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Bar &

WashU’s Bar & Grill
The Bar & Grill, a new dining and hang out location on campus,
will provide students with a safe haven to socialize and relax,
adding balance to the academic and social aspects of
Washington University in St. Louis. Utilizing the former Subway
location in Umrath, the Bar & Grill will provide an accessible and
dynamic venue for a laid-back student dining and social
In a survey sent out
• Open late, this space
will provide students Hours
to students this living on opposite ends
summer, over
of the campus and Thursday - Saturday:
1100 students •
responded, 97% of
those living off campus 7PM - 2AM
whom said they with a central meeting
would utilize a Bar space (as of yet there is • Look into possibility of
& Grill if it were no location on main lunch hours or afternoon
opened on campus. campus that is open “happy hours”
past midnight with a
primary function other
than studying).
“Similar to
Ursa’s, but a “Primarily, I think this
• During the day and
place that during times when
establishment would
makes it events are not planned, have a huge
possible to meet the Bar & Grill could importance on campus
upperclassmen serve as an informal for Thursday nights,
and other people meeting space and as this is a night
you wouldn’t hangout spot for where many students
normally meet.” students. go out to local bars.”
Need on Campus
Creating a space to build community

Inclusive Environment Safe Drinking Late Night Programming

The Bar & Grill will create an The Bar & Grill could reduce The Bar & Grill will encourage
inclusive atmosphere and unsafe, off campus drinking. informal social interactions
serve as an alternative late- and late night programming on
night social venue. Due to the location of off campus.
campus bars, off campus
Often Greek life sponsored drinking is not always a safe Without programming geared
social events are not open to option. towards the residence halls,
all students. upperclassmen find it difficult
Some parties disturb both to meet new students outside
With no student center on students and residents who of their established social
campus, there is a need for a live in the neighborhoods groups.
safe and central location surrounding the campus.
where students can socialize Those who live off campus find
and meet. Close location to where it more difficult to attend on
students live could reduce the campus parties and social
With tasty nonalcoholic potential for drunk driving and events.
beverages and appealing food provide a more convenient
options, the Bar & Grill will be location for students to get to. Flat screen televisions, dart
a great dining location for
boards, and dancing will
students who wish to drink
attract and appeal to all
and those who wish not to.
“While there are many options for food on campus, much of it is centered around residence
areas (the exceptions being the DUC, which is not open very late and doesn’t have the
intimate atmosphere that a Bar & Grill would have).” 3
“Special bar nights and happy hours would add spice and variety to the monotony of middle of
the week programming. I think it should be hip and trendy, but also a clear student space
where everyone felt comfortable.”

Activities and Programming

The Bar & Grill fills the gap created by an absence of
late night programming
Bar Nights After Parties

The sale of alcohol will be permitted Bar & Grill can host after parties for other
during these set times for those over 21 events on campus (WuSlam competition,
years of age (students must present id to Black Anthology, Gargoyle concert).
receive alcohol).
Bar & Grill will coordinate with other venues
Food station may provide specials or a and events to host after parties possible in
different menu for these times. a non-residential location.

Lounge seating will be cleared to allow The location of the Bar & Grill, very close to
students space to mingle and dance. the DUC, Edison, and the Gargoyle makes it
an ideal location to host after parties.
Flat screen TVs to watch sports games or
television events will be available. The atmosphere of the Bar & Grill will
encourage students to continue to hang out
and discuss events after they are over.
Special Events

Student Union and other student groups can

sponsor special events and theme nights.

Running and maintaining the success of the Bar & Grill
Ut pulvinar
“Theme parties, televised sporting events, back to school nights and an actual bar made the

elit et
Rat the destination for anyone unable to afford a taxi to the Landing or unwilling to make the
schlep out to the Loop.”

-Student Life, February 2010

Governance and Employees

• The Bar & Grill will be managed by Bon Appétit.
• The Bar & Grill will employ students as cashiers,
hostesses, and bartenders.
• The Bar & Grill Committee will serve as a steering
committee for its operation.

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Steering Committee
• Co-chaired by the SU VP of Administration and Bon
Appétit staff member.
• Student Union will appoint 5 voting students.
• Ex-officio representation from the Washington University
• Ex-officio representation from WUPD.
• Ex-officio representation from Bon Appetite.

The design of the space will be

• Student focused.
• A committee formed by Student Union will work closely
with the contractors to design the space.
• The space will be designed to be versatile and easily
transformed for different types of events.
• The walls will be available for flyers and student
expressions of creativity.
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Seating and Space
The space will specifically have three sections:
• The first section will be a serving station for food and
• The second section will contain a small to medium size
stage, that can host a D.J., speakers, or performers.
• The third section will be a lounge area with tables and
comfortable seating.
• The furniture will be easily transportable in to create
larger open spaces for dancing and other events.
Dining and Operation
Food and Beverages Operation
• Wine and Beer will be served.
• Non-alcoholic special drinks will The Bar & Grill should be an open and
also be served. (Virgin inviting space for all students to hang
Margaritas etc) out, meet, and have fun.
• Authentic grill food will be
• Events will be open to the whole
served and simple sandwiches:
student body
Hamburgers, veggie burgers,
• The space will be reserved
chicken wings, chicken salad
through Event Management
sandwiches, French fries, onion
• The South 40 has nightlife
rings, wraps, chips and dip,
programming at Ursa’s but there
potato skins, Kosher items,
is no similar location for
Hummus, salads.
• Have a frozen yogurt bar with
different flavor and topping
“An on-campus location with
an off-campus feel, laid back,
Sustainability something different than a
Using sustainable resources will always be a traditional college eatery.”
priority through the planning, design,
“I want to see American bar
implementation, and operation of the Bar &
food, burgers, fries, nachos,
hot wings.”


Bar &

Current Student Alcohol Use

Students have shown that they can responsibly consume alcohol on
campus through events like CPC’s Happy Hour, Greek Prom, and other

Ibby’s currently serves beer and wine to students who are over 21 years
old who really enjoy the opportunity and behave responsibly.

WashU has given us the autonomy to self-regulate with RedFlag and

trusting the students and letting them be responsible with their alcohol
consumption on campus has become a well-established program.

“I prefer students to be on campus drinking because

downtown is still a walk away.”

- Ron Liebowitz, President of Middlebury College