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Jhaeldiira vrae'Nathlin

Female Drow Warlord 4

LN Medium
Init 4; Senses Superior Darkvision; Perception 13

AC 14; Touch 12; Flat-Footed 12
HP 41; Wounds 17; Non-Lethal
Fort 6 ; Ref 3 ; Will 8
DR 0; Immune (Sleep); Resist (Enchantment+2); SR 9
Speed 40ft; With Armor 40ft; Fly -; Swim 10ft; Climb 5ft; Burrow -;

Melee +9 Katana (Mst) (1d8+6, 18-20); M; Keen
Ranged +3 C(+4) Longbow (Mst) (1d8+4, 19-20); R; 30

Str 19, Dex 15, Con 17, Int 16, Wis 16, Cha 19
Base Atk +4; CMB +10
Feats: Improved Disarm, Combat Expertise, Quick Draw, Outflank, Blind Fight
Skills: Acrobatics 9, Appraise 3, Bluff 4, Climb 8, Diplomacy 11, Disguise 4, Escape Artist 2, Fly 2, Handle Animal 8,
Heal 8, Intimidate 11, Knowledge History 10, Knowledge Martial 10, Perception 13, Ride 7, Sense Motive 10,
Stealth 2, Survival 10, Swim 8
Languages: Common, Undercommon, Drow
Feats and Features: Immunity to Sleep (Racial), Resistant to Enchantment (Racial), Keen Senses (Racial), Faerie
Fire (SP), Dancing Lights (SP), Darkness (SP), Poison Use (Ex), Superior Darkvision (Racial), Light Blindness
(Racial), Warlord's Gambit (Ex), Gambit(Duelist), Gambit (Unbreakable), Tactical Presence (Ex), Tactical
Presence(Indomitable Presence) (Ex), Warleader (Ex), Force of Personality (Ex), Tactical Flanker (Ex),
Maneuvers: Known 8,Readied 6, Level 2
Stances: 2

Pride Leaders Stance: Initiator and allies within 20 ft. gain a +4 morale bonus to saves vs fear and demoralization
effects. (GL 1)
Scarlet Einhander: +2 shield bonus to AC and +1d6 damage on attacks when fighting with one weapon. (ST 1)

Princes Attitude: (Boost) +4 AC against attacks of opportunity while moving, +2 bonus to Reflex and Will saves
until next turn. (ST 1)
Red Zephyrs Strike: (Strike) Make a melee attack, then make an immediate 10-ft. movement. (ST 1)
Demoralizing Roar: (Boost) Any target struck by you in melee is shaken for 1 round. (GL 1)
Tactical Strike: (Strike) Make an attack, grant nearby ally the ability to move up to 10 ft. (GL 1)
Hunting Party: (Strike) Make an attack, grant an adjacent ally an attack of opportunity against the same enemy.
(GL 1)

Warning Roar: (Counter) Make an opposing Diplomacy check to negate an enemys attack on a nearby ally. (GL
Sanguine Barrier: (Counter) Make a Sense Motive check to block an attack. (ST 2)