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Cut Nyak Meutia's new husband was Cut Muhammad or Teuku Cik Tunong.
Differing from his brother, Cut Muhammad did not obey the Dutch because he
didn't accept their colonization of Aceh. Cut Muhammad and his wife worked
hand in hand with the Acehnese to fight against the Dutch.
In 1899 Teuku Cik Tunong led a successful attack against the Dutch. In the
beginning, the Dutch troops were at a loss as to what to do. In the following two
years, however, Cik Tunong and his troops had not made any movements. The
Dutch thought that they might have lost their spirit. Yet in 1901, Teuku Cik
Tunong and his troops made a sudden attack and succeeded in destroying the
Dutch defense there.
For his success, Teuku Cik Tunong was soon appointed District Chief of
Keureutoe by the Sultan of Aceh. From 1901 to 1903 Teuku Cik Tunong had been
the commander of some battles in the northeast of Aceh. There, he and his troops
killed 10 of soldiers of the Dutch and seized 67 guns from them. Mubin and Pang
Gadeng, two surrendered spies, had made Cut Nyak Meutia and her husband
successful in the battles.
In 1905 Teuku Cik Tunong was caught by the Dutch and put in jail. He was shot
dead by them in the same year.
The death of Teuku Cik Tunong had made Cut Nyak Meutia struggle with the new
commander, Pang Nanggroe, who was her last husband. Pang Nanggroe was also
killed in the battle on September 26, 1910. His death made Cut Nyak Meutia the
new commander, with only 45 men and 13 guns left.
Cut Nyak Meutia was found by the Dutch in September 1910 at her hideaway in
Paya Cicem. She resisted capture, wielding a rencong. She was killed after Dutch
troops shot her in the head and chest.

She is now seen as a symbol of pride among Indonesian woman, along with other
heroines such as Raden Ayu Kartini and Cut Nyak Dhien. On May 2, 1964 she
was proclaimed a National Hero of Indonesia.

Cerita Animasi

The Real Story of Pinocchio

Once upon a time, Gepetto, an old woodsman, living in the great Italian pine
forest, was lonely. He always dreamed about having a son.
Each day, he went cutting woods for the towns people. One day, an idea
illuminated his mind, the idea of crafting a puppet, which he will call it Pinocchio.
He crafted that puppet and during the night, the puppet becomes alive!
One year of happiness and thriller passed, on a Sunday morning, Gepetto told
Its my birthday soon, my little son! I hope you didnt forget it!
Euh, sure, I didnt!
Pinocchio felt awkward. He didnt thought about that. Gepettos birthday was
coming in only three days, and he hadnt even a present.
After a long night of reflecting, Pinocchio finally decided to offer a homemade
chocolate cake to him as a present.
When the sun rose, Pinocchio was already ready to go outside find the
ingredients. The main problem was he didnt even known the in and the recipe.
So after school, he decided to go ask someone for the ingredients to bake a cake.
During his walk, Pinocchio, the wooden puppet, met the towns sorcerer.
Hey, little boy, do you need some help for your chocolate cake?
HumYou can help me?, asked Pinocchio.
Sure, I can. Follow me!
After walking few minutes so, Pinocchio saw a big, big, big candy house. They
entered together and Pinocchio got caught by a big cage.

Mouahahaha!!! I finally caught you! Youll be mine, youre gonna work for
me!, said the evil sorcerer.
Pinocchio was so scared. When the guards came and took him out of the cage, he
immediately ran away very fast and he succeeded to escape.
At the same time, the evil sorcerer, calling all his troops with him, ran after him
and he took out his magic wand. The evil devil changed the little wooden puppet
into a chocolate cake!
When he came back home, he told the entire story to his father and they went to
find the god fairy.
After a long trip, they finally find the god fairy and they got the magical potion
for Pinocchio.

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