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Female Drow Warlord 4

LN Medium
Init 4; Senses Superior Darkvision; Perception 13

AC 14; Touch 12; Flat-Footed 12
HP 41; Wounds 17; Non-Lethal
Fort 6 ; Ref 3 ; Will 8
DR 0; Immune (Sleep); Resist (Enchantment+2); SR 9
Speed 40ft; With Armor 40ft; Fly -; Swim 10ft; Climb 5ft; Burrow -;

Melee +9 Katana (Mst) (1d8+6, 18-20); M; Keen
Ranged +3 C(+4) Longbow (Mst) (1d8+4, 19-20); R; 30

Str 19, Dex 15, Con 17, Int 16, Wis 16, Cha 19
Base Atk +4; CMB +10
Feats: Improved Disarm, Combat Expertise, Quick Draw, Outflank, Blind Fight
Skills: Acrobatics 9, Appraise 3, Bluff 4, Climb 8, Diplomacy 11, Disguise 4, Escape Artist 2, Fly 2, Handle Animal 8,
Heal 8, Intimidate 11, Knowledge History 10, Knowledge Martial 10, Perception 13, Ride 7, Sense Motive 10, Stealth 2,
Survival 10, Swim 8
Languages: Common, Under-common, Drow
Feats and Features: Immunity to Sleep (Racial), Resistant to Enchantment (Racial), Keen Senses (Racial), Faerie Fire
(SP), Dancing Lights (SP), Darkness (SP), Poison Use (Ex), Superior Darkvision (Racial), Light Blindness (Racial),
Warlord's Gambit (Ex), Gambit(Duelist), Gambit (Unbreakable), Tactical Presence (Ex), Tactical Presence(Indomitable
Presence) (Ex), Warleader (Ex), Force of Personality (Ex), Tactical Flanker (Ex), Gambit(Acrobatic)
Maneuvers: Known 8,Readied 6, Level 2
Stances: 2

Pride Leaders Stance: Initiator and allies within 20 ft. gain a +4 morale bonus to saves vs fear and demoralization
effects. (GL 1)
Scarlet Einhander: +2 shield bonus to AC and +1d6 damage on attacks when fighting with one weapon. (ST 1)

Princes Attitude: (Boost) +4 AC against attacks of opportunity while moving, +2 bonus to Reflex and Will saves until
next turn. (ST 1)
Red Zephyrs Strike: (Strike) Make a melee attack, then make an immediate 10-ft. movement. (ST 1)
Demoralizing Roar: (Boost) Any target struck by you in melee is shaken for 1 round. (GL 1)
Tactical Strike: (Strike) Make an attack, grant nearby ally the ability to move up to 10 ft. (GL 1)
Hunting Party: (Strike) Make an attack, grant an adjacent ally an attack of opportunity against the same enemy. (GL 1)
Warning Roar: (Counter) Make an opposing Diplomacy check to negate an enemys attack on a nearby ally. (GL 2)
Sanguine Barrier: (Counter) Make a Sense Motive check to block an attack. (ST 2)

Born in the early years of the 15th century of the Phoenician Calendar, Jhaeldiira was the
first-born child Jenha Nathlin, leader of the Great House of the Earth caste in the Black Isles. From
a very young age she received the best education and training, mastering both everyday lessons
and martial skills before she was even 50 years, making her one of the youngest elves to achieve
Serving status before her actual maturity. She served under her father for almost a hundred years,
proving her abilities and skills time and time again. She was considered one of the most honorable
warriors of the land, the heir-apparent to the Nathlin leadership, and was even proposed as a
candidate for the Great Champion status once the Quest for Virtue of the century was declared.
In the opening days of 1505, the Black Isles were ravaged by civil war. For more than 10
years, brother fought brother, slaves revolted, and anarchy ruled the streets. 6 of the families, the
Nathlin included, lead a terrible and costly campaign, and managed to regain control of the lands.
They finally captured the rebel leader, an Elven houseless Necromancer, and after hours of
interrogation, the plotter was revealed. The human slave, turned Sharress advisor, Sagishi, was
behind the corruption of the rebel houses and was planning to usurp the leadership of the nation.
Armed with this knowledge the warriors of the Nathlin and the Kezhhan entered the Palace to
confront the villainous advisor.
When they did reach the throne room, and Jenha revealed the dark plans he had uncovered,
the final treachery was revealed. Ertyan, leader of the Kezhan, sided with Sagishi and condemned
the Nathlin as perpetrators and true masterminds of the revolution, and presented falsified proofs for
these claims. The actual facts were dismissed as falsehoods, and the Nathlin family line was
stripped of all rights and privileges and was given the only choice given to traitors. Commit suicide
and keep their honor in death, or be exiled, forever lost to the eyes of their forebearers.
For the broken Jhaeldiira there wasnt even a choice. And indeed, she would be given none.
Her father Jenha, before his final walk, requested to see his beloved daughter. His final request
would potentially break her, and would forever condemn her. But ever the champion, he knew
Sagishi had to be stopped. Not out of revenge or vengeance, such feelings were beyond his stature,
but out of duty to his people and his world. He requested her that she will chose exile, that she took
themost despised of paths, in a desperate attempt to find a way and stop Sagishi before other
nations also fell to his hands. Jhaeldiira was shocked, but she did not allow for a second thought.
She swore to her father that she would walk the land until either Sagishi is stopped or she drew her
last breath.
And so it was that Jhaeldiira, once one of the most revered champions of the land, became
the vilest of criminals. Dishonored, spat and naked, she was thrown to the sea to forever ponder her
failure of Honor.
Her deeds, however, were not forgotten by the slaves. The humans she was once protecting
and treating fairly could not forget. She was given food and clothes, and passage to the Northern
Lands without a single question or comment.
Thus Jhaeldiira reached the shores of the Union a few years to the present day. The alien
ways of the humans caused her no small problems. Sometimes she forgot they did not understand
her code, sometimes they took her for the pirate drow of the south, and other times they

misinterpreted her lithe frame for weakness. She was hunted and declared an outlaw in quite a few
occasions. But, as luck would have it, the Dovurians are not convicted in their condemnations. She
was forgotten within the span of a few years. She started taking mercenary jobs to live and in time
she rearmed herself with weapons of her training, her strength slowly rising.
Finally, one cold morning of winter, she overhead conversations from soldiers that a strange
small man had been seen stirring up trouble in Tyrrandis. Her final mission had finally begun.

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