Today is Wednesday, 23 June 2010 and we’re here to bring forth the messages for the coming full

moon, and it is a powerful full moon with not only a full moon but a partial lunar eclipse and also there is a Grand Cross and I'm sure our astrologer friends can fill in the gaps in that regard (see and )

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And Jeshua and Mother Mary have come forth to provide messages for us in regard to this event, and Jeshua will lead the way and he is here, and he is saying;

My dear friends, we have come through a powerful moment with the energies that came forth with this recent solstice and at this moment you remain in the energies of that event. Indeed they will remain with you until the end of tomorrow, and in so saying that, the energies also overlap the beginning of the arrival of the energies associated with this powerful full moon. So in a way there is a flow of energy that is created, stepping from one to the next seamlessly; and there is no accident in this. The two together provide a powerful impact, a powerful impetus for change and those who have studied the astrology of this time will tell you that it is full of the hallmarks of change, and indeed that is what is upon you. Great change. We have spoken about this in the past and this full moon in a sense is building on the work done by the energies of the solstice, and you could say moving those energies into implementation. The energies of the solstice provided the framework of change, the building blocks of change, and the energies of this full moon begin to bring forth the actual changes. So that is how the two relate to each other. The full moon will bring forth the beginnings of the great changes that you will see upon your planet between now and the end of 2012, and although this is a tremendously powerful moment, this is the essence of my message for you today. And so it is.

Carolyn - Mother Mary has come and she is appearing to me as the Mother, of course. She’s wearing a blue mantle, which seems to be one of her favourite

colours. Her hair is long and flowing. The sense about her is one full of love, and there is an energy about her almost bordering on the sense of victory, and she says;

We have been through so much with regards to the planet Earth and we have followed for you the different energies that have come forth, and you might say that energy is the vehicle that allows change. It's easy to get lost in such words as energy. They sound so esoteric, but in your world you understand when a moment is right. You also understand when there are moments when, for whatever reason you can't go forward. You can't exactly put your finger on it, but there's a part of you that knows. It could be the place that you find someone else, you could feel you’re blocked for some reason, maybe someone has stopped your desires in some way and they had the authority to do it.

These are examples of energy and so I wanted to put that in its perspective. For instance I’ll give you another example; money. You might have paper or coins in your hand and you know that you can buy something with it. There is energy in that. It is an acceptance by one; of course it’s all a belief system you know, but one will accept the receipt of that paper in return for goods and services. It’s energy, belief systems, acceptance, movement. They’re all forms of energy. So I wanted to touch base for a moment and put it in a simple perspective. Energy is a flow. You either move with it or you move against it and those who recognize energy in their life and move with it accomplish so much more than those who do not pay attention to energy and move against it.

So I wanted to bring that forth first, so you start looking in your life for energy in all of its forms. Place a form to the energy and use it to the best advantage of all, because if you just say energy, it could be confusing to people in a way that sounds cold and harsh and it doesn't have an understanding about it, unless you put form to it. Mentally think of form that goes with what we call energy; and so you might not understand it at first. If there is a new moon, a full moon, an eclipse, whatever you're talking about, it is bringing forth energy, yes but it is a flow in which to accomplish those things that you might want. In a sense it is like money, scrip. It allows you to, you might even say buy things, provide things for yourself. That's why we give these descriptions of moments, of opportunities that come so that you can use it and flow with it.

So I wanted to tell you that first, because what I'm finding is that people are not understanding our words. Energy seems so cold. Some people feel out of place with it, because they don't understand the flow of the opportunity, and that's what we’re talking about my friends, the flow of opportunity. It is like the tools. What happens in the skies brings forth energy. It is a vitality that comes from the different planets, from the stars; you might almost compare it to a personality. They all have a personality if you want to look at it that way, and so they take their places in the sky and they bring forth their personality and they interact with one another. You’ve seen people on your planet who, when they interact with one another in a pleasant cooperative manner, so much more is accomplished. It is how it is with what we are speaking about. Stars and planets have moved into a certain place with their energy and they interact with one another and they produce the money, the script, the ability for you to use and accomplish. So simple, isn’t it?

It’s why we discuss these things because it can mean so much more in your life if you listen and apply it to yourself, use the energy. Flow with it, not against it and you will find that you will accomplish so much more in your life. Therefore this moment is a moment when there are more stars and planets interacting with one another, bringing forth a rich pageantry of opportunity. The beginning of the year, the energies came that you were able to manifest what you wanted. There was a flow there that addressed the ability for you to manifest your ideas into form, and unfortunately I didn't see enough of my children really taking that to heart and using it. It was just a tool and many missed the tool. This is another tool. If you use this tool and you work with it consciously, many things will happen.

First of all, the strength of your intuition will grow beyond your understanding. So many of my children say, Ohh, they can’t hear, they can't see, they can’t intuit, and this is a moment. Feel what is coming your way. Just intend to accept it, intend to grow with it and you will find knowledge, understanding will come to your conscious mind and if you pay attention to it and accept it, it will increase your intuition by leaps and bounds. This is the moment. Take the time. Adjust to the energies and you will become much more intuitive.

So you might say, “well does it really matter if I'm not intuitive”? Well, in a sense you’ll still get by. You’ll still do your day to day chores, your work. But

imagine for one second that you could use your intuition and know where the most opportunity will come to you for whatever you wish; your job, your profession, your family, leisure and also when you really work with that and you get to understand how to use your intuition with your day to day actions, you will then be able to intuit your future. Imagine the prompting of your soul coming to you to put you in the most opportunistic place, that opens the doorways to the future, where you can intuit the events of the future and be in the right place to meet those opportunities. It starts here. It starts here and intuition must be nurtured, it must be desired. Take a moment. Try and feel, if you can these energies. Try to feel the personality. You don’t have to know what star or planet it comes from but the essence, the personality, and try and feel what that essence and personality means to you personally. Your intuition will fill in the opened places.

Important moment this is. This is your Mother.

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