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Juried by Matthew Shlain, a visiting paper artist at the School of Those Who Control the Past, Control the

Those Who Control the Past, Control the Future: Acting as

Art & Design, and Max Shtein of the College of Engineering producer, director, or curator of a broad range of projects including
This all media exhibition examines the ways that science and art orchestrated events, films, and publications, Jeremy Deller draws
merge. attention to forms of culture on the fringes of the mainstream.
Sponsored by the UM Program in Creativity & Conciousness Stud-
ies, and the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit.
The Studio & the Lab Jeremy Deller
The opening reception: Friday, September 7th, 6-9 P.M

The closing reception: Friday, October 5th.

Penny W. Stamps Distinguished Visitors Series, 5:10 P.M.


Work Gallery, 306 S. State St.

JA&D second-year graduate students reflecton their recent Design Tantrum: Ellen Lupton, designer, writer, curator, teacher,
month-long trip to Japan. Participants include: Sara Marie Blakely, and blogger, is director of the graphic design MFA program at Mary-
Charles Farbanks, Adrianne Finelli, Kristin Kurzawa, Catherine land Institu College of Art and a curator of contemporary design at
Meier, Lindsay Stern, Ann Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. Sponsored by UM Arts of
Stuart, and Adrienne Vetter. Citizenship, IRWG, the AIGA, and the Museum of Contemporary Art
Detroit. Penny W. Stamps Distinguished
Waiting for Translation Ellen Lupton
Visitors Series; 5:10 P.M.
The opening reception:

09/07-10/05 09/20
Friday, September 7, 6-9 P.M.
Warren Robbins Gallery, 2000 Bonisteel Blvd. 2nd Floor

Art & Design at the Institute: To celebrate the Institute for the Your Response Ability: Established by Gijs Bakker and Renny
Humanities’ 20th anniversary, the eight Institute Fellows from the Ramakers, Droog incorporates the work of international designers
School of Art & Design present works inspired by their research at using low-cost industrial or recycled materials to create designs
the Institute. Participants include: Jim Cogswell,Tirtza Even, Sadashi informed by cultural developments and the designer’s intuition.
Inuzuka,Andy Kirshner,Joanne Leonard, Patricia Olynyk, Marianette Sponsored by the UM Yaffe Centerat the Ross School of Business
Porter and Edward West. and the IDSA. Penny W. Stamps Distinguished

The opening reception:

20 Years, 8 Fellows Droog Design
Wednesday, October 3rd

4:30 to 6:00 P.M. Visitors Series, 5:10 P.M.
Jean Paul Slusser Gallery, 2000 Bonisteel Blvd. 1st Floor
09/10-10/19 MICHIGAN THEATER, 603 E. Liberty

An installation by School of Art & Design visiting artist Tuan Tran

and A&D alumnus Kendall Martin Babl, inspired by the following
verse: “Night’s deepest...cold / Moon’s brightest...white / I am out
of myself...only...sleep /And go


The A&D International Exhibit: Highlighting creative work completed
by A&D students, faculty, and staff while working, visiting, and/or
researching abroad from Fall 2006 through Summer 2007, and
students studying at A&D.

From Here to There

The opening reception:Friday, September 7th, 6-9 P.M

Oniric Artifacts: A&D Professor Susan Crowell exhibits intensely A documentary film about typography, graphic design, and global
colored works in clay including hyper-physical sculpture and instal- visual culture seen through the proliferation of one typeface, Hel-
lations based on dream fragments and tactile experiences. vetica -celebrating its 50th birthdate this year. Sponsored by the
UM School of Art & Design, AIGA student group, with UMMA and
AIGA Detroit-the professional association for design.

Susan Crowell: Helvetica

The opening reception:
Friday, September 7th Oniric Artifacts:
The showing: Wedneday, September 19th at 8:00 P.M.

5-8 P.M.
Art & Architecture Auditorium, 2000 Bonisteel Blvd. 2nd Floor,
Residential College Art Gallery, 701 East University
Room 2104

To celebrate the School of Art & Design’s expanded connections

with the Detroit community through its new gallery, Work: Detroit,
artists/designers from Detroit an Ann Arbor come together in this
inaugural exhibition that features individual and collaborative site
specific works in response to the gallery’s location at the intersec-
tion of Woodward & Martin Luther King Blvd./Mack Ave.
Penny W. Stamps
The opening reception:
Saturday, September 22nd,
6-9 P.M.

Detroit, 3663 Woodward Ave. 09/22-11/02 Presentations

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