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Three credit hours Summer II 2010 Online Course The Mission of the Eugene T. Moore School of Education is to prepare caring and capable professionals through intellectually engaging experiences in theory, method, and research that connect them to the communities in which they live and serve. Academic Integrity Policy "As members of the Clemson University community, we have inherited Thomas Green Clemson’s vision of this institution as a ‘high seminary of learning.’ Fundamental to this vision is a mutual commitment to truthfulness, honor, and responsibility, without which we cannot earn the trust and respect of others. Furthermore, we recognize that academic dishonesty detracts from the value of a Clemson degree. Therefore, we shall not tolerate lying, cheating, or stealing in any form." Disability Policy If you have a documented disability that requires accommodation, you must notify the professor in writing during the first week of classes. It is University policy to provide, on a flexible and individualized basis, reasonable accommodations to students who have disabilities. Students are encouraged to contact Student Disability Services to discuss their individual needs for accommodation. Professor: Office location: Phone: Email: Office Hours Ron Knorr, PhD MAT Office – University Center 864.360.0082 rknorr@clemson.edu By appointment

Course co-requisites: Knowledge of pedagogical techniques from educational psychology (specifically, Bloom’s Taxonomy, Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, and other learning theories/techniques applicable to early adolescents). Required Material: Focus on the Wonder Years: Challenges Facing the American Middle School. Available at www.rand.org/pubs/monographs/2004/RAND_MG139.pdf This We Believe http://www.nmsa.org/AboutNMSA/ThisWeBelieve/The14Characteristics/tabid/1274/Default.aspx Other materials will be e-mailed to you or posted to the class blog at http://msc441ssii2010.blogspot.com/ Knorr ED 441/641 Middle School Curriculum 1 of 5 06/22/10 SYLLABUS SUBJECT TO CHANGE

Additionally, one of the following books is required reading for book review. Except as noted, all books are available from Amazon or other online stores. Previous editions are fine. You may also find them in a library. We will decide together in the first class online session individual book assignments. Fair Isn't Always Equal by Rick Wormeli Meet Me in the Middle: Becoming an Accomplished Middle-Level Teacher by Rick Wormeli TeamWork: Setting the Standard for Collaborative Teaching, Grades 5-9 by Monique Wild, Amanda Mayeaux, and Kathryn Edmonds Inventing Powerful Pedagogy: Share. 'Steal'. Revise. Own. by Ross Burkhardt. Only available at http://www.nmsa.org/store/ProductDetails/tabid/1084/CategoryID/7/List/0/Level/a/ProductID/373/Default .aspx Setting Limits in the Classroom, Revised: How to Move Beyond the Dance of Discipline in Today's Classrooms by Robert J. Mackenzie Required articles and resources: Articles and resources will be posted on the class blog or e-mailed to you and assigned in class to provide help and clarity for course materials and assignments. See class schedule for description and related assignments. Course description: Concepts and methods for teaching middle school students. Discusses nature of middle school students, teacher characteristics, curricular and co-curricular programs, organization, and teaching. Objectives: The objectives of this course are to provide: • an understanding of appropriate professional standards, • the history of the middle school and its application to middle school curriculum, • the structure of the team teaching concept in the middle school, • the mechanics of an interdisciplinary teaching unit, • the importance of instructional differentiation in the middle grades curriculum, • the value of an appropriate classroom management plan for early adolescents, and • theoretical and practical applications of research on middle grades curriculum and pedagogy. Instructional strategies employed: Class discussion, reflection, critical reading, presentation, and lecture. Assessment strategies employed: Blog discussion, article reviews, book reviews, presentations, reflections, and synthesis project. Technology, equipment, or skills required: This course uses a class blog, which is accessible to you via the internet through http://msc441ssii2010.blogspot.com/. All course materials (including the text) and supplemental readings Knorr ED 441/641 Middle School Curriculum 2 of 5 06/22/10 SYLLABUS SUBJECT TO CHANGE

will be posted on this blog. You are expected to submit your assignments by e-mail. I will give you feedback on all of these assignments electronically by e-mail as well. You should check our course blog and e-mail frequently. For reading class resources and communication, internet access, your Clemson email account, and the ability to read Office-compatible and PDF files (Adobe Reader or compatible) are required. Office- compatible files are required for article reviews and other document submissions. Attendance/Participation Policy: In this online course, you will interact several times with the professor and classmates per week through various methods, including blog postings and e-mails of class assignments, as instructed in the class syllabus and my instructions to you. Failure to interact as indicated will result in significant reduction in your grade. Assignments at a Glance: Points Article Reviews Reflections Book Review Curriculum Synthesis Grading Scale out of 100 total points: A: B: C: D: F: Assignment Details: Article Reviews: brief responses (approximately two pages/ 250 words), illustrating professional critical thinking on a class day’s assigned article posted on the class blog, and are due before that class. These article reviews should be e-mailed to me at rknorr@g.clemson.edu Reflections: brief responses (approximately two pages/ 250 words) to a prompt posted on the class blog; the response should illustrate professional critical thinking on that day’s class topic and are due before the beginning of the next class. See class blog at http://msc441ssii2010.blogspot.com/ Book Review: The book review is a written report of your examination of major ideas contained in your assigned book, based on its applicability to teaching middle school and early adolescents. You should summarize the major themes in the book, give examples of how they would be used, and provide insight into their further application in a middle school setting. Curriculum Synthesis: The curriculum synthesis is a statement of your educated concept of middle school curriculum, based on the ideas covered in this course. The framework for this synthesis is This I Believe, an extension of the ideas of This We Believe. It should show your critical thinking, based on the materials presented and other information you have located to bolster your ideas. I will provide more detail to you in a separate mailing. Knorr ED 441/641 Middle School Curriculum 3 of 5 06/22/10 SYLLABUS SUBJECT TO CHANGE 92%-100% 85%-91% 75%-84% 70%-74% <70% 25 20 25 30

Class Schedule
6/30 1

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Class Topics
Introduction to Middle School Orientation to the class This We Believe Professional Standards Middle School History Holiday

Text Reading
Chapter 1

Articles/ Materials
This We Believe Assigned Articles Assigned Articles


Reflections, Article Reviews



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Chapter 2

Reflections, Article Reviews

7/5 7/6 7/7 7/8 3 4 5 • • •

• Conditions for Student Learning Academic Achievement Whole-School Reform Models Differentiated Instruction • Instructional Techniques for Early Adolescents Core Practices of the Middle School Concept Teaming Promoting Teacher Competence Pedagogy Research Day Classroom Management in the Middle Grades Parental Involvement Grading Standard Assessments • Effective Leadership • The Future of the Middle School

Chapter 5 Chapter 4 Chapter 9

Assigned Articles Assigned Articles Assigned Articles

Reflections, Article Reviews Reflections, Article Reviews Reflections, Article Reviews

Book Review: How to Differentiate Instruction in Mixed Ability Classrooms




Assigned Articles Assigned Articles Book Review: TeamWork: Setting the Standard Book Review: Inventing Powerful Pedagogy

Reflections, Article Reviews Reflections, Article Reviews



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Chapter 3



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Chapter 7

Assigned Articles

Reflections, Article Reviews

7/15 7/19

9 10

• • • • •

None None

Assigned Articles Assigned Articles Assigned Articles Assigned Articles Assigned Articles

Book Review: Setting Limits in the Classroom

Reflections, Article Reviews Reflections, Article Reviews Reflections, Article Reviews Reflections, Article Reviews Reflections, Article Reviews

7/20 7/21 7/22

11 12 13

Chapter 8 None Chapter 6 Chapter 10

Book Review: Fair Isn't Always Equal Book Review: Meet Me in the Middle: Becoming an Accomplished Middle-Level

Knorr ED 441/641 Middle School Curriculum 4 of 5 06/22/10 SYLLABUS SUBJECT TO CHANGE


7/26 7/27 7/28 7/29 8/2 8/3

14 15 16 17 18 19

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Synthesis Presentations Research/Writing Research/Writing Research/Writing Synthesis Paper Due Course Wrap Up



Synthesis Presentations


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Synthesis Write Up

Knorr ED 441/641 Middle School Curriculum 5 of 5 06/22/10 SYLLABUS SUBJECT TO CHANGE

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