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Publish intelligently.

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Echobox Ltd 2014

Echobox answers questions

How can I tell in advance which content has the most
potential on Social?

Echobox uses innovative

Which content should I share on Facebook and

Twitter today?

technology to provide the

machine learning

correct answers in real-time.

At which times should I best share my content?

Shall I reshare this content? How often can I reshare?
How can I maintain a high standard of social media
curation on all my Facebook and Twitter feeds when I
have little time and resources?
Which shares were the most successful this week?

Echobox Ltd 2015

Echobox saves time

Headlines automatically created.

Echobox automates many

Images automatically uploaded.

repetitive tasks so you can

Insights from real-time visitor data automatically


focus on other things to

engage your followers.

Insights from real-time social data automatically

Reshares done automatically.

Echobox Ltd 2015

EbX Technology at your fingertips

Echobox collects
new data

Data Sources

(RSS Feeds, HTML)

EbX Audience Graph

adapts to new data

(Google Analytics)
Social Engagement
(Facebook, Twitter)

EbX Performance Algorithmus

determines virality potentials
and optimal share times

Echobox shares optimally

on Facebook & Twitter

Echobox Ltd 2015

You can expect great results

We measure a strong increase in
traffic and engagement on our social

2.5x pageviews
(+ 148%)

Ren Bni, Social Media Editor

We get more consistent reach with

Echobox than through manual

1.5x pageviews
(+ 47%)

Espen Skogen, Digital Editor

1.7x pageviews
(+ 72%)

Our editors really love Echobox. Its

very useful and your support is
Lior Papirblat, Social Media Editor

Echobox is very handy and does

not lack features. Its working very
well for me, gives me peace of mind
and makes my job easier.

2.9x pageviews
(+ 190%)

2.7x pageviews
(+ 171%)

Katrien Depicker, Social Media Manager

Echobox Ltd 2015

What Echobox can do for you

Step 1:

1 to 3-month Consulting & Trial Period

Questions we answer for you:
- How can you best leverage Echoboxs technology to your advantage?
- How does your performance rank amongst your peers?
- What could you do better in the future to increase traffic and engagement?
- Whats the Echobox Effect for your publication?
Assessment, Technical assistance, Setup.
Case Study (examples: 20 Minutes, France Tlvisions)
Step 2:

12-month Contract
This includes:
- On-demand features
- Your dedicated Account Manager and Technical Supervisor providing 24/7 support
- Exclusive beta access to Echoboxs upcoming innovations
Echobox Ltd 2015

Were looking forward to

hearing from you.
Your Echobox team.
+44 (0) 3302231445
107 Cheapside, EC2V 6DN London, UK
Echobox Ltd 2014