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Relation between loha and grahas:

Sun tamra
Chandra rajata
Mars picchala (brass) cu + zn
Budha naga
Jupiter gold
Venus vanga
Shani tka loha
Rahu kmsya (
Ketu knta loha
Nitynanda rasam cellulitis, lpada
Tamra bhasmam
Vanga bhasmam
Suddha haritalam
ankha bhasma
Kmsya bhasma
Varik bhasma
Loha bhasma
Kttu thippali


Fever in lpada give mtyunjaya rasam in kurumulaku kashayam

Panchamla thailam give svedam with ki
Alai (ku chembakam) long leaf seen in theyyam kvu beautiful flower
in a bunch white with a little yellow in the middle use the root to make
Powder devadaru mix navasram 1/4th apply on the swelling even thick hard
swellings will go u can use even in mastitis
Tantra technique powder pepper sprinkle on cotton cloth roll and tie on
waist there will be no fever
Mukta kti and Mukta pii and bhasma
2 types of pii Chandra pii and Srya pii

Rasa tantra sram 2 volumes nice illustrations

Siddha prayoga sangraham
Coral is the shape of lungs two types available in market pravla puttu,
pravla mlam and kha puttu is cheaper
chettu pavizham is expensive used for gulika by making bhasmam
both have same clinical effect
dipana, pachana - urinary infection, expels urine resist chest infection ,
removes mucus strengthens heart hyperacidity
in fever mix pavizham with rasa sinduram
mukta pishti and pravala are both Ca CO3 but effects are different the
difference is in the trace elements involved
Diabetic foot
patoladi + mahamanjishtadi + kaishore guggulu BD + guggulu panchapalam BD
+ Nisha kathakadi kashayam churnam BD + rasa sinduram vanga - kanmada
raja sutavangarasam - navayasam gulika - valiya jatyadi thailam - eladi churnam
external arya veppila, karuka, manjal, yashtimadhu for kshalana kashayam
along with that if you do takradhara also it is best

prameha, vrana, krmi add rasa sinduram to boost add kanmada to make suta
vanga rasam for prameha -

diabetic gangrene = kuha with vta raktam, something between kuam and
vata raktam

sutavanga rasama to deal with diabetic gangrene

fever 4 days shadangam toya kalpana
diabetic foot shashikumar is expert
pearl and pravala are also included in ratna varga
elephant tusk is also sudha vargam
Charred and given with kashayam in svasa, kasa apasmara
Shankha more ushna vrya than pravala and muttu nicely boil and wash it and
remove the insect inside crush it grind in lemon juice do pua do kavaca
and puta then can be crushed then do puta using aloe vera or lemon juice
Shankha bhasma give in jvara due to ajra if you keep on tongue it will burn
tongue pravala will not burn tongue can give in severe sinusitis with ajirna
strong pacana drugs are required and shankha is best no pishti for shankha
external application like vati are said grind it in mustard oil and apply externally
Goiter gaitarin tab, dhanvantaram or iipdi thailam for nasyam, varanadi ks,
kanchanar guggulu, lepa with ankha ground in mustard oil (also good for
application in inguinal hernia) or kozhinjil root to grind and do lepa, menthonni
kizhangu (lngali) in thailam for nasya
Kozhinjil root external covering can be used for dhuman for pain
Psychiatric drugs reduce sperm motility
Chakradutta has a yoga for painless delivery study has been done in
Svarna basma 5mg given in 1tsp brahmi juice give immediately after delivery
virecana will happen and the babys GIT will be clean
in luta via and Herpes also grind in milk and take

Study the 10 kashayams for 10 types of kaphaja meha in charaka it is the

density of urine that is required + vanga = diabetes will be cured check specific
gravity of urine
As soon as you give suta vanga rasam the ojas increases
Surya ksharam (), navasaram, tankanam () powder it in specific
equation heat it nicely on stove no particular shiddhi it will turn a brownish
fluid when melted pour in a steel plate it will solidify into a hard white metallic
sounding plate powder it it is called kshara parpati and shveta parpati - Store

in dry place 300mg in grape juice, or barley water or gokshura kashayam give
for 3 months upto 10mm kidney stone will disappear
Matsyakshyadi kashayam
Brhatyadi kashayam
Mutra sharkara associated with prameha cured with takra dhara
Kashayam with tender coconut can break big stones

I give rasa sinduram usually always along with pravala bhasmam

In seasonal fever in spring

+ + kapha amana
Bharngyadi kashayam
Rasa sinduram + pravala bhasmam given in ginger juice (K- and pnasa
shamana) and honey give every 4 hours
Taleesa patra vatakam in severe cough
If you dont get anything then make KG tab into powder and make a wick do
dhumam sinusitis, breathlessness, cough
Dry cough is due to swelling in throat cough increase on lying down especially
in night = 1 ladys finger cut and put in water and boil direct the steam to
lingual and it will go take care to not cause burn - it is the sveda given for a
Fungal infection on the penis in a diabetic:
Vicarcika hara leham to apply locally and wash off after 2 hours
Prameha hara kashayam
Suta vanga rasam
Gone in 3 days!
Urinary infection = shadangam +
Shadangam is Dipanam, pacanam, hrdyam, tarpanam
Even in cancer patients you can give shadangam and there will be a feeling of

If appetite is good, then use yavgu to do tarpaam

Panchamula in kanji

Take shadangam like a sharbat

See how to give shadangam in yakrt rogi = sahasrayogam shows how to use
shadangam in many combinations
A yoga in Bhaishajya ratnavali using frogs meat etc is recommended in
paraphimosis to soften the skin and slowly bring the penis out. This may be
useful in Peyronies disease.