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1) Fundamental of Supply Chain Management

1. What is supply chain management?

2. What are the drivers of supply chain performance?
3. Supply chain Strategy framework?
4. Components of Supply chain Management?
5. Major Obstacles of SC?
6. Traditional Views?
7. What can Supply Chain Management do?
8. The value of Supply Chain Management?
9. Draw Supply Chain Management process?
10. Draw Supply Chain Operation reference Model?
11. Flows in Supply Chain?
12. What is the importance of supply chain management?
13. Explain the quality of information in supply chain management?
14. Point out supply chain drivers, explain each?
15. What are the considerations for supply chain drivers?
16. Mention the common problem in supply chain management?
17. What are the obstacles of supply chain management?
18. Information technology SC legacy system?
19. Cycle view of supply chain management?
20. Push/pull view of supply chain management?
21. How do you fit a supply to the customers?
22. How do you achieve strategic fit?
23. Define ERP system?

24. Explain The big retailer strategy

2) Procurement and storage management Questions

1. What the role of Supply chain management in an Organization?

2. What are the industrial buyers, purchasing, merchants?
3. Explain manual purchasing in older System?
4. Draw a purchasing process?

What does mean purchasing?

6. Explain e-procurement as model system?

7. What does advantages of E-procurement?
8. Explain small value as purchase order?
9. Source Decision or Make buy or decision?
10. Reasons for buying or out Sourcing?
11. Reasons for making product?
12. Roles of Supply Base?
13. How do you Select Supplier?
14. How many Suppliers uses (Single , multiple )
15. Reasons favoring a single and Multiple Supplier?
16. International purchasing (Global Sourcing)
17. What is the difference between centralized and decentralized purchasing?
18. What are the advantages and disadvantages of centralized purchasing?
19. Explain hybrid purchasing?

3) Sourcing, Questions

1. What is sourcing?
2. Explain sourcing process?
3. 3PL and 4PL?
4. Risk of using third parties?
5. Sources of information?
6. Supplier assesment factors?
7. Supply contract for strategy components?
8. What is optimal order quality?
9. How do you share Risk?
10. Buy back contract?
11. Revenue sharing contract?
12. Other types of contract?
13. Global optimization strategy?
14. Designing for Manufacturing?
15. Concurrent Engineering?
16. Important recycling in supply chain?
17. Remanufacturing?


Inventory Management Questions

1. What is the types of inventory management?
2. Types of inventory management?
3. Explain lead time, holding cost, and shortage cost ordering cost?
4. What are Functions of inventories?
5. Objectives of inventory control
6. Effective inventory management?
7. Inventory counting system?
8. How much to order?
9. inventory cycle

5) Capacity Questions
1. Capacity planning?
2. How do you measure capacity?
3. Impotent capacity Decision?
4. Efficiency and utilization in supply chain decisions?
5. Determine effective capacity?
6. Factors determine effective capacity?
7. How do you formula strategy?
8. What are steps for capacity planning?
9. How do you develop capacity alternatives?
10. What do you mean economic scale?
11. Assumption of cost volume analysis?
12. Learning Objectives?

6) Network Questions

1. Learning objectives? Up to 3
2. Network design and facility location?
3. Effective of increasing the number of where housing
4. Deference In and out band transportation?
5. Design option for distribution networks?
6. Manufacturing storage and shipping with draw?
7. In transmit merge network?
8. Distribution network?
9. Important of E-business on customer service?
10. Supply chain network design decisions?
11. Factories influence networking?
12. Strategy factors (Cost leadership) (Responsiveness)
13. Technological factors of supply chain management?
14. Macro-economic factors?