMBER 2016 5 .

WE ARE THE FIRST community based on network marketing distribution to introduce global 3D printing concept and THE WORLD’S MOST ADVANCED 3D hub! Do you want to be a part of this expansion? 5 SEPTEMBER 2016 6 .

which is supported by TheGCCcoin . It’s a unique and new Global Cryptocurrency with features you will really love! 5 SEPTEMBER 2016 7 .a revolution in the financial world.A NEW revolutionary digital currency is born! 3D printing is a revolution in production and logistics.

Basically. but it’s the philosophy behind it that the people really love:  Cheapest transactions – stop feeding financial institutions with enormous transaction fees  Faster transactions – same transaction time over the globe  Independent of governments and banking systems  No borders – no exchanges needed while changing localization Money has evolved – cryptocurrency is already accepted around the world as a payment method! 5 SEPTEMBER 2016 8 .DO YOU KNOW what cryptocurrency is? It’s a revolution that changes the financial world we know. while shopping online or paying using your smartphone application. you use it as classic money: dollars or euro.

even when you’re sleeping! It’s the real people’s money!  You always help the nature – TheGCCcoin is a green cryptocurrency – part of each transaction fee finances independent “green” projects. even for a cup of coffee! 5 SEPTEMBER 2016 9 .WHAT IS TheGCCcoin? TheGCCcoin is a new cryptocurrency with features.the only digital currency creating its own market. making it probably. the best the world has ever seen! It has all the advantages that cryptocurrencies offer and so much more!  You earn money while somebody else spends it! Yes – part of TheGCCcoin transaction fee from all over the world gets back to you. sales & demand! …and it’s among the fastest crypto technologies in the world – you can pay for anything. In protecting nature we make sure the mining process is CO2 neutral – to save the world we live in!  Benefit from Ecosystem24 – our key to the world’s sales turnover – 24 internet portals giving access to purchase popular goods and services all over the world using TheGCCcoin and classic currency. TheGCCcoin is really exceptional .

All you need is one account to use all of them. All of the 24 websites will be integrated with each other in order to make the purchasing and navigation simple. but you will also love Better Bet – sports betting and skill gaming portal. Our flagship project of Ecosystem24 is 3D Printing Hub.What is ECOSYSTEM24? Our key to the world’s sales turnover! Ecosystem24 is expected to become the largest group of websites created to allow people to buy the most popular products and services using our cryptocurrency – TheGCCcoin and. during the development period. Don’t waste your time on logging into different portals. other currencies. GCC Travel – to find the best holiday offers or GCC TakeAway – to order food wherever you like! 5 SEPTEMBER 2016 10 .

saving the wildlife and reducing the level of CO2 in the atmosphere.TRANSACTION FEE SHARING how does it work? 0.040% fee is meant for the development of the GCC Ecosystem24 and TheGCCcoin itself. Thanks to that we are constantly growing and expanding our services.024% from every transaction to green solutions. planting trees.g. e. you get extra money even when you’re sleeping! TheGCCcoin donates 0. The 0. 5 SEPTEMBER 2016 11 .024% fee from every transaction made worldwide in our Ecosystem24 portals and between TheGCCcoin wallets go back to the people! That way.

relax and enjoy financial freedom! 5 SEPTEMBER 2016 12 . from every transaction made worldwide in Ecosystem24 and even more! Sit back.THINK… TRANSACTIONS and get your share.

benefit from the most awaited industrial and digital currency revolutions! Do you want to be a part of it? 5 SEPTEMBER 2016 13 . to let everyone in the world. as well as our green planet.THINK… SINC Combining together 3D Printing with Global Cryptocurrency we created SINC: Smart Intelligent Network Community.

people’s power of recommendation and got rid of any disadvantages of similar systems to create this exceptional community! Join SINC and enjoy your new business with our Fair Play Rules:  no autoship  no flushing points  no monthly or annual renewal fees  no inventory purchase – all you need to do is actively recommend us!  … and your position is ACTIVE FOREVER! 5 SEPTEMBER 2016 14 . freedom.SINC – the best opportunity of this decade! Join the best ever distribution system based on a network marketing model! We took what’s best in network marketing – independence.

join the best bonus system ever and get insane profits and rewards for your successful recommendations + transaction fee sharing income up to 125. this cryptocurrency is a must-have to anyone with a business attitude! And it’s a must-have to anyone.000 EUR / weekly  Develop your position in our community to finally profit from the Third Industrial Revolution – 3D PRINTING! Our GCC 3D Printing Hub will give you access to the most innovative and prospective business sector benefits and together with other Ecosystem24 portals will support & protect TheGCCcoin value now and in the future!  Collect and use TheGCCcoin – with all its features. who really cares about our planet! 5 SEPTEMBER 2016 15 .WHAT CAN YOU DO as a part of our community?  Help us grow .

HOW DOES IT WORK? RECOMMEND our products and when a customer you personally acquired purchases it. you will collect First Order Bonus and Personal Customer Volume points which:  open your Binary Bonus  open your Matching Bonus  determine your Matching Bonus level  improve your SINC position to get a share in transaction fees from Ecosystem24 portals and other businesses worldwide! 5 SEPTEMBER 2016 16 .

FIRST ORDER BONUS standard above standards 10%+10%= 20% It is commission based on the price of a product that you successfully recommended.12.2016. It goes directly to your “Cash Account” where you can:  withdraw in EUR or Bitcoin  buy any other GCC Group product  trade on the Exchange and buy more GCC coins The person that recommended to you our products get 3% Up-line Assistance Bonus and the person that recommended him our offer. 5 SEPTEMBER 2016 17 . as a way of saying… ‘thank you for your help’! 5% Together First Order Bonus and Up-line Assistance Bonus could amount to an amazing 25%* * Additional 10% of The First Order Bonus it’s available until 12. together commission. will get additional 2%.

including GCC Travel – best offers to travel worldwide! 5. but also those generated by unlimited external businesses worldwide + our 3D Printing Hub PROFITS! 5 SEPTEMBER 2016 18 . but you can get to the next SINC positions simply by collecting PCV points! 2. SILVER – having at least 488 PCV. START – you start here when joined as an Affiliate. You will be sharing not only Ecosystem24 transaction fees. 3. estabilish at least one active and verified 3D point to get a share in transaction fees of all 24 portals. including Better Bet – online gaming and sports betting portal.888 PCV (including at least one Master Pack sold).TakeAway – global food ordering site. You don’t have an access to transaction fee sharing yet.888 PCV (including at least one Pro Pack sold).888 PCV (including at least one Explore Pack sold) to get a share in transaction fees from 8 additional Ecosystem24 portals = 19 in total. GOLD – get 1. TITANIUM – collect 6. including TOP 5 of them with GCC 3D Printing Hub! Get your share in the Third Industrial Revolution! 7. BRONZE – collect 88 PCV and get access to transaction fees from 2 additional Ecosystem24 portals = 3 in total! 4.DEVELOP SINC position 1. you will be sharing transaction fees from 8 additional Ecosystem24 portals = 11 in total. IRON – you get to this position by collecting only 18 PCV. PLATINUM 3D – make 2. 6. You’re entitled to transaction fees from 1 Ecosystem24 portal .

you can get up to 25.HOW DOES IT WORK binary volume points MANAGE YOUR TEAM to get Business Customer Volume points generated by all affiliates’ and customers’ product purchases in your structure below your position .you can get up to matter if personally acquired by you or not! BCV and PCV points create together your Binary Volume points to:  calculate your Binary Bonus .000 EUR weekly!  calculate your Matching Bonus .000 EUR weekly!  determine your SALES RANK – to get high bonuses and awards  determine your COMMUNITY BONUS – to reward the community which helped their leader to reach his SALES RANK 5 SEPTEMBER 2016 19 .

BINARY BONUS QUALIFICATION: By collecting just 200 PCV in each leg of your personal sale structure. Every Sunday night. It is a commission generated from a turnover on product sales created in your downlines. you qualify for Binary Bonus. and it’s based on the BV points (PCV + BCV together) generated in your lower and upper leg. you will receive 20% of your BV points collected in your lesser leg directly to your “Cash account”! (1 BV= 1 EUR) MAX DOWNLINES NUMBER IN YOUR UPPER LEG FOR BINARY BONUS CALCULATION NUMBER OF VERIFIED 3D PRINTING CENTRES (PERSONALLY SOLD 3D PRO PACK) (located minimum 8km/5 miles apart) MAX DOWNLINES NUMBER IN YOUR LOWER LEG FOR BINARY BONUS CALCULATION 5 SEPTEMBER 2016 20 .

000 5. 3% 5 SEPTEMBER 2016 4% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 21 . customers they personally acquired (Level 2).000 25.000 10. It’s the same condition that opens your LEVEL /PCV 200/200 800 2. (Level 1).000 15. customers who they personally Level 6 acquired (Level 3) and so on up to 7th level! Level 7 2% Calculation is made at the same time as for Binary Bonus and same rules apply to the collected points.000 Level 1 3% 3% 3% 3% 3% 3% 3% 1% 1% 2% 2% 2% 2% 1% 3% 5% 5% 5% 2% 3% 5% 5% 2% 3% 5% 2% 3% Level 2 Level 3 Binary Bonus and you need to meet it only once! Level 4 It is a commission calculated on a Binary Bonus generated by Level 5 customers you personally acquired.MATCHING BONUS QUALIFICATION: 200 PCV collected in each leg qualify you for 1st level Matching Bonus!.

SALES RANK BONUS . After that.challenge accepted? Your Binary Volume (both PCV and BCV points) is being converted each week to the Binary Bonus. How to determine who’s really a champion in both personal sales and team building skills? Don’t worry . you start a new week with updated balance of points (BV points converted to bonus are simply deducted from both of your legs after the calculation.all your Binary Volume points generated in your lesser leg are saved to record your growth and reward you for your development! The chart shows Sales Ranks you can achieve in our community and special incentive – one time payment bonuses prepared to reward you for your amazing efforts! 5 SEPTEMBER 2016 22 . so they are not counted twice).

000 EUR SAPPHIRE RUBY DIAMOND * one time payment 5 SEPTEMBER 2016 23 . Other active affiliates help their Leader. that getting to the highest sales ranks requires hard work.000 GCC 2. But we also know.000 EUR 20. And we’re a community which supports each other to reach our goals.000 EUR 4.000 EUR 10.000 GCC DOUBLE DIAMOND TRIPLE DIAMOND 25. Here comes a Community Bonus – a way to say thank you for a joint effort to help the others grow – even if they grow more than you do! When a Leader reaches one of our Sales Ranks.500 GCC 5. that Leaders don’t get there on their own.COMMUNITY BONUS We know. the three levels of his/her binary active SINC Team receive an equal share of Community Bonus!* RANK BONUS PEARL OPAL EMERALD 2.000 GCC 10.

your structure size&quality and transaction fee amount generated by particular group of portals. Your final share depends on your SINC position. 3D hub fees will go to Platinum3D and Titanium positions only. Platinum3D to Platinum3D and Titanum positions only).TRANSACTION FEE SHARING & binary model  Transactions fees generated by Ecosystem24 are converted to BCV points (1 BCV = 1 EUR)  Binary Customer Volume points generated by each Ecosystem24 portal are equally shared to all SINC positions connected to particular portal groups  System let those BCV points multiply by running up the legs. system let them run up the legs in the background and finally replace BCV on each position with correct amount (same rules apply: Iron sends BCVs to any position up the leg. Next. then calculate and place final amount for each position  During the next pay-cycle. BCV points are converted to binary and matching bonus according to standard rules or – if you’re not qualified yet – they will be simply stored on your account and wait there until you’re ready! EXAMPLE: BCVs generated by TakeAway are equally shared with Iron and higher positions in the community. 5 SEPTEMBER 2016 24 .

REMEMBER: you can become Affiliate only once! 5 SEPTEMBER 2016 25 .GETTING STARTED how to join us? Come to our online shop with a reference link from the person that recommended us and choose the option that suits you best:  Become our customer .buy one of our 3D product packs and start your 3D printing adventure!  Product already chosen? Now you have amazing option to get Ecosystem24 Discount Card with GCCs preloaded for FREE!  Already a customer? Save 38 EUR and join as an Affiliate – for just 50 EUR you will become a part of our community!  You can also join us directly as an Affiliate only without buying any of our products by choosing an empty Affiliate Pack for 88 EUR.

Image is for illustration purposes only GETTING STARTED Ecosystem24 Discount Card Each time you purchase any of our 3D product packs you can get a FREE Ecosystem24 DISCOUNT CARD – electronic voucher which allows you to:  get 10% discount on selected Ecosystem24 offers  collect GCC coins and store them in your dedicated cloud wallet You just can’t miss it! 5 SEPTEMBER 2016 26 .

288 PCV 888 PCV 238 PCV 84 PCV 18 PCV --------------------- *Transport costs and duty not included.000 GCC** FREE 10% DISCOUNT Ecosystem24 Card + 14.000 GCC** FREE 10% DISCOUNT Ecosystem24 Card + 2.838 EUR* 1.0 3D Course subscription 3D Models Set 2 3D Course subscription 3D Models Set 1 3D Course subscription --------------------- FREE 10% DISCOUNT Ecosystem24 Card + 55.838 EUR* 2.000 GCC** FREE 10% DISCOUNT Ecosystem24 Card + 20.088 PCV 1.CHOOSE A PRODUCT and start your 3D print adventure! 6.500 GCC** FREE 10% DISCOUNT Ecosystem24 Card + 600 GCC** FREE 10% DISCOUNT Ecosystem24 Card + 150 GCC** --------------------- 3.838 EUR* 438 EUR* 138 EUR* 38 EUR* 88 EUR ALL-in-ONE 3D SET (pen+scanner+printer) 3D Course subscription 3D Models Set 5 3D Filaments Pack 3D Printer BQ Hephestos 2 3D Course subscription 3D Models Set 4 3D Scanner Sense 3D 3D Course subscription 3D Models Set 3 3D Pen 3Doodler 2. 5 SEPTEMBER 2016 ** Delivery at public release this year 27 .

That is why we made TheGCCcoin and 3D Printing Hub CO2 neutral! We are the company that cares about the natural environment. we have come up with a perfect solution. we transfer to this account 0.GREEN ATTITUDE We care for the natural environment and condition of our planet. We successfully combine running a business with protecting the nature and. therefore. you also help us minimize the negative influence on the Globe’s natural ecosystem at the same time! 5 SEPTEMBER 2016 28 . Emission of CO2 from energy consumed to produce 3D prints and to mine coins through wallets is neutralized by transferring equivalent value to a GREEN ACCOUNT which is then used to help our Planet! What’s more.024% of global turnover created in Ecosystem24 and between TheGCCcoin wallets! By expanding your own network you not only earn money.

com www.3DPrintPoints.EVERYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE IS REAL All data mentioned in this document is subject to possible changes without notice and with immediate effect. 5 SEPTEMBER 2016 29 .TheGCCGroup.